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one of my favorite times of the year happened over the weekend. general conference weekend! we bunker down at home eating a lot of good food, tend to all the neglected household projects on our long to-do list, and snuggle up on the sofa together as often as two toddlers allow to watch 8 hours (broken up into four 2-hour sessions of course) of general conference. it’s a time where our church leaders share inspirational messages and wisdom with us broadcast live from salt lake city.  i have a bit of catching up to do with all the talks, since i probably only really processed half of it all with the kids, but from what i did gather, it was a nice reminder of spiritual things and their importance in my life and a motivator to do my best, improve, and keep going during these crazy times.

saturday started off with a rain storm that stayed pretty consistent throughout the day. in-between sessions of conference we worked on a lot of projects. we have moved our furniture around several times the past few days, josh painted a wall in the apartment green (!!!), and i de-cluttered our apartment like it was my job. i suppose it is my job, actually. and i had been slacking.   i don’t think “nesting” ever kicked in as hard with eleanor and samson as it has with this third baby coming.  and i am loving it because we are getting things done! things on our to-do list from two years ago…. you wanna get stuff done on that weighty to-do list, have a baby. lol. just kidding.

on saturday night, it took me approximately 1 hour and 26 minutes to get the kids to bed.  usually josh and i tag team it (we each take one) and it goes much more smoothly and quickly, but josh was out for the evening at the priesthood session of conference and i think my kids decided it was the perfect opportunity to team up together and drive mama crazy.  i kept thinking, i’m the mom. i should have this. but i didn’t have it at all. and then i started envisioning what it’ll be like with three against me, and i just started panicking.  brush teeth? we are pirates, mama. you can’t brush our teeth.  3 books before bed? how about twenty, mama.  lay down? ha! neverrrr, mama.  it’s a little bit scary how quickly kids can go from testing your patience to then wrapping their arms around you and kissing you voluntarily.  how quickly all is forgiven and right once more in the world.  but seriously, my saturday night was one for the books.


on sunday, we went to the park for a few scooter races between sessions.  everybody wins in our family, no matter who hits the finish line first. it makes for a lot of fun with this sort of set up, at least at this age.  i’m so impressed with how well both kids do on those scooters (you did well too, josh), and the weather was just perfect to stay out and race until our little legs got tired.


here’s the 30 week baby bump! i feel like i’m carrying a hefty sized bowling ball everywhere i go at this point and then i read that my baby weighs almost 3 pounds at 30 weeks and i’m like, ONLY 3 POUNDS?! this math is not adding up! but i have the best news ever! since baby is due in december and samson came almost two weeks early, we’re kind of not sure what to expect this round timing wise.  so the other day josh is all, “maybe we put the christmas tree up before thanksgiving this year, just so everything is ready for whenever the baby shows up.” you have no idea how hard i tried to play it cool and act all, “oh sure. i guess we could do that…” while on the inside i was like, ‘BEST YEAR EVER!!!!!!!!’ so yeah, this is shaping up to be the best year ever. because christmas is coming early. and i’m really into that idea.


for the last few weeks, we’ve been on a smoothie kick every morning.  i’m not sure how it started, but the kids request one every morning and josh gets the blender going with them while i get ready for the day.  it’s a nice way to sneak in their vitamins (and spinach) and they feel like they are really making it all by themselves, so we’re running with it.  of course i was enjoying the smoothies as well until i noticed josh wasn’t cutting off any of the strawberry stems and leafs and just throwing them into the blender with all the other stuff. doesn’t sound like a big deal but i get so nauseous so easily these days that it made me want to throw up when i found out and i got really mad.  even as i write this i’m realizing how silly it sounds but seriously, you’re supposed to cut those things off. who eats the leafs and stems on a piece of fruit?


just when i think we might be done with naps at our home (i wish they’d nap forever, but my kids tend to give them up on the earlier end of toddlerhood, i find samson passed out at 5pm in his nursery. 5pm is the perrrrffffect time for a nap. ;) but no way am i about to wake a sleeping babe. not until they are teenagers.  of course this means our entire schedule gets off for a full day or two afterwards, but it is what it is. unpredictable and all over the place. hi to life with little ones.


i neglected taking pictures of all the stuff we ate over the weekend, sorry. know how much everyone loves food pictures. just kidding, i know that’s just me. but this salad josh made to accompany dinner on sunday evening was delicious.  we also juiced a lot of produce over the weekend, had friends over for dinner, and i ate an entire container of trader joe mini peanut butter cups.  i don’t even like peanut butter and chocolate together! but i ate all the peanut butter cups.  all of them.

here’s to monday, folks! hope you had a great weekend, too!

ps. my striped shirt was a kind maternity gift from hatch collection. thank you so much, hatch!

  1. McCall

    I love conference weekend!! I only caught bits and pieces as well. You’re family is too cute, Naomi!

  2. So real! So true! And don’t mess with a pregnant-nauseous-mama and her strawberry stems! I also have two toddlers and just had my third, and I hear ya! I think my husband still doesn’t cook bacon in the mornings just in case, haha! Everything you said seemed so perfect. There are just some nights, aren’t there? Yet you keep it all in great perspective and are such an inspiring mom! Thanks for your thoughts and beautiful photos! You are such a beautiful family!

  3. Cat

    I’ve been making a lot of smoothies lately too! They’re a great way for me to sneak greens (my case kale) into my own grown-up diet, haha. When else do I eat veggies for breakfast?

    Personally, I just leave the stems on my strawberries. It’s no different than eating lettuce, and you can’t even taste it once it’s grounded up. I’m sure Josh would be happy to leave them out if the thought is making you feel nauseous :)


  4. I love GC weekend cause you do get more done- why do we do that, when we should be relaxing and listening intently, we always get tons of stuff done during conference?

    Love your picture journal for this past weekend- it totally entails normal family life. :)

  5. Smoothies are awesome and that salad looks delish!

  6. Taylor

    First of all, YOU DON’T LIKE PEANUT BUTTER AND CHOCOLATE TOGETHER?! ARE YOU CRAZY?? Secondly, if you are craving it, try the Trader Joe’s peanut butter cup ice cream. It is seriously THE BEST.


  7. Oh mama you looook gorgeous! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Abigail

    your shoes! where are they from? i adore them

  9. Giselle

    Show us the finished green wall room, please! Just a pic on Instagram!

  10. Thank you for the link for the general conference. I dont have cable or a tv so my computer is what I have to work with.

  11. you look great at 30 weeks! I’ve been following your blog since the beginning and your posts inspire me. your kids are cute and it looks like you are doing a great job at balancing your life. keep on doing whatever it is for you to look stunning!


  12. Ruth

    It’s so nice to hear about the trials and tribulations of motherhood sometimes. It’s nice knowing everyone goes through the same things and while it’s chaotic you never lose the love you have for your kids! Hope you and the littles have a great week!


  13. Ola

    I adore your blog Naomi:-) I’m lovin’ your hat!
    Greetings from Edinburgh, Scotland x

  14. Hayley

    So fun – and you look great! We must be due around the same date, I am 30 weeks as of yesterday! My son was also early (5 weeks) so I am wondering if this will actually be more of a Thanksgiving baby than a Christmas baby…which is crazy because that would be next month already!! :)

  15. Charlene

    Hi Taza!! :)

    Love the shirt! can’t wait to see how my life will be with my second little one on the way, they are both going to be under 2 y/o. wish me luck!! :) God bless you and your beautiful family! :)

  16. an early christmas! divine!

    have a wonderful week!

  17. Bea

    I’m sooooo happy for you, because Christmas comes early!!!
    Lucky girl!!!!
    You’re a lucky girl!!!!
    …because of everything, not just because of Christmas!
    And, Naomi, where can I find the hat you’re wearing on the fourth photo?
    Thank you in advance!

    • TAZA

      thank you! from ASOS!

  18. Teresa

    i love posts like these! so simple and so honest. i’m pushing the nap until my little one at least 4 jk… but really it’s my only time to breathe.

  19. Weekends at home are my favorite! Although it can be tough with kids. But seriously, staying home all weekend and eating sounds like a dream (haha). Can you tell I’m tired?

  20. Lauren

    Love this post. It is so sweet and sincere.

  21. Jessica

    This was such a nice & genuine post. :)
    Your weekend sounded really relaxing and comfy!

    I wish more posts were like these ones, tbh!! They’re fun to read!

  22. emi

    love this, nothing like conference weekend to relax!

  23. Tammy

    Taza you look sooo beautiful! I love that top and the matching hat :)

    Sounds like a fun weekend despite the few reckless moments in between. An early Christmas is ALWAYS a good idea. I’ve already started my holiday music…my family thinks I’m nuts…but hey, I’m excited ^_^ …haha I’ve actually been playing a few of my fav holiday jingles on and off since July ;)

    Have a lovely week ahead!


  24. Myriah

    We always eat the strawberry greenery. Bu t I know exactly how that prego nausea can be. the worst! Hang in there, beautiful!

  25. Leanne

    This sounds like such a warm and cozy weekend. Perfect as things start turning more autumnal!

    These are the kinds of days I hope my family and I have in the future (way in the future — when little ones make their way into the picture). Your home is just such a home and you are stunning, as usual. Pregnant looks so good on you!


  26. Julia

    Sometimes, I eat the entire container of TJ mini cups in a day – and I am not pregnant – so enjoy as many you want! :)

    That salad does look divine; what all does it incorporate?

    We made a HUGE batch of the apple meatballs this weekend, as we were freezing half the batch, and they were scrumptious. However, instead of having them over egg noodles, we made a wedding soup; I would highly recommend such adventures.

    Thanks again, and be well!

  27. kristen

    Obviously when one is pregnant they get to choose what they want to eat, ha ha! But, the stems have a ton of vitamins in them. And they aid in digestion! :) Happy smoothie making!

  28. Mizden Medina

    Hi Naomi,

    I’ve been reading for a short while now but I love your blog, now tell me what’s on that salad…look so yummy!

    Greeting from Mexico!


  29. Amber

    Cute outfit! The pants look comfy and chic which is the perfect combo if you ask me! I know it’s probably tedious to answer but what brand are they? Thanks!

  30. Alexandria

    Oh, how beautiful General conference was this past weekend. It made my weekend so wonderful and I started my week with such a refreshing outlook. I’m not Mormon but I was moved by the messages and listened intently to each session. I think what is so wonderful about the end is the message of, “it doesn’t matter if you are not of our religion…we just want to share in the life and love.” There is something so wonderful to feel like we are all one under something so powerful, if that makes any sense!

    I sure learned a lot! Wanted to share because I’ve always looked forward to your General conference posts.

  31. Julianna

    Trader Joe’s PB Cups are for real the best ever! I use them in the PB Kiss cookies for Christmas? The ones with only 3 ingredients? Ya, I use TJ’s PB cups in them instead of Hershey’s kisses. the. best. ever.

  32. Julianna

    Oh & re stems and such, I used to put the whole apple in my smoothies, seeds and all till I found out apple seeds contain arsenic :! I also just learned that tomato leaves are toxic…so there could be something to your aversion…

  33. Amanda B

    You are the first person I have ever “known” who also doesn’t like peanut butter and chocolate together. We should start a club!

    Love that you’re getting your tree early!

  34. Kelly

    A tree before Thanksgiving sounds like the best idea ever and your little family makes me so happy!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  35. Katy

    The writing in this post reminded me of your early blogging days. I absolutely love it! My favorite posts are always when you blog about your every day stuff, including the food photos :)

  36. Lauren

    This was such a lovely post. It felt very “you” and real. There’s no reason you have to show us this glimpse into your sweet little weekend, but a gorgeous glimpse it was! Thank you :)

  37. Melanie

    You are looking so great!!! I loved general conference!!!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  38. Chelsea

    this post made me laugh a few times and i just love having a real glimpse into your everyday! one of my favorite posts in a while :)

  39. Lindsay

    Love these posts about your day to day life and especially about your faith! Appreciate the honesty about the wonderful parts and the wonderful but tougher parts. Have always loved your blog – especially posts like this one. All the best to your insanely adorable family. You make me so excited to be a mom some day!

  40. marie

    My son had a 3 hour nap from 6-9pm yesterday and oh boy, our sleeping schedule was totally off!! He slept at 2am last night and had to wake up at 9am for school today. Thankfully he managed to wake up today. Haha. And my other baby boy is sleeping lesser during the night now. Oh well. Life with kids is really unpredictable. ;)


  41. emily

    I’d love to hear about/know how you got involved in the Church of Latter Day Saints, whether it was growing up believing or there was a point you chose to really pursue this relationship.

    (there wasn’t a private contact link, feel free to email me with bits of your story, if you can)

    Thank you!

  42. Jamie

    Those perfect shoes!? Where are they from??

  43. Olga

    Dear Naomi ans Josh,
    I have been following your blog for years and have always wondered about the way of life you seem to pursuit and your belives. I watched a couple of videos from the GC and those are great speeches. But why must it all be said in the name of God? Why could not we just live our modern life, enjoy the sientific progress AND reflect critically about it. For example this speech:
    gives a great orientation, but I just dont see the point in saying it in the name of God. Do you think the people are not strong enough to strive for the good just in the name of the Good? Do you normally discuss the speeches critically at home with each other or in the community?

    I thank you both very much in advance! … and I really love your latest blog posts. I am a mother too, and I am always sooooo hapy to read about other moms and dads having just the same problems:) It is so relieving:)

    Best wishes from Berlin. You should come visit our city! You will love it!

  44. Maya

    Just wanted to let you know ‘taza’ means beautiful in my language (kurdish). I know it’s your nickname and it really suits you. Love your blog!

  45. Chelsea

    lol, nesting is one of my favorite things about being pregnant. Seriously, I get so much accomplished in those last couple months before having a baby. The house is deep cleaned and completely spotless, everything has been cleared out, gone thru and organized, walls are painted, decor is put up-it’s a beautiful feeling. hmmmmm, maybe I need another one? JK, well, kind of. I understand nighttime drama, it can go on forever, I just wrote a post about the same thing, and how it led to a family yoga routine, it actually did kinda help. Keep it up girl, you are such a good mamma, and you will handle three beautifully!


  46. Morgan

    Adored this post! Simple weekends at home are often the best. And I love that you admitted how you got mad over the strawberries..life isn’t perfect and neither are we :)

  47. Jaime

    Leaves. Leaves. LEAVES.

  48. What a nice weekend with the fam. I am seriously looking forward to “nesting” this weekend now that wedding season is finally over!



  49. Liz

    Love your enthusiasm about fall (that season always makes me sad because I know freezing winter is right around the corner). Thanks for helping me see the good side of it!

    #3 will be hard. #4 has just about put me over the edge. Fortunately, we only have to take one day at a time. Right?

    And yes, strawberry stems/leaves are gross! Yuck! But maybe blended up they are nutritious?

  50. Erika

    oh goodness, you win the cute family award! Congrats on an early Christmas! I found myself watching Nightmare Before Christmas two nights ago, Yes, it’s very Halloweeny, but I was all giddy about the snow and feeling of Christmas Town! YAY!
    Love your blog.

  51. Abi

    Lovely photos! The rain storm doesn’t sound too nice eek! Abi :)

  52. melissa

    you look amazing!

    can u please share where the calendar is from?
    fell in love with it.

  53. Rachel

    Next time it rains can you ask it to visit Los Angeles for a little bit? We need some and I need a rainy day asap!! These pictures look lovely!!


  54. Such a darling post. Glad you enjoyed the conference weekend. Those are my favorite at all times!


  55. I’m a long-time reader but first-time commenter, I just had to comment to say how much I admire your approach to parenthood – I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it must be looking after 2 children and with another on the way (I can barely look after myself!) but seeing how happy your lovely little family is really makes me smile each time I visit your page. You can just feel the love radiating out from the internet. Also, Christmas coming early really is incredibly exciting! Wishing you all the very best, you beautiful mama. X

  56. Will you share the recipe for that salad? My mouth is watering just looking at it! Omnomnom.


  57. Estela

    hahahaha I laughed so much with this post! the strawberry leafs situation was the best, I can’t believe you even wrote about it haha I adore you!!!

  58. what a nice simple every day life post ;) I liked it!

  59. Emily

    hahahahaha he put the whole strawberry in?!?! that is most definitely strange. maybe it’s a husband thing. my husband will literally eat like, week old leftovers from the spaghetti factory ah!

  60. You are hilarious! I looove how you are so excited about starting Christmas early. It will be so fantastic!! I think we should do the same, just because. ;) Conference was lovely! Saying I absorbed half would be a huge exaggeration, so I’m been listening to the talks while doing the dishes at night. Here here!


  61. Kate

    You look incredible!! That bump is certainly growing and I can’t wait to meet baby #3!! I am excited for you that Christmas is coming early…I know I’d be all for an early tree!


  62. Brittni

    What a sweet update! It’s good to see things are coming along smoothly as your gear up for baby #3! I’m not sure who leaves the stems on strawberries (not me!) but maybe Josh was trying to sneak in some extra foliage for you and the kids, thinking greens are important? :)

  63. vicky

    i’m dying at the “1 hour and 26 minutes” it took you to put E & S to bed only because I read this article not long ago and I just imagined that was what you were dealing with:


    I don’t know if anyone else has already showed you this or if you’ve already seen it but I’m still cracking up. Probably won’t be so funny when I have kids of my own but I do know my niece and nephew give me a run for my money when they sleep over. love little ones, right? ;)

  64. Rosie

    I loved this post, that Salad looks utterly divine. You look gorgeous in your stripy top/black pants/red hat combo. What a smoking’ mum!

  65. Vanessa

    Great post! I seriously laughed out loud about the strawberry stems! I would have freaked out too! haha

  66. melissa

    hi taza!

    would you mind sharing where
    the calendar that comes up in the first photo
    is from?

    thank you

    • TAZA

      thanks! i think i got it from pottery barn last year.

  67. hannah

    i am loving your bump style. really your style in general (you’re much braver than i could ever be), but it’s laid back and personal and a little quirky. SO CUTE! i have recently cannonballed into the life with 3 littles. my oldest just turned 3. girl, PREPARE yourself. so wonderfully hard. i’m all, oh gosh i love the baby snuggles, all the while i’m dying of exhaustion. and never enough flippin’ hands. but it’s good, trust me ;) praying for you over the next few months! i’m a long time reader and it’s fun to be going through the same things with some of my favorite internet folks ;) happy weekend!

  68. Your home looks so cosy and full of love! :) You also look absolutely amazing pregnant!

    Vicki xoxo


  69. Teri

    I had a December baby last year (a little boy… my first) and my husband said the same thing about putting up the tree early (Christmas is my fave and he will never agree to that again!) It was so great having everything ready for baby’s arrival and baby boy LOVED looking at the tree lights as soon as he came home! Best wishes with baby #3! Love reading about your adorable family. :)

  70. Anastasia

    I love your blog! Your family is so beautiful and so spunky! ps. Where are your little black booties from in the picture above?

  71. Dawnica

    I know we all have our different ailments during pregnancy, but you are so lucky to have normal-sized ankles! My ankles swelled up to an unrecognizable size and made it impossible to wear almost anything but snow boots. Yikes.