baby bump #3 / 32 weeks

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i’ve entered that stage of pregnancy where i’ll be at a store and a stranger will exclaim, “that baby is COMING! WOW! THAT BABY  IS COMING!” as though i just leaned over in the middle of the aisle and my water broke and now i’m delivering a baby. i’d like to think i look pleasant and normal when passing by but i don’t know, maybe i do look really uncomfortable and like i’m going into labor.  :/

we were able to make it out to chicago over the weekend for the wedding of some of our dear friends, juuuussst in the nick of time too before my “no fly date” which the doctor gave me in the spring.  i am so grateful i was able to go and be there and celebrate with them. i was getting nervous the last couple of weeks with my usual paranoia and worry that always accompany my pregnancies that somehow i wouldn’t be able to make it. but i made it! and it was such an honor to get to be there with my family and good friends and celebrate with them.

these final few weeks of pregnancy are always a little up and down for me. after 30-something weeks, you forget you’re not going to be pregnant forever and that this is almost over.  it’s kind of a bittersweet.  it’s like, i’m ready to be able to lean down and pick something up off the floor with ease, or tie my shoe, or just roll onto my stomach at night when i’m sleeping.  i’m ready to not feel heartburn anymore, because that sucks. i’m anxious to just hold my baby, and know for certain that he or she is healthy and alright. and i’m crazy anxious to find out if baby is a boy or girl! because i still haven’t a clue at this point and the anticipation is killing me this round. but mostly, i’m ecstatic to meet my little one and to feel all the good and peace and love a new baby brings.


here’s to the last few weeks!

  1. nanette

    i’m right behind ya! :) you are looking wonderful. i get what you mean. the feeling is bittersweet. i want to hold that baby of mine. i’m just trying to enjoy my daughter’s last few weeks alone with me. :) almost there.

  2. Alexandra

    Looking great! Wishing you the best in these last weeks of your pregnancy. Any names for boy or girl, or waiting until baby is born? Can’t wait for his/her arrival! Blessings!

  3. kendall

    you look amazing- enjoy the last few weeks! x

  4. Fallon

    you are precious! love your bangs & your cute bump.

  5. Amy K

    You’re almost there! We can’t wait to meet your new addition either!

  6. I adore how you’re alsways so stylish and elegant, whether you are pregnant or not. This is truly something I admire.
    Bon courage for the time you have left, being pregnant.

    I wish you the best :)

    Bisous from Paris,


  7. I think you have one of the nicest bumps I’ve ever seen! Enjoy these last few weeks… they are so precious. xo

  8. Cat

    It’s so exciting! I bet by the time it’s your third kid you’re just becoming an old pro at this :)


  9. Arica

    I have followed you sine I was in college, so at least 4 or 5 years now and I feel like I KNOW you. I am so excited for you and your family and you look great and as fashionable as ever! :)

    Arica, xxo

  10. Wendy

    You look fantastic! I love how this outfit is styled.

  11. Carrie

    You look gorgeous and I love your coat!
    I’m 32 weeks as well and sooooooo excited to meet my #3 – my first boy.
    Good luck Taza, wishing you the best.

  12. your baby bump is beautiful :)

  13. Bea

    As always you look great!!!
    I hope I’ll be try to feel your same sensation, I hope pregnancy is something I’m going to live in my future!
    I think it’s great feeling your baby growing in your belly!

  14. vicky


  15. Jennifer

    Not knowing the gender of the baby is one of the greatest gifts a mama could have. When my baby girl came out it was such a wonderful and true moment that my husband and I shared. I love knowing other mamas carry this tradition as well!

  16. Ellie

    You look wonderful and are glowing! One of my best friend’s is pregnant with her first baby and I would love to get her that jacket… where is it from?!

    xo, ellie

  17. We just had our first baby a week ago today, and it’s like pregnancy was this weird time warp that lasted forever but suddenly feels like a lifetime ago. It’s crazy. I am also becoming more and more in awe of moms– I’m learning it takes a lot to survive the first little while, and you are all my heroes. :)

    I’m so excited for you!!!

  18. Haha, I got that “Oh, you’re going to have that baby soon aren’t you!” or the treasured, “is it twins???” starting right around six months — because I was ALL belly, and all out front. People were constantly surprised if I told them no I wasn’t due next week but in two months, or no, it wasn’t twins and I wasn’t going to deliver on the grocery store aisle… but I thought it was funny. So I didn’t mind!
    You look so beautiful; I just think baby bumps are such an addition of beauty to a mama! Here’s to a good last few weeks! I can’t wait to find out if the precious little is a boy or a girl!

  19. Nicole

    Naomi, you look great!

    It’s so crazy that I first started reading your blog when you were pregnant with Eleanor!

    It’s so surreal and happy to watch your life from afar. I’m so glad everything is working out for you. I wish you all the best.

  20. Laura

    Hi Taza! You look beautiful! Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your little one. Could you give us the details of your outfit/where you got your fabulous sunglasses? You are the chicest pregnant lady! Much love to you and your wonderful family. Enjoy this special time. xxx

  21. Liz

    So exciting!! Do you have a name picked out yet?!

  22. Tammy

    Well let me just say one thing. You do not look uncomfortable in anyway. You look GORGEOUS! You are one of the most stylish mamas and I love how you always look so bubbly and cheerful. Enjoy the last few weeks…but oh boy I’m so excited for you! I cannot wait for the arrival! :D


  23. Janice

    I live in Chicago with my husband and two little boys. I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  24. Cathy

    You look great. :) And your baby bump is super cute!

  25. Jess

    Maybe it’s just me but I always find it so cute that now you’re baby has been on an airplane lol already! He/she handled it very well ;)

  26. Caroline

    Hang in there! I have three weeks to go and I’m feeling all those same things…can’t wait to move freely again and to meet my little boy! I will miss feeling the movement inside me though…there’s nothing quite like it. Bon courage!


  27. Chelsea

    You rock pregnancy so beautifully! I remember going to church one day, thinking I was looking all preggo and cute and a lady saying “you look miserable.” Made my day:) ah the kind things people say to a pregnant woman!

  28. This is just so sweet and precious. I can and can’t wait to feel these feelings for the first time and experience all of the wonderful things that you have shared. You always just look so adorable!
    Leah Faye
    the clover field

  29. Oh my Naomi you look stunning! And how does time fly like that? I can’t believe you’re at 32 weeks already! I wish I could pick your brain about being a mom, being a sister, being a wife and about growing up.. I wish I had you as a big sister I bet it would be the best of fun! Anyways good luck with those last months, big hug


  30. Alexis

    Wow! Time flew by FAST! It felt like just a few weeks ago you announced you were pregnant, but now you have weeks left!? I’m so anxious to see your beautiful baby girl or boy! Best of luck! Xoxo

  31. Kelsey

    Some people don’t know how to talk to pregnant women,,,you look great:)

  32. Christian

    You look happy and amazing!! So excited for you! Your jacket!!! Xo

  33. bridget

    i’m 33 weeks and feel more like 39 weeks with baby #2. so with baby #3 does it feel closer to… say 51 weeks pregnant??!?

    either way, you’re looking gorgeous!

  34. Betsy

    You are stunning, Naomi. And oh that heartburn…it’s a constant force, huh? I’m a few months behind you and am so anxious to meet our third baby as well. I’d love to know the details on your outfit in this post if you don’t mind. My few maternity dresses have been around the block a few too many times. Thanks for being such a bright spot in my day! xo

  35. Erika

    I love love love your new blog design, and my OH my! You are one pretty, pregnant lady. The bump is so uniquely yours and babies. XO. I hope the next few weeks go smooth.

  36. McKenzie

    So exciting and so beautiful!

  37. You look fantastic! Pregnancy in itself is a bittersweet kind of thing. You miss ths days of not having a watermelon in front of you, but knowing it will end at some point, well, its sad really……I had my 4th last year and my final, and it is bittersweet, it was a very difficult pregnancy plauged with many unknowns…..but knowing your creating and nurturing a little being is very quite magical! Good luck with everything and I simply cannot wait to hear if it is a boy or girl! ~Ashley

  38. You’re beautiful – glowing, gorgeous, and stylish! Have you and the kids read When I was Born by Isabel M Martins? It’s a beautiful picture book, but also a good conversation starter with Eleanor and Samson.

    With Love,

  39. cheyenne

    exciting! you look great :) enjoys those last weeks!
    xo, cheyenne

  40. marie

    Enjoy your last trimester and baby bump! My baby is 3 months old and I already miss my baby bump.. Haha.

  41. nia

    I bet it’s a boy!!!
    Gbu taza

  42. Anna

    I delivered my 4th child 2 months ago and know for sure this will be my last.

    Will this be your last ? Do you and josh intend to have more?

  43. Mónica

    For despite everything you very, very well and very pretty. Much encouragement that it is less. Kisses and happy Tuesday.

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  45. Lucie

    Hi Taza,

    you sure look great. People kept telling me “wow, that baby is coming quite soon” from 26 weeks… I just kept my fingers crossed for him to stay in there ;)

  46. Julie

    Hello Taza! I just learned that I am pregnant too. Still early in my first trimester. Thank you for the post “How to survive the first trimester”, I will try to follow these few pieces of advice! All the best to you, you are almost there!
    Bye, Julie

  47. Mery

    Cheer up Naomi! You’re almost there!!!

  48. BabaWaga

    Hi Naomi, just curious if you’ve ever tried any of those crazy tricks at guessing the gender of your child such as hanging a gold ring on a thread over bump to see if it spins or swings or even the Chinese gender chart?

    They are fun to do, esp at events like baby-showers – strangely the Chinese chart was accurate for me with my little boy, spooky eh?

  49. arielle

    you definitely do not look uncomfortable. at least not in these pictures. I actually think you look gorgeous! and I love everything you’re wearing. can’t wait to see your new little one here in a few weeks!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  50. emily

    ok, your are the classiest preggy lady. if i look half as good as you when i am pregnant, i will have achieved perfection.


  51. Laura

    Beautiful as always Naomi!

  52. Aw you make the cutest pregnant person! But I can imagine it’s hard to let go of this stage. I do so love these posts however!



  53. You look amazing…not too big at all! I think you’re at the perfect pregnancy stage! I’m so excited to find out the gender…and what AMAZING name you’ve picked this time!

  54. almost there, taza! You look great.

  55. Rachel

    You look beautiful, mama!!! I remember those last few weeks of pregnancy and sometimes the anxiety that would accompany. I’m excited for you and your family!!


  56. Samantha

    Hello Naomi, you look gorgeous! Just a tip to stop heartburn, eat a raw carrot when it starts. It worked for me. All the best! xoxo

  57. amy

    i was often asked if i was having twins and when i responded “no’, some would say “are you sure!?” kinda funny the first couple times but then it got stale and i’d have to do that whole fake laugh trick as i pretend i spot something highly important in the distance which is why, of course, i must speed away. or else i could fake a cough attack, that’s actually a faster route.

    you look very pretty :)

  58. Tara

    You are the cutest thing ever!! You look beautiful, I always struggled when people told me I was looking like I was going to pop, knowing I had many more weeks ahead of me. Hang in there!!
    Love, Bess

  59. Maria

    Good luck for everything! And Thanks for this here!
    Best regards from Germany / Iceland


    This is my first comment… I’m following you for over two years now (from Germany) and really do love your blog! I am also a mama of three littles, so I enjoy especially posts like “what? your kitchen doesn’t look like that?” (that one I’ll always remember..) As I know you’re impatient when it comes to Christmas maybe the latest post on my blog MAMIMAG is interesting for you… I wish you all the best for baby #3 and your family! If you like join me! Love, Marieke from MAMIMAG

  61. Julie Law

    You and I are literally 3 days apart in our pregnanciees. I am 32 weeks today. This is my first baby and we are also waiting until birth to find out the gender. I love it. I am excited but also it still feels like a dream sometimes. But this really is happening!

  62. Taylor

    What an adorable belly! Good luck on your last few weeks of pregnancy!


  63. Natalia G.

    You look so pretty Naomi! Random question for you, I was wondering where you get your Pom Pom beanies for you and your kids? I’m on the hunt and you guys always wear the cutest beanies!! Thank you!

  64. sumera

    this might sound silly but I’m excited to see your baby on the blog! mama of three sounds pretty wonderful. it’s been fun seeing your blog as I’ve been navigating my way through my first years as a mama. i’ve been really inspired by your positivity and your style.

  65. giedre

    yay for holding out on finding out whether baby is a boy or a girl! :) I always think that makes the pregnancy so exciting!

  66. Whenever I get sad about not having children yet I like to come to your blog. Many times when another blogger gets pregnant it will cause me to struggle with it not being time for kids, but I never seem to feel that way when I hear and see your growing family. The way in which you share your updates doesn’t ever seem proud or in an attempt to merely be trendy, and even though they are always so well put together the genuineness of them is really what makes them so great! So happy for you and your little family and excited to be happy with you now and when your new little one arrives!

  67. Hannah

    Thanks for sharing your pregnancy journey with us! You must be so excited to meet your sweet baby and hold them.

    I love hearing you talk about meeting your baby. It’s melts my heart. There’s nothing I want more than children and it’s so nice to see you talk about them on your blog. Your love for your kiddos shines through and it’s so beautiful to see.

    Good luck on your last few weeks of pregnancy!


  68. eva

    you look so damn adorable!! The outfit suits you so well..and I can’t wait to see the baby! Your family is amazing, good luck <3


  69. hanna

    You’re such a gorgeous pregnant woman.

  70. Lonka