a weekend in chicago!

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we were in chicago the other week to celebrate the marriage of some dear friends! we all met ten years ago as freshmen at juilliard so it’s been such an incredible experience as a friend to get to watch this relationship progress over the past decade and witness such a beautiful wedding last week!

a few photos below from our weekend in chicago…

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^^^the ceremony, dinner and reception were just gorgeous.  it was one of those nights where it looked and felt like nothing could go wrong. every detail was completely thought out and looked after, it was very special. ^^^


^^^the wedding was in the afternoon and sweet little samson fell asleep on the way to the ceremony. kind of perfect though if you ask me, because he was able to get his nap in and was ever so quiet during the ceremony. ;) i love love love this photo of him and josh during the cocktail hour because he looks so angelic and peaceful.^^^


^^^family portrait with the pretty leaves changing color behind us.  and one of me and my girl.^^^


^^^eleanor was so funny trying to get the attention of sarah and finn when they were up on a balcony at one point taking pictures. she stood up on her chair and started waving her hands up and down! and here she is with one of her bffs, vic.  vic brought her a koala bear all the way from australia, and it has not left E’s side at night while she has slept this past week.  thanks again, vic!^^^


^^^the fun thing about a juilliard wedding is that it makes for a mini juilliard reunion as well.  can’t believe that ten years later here we all are watching those two crazies in the middle tie the knot!^^^

^^^the day before the wedding, the peninsula hotel in chicago invited E and S to try one of their peninsula academy experiences, so we all went on a chicago fire house excursion.  i guess it’s a program “for young firefighters-in-training” to see what it’s like, but with all the practicing and pretend E and S are always up to, they didn’t need any help knowing what to do around the firehouse. fireman’s pole: check. driving the engine: check. putting out a fire/spraying real firefighters with water: check!! the firemen were some of the nicest guys we’ve met, and i think they might have had some influence over eleanor and samson’s newest request to be firefighters for halloween! ^^^


^^^the firefighters let them take full control of that tiny hose! i honestly don’t think they’ve ever had so much fun! they got this cute little system down where they kept rotating between one pumping the water and the other spraying the hose like ‘sharing’ was their middle name! that sort of thing sharing magic doesn’t happen every day around here, so it was a proud moment for me to watch them do it well and enjoy working together to use the hose.^^^


^^^down the fireman’s pole we go!^^^


^^^during some wedding prep i had to attend to one day, josh took the kids to the children’s museum at navy pier.  they have a tinkering lab where kids can build and create things. when i got back to our hotel, the kids kept talking about it nonstop and so josh pulled out his phone to show me a few photos of their day. i looked at these pictures and was like are those real hammers and nails?! anyway, yes. they were. but the kids had a lot of fun and no one got hurt. :)


^^^another fun part of our trip was getting to meet up with friends, the jones’ who we first met in DC and now live in chicago, and the coulsons, who were in town from australia. both of these families are some of our favorites, so it was great getting to catch up and spend some time together in person.^^^


^^^we also enjoyed one of our best meals at antique taco. everything was delicious. but especially that duck fat flautas.^^^


^^^and helping choose a winning pumpkin outside the taco shop was serious business for mister samson.  he liked the dinosaur pumpkin the best.  (i wish i’d grabbed a photo of it. it was very cute.) ^^^

ps. i posted this little video of E and S on my instagram, so you may have already seen. but we snuck into the empire room at the palmer house where we were staying because we wanted to check out where judy garland, frank sinatra, ella fitzgerald, and tons of other stars had once stood and performed.  the kids got right up onto that stage before i could and started improv-ing a little show for us. they are such characters! it was definitely a highlight.

  1. The photos of E + S as firemen is SO CUTE!

  2. i just wanna bite samson!! he’s so adorable. thanks for sharing your weekend naomi :)

  3. Chicago is a great place for visiting. Very family friendly :-). It looks like you all had such fun. Traveling with tiny people can simultaneously wear you out and invigorate you, especially when you see them enjoying themselves (and sharing like pros!).
    Rest well little momma! You are in the home stretch :-)

  4. chelsea

    It looks like such a fun weekend. Isn’t it perfect when the littles fall asleep on you, for a brief moment they are still and you can just snuggle. My little Eleanor fell asleep on me at a movie yesterday and I soaked it all in, delicious!

    Such sweet little kids, looks like they had a blast the whole weekend!


  5. nanette

    love these photos! we’re thinking of spending some time in chicago next summer, so I’m writing that taco place down for sure!

  6. plum

    I’m dying over your dress!! Do tell!

  7. This looks like such a great trip!

  8. Melendili

    Lovely pics as usual ! What did you study at Juilliard ?

  9. Amanda P.

    You’re adorable! I started following you two years ago when I first got Instagram. I loved everything about your blog. It started an obsession with finding more bloggers to follow that are simple and inspiring! I never found another one like yours that didn’t eventually tire me. Making your white bean chili tonight! Thanks for sharing a bit of your world with the world!

  10. jenileigh

    Is the blond all the way to the right in the first picture, the religious girl from the mtv show “awkward”? it looks just like her

  11. Danica

    Love how E is naturally in love with weddings! She looks so happy in these photos! Weddings are the best! Have a great week Davis family. xx



  12. teresa

    It looks like you guys had an amazing time!!!! I love the dress you wore to the wedding and the picture of you and Eleanor is precious!!!

  13. looks to have been a beautiful weekend. Happy memories!

  14. Tammy

    Oh gosh those little mini fire- fighters are just too darn adorable! What a great weekend.

    You looked beautiful at the wedding – all you gals (and guys) did! What a blessing that after 10 years you are all close and celebrating the beautiful moments in your lives together.

    Thank you for sharing, Taza!


    That picture of S & J is so precious :)

  15. Arica

    I absolutely adore all the vibes of that wedding, so sweet and cozy! and what cute pictures of your babies in the firefighter gear! :)

    Arica, xxo

  16. vicky

    that wedding looks gorgeous. i love, love your dress.

    i can’t get over your little firepeople. SO cute.

    also, my momma loves flautas. those look delicious ;)

  17. kendall

    what a special trip- beautiful photos! x

  18. Looks like you had a great weekend adventure!! I bet the kids has SOO much fun with the fire truck too!!

  19. Evan

    Any recommendations for food or sights to see in the Windy City? I head there in December and need some ideas for things to do besides the Bean (since it’ll be colder).

  20. Caroline

    Looks like a great time! I’m so glad you enjoyed my home city. LOVE the video…too adorable. Now just a few weeks before your next super cute Baby arrives (two and a half for mine)!



  21. Heidi

    Looks like a fun weekend. Where is your dress from? Beautiful!

  22. Ady

    Awww that photo of Samson in the firetruck is too precious!

  23. The wedding photos are gorgeous… and totally LOVE the little firefighters. My boyfriend’s son dressed up as one for our trip to our local fire station this weekend too and the firefighters were so nice…not a bad group for toddlers to look up to :o)

  24. marie

    Aawww such cute little firefighters! And I agree that the photo of Samson sleeping is the sweetest. I love it with my son sleeps too, there’s definitely the much-needed quiet time which I need before he wakes up! Haha. Boys are so mischievous ;)


  25. emily

    is there a pretend firefighter program like that for adults or…. lol

  26. Queenie

    The wedding looks absolutely beautiful & E and S look so cute as little firefighters! I also enjoyed the adorable vid on Insta! xxx


  27. Looks like you guys had a fun filled trip! I love the little firemen outfits! So adorable! xo

  28. kori

    Is that Monica Raymund I see?! My family and I have a slight obsession with Chicago Fire. That’s awesome!

  29. megsn

    would you mind sharing where you found your dress?

  30. Kimberly

    I thought I saw you on E!news! You looked gorgeous and looks like you guys had a blast!

  31. Lindsay

    Hey Naomi! I’ve never commented on here before, but I just had to say how much I appreciate the enthusiasm you show for motherhood. Thank you for sharing your family with us. You inspire me to be a better mother! As a side note, is that “Dawson” from “Chicago Fire” in that photo with your Julliard friends? It has to be! Either way, I love that show and your blog too :)

  32. cheyenne

    how lovely! that looks like a beautiful wedding :)
    xo, cheyenne

  33. This is so very sweet! There is so much love in all of your faces. What a beautiful weekend – happy for you!

    Warm Regards,

  34. Taylor

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful time in Chicago! It’s my favorite city and I love visiting there often.


  35. Jordan

    I love the photo of Samson napping, such a sweet capture.

  36. Cathy

    It looked like an amazing and lovely wedding. Also, that trip to the firehouse must’ve been so fun! My dad was a firefighter and I used to love going to the station. Firefighters are amazing people!

  37. Amy

    It looks like you’ve been having such a lovely time. I can’t get over the cuteness of little E and S as fire fighters!! They are such sweeties :’)


  38. Ms George

    FYI: Koalas are not bears. That drives us Aussies nuts!!

  39. Jackie

    Naomi, your dress!!! If there is anyone out there to pull it off, you’re the one! Just absolve cuteness. And love S and E at the fire-station :)

  40. Shannon

    samson’s face that third to last picture. i die. his scrunched smile is just so good!

  41. chicago is one city i am DYING to go to!

    looks amazing. and i love that you went to julliard! i danced at byu and dancing in college is theeeeeee best.

    love you and your cute fam!

  42. sariah

    Where did you get your lipstick and what color is it?

  43. Julie

    You guys seriously have the cutest kids on this planet! I love your blog and follow it religiously, I just have one request: Could we maybe get more “Eleanorisms”? They are the funniest thing ever.

  44. Bea

    What a wonderful weekend you had!!!
    It’s wonderfl having little reunion with people you shared so much, and for so long!
    Have a great day!

  45. Hannah

    That’s the lost girl vintage tour bus in the last picture!! They travel all over the place selling vintage clothes out of there! Did you go in? Two awesome girls run it and I feel like y’all would totally hit it off!

  46. BEE

    i have watched that video over and over again and still get a kick out of it. “i give you… thomas da twain”! xox

  47. stefanie

    your dress is gorgeous!!! plleeasssee let me know where it is from, I have a wedding to attend in 2 weeks and would love to get my hands on it! maternity dresses are mostly horrid!

  48. hanna

    The wedding looks gorgeous! –Hanna Lei

  49. Ree

    This is now one of my favorite posts of yours! The kids look like they had a blast!

  50. Looks like you had a lovely weekend here in our sweet city, Chicago!The fire station looks like so much fun! I would love to take our Zoë there – although maybe when she’s out of her terrible 2 stage….the water hose now would be a disaster lol!

  51. Chelsea

    Oh my goodness. Not only is that wedding just beautiful, but was the groom Finn Wittrock? He’s currently scaring the crud out of me every week on American Horror Story! That’s amazing.

  52. Victoria

    This is the sweetest. That video! <3

  53. Cari

    Your dress is stunning and you absolutely looked fabulous in it! I would love to know the designer. The silhouette is gorgeous.

    What a fun weekend! I’ve wanted to visit Chicago for many years; maybe now I’ll bump it up on my list of places to travel, especially since it sounds pretty family friendly.


    • TAZA

      thank you! it is a maternity dress by Hatch. hope you make it to chicago soon!