A nod and a smile.

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there was a moment last night during family home evening, where the littles and i were sitting on the sofa singing the wiseman built his house upon a rock, as josh played it on the piano, that i caught samson’s eye and he gave me this great very grown up, adult like head-nod, almost to say, “i sure love you mom.” or at least that is what it felt like his little head nod was saying as he raised his hands high above his head singing about the rain coming down. (he does those song actions better than anyone around here!)  but in that moment, with that little grown up head nod from my two and half year old, i felt so proud of who i am, and ever so accomplished as his mother.

sometimes i get so caught up with how ambitious or educated or talented or successful people around me in this crazy city might be, and right now with this almost 8-month pregnant belly, i just struggle to walk up the stairs without huffing and puffing. and while i feel confident in many areas of my life, i mostly just feel guilty these days because i’m struggling to get up in the morning and get anything done.  so even if that head-nod was just a coincidence, and samson wasn’t trying to send me a message of love and encouragement (and let’s be honest, he’s two….he probably wasn’t),  i’m still going to pretend he was. because i needed it. and it felt so so good.

i think we need to take the time to tell ourselves we are good people.  good mothers.  good wives and friends and women.  we have to believe it ourselves, and not apologize for who we are (i find myself apologizing a lot because i always feel like there is so much room for improvement in my life), but it’s unnecessary. we are good people.  and good mothers.  and good women. all of us. in our different stages of life, pursuing different dreams or goals, parenting or believing or living differently from one another, we’re all good.  we just need to believe it. maybe we should just start giving ourselves head-nods every morning when we look in the mirror. ha. i might do that today…

these photos are from maybe a month ago.  they don’t really have anything to do with this post. they are from a different night of family home evening, when we went to play soccer in central park to practice some of the moves eleanor and samson have been learning in their soccer classes this fall. (ps- if you ever want to laugh hysterically and be thoroughly entertained, go watch some toddlers at soccer practice! sometimes i feel really really bad for their coach!)


^^^i know this photo might look to some like josh is about to kick our kids in the face with a fast ball, but i promise, it wasn’t like that!^^^


^^^samson prefers the role of goal keeper.^^^


^^^he mostly just laughs and laughs when the ball starts coming towards him. haha!^^^


^^^and then he gets all excited when it hits the net! i don’t think he quite grasps his role as the goal keeper just yet. haha!^^^


^^^and this sweet face! i can’t even begin to ever tell you what she truly means to me.^^^


^^^climbing the net is half the fun of it!^^^

88980978 ^^^or getting trapped inside it!^^^

  1. Tanja

    Just what I needed to hear ❤

  2. Mango

    Thank you :’-) I needed this :-)

  3. Naomi, this is such a beautiful, honest post. I completely agree with the sentiment, sometimes we just need reminding don’t we. Thanks lovely. X

  4. Maybe, even though he is just two, he was sending you a message of love and encouragement. who knows? Kids have a way to make sure we understand what they want and feel… Keep it up girl! You´re doing an amazing job as a mom!

  5. Zainab

    Hello Taza! That sounds magical, I love the way that we can feel so much more encouraged by small gestures, it just goes to show that quite often, the smaller things go the furthest way so they’re much more important than just the big things that we try and do for each other! Thank you! Your children are adorable :D

  6. Absolutely beautiful. And definitely something we all need reminded of in motherhood. Thank you.

  7. Carolina

    That third paragraph hits home quite strongly. I’ve been thinking lately how fundamental it is that i simply accept me as me is. :) Of course, I forget in seconds, so thanks for another reminder and for being as you are, Naomi. Keep on nodding on! :*

  8. Kim

    Hello, my name is kim and I am from Germany. I totally love your posts, especially this one. I am in a same Situation like you (pregnant, 8 month) and I am a bit confused at the moment. Your words helped me today to feel better and stay positive. Thank you a lot, beautiful love taza ❤️

  9. nanette

    i loved this post! i feel the same way about getting up in the morning. this belly is no joke the second time around! but thanks for the encouragement. :)

  10. suzanne morris

    “What If Your Life Is Already The Best Thing?” http://shar.es/10ozpl

    Naomi, this blog post goes right along with your sentiments. “Just for a moment today- put on your perspectacles and look at your own life. You’ve probably got someone to love, some good work to do, some people who count on you, something beautiful to look at. If you have all that and a little bit of chocolate, too- you’ve already got it all.”

  11. Natali

    Such a great post! Thank you for sharing your opinion and feelings with us, this makes me feel like I’m not the only woman in the world feeling these same things and also always “apologising” for who knows what, because just like you’ve said, we’re good enough as we are, why are we so hard at ourselves!


  12. AGATA

    Hi Davis Family!

    I’m always so happy when I see you all spending time together! You’re amazing family, Josh is amazing dad, you’re amazing mama and you guys are just amazing parents and people.

    Take care!


    love, xoxo

  13. Tina

    How fun!!!

  14. dawn

    This is so very true. I decided to stay at home with my son (how 6) and I so very often feel useless – I find myself responding to the “what do you do” question with “nothing.” Nothing! And just this past weekend I met a mother who has a PhD and teaches at the university and I thought, wow, I really need to do something more important. She was explaining what she does every day and I was thinking, wow, she does all that AND mothers. Your post was a good reminder to be more proud of my full time mothering. It’s hardly nothing.

  15. Melissa

    It’s posts like these that are just so fun and uplifting to read. While my little family currently only consists of my husband and our little pup, I have to say, you truly make me so excited to be a mother some day. You share both the good and the bad, but it’s all real, and it makes me realize how challenging it will be yet how absolutely amazing the rewards will be. Thanks for sharing!!

    <3 Melissa

  16. thea

    What a sweet post! Thank you for the reminder, Naomi! :)

  17. vicky

    I concur on the head-nod idea ;)
    go, little Samson, go! your kid’s a genius, Naomi. i think he may have figured ‘it’ out before all of the rest of us, ha. much needed (to read) post. thank you! <3

  18. Addie

    I used to say that “good enough was never good enough” and then I became a full time employee, wife, mother of a two and now a part time student as well and for the first time in my life I am okay with saying “good enough IS good enough – and I am good enough” Life is hard and trying every day counts :)

  19. Sandra

    Exactly what this Momma needed to hear this morning after feeling like I failed my son last night. As mothers sometimes it’s hard to remember that we are doing the best we can, it’s so easy to start to beat ourselves up over things. Thank you so much for writing this and making my morning so much better. You are doing an AWESOME job as a mother and wife.

  20. Chelsea

    Love this post so much! I understand those little gestures that make huge impacts and I along with probably every mother struggles with mommy guilt, giving everything and still feeling like its not enough. Anyway, this is very encouraging and so good to hear on this Tuesday- yes I am a good mom!


  21. You are so so good! I love these photos, so sweet and fun! I’m so thankful for blogs these days with such beautiful and authentic messages from REAL women – especially amidst all of the media. I feel very lucky to have read this.

    Warm Regards,

  22. emily

    haha! a head nod! ok is there anything cuter? it’s just been decided that that’s the first thing i’m going to teach my future children to do lol

  23. nicole

    Thanks for the great post! It’s always nice to hear how we ARE doing our best. Honestly, I could probably hear it every day, if that was an option. Ha!
    I think we are all trying to just be in this crazy world, and sometimes we get lost in the “not so important things” or “What we think society wants”

    Love how positive your posts are, always enjoy reading them:)

  24. beautiful post. hugs.

  25. Iva

    Thank you Naomi! So happy that your blog exists!

  26. hahaha, oh samson. you really know how to capture the moments naomi!!

  27. Mizden

    Somehow this is just what I needed, a validation that is ok to be just me and stop trying soooo hard to change, I know I have a lot of room for improvement, but that doesn-t come over night right?

    Thank you for the reminder that I am enough! And that Our Father loves us all for just who we are.

    I read the other day your new FAQ’s and felt kind of sad when I read that you have had serious thoughts of ending the blog, but I am so glad that you chose to look beyond the negativity that people might give you and choose to share the good, to lift the spirits of others even when you don’t know it and believe that this space is more good, positive, encouraging than all those bad things that might happen.

    Keep it up!

  28. L

    I loved this post. And we all do need to give ourselves a little head nod every day. Your kids playing soccer are darling!

  29. Tammy

    A proud parenthood moment, that makes it all worthwhile. You should be a proud mama Taza. Those kiddos are just about the cutest and sweetest little things I ever did see. Enjoy every moment of it. …Looking forward to Baby #3 ^_^


  30. Jackie

    I love how motherhood and children are so celebrated on your blog! Thank you for valuing so highly something of such significant worth. You’re doing a great job.

  31. Sandy

    Thank you for specifying that you believe that a person can be a good woman, mother, friend, even if she believes or lives differently from you. Often when I read your parenting posts, I come away feeling depressed about the fact that I’m a working mom (and I’m LDS). I know it is probably not your intent, but sometimes your words about how important it is to stay home with your kids make it sound as though you look down on mothers who work as selfish, or not as committed to family as you are. I’m thinking in particular of past comments about how some women put travel and careers before family, and about how there is no such thing are work life balance so you have to put family first. I apologize if I’m mischaracterizing your words, I haven’t gone back to look for exact quotes, but obviously they stung and stayed with me a long time. I’m not sure why the opinion of a stranger on the internet matters to me, probably because we are members of the same church and I hate the idea that other women in the church think I’m a bad mom, but I feel like I can give myself a bit of a break after reading your post today. Thanks.

    • TAZA

      hi sandy, thanks for this comment. i am so sorry if i’ve ever made you feel that way. please know it has never been my intention. the trouble with sharing my thoughts in writing with so many online is that it’s impossible to explain everything the way that i want to and my thoughts often get misinterpreted or taken the wrong way. maybe if i was a better writer, that wouldn’t be the case. i think every situation is very unique and it’s up to each family to decide for itself what that family’s needs and goals are, how to prioritize them, and how to best maintain those priorities. i have talked about how rather than finding a perfect equilibrium or “balance,” it often feels like i’m having to “juggle” different needs and priorities all at once. in the end, each person will know what is best for their family’s situation. again, i’m sorry that my writing ever hurt you.

  32. wow, really love this naomi. i too have been struggling with some similar things – always feeling the need to apologize because i know there is so much room for approval. this was a very encouraging post, and you are such a light to this little internet world. thanks for sharing!

  33. Crystal

    Beautiful post and something that truly struck a cord with me. I feel this exact same way sometimes…lately more often. Thank you for such positivity!

  34. Lisa

    Thanks for this. An amazing post and so well written. It was exactly what I needed to hear today!

  35. marie

    Haha my son behaves the same way when the ball goes towards him too!! He’ll just close his eyes and laugh hysterically. We’re hoping that he’ll treat his soccer practice more seriously, but sometimes it’s good to let go and just enjoy the funny innocent moment. ;)


  36. Jena

    This post. I started my first “big girl” job recently and struggle to not cry every evening on the train home. This spoke to me and was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for this gift this morning. You are truly a rockstar Taza! <3

  37. hanna

    Your daughter is so cute! –Hanna Lei

  38. Jennifer

    A good morning encouragement is just what I needed!

  39. Jessica

    Love this post!!!! I enjoy that you are speaking of women empowerment because honestly, this world needs that right now. Women joining women. Women supporting women. It’s an amazing concept!!!


  40. joany

    Thanks so much for sharing this,it trully spoke to my heart! I feel like that a lot and need to learn to feel I’m good enough.

  41. Maria

    What sweet time to spend with your family! I recently read a wonderful article about being a “dolphin parent” rather than a “tiger mom”, and I thought this part especially rings true and relates to your family time:

    “We need to redefine success to include security, passion connection, purpose, and maybe wealth….An out-of-balance child is missing the basics of sleep, a good diet and authentic interaction. They’re often sleep deprived and eat their meals in the car between sports practice and music lessons. They do extra work before school and head straight to extra curricular commitments and tutoring directly after dismissal. At night they’re rushed to fall asleep. Sure, they might be excelling at activities and academics, and might even have significant social status at school, but they’re often lacking meaningful social connections, and they definitely don’t have enough time to play. In fact, they’ve likely even forgotten how to and are anxious when they are bored or have free time.”

    E&S are fortunate to have such a loving and in-touch mom and dad (who give them time to play and be silly!!).

  42. Kristina

    As a fellow New Yorker, I can absolutely agree that it’s so easy to get caught up with how well everyone else is doing, and even sometimes start to feel somewhat behind the curve and lost in the shuffle. Thanks so much for sharing this Naomi, it’s definitely what I needed to hear. I’m going to make a conscious effort to give myself my own daily head nod – thanks for the inspiration. Can’t wait to “meet” the new little!

  43. Julianna

    Good post Taza. I have been thinking a lot lately about how I need to make affirmations a part of my daily life again, I used to do it, and they really work and help give you yourself some comfort,

  44. Julianna

    haha that got a little mixed up, help you, give yourself, some comfort.

    I saw recently on Cup of Jo a nice piece of advice from her mother,’take gentle care of yourself.’ I love it.

  45. Such a great post! It’s hard sometimes feeling like all i do is stay home,but our job as moms are so important. We are good moms! :) Thanks for the encouragement.

  46. Aw you are doing great! I used to coach an under 5 soccer team and it was hilarious! There was the child always racing and then the one picking flowers all were amazing and adorable in their own way!




  47. Katie cheesman

    Beautiful words!

  48. Alanna

    Hi Naomi,

    Thank you for this post. I needed it today, more than you can imagine. It is so easy to feel not good enough.
    I only have one little one (19 months) at the moment and I feel so guilty and not good enough because i have to be at work all day and well i could go on!

    Your family is so beautiful and you all seem so kind. Thanks for sharing :)


  49. Estela

    You are so emotional right now, I want to give you a hug!!! Hang in there, take your vitamins and be strong, remember a lot of people want to be you and have the gorgeous family you have.
    Sending my love to you from Florida!!

  50. Dearest Naomi and all the people just commenting that this is exactly what they needed to read. Here is my personal digital head-nod to all of you. And especially to you Naomi, I learn so much from reading your post and seeing you and josh raising these wonderful kids. I look up to you in so many different areas in life I sometimes wish you were my sister so I could ask you for advice. Stay strong, lots of hugs to the kids


  51. Sinead

    Such a lovely post :-) Although I can’t believe you’re nearly 8 months pregnant – it feels like only last week you announced that you’re expecting!

  52. Janis

    What a nice post, all brought upon by a “head nod” :) Gotta love the babies :)

  53. Brooke

    Definitely a tender mercy from the Lord. He really does understand what we need and when it is needed.

  54. Briseidy

    sweet words! such a nice post!

  55. Carson

    I’m a new mom of two… One is 18 months the other is just 6 months. I am at home with them. They are my ” job” . I have found like many other stay at home moms- it is easy to feel guilty and like you’re taking the easy route by staying at home …. I remind myself daily how important this job is and how it is fuller than full time. It is tHE most difficult job and yet the most rewarding. It’s hard but you have to remind yourself of this. And next time one asks what you do, tell thm proudly and confidently , my favorite aunt sent me this awesome article that any stay at home mom will enjoy . If interested – read it ! I put the link below …It has stuck with me over time now. . Naomi I think you’d enjoy too! And hang in there . So many would do anything to bein your shoes!


  56. Robin G

    This is such a lovely post. Thank you.

  57. Ashley Larson

    I can relate completely to this post. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with twins and have a 26 month old to take care of and I find myself feeling guilty that I have absolutely no energy to do the things we normally do. But then my 2 year old grabs her scriptures and asks me to read them with her and I feel at peace and know that I must be doing something right. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy :)

  58. Bea

    I think tomorrow I’m going to start the day a head-nod…and you’re right, we are almost perfect, we just have to remember this… :)

  59. this post brought tears to my eyes.

  60. I loved this so much. a reminder MUCH needed.
    From the mouths (or head nods, in this case) of babes.

  61. Kara

    This post was pretty revealing to me, in that I can see what was underlying you writing it. Have you ever explored why you so often feel your aren’t good enough? Where are you getting these messages? I know where you’re getting them from, and if you’re honest with yourself, I think you know too. I am 27years old, live in Chicago and have a wonderful life with my fiancé and our English bulldog. In my career and life, I know I’m doing the right thing and following my dreams. My family, friends, and my (Catholic) church all support me. I don’t envy you, because I think you’re still searching for that which makes you whole. I do hope you find it though, because we only have one life, and there’s no point in living it to appease the pressure of others.

  62. Thank you Taza. YES WE ARE GOOD!!

    And who was it that told us that unless we are perfect at everything at every moment we are not? Something wrong with our society that so many of us believe that lie.

    I didn’t make it up, and neither did you. So who did and why do we buy in to that bull ding?

    Thanks again,

    Julia Kristina

  63. arielle

    I think we probably all struggle with this, but I am so grateful for this little reminder. when things get tough, we should just congratulate ourselves on getting through the day. thanks so much for sharing this sweet experience. littles really do have the best intuition about these things.

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  64. Jackie

    E in those sweatpants!! CUTE! And the story of samson and his movements is so sweet :)

  65. I am one of those people that catch moments like this and then start bawling hysterically. So, the fact that you are 8 months pregnant and remained composed totally counts as accomplished in my book.
    The Accidental Mama

  66. Meg

    Sharing that it is sometimes a struggle makes you a rockstar – Spanx

  67. Beautifully said and something all of us women -mamas and not – need to hear more often. xx

  68. Jennifer

    I think there’s a difference between accepting yourself or your abilities and being complacent. The latter is obviously the unhealthy one, and just because it can be stressful to compare your achievements to others around you, doesn’t mean that anybody should insulate themselves entirely from more “successful” people. It’s all about perspective and keeping a firm grip on reality :)

  69. Liv

    My hubbs and two littles (3 and 2) were singing ‘The wiseman built his house’ on Monday night! How sweet to know you were too- all the way across the country. Love this post. Thanks.

  70. Hayley

    Thank you Naomi :) I so badly needed to hear that. Brought me tears and love and pride. Will give myself a nod and smile tomorrow ;)

  71. Crystal

    Oh Naomi, if you only knew that after not reading you blog for over a year I decided to last night because my husband insists on naming our child Naomi. Stumbling across the post where you found out you were pregnant with Samson and I couldn’t help but sob just thinking about how much I want the next months to slow down before it is not my husband and I anymore. How will I finish nursing school, now how can we move to Hawaii for a year? This baby was known before being in my womb and set apart from others in the world since before I could possibly imagine. Thank you for sharing your faithfulness. You are a light!

  72. Jennifer

    I wrote a comment agreeing with you, encouraging others to be realistic as well and not letting their perceived insecurities control the way they go about their lives, but it wasn’t approved? Wow. I put a lot of thought and genuine caring into that and I’m not sure how it was offensive at all. You used to be so sweet and witty, but lately you seem to be getting subtly passive aggressive. I feel like that has a lot to do with what prompted you to write this, but regardless I hope you still teach E and S to be intelligent and compassionate, even when at the height of success. :(

    • TAZA

      hi jennifer, this is the first time i’ve been able to sit down at my computer since yesterday to approve comments. your previous comment was still pending because i’m just now getting the chance to go through all of them. thanks for your first comment and sharing those insights, i thought it was wonderful and agree with you.


  73. Alice

    Thank you. That was beautiful, and I’ll be sure to remember it.Thank you for sharing your family with us, it really cheers my day. :)

  74. Damla

    You are the best family ever. God bless you.
    Lots of love from İstanbul. :))

  75. Dee

    Thx for this post. Just yesterday I had to stop myself from belittling my job of SAHM. I’m an expat and whenever I randomly run into Americans out and about there is always a type of camaraderie and lengthier conversation than you would have if you just sat next to a native mommy at the park. Whenever the conversation turns to “what do you do” I wind up glossing over my SAHM job and focus on what I’m going to do when the kids go to school ( even though I don’t want to give up being a SAHM when the kids are old enouh for school). But yesterday was different. I said I’m a SAHM because I can and because I believe it’s in the best interest of my children and because I don’t feel a need to be anything else but a mommy right now to my young children. And that made me feel good and strong and confident and a bit defiant. Defiant because maybe in some ways I still feel I’m expected to be doing MORE for myself and for society and for family finances , shall I go on?

  76. Nicole

    This is beautiful :)

  77. Stacey

    seriously love…
    thank you so much…
    as a mom of three almost divorced after a very difficult year…
    thank you…

  78. Bailee DeYoung

    This is the first time I’ve commented on your lovely blog, though I’ve been following your adventures for a few years now. I just couldn’t click past this particular post without saying “Thanks!”. I really needed to hear this today, and the pictures are darling too. I think this message rings true for many women around the world! Keeping posting… there are many people who are inspired, entertained, and enlightened through your writing!

  79. Thanks for the inspirational words and lovely photos! Happy Wednesday, everyone :)

  80. TILLY

    hi naomi, reading this post has really made me feel good about myself and im sure it has made others feel the same way too. thankyou for helping us to remember this even when times are tough. i hope that you know how much of a good mother, wife, friend, sister you are too. i know that i have never met you before and know only little about you, but from what i can see, you are a lovely women filled with so much joy and happiness. some people will not make you feel this way, im sure. there are always people out there who will make you feel down even if its some small comment. even though you are reminding us all through this post that we are all good and need to give ourselves more credit, others are probably just making you feel the opposite. im truly sorry. naomi, you seem like such a wonderful women and dont take it all to heart. im sure you dont but i just wanted to give you a little reminder. thankyou for being you and sharing your life with us. it is ever so sweet! not long now until baby davis #3. im sure you are all so very nervous but excited too. good luck mama :)

  81. Sandy

    I don’t see an option to respond to your comment to mine above, but I want to take you for taking the time to reply. I really, really appreciate it.

  82. Thank you for this today. <3

    And you are a wonderful momma, wife, and woman. Thank you for always inspiring.

  83. Kelly

    I love these real, honest, raw posts and that your littles are getting so big! I can not wait to meet the newest Davis!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  84. tracy

    catching up on a few of your recent blog posts, and this made me a bit teary! completely agree with you. we’re all good women, and we’re all trying our best in whatever stage of life we’re in. i’m about 6 months pregnant with my 2nd (a boy!) and seeing the photos of eleanor and samson made my heart skip a beat. my oldest is a girl (2.5!) and i’m excited to see them together like your littles. i don’t comment often, but i appreciate the bits of your life that you share here. so beautiful and positive (and i know it’s not easy to always be positive!). have a happy monday!

  85. Ally

    Heavenly Father gave that head nod to you, from Samson as a gift and a message. If instantly you thought that, then that is completely true. Even in his littleness, that is what he wanted you to know and feel. Give you the thought and the boost you needed.

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