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good morning! i’m so excited to share Love Taza’s new layout with you! the entire site got a bit of an update, which has been in the works for several months now. we enlisted the help of breanna rose once again, who originally designed the site for us, along with web developer zoe rooney and thank them for helping bring this new vision to life! i hope you’ll take a look around and check out all of the little changes, as i’d love to hear your feedback as well!newlayout

in addition to the new blog layout, i hope the navigation bar (which will float with you as you scroll) and dedicated tabs under each section will be more useful in finding what you’re looking for.


blog posts are labeled and grouped together by theme, for easier navigation. for example, when you click on “travel”, you’ll be able to find thumbnails like these below of all of our travel posts in one spot.

travel-sectionnew SHOP!

while i had dreams to do something with that old “SHOP” page we prepped in our old blog layout, you might have noticed it had remained empty all this time.  there is a time and season for everything and i am learning this time and season just didn’t have enough time for that little dream.  hopefully someday in the future i’ll be able to revisit that idea.  but for now, if you click “shop”, it’ll take you to a small curated collection of little things we love and use, mixed in with a few other beautiful things.  this page will change often, so be sure to check back for updates if you’d like!



for your reference, i’ve also updated my FAQ page. and since we still get a lot of similar questions, i’ve added several of the newest FAQ’s below in this post so you don’t miss them. but you can see all of them HERE.

why do i blog?

i didn’t think when i originally began blogging in 2007 that i’d still be sharing bits and pieces of life all these years later! to be honest, i go back and forth more often than you’d know about keeping this blog going.  while the online community is wonderful in many ways, it’s also a place for a lot of hate. for now,  i choose to keep blogging because i believe it is a source for good…because i believe there aren’t many channels left in today’s world of media that celebrate motherhood and family and the good things in life.  of course there are days that are hard and difficult and full of terrible things, but i believe life, marriage, motherhood and all those little tasks that fill your day are a gift. and i’m thankful for this little space on the big internet to share those things i love and to be a part of a community of bloggers doing the same.

at the end of my day, if i’m lucky, i’ll have ten or twenty minutes left to browse my favorite blogs or online sites.  i want to be uplifted and edified and encouraged in those ten or twenty minutes of browsing and i hope this space can do something like that for you, too. i hope when you read this blog, over anything else you’ll take away a message of finding the joy in what is around you, in your own family and friends, in good food and good places, in having hope, in learning and growing, and in your own surroundings.

what does your husband do for work? what do you do for work?

after seven years of banking in NYC and DC, my husband josh chose to resign from the corporate world this year to pursue his dream of working on several entrepreneurial projects, one of which you might know as our new lifestyle app, Pippit. my husband was good at his job and was even ranked as one of the very top performers while he was in banking, so i am incredibly proud of him for all of his hard work and for taking the big leap and risk to work for himself. josh is the kind of guy that gives 110% to his work projects and then comes home and gives 110% to his family life. it’s one of his best qualities, his dedication and devotion to the task at hand.

in addition to josh’s past jobs and current entrepreneurial work projects, he also has helped me a great deal with Love Taza and all the work that goes into this blog over the years. i feel his help even more so now as i am usually preoccupied throughout my day with two very darling, yet very attention demanding toddlers. ;)

as for me, i love blogging and am so grateful for the opportunities and creative experiences it has given me.  there are so many things i want to do with my blog, my side projects, and my other creative endeavors. but my family always comes first, and this is such a short season of life, being a mama to my little ones, that i don’t want to miss out on it.  i’ve learned balancing work/life/kids is a big myth. it’s all about juggling everything the best you can, and prioritizing what is most important, which, in my case, is my family.

being a mother is a full time job. it’s one of those 24/7 type gigs, with what some might think is terrible pay and the worst hours on the planet, but i’ve never loved anything more than being a mama. if you ask me, it’s the most rewarding and wonderful job in all the world. i absolutely love it.

being ‘self employed’ is not easy. it’s definitely more risky. and it’s often not valued or respected the way a big corporate job might be, but if we’re learning anything in this life regarding work, josh and i just really want to find work that challenges us, allows us to create, has a positive impact, and is something we enjoy. pursuing our own endeavors is fulfilling that desire for both of us right now.

we love being able to work together on many different projects throughout our day! we are so thankful for the chance to do it and for the flexibility that it brings into our family life.

how do your advertisements and sponsorships work?

while i originally began blogging to document my newlywed life in NYC for just family and friends, i feel fortunate to have gained a readership over the years. because of this, this blog has been able to support my family in a small way as we’ve partnered with different brands and advertisers that both josh and i feel work well with our lifestyle and are a good fit for my readers.

it’s important to us that Love Taza is authentic and transparent, so we are incredibly selective about our partnerships and only partner with or share brands we believe in and use. we are often pitched things, from book deals and inquiries to do tv shows to endless products to test or promote. while the inquiries might be frequent, i hope my readers know we turn down far more than we ever say yes to (probably 99.9%).

and when we do partner with a brand or work with an advertiser, we disclose that relationship. sponsored posts, giveaways, and gifts are always noted as such.

Love Taza offers paid banner advertisements on the sidebar of this blog, hosts paid giveaways with sponsors we feel are a good match, and collaborates on special projects with select partners. we may use affiliate links when linking to a specific product which means we may make a make a small commission from sales purchased through that link.

to inquire about opportunities to partner or collaborate, please email [email protected].

can you share tips on keeping up a successful marriage?

while i’m not seasoned enough to give out much advice on this, i do believe successful marriages take a lot of work, a lot of selflessness, and a lot of great communication. josh and i have our bad days like everyone else, but i believe the emphasis which our faith puts on family and marriage plays a big role in the success of ours. i think celebrating the little things you love about your spouse, rather than focusing on the things that annoy you, can go a long way.  {here is my favorite talk/sermon on marriage.}

is life really that perfect?

i never said my life was perfect. it’s not. no one has a perfect life.  but i choose to look at what i am blessed with rather than what i do not have. i work hard to find the joy in my day-to-day.  regardless, i have terrible days just like anyone. while i try to be honest about the entire picture, i like to keep this blog on the positive side.  please do not ever look at my blog (or anyone’s blog) and compare your life to it. a saying i love, “comparison is the thief of joy,”  has never rung truer than in the blogging world.  i can’t choose what you’ll take away from my blog, but i hope you’ll take away a message of finding the joy in what is around you, in your family and friends, and in your surroundings over anything else.

how do you feel about your family and children being included in Love Taza?

since this is a blog that is mostly about my life and what i love, my family tends to play a big roll in it, especially as i am in the thick of being a mama to two sweet toddlers with another on the way!

our family loves spending time together, and i am one of those mamas who loves to document our experiences through photos and writing, whether they are shared with others or not. (what you see is just a small part of our everyday.) when we do share snippets of our children’s lives, we feel we are respectful and thoughtful. as our children grow older, i know that their presence in this space will shift more and more.

of course, the level of what people are comfortable sharing online will vary from one person to the next. i hope we can all be respectful of one another and our families as we read online sites and social media channels.

i am grateful for the way this blog has provided opportunities for us to spend time together doing and trying new things as a family. it has proven to be a wonderful tool for all of us to remember and memorialize the amazing times we have had together as a family!

anyway, i hope you enjoy the new design! as we transfer everything over and fine tune a few things, there may be a few glitches or bugs that present themselves in the next few days. if you have any trouble browsing or navigating or notice something is off, please let me know! and once again, i just can’t thank you enough for continuing to follow along with this blog of mine and for your support and encouragement over the years.  as i’ve met many of you through emails or comments or even on the street, i really do believe i have the world’s greatest readers, right here.  :)  happy blogging!

  1. AM

    The redesign looks great! I have really enjoyed following along with your family throughout the years! Thank you for continuing to share!


  2. Lauren

    The site looks fantastic! Bravo! It does make me sad that you have to type up all of this to defend the choices that your family has made, your husband’s career choices, etc. My husband currently works in finance here in NYC as well and my goodness, the hours and stress are awful. I’m seriously impressed Josh lasted 7 years! It’s so great that hard work paid off and now you can all spend time working together as a family. I’m looking forward to that! Thanks again for filling this space with pretty things and love :)

  3. Gorgeous new design – congrats! Your vision is of loveliness. Thank you for answering those questions so honestly, it isn’t easy – but you write beautiful things and you’re such a great example for other women.

    Warm Regards,

  4. Maddie

    Love the new design! You and your little family are so inspiring, I love how you are so open about how and why you do things. Keep it up:)

  5. Leanne

    What an awesome update! I didn’t think your space could get any better but, clearly, I was wrong.

    I think it’s so beautiful that you choose to document and share the happenings of your life on this blog. We as readers benefit from the inspiration and community your bring, and I hope you and your family can feel as much support, encouragement and positivity from your followers as possible. I feel that the people making hateful remarks are those who haven’t followed you for long and are acting on a moment’s worth of emotion — please know how wonderful you guys are and that those comments are a reflection of people’s own insecurities, rather than what they say about you, your blog or family.

    Anyway, just thank you so much, Davis family, for giving me a space of brightness to come to each day. I truly hope for the best for your family and am excited about where the future seems to be moving you to.:)

    All the best,


  6. Dalia

    Love the new layout! It’s easy to work with :)
    Also, thanks for sharing with us bits and pieces of your family life. I personally find it inspirational and do enjoy reading your posts and seeing your beautiful babies get older (crazy how time is flying by!)

  7. AH it looks amazing! This has inspired me to get on top of my own blog re-design! Thanks for the inspo Lady and congrats!




  8. Jennifer

    The new design is wonderful and I loved reading your FAQ. Thank you for keeping this blog going and it is a shame to know that you recieve “haters” because you are an inspiration to me and its always good to know that there are full time mommies out there like you. And I was surprised to read that your husband resigned! My husband retired at the age of 32 to be a stay at home daddy; while I go and work the corprate world.

  9. marie

    Love the new layout, esp the travel and food tabs! My hubby and I are also a self-employed and initially, not many people took us seriously. And we had a child at that time, and thus some people questioned us. But as time went by, our business (learning centre) became more and more successful, and that was when people took us seriously. We have a few centres now and are so happy doing what we’re doing. :)

    I wish you the very best in your business endeavours, with the right attitude and determination, you’ll succeed! :)


  10. Queenie

    Love the new design, your blog is so wonderful!

    I’d never heard of the quote “comparison is the thief of joy” before – but it’s so true!

    Thanks for sharing :)


  11. Gabriella

    Hi Naomi,

    I really love the new site design – especially the themes! One thing that I’ve noticed is that not all of your little films appear to be there? There is no screenshot of the video for the babymoon (although the link is there) and the video of the baby announcement isn’t there either. (These were the first two I noticed.) I wouldn’t know about any other ones, but it might be worth a look to see if they all have the theme tag so you can find old little films you did, too? Just an idea.

    Regarding the FAQs: I know another commenter mentioned that you shouldn’t have to defend who you are and how you live your life, and I agree to an extent, but I do applause you for being so hopen and honest about criticism you (have) receive(d) and stating clearly what your objectives are and what you (and your family) are comfortable with.

    I truly love coming to this space you have here and have been for the past five (gosh, has it really been THAT long?) years.

    Loveto you and yours – from way across the pond.

    • TAZA

      thanks for your thoughtful comment and feedback! i noticed a few of the videos aren’t being uploaded on the little films page either and we are looking into it!

  12. The new design looks so wonderful Naomi! Fabulous job Breanna ;) I keep hearing about bloggers being subject to a lot of hate (and have experienced it myself a few times as of late). It always hurts my heart to hear this as I, like you, am always trying to find the joy and beauty in the world. It makes me sad to think that there are so many unhappy people out there, let alone the fact that they’re (probably unintentionally) trying to bring others down to their level. I feel sad for them, more than anything else. But know that for every one “hater” out there, there are a thousand others who think you and your sweet family are just wonderful. Sending lots of love your way!

  13. Kate

    I’ve never commented before but Ive followed your blog since before E was born. I just wanted you to know what an inspiration you’ve been to me. I admire you greatly as a mom and a wife as well as a entrepreneur. I am learning to find the joy in everyday and not focus on the negatives–I am so thankful to have your guidance in this area. Though we’ve never met (or talked) you’ve been such a positive role model for me. So I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your life and for sharing your wisdom. And most of all thank you for inspiring me to find joy, and be the best person I can be.

  14. Emily

    Ah, I love the new FAQS! I’ve been reading your blog for 4 years, since I was a wee high school junior to now a college student/relatively-newly-wed, and honestly you and your hub and cute family have been an inspiration, not because I think your life is perfect, but because of the way you choose to look at things. I think the timing of finding your blog was pretty good in my teenage life, cause you guys show that you can choose to focus on the good or the bad, and it’s better to focus on the good! I’m sure you’ve heard some of the negative things people say about your cyberspace,but I love this FAQ because I feel like it shuts them down so hard lol. Like you said, you never said your life is perfect, you’re just choosing to be happy! It’s so weird to me that people will put so much time and effort into being cruel and mean to others (also a little jealous I think) when they can direct like 10% of that effort into focusing on happy things, and be like 300% happier with their lives. Anyways, I didn’t mean for this to be so long, but just wanted to say yay to all of this!

  15. Amy

    I was very excited to see a new layout! Change is exciting. :)
    You said a couple of things I wanted to comment on specifically in your FAQs section.
    1. You said being self employed isn’t valued or respected in the corporate world and I wanted to say I applaud you and your hubby (and anyone like you) who takes a leap of faith and takes all the risks that go with self employment in stride! I think it is very brave and you get to be creative every day. I’m a doctor so I think you doing that is just awesome!
    2. Comparison is the chief of joy – our pastor has been preaching on contentment recently and it is so true!! We can never be truly happy if we are always comparing outselves to others!
    Thanks for blogging. You’re my fave. :)

  16. Katie

    This might be weird, i don’t know? But whenever I’m having a long week or just a tough time in general, I go back to the beginning of your blog and just sift through old posts here and there. I started reading your blog back in high school so i remember reading blog posts when I was younger. I also used to visit DC a lot because my family lives there. All the nostalgia this blog brings me warms my heart and especially excites me for when I have kids of my own! Thank you for being a positive light, you do such a good job of it(:

  17. Laurel

    Beautiful job on the new layout!

    I’ve been a reader for over six years and I’ve always appreciated your candidness and positivity. It is unfortunate some people feel it necessary to be spiteful towards others. I truly believe it is fueled by a jealousy in their hearts. Of course, your life isn’t all peaches and cream, but it shows a person of great character not to air your dirty laundry in public {online}. You have a vibe of lightness and beauty here that is very uplifting. You see the beauty in your life and the world around you and do an excellent job of sharing it with others. I hope you continue writing and photographing. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us over the years! <3

  18. Amy

    You officially rock…again! Thanks for being so awesome and legit!

  19. Ashley


    The new design is great! I love it when an environment (even online ones) gets an updated look.

    Though I’ve been reading your blog almost daily for over 3 years now, I just came across an article from 2011 about your blog and had to agree with how “uplifted” (and often enchanted) I feel by reading your stories.


    It truly has been a joy to get to know you and your family through Rockstar Diaries and Love Taza! I can’t wait to meet the newest little member in December…

    Have a wonderful day!

  20. Halle

    Hi Naomi!
    I’ve been a reader for a while and wanted to thank you for continuing to share throughout the years! It’s hard to believe that such a happy little spot on the Internet could garner any hateful feedback, but just know there are so many more of us for whom your photos/family/writing bring happiness and joy throughout the day. Keep doing you girl!


  21. Lauren

    I just love you taza and your blog always brightens my day!!! Thank you for blogging I know I am not the only one who relies on your blog to brighten her day.

  22. Lauren

    I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog! I’m always uplifted when I read about you and your family. As a single girl in New York hoping to fill her life up with as much love, it keeps me hopeful and optimistic. Also, I literally cannot get enough of that video you have of Samson giggling on the floor when he was a baby. It always cheers me up and makes me smile.

  23. Hello Taza,

    I love the new layout and enjoy reading your blog. I’ve also stumbled upon some criticism you’ve received recently and over the years. I think it’s very considerate of you to address that criticism. People gossip about things they don’t understand, therefore I think it’s good for you to be such an open book. It let’s everyone know that you have nothing to hide. I admire your courage and your thoughtfulness.

    I love the layout. I noticed one teeny-tine detail. I’ve always admired your images. I love taking photographs. Most of the images on your blog are nice and crisp (aside from the ones taken with your iphone). If you have a chance, I was wondering what you do to make them so nice, besides editing them? Do you use blogger to post? I use windows live writer and noticed that my images loose their quality when they’re posted. Do you use some other program to post? Do you have any suggestions on how to post the best quality pictures? (Again, I’m not talking about editing, because I can edit them nicely and they’re high quality on my computer, they just get sort of distorted when I upload them to post).
    Anyway, along with that, I noticed that your image right above rockstar diaries is sort of out of focus and distroted. It’s not a huge deal, but it used to be a lot clearer when it was on the left side. I know it’s not the quality of the image because when it was on the left side, it was prime. But now that’s on the left side it’s sort of blurry (especially in your face). But that’s not a huge deal at all. No one will probably even notice.
    If you have a chance to answer my question above, I would love to her your opinion.

    Love your blog and all that you do.
    xo. Mila.

    • TAZA

      hi mila! thanks for the feedback! the image of us on the sidebar is definitely distorted right now, i’m trying to upload the larger file but struggling. was hoping to do that tonight. as for my other photos i upload, i use wordpress so i’m not sure if that is any help. i also fit them for web when i save them so they are smaller files.

  24. Kelsey

    I agree with everyone. It is sad that bloggers have to be so defensive so often because of others questioning every decision made. I think the site looks great! A bit more busy than it was before with lots going on and lots to click on but not necessarily a bad thing! :)

  25. I love the new look, Taza, and the new FAQ answers! I’m so glad you’ve decided to keep blogging despite any negativity you get. Your blog is definitely a wonderful, encouraging, edifying place to visit, and I LOVE seeing a blog celebrate marriage and motherhood like yours does. It’s the best life there is, in my opinion. ;)

  26. jennifer

    hi naomi,

    i realize i may be the only one who finds the new layout a little user-unfriendly (and if so, please disregard this) but since you asked for feedback: i preferred the previous layout (small ads on the left; large content on the right) instead of what now feels like half ad space and half content (or maybe 1/3 ad space and 2/3 content). i keep having to scroll to the right/left to view the entire page in my browser — it’s almost like it’s too big for my screen. again, i’m sorry if this is irrelevant and you don’t even have to post this comment, but i wanted to add my two cents in case others were having the same problem.

    hope you’re having a great day! can’t wait to see what else is in store for your blog/family. :)

    • TAZA

      thanks for your feedback jennifer! you shouldn’t have to scroll left or right to view the blog at all. you might be zoomed in, but i’ll follow up with you via email right now. also, while the sidebar is slightly widened, the ad size is the same as it was in the last layout, just switched from left to right.

  27. Steph

    Congrats on the new website! It is really lovely.

    Full disclosure: I am a wife and mom of two and have mostly “quit” blogs because I found that looking through them mainly robbed me of the attention I needed to dedicate to my own life. I took a break from checking in here but missed it so! While I have largely stopped looking at other blogs, yours is solidly in the “lasting” category. There’s just something about you guys, I guess : )

    Anyways, I’m just one little person and who cares what I think, but I just wanted to say, “Bravo!”

    And congrats on baby #3, too!

  28. Jovanna

    thank you, thank you, thank you for this FAQ Naomi: and thank you for blogging your positivity. It does make a difference!

  29. Steph

    Congrats on the new website! It is really lovely.

    Full disclosure: I am a wife and mom of two and have mostly “quit” blogs because I found that looking through them mainly robbed me of the attention I needed to dedicate to my own life. I took a break from checking in here but missed it so! While I have largely stopped looking at other blogs, yours is solidly in the “lasting” category. There’s just something about you guys, I guess : )

    Anyways, I’m just one little person and who cares what I think, but I just wanted to say, “Bravo!”

    And congrats on baby #3, too!

  30. Taylor

    I love the new look! Still so very clean and pretty, but I’m having so much fun finding things reading through old posts and the new FAQ!


  31. Elaine

    I had been looking for a new blog post for several days and now I know why I had to wait. Y our new blog style looks great and I am so proud of what you and Josh are doing. Not only is it a way of letting our extended family see what is going on in your life but it is a guide to a meaningful family life for so many of your followers. We have been counseled to not compare our lives (where we feel the lows as well as the highs) with bloggers who may only share the highs, but you have managed to be quite open about your family in a way that brings a lot of happiness to others. I love the quote that comparison is the thief of joy. It is true; we need to try hard, but be content with the best we can do not what others are doing.

    Keep up the good work!

  32. Kate

    Love the new layout! Nothing like a little fall update to make you feel like everything is comin’ up roses :)
    Kate at ummmnowwhat.blogspot.com

  33. Bianca

    Hi Naomi, Just wanted to say I love the new design and Thank you for sticking with it! I am a mama to two littles and your blog is the first i read whenever i get a minute. I always leave this blog feeling more grateful and inspired. xx

  34. siheme sebaa

    hello Naomi,

    thank you for being here, really! Thanks to you, my English improved a lot. I now live in the USA and reading your blog is part of my weekly routine now. Also, I think it’s natural to compare our lifes to each other and it’s good that you remind everybody to be careful with this human “habit”.
    Good job Taza!

  35. brita

    LOVE the new simple design! And I love your blog so much. You’re such an inspiration

  36. Abby

    What a lovely new site design, and bravo on your updated FAQ section. I find your hope that the blog will celebrate motherhood and family to be inspiring–it’s one of the things that brings me back to your blog again and again, excited to see what corner of your life you’ve chosen to share with us. Plus, your enthusiasm makes me so excited to share adventures with my future children. Thank you!

  37. AGATA

    Hi Davis Family!

    The new look of your blog is wonderful! I like every change that you have entered. Often when I have time I spend a lot of time looking through your blog. I would like to tell you that I learn from you the joy of little things around me. Life is really better when I focus on the good things, on what I have rather than what I don’t have. So thank you very much for this! I am thankful that I found your blog and I can following your life for 4 years.
    I live in Poland, but my dream is to visit New York, and when my dream come true, I would like to meet you, only for a moment to take a picture with you :)

    send a lot of love! xoxo


  38. Sarah

    I love the positivity you bring to the internet, even if you don’t always get it back. You bring a lot of joy to people. Thanks for your example!


  39. Lucie

    Lovely new design! Very clean and simple. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us!


  40. Bea

    As I told you on twitter….WOOOONDERFUUUL!!!!!

  41. Alyssa


    I have been following you for years & I love the new design. I especially love how you broke down the travel section – make it so much easier to navigate!

    I do have one question: I am wondering how you get your photos to be so vivid. I have recently purchased a DSLR camera and while it takes amazing photos, they’re not nearly as bright & vibrant as yours! Do you use an editing software?

    Thanks so much :)

  42. Giselle

    I am sorry that you felt the need to defend yourself and your decisions in your FAQ. I hate it when i read negative comments under your IG photos. Some people just love being hateful, it seems. Anyway, congrats to Josh on quitting his job and doing what he really loves! And as always, that you for your wonderful blog. It is my all-time favourite.

  43. Katie

    You bring so much good into your niche of the internet! I think you carry out so beautifully Elder Bednar’s encouragement to be positive influences both on the internet and in real life. You show real courage in sharing these bits of your life–and you certainly have a following for a reason! You are a wonderful example to me (and a billion other people) of how to be creative and entrepreneurial without sacrificing humility or the ability to be your genuine self. You achieve transparency while still providing an ancouragong voice to be better and happier with family and real life.
    Thank you for being someone to look up to!
    And what a lovely new design, to boot. :)

  44. Katie

    You bring so much good into your niche of the internet! I think you carry out so beautifully Elder Bednar’s encouragement to be positive influences both on the internet and in real life. You show real courage in sharing these bits of your life–and you certainly have a following for a reason! You are a wonderful example to me (and a billion other people) of how to be creative and entrepreneurial without sacrificing humility or the ability to be your genuine self. You achieve transparency while still providing an encouraging voice to be better and happier with family and real life.
    Thank you for being someone to look up to!
    And what a lovely new design, to boot. :)

  45. Looks awesome Naomi, and I always make time for your blog…even after all these years. Congratulations on your success – it’s an inspiration!

  46. LAurie

    Hey !
    I’m french and I follow you since….. oups ! can’t remember ! Many years for sure. It’s always a real pleasure to read some articles from you and your awesome family, For me who became a new mama since may, you’re such an inspiring mother. I like the positive way you look at the life in general and sometimes it makes my day ! so thank you !

    Anyway, I got a bulldog, she just told me she’d like to have some news of Kingsley, is this big boy still happy ? many kisses from her to him from Paris !

    Big kisses from a french family and thank you for sharing that great moments with us (and sorry for the mistakes !)


  47. Emma

    Hey Naomi,
    I would just like to tell you how profoundly inspirational you are, and how darling your family is! Also, I’m sending you a very big congratulations on baby #3!
    I have two littlies myself, and I do my best to buy the sweetest clothes and toys. Do you have any shops that you would recommend? They would be very useful! I just love the way you dress your children, and am in desperate need of some new shops.

  48. J

    Hi~ I really like how posts are labeled and grouped together by theme, I really enjoy reading your blog and your kids are adorable! :)


  49. Tammy

    I love the new look Taza!! I love all the new features…especially showcasing your NYC tours. I look forward to the new future of your site. How exciting ^_^

    Hope you are having a wonderful day.


  50. Tammy


    I also love that you can now subscribe via email! :)

  51. Hailey Bingham

    This is my very favorite blog.. Thanks for sharing your life with everyone. You and your family are so cute and fun and inspiring and focused on the right things in life. Definitely a breath of fresh air to read about and follow.
    I love the new layout.. I haven’t been reading the blog for super long so the categories addition is so fun to be able to look back on stories and adventures as your family has grown.

    I’m impressed with how positive you are despite the fact that people (for whatever reason) can be so negative and critical. I just wanted you to know that there are a lot of people that are so impressed with you.. and your drive to continue to be better. You are very motivating to me, I am due in December with my first baby and hope you keep blogging and inspiring me to have fun with my family.
    Thank you. :)


  52. Kate

    My friend just sent me your blog, and I love it! As a new mom, it’s refreshing to come to a place where motherhood, marriage, and family life are celebrated. Thanks for sharing your love of life with us.

  53. Natalie

    New layout looks great!

  54. Victoria

    congrats on the new layout !
    couldn’t help but notice a typo… under what do you think of your kids being included?
    my family plays a big role not a big roll …
    ahh pregnancy brain ;)
    have a nice evening

    • TAZA

      ah thank you for catching that!

  55. Lidia

    You have the most adorable kids in the universe. I love seeing photos of Eleanor and Samson. They’re so bright and adventurous and congrats on baby #3! Keep up the good work on your lovely blog and thank you for sharing your life with us XO

  56. Courtney

    I absolutely love your blog. It radiates positive vibes!

  57. Dallas


  58. Sara

    I love the new themes! I discovered your blog when I was pregnant with my first years ago. I love your emphasis on the positive and respect for motherhood. Switching from a full time job to SAHM good friends was critical and some fun, happy blogs was an added bonus. Ignore the haters. I really don’t understand if someone doesn’t like something why they don’t move on. Seriously, life shouldn’t be a repeat of the nastiest parts of junior high people.

    I’ve never actually commented before, but I just wanted to say, I’m glad you blog and hope the rude people in the world don’t tarnish your positivity. They may be loud sometimes, but they are smaller in numbers than the good people out there (we are just quieter sometimes).

  59. Kaili

    Loving your redesign. I cannot wait to see what awaits you with baby number 3

  60. Meryl

    Love the new look! I always keep coming back here for more… the wholesome family vibe and zest for life. Such a good thing you have going here, so I thank you for sharing! :)

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  62. MaurLo

    Naomi, you are so classy. That was an awesome post. Thanks for being brave enough to share your light. We think you have one sweet family.

  63. Elizabeth

    While the internet can be a place for people to be mean and express their hate, it is also a place of light. Your blog is one of the most lovely spots of brightness. Don’t ever doubt the contribution you make to this world simply by posting about your days. You do wonders, Taza. I am so glad you continue to blog. You are inspiring and uplifting, even when you are posting about feeling challenged and tired. Thank you so much!

  64. You are always inspiring to me and I love following your blog and lifestyle. Thanks for being a great example!

  65. cheyenne

    the new design looks awesome!
    xo, cheyenne

  66. Marya

    Thank you so much for including my little top in your beautifully curated collection of items!

  67. Sarina

    You spoke about reading blogs that are uplifting, edifying & encouraging – and that you hope yours is that for your readers; well you should know that your blog is exactly that for me.

  68. Stephanie Farmer

    I really like the clean white background and the yellow and peachy accent colors. It’s clean and happy. It keeps the space fresh and uncluttered, but never too minimalistic.

    Thanks for being a joyful person. I don’t read very many blogs… only two, actually. I can always depend on this space when I’m having an off day. It’s a mood booster, always. The emphasis that you put on keeping a healthy and committed marriage and being a mother who is really present in your children’s lives is so wonderful. It’s just nice to come to a space and see someone with the same priorities and values. Who focuses on the good, even when there is a lot of bad out there. And you do it with style.

    This blogging lifestyle is a funny thing…there’s no rulebook. You’re one of the pioneers. There isn’t a previous generation that’s set up a precedence for this sort of career. I would say that you do it pretty well. You’re genuine. You’re balanced.

    My only critique is that there is no back/forward button for reading posts in succession. I just really like to be able to focus wholly on one post at a time, instead of having a collection of all the most recent ones on the screen at once. This would be especially helpful when visiting the archives.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!


    P.S. Last November, my mom and I took a mother/daughter trip to NYC for a week and a half, and I prepped for it by starting at the beginning of your blog and searching each entry that featured New York for restaurants that you frequented, notes about shops you had visited, your opinion of the Brooklyn Flea, etc. It was a great trip, and I think a lot of that was owed to what I picked up from your blog. I wanted to be sure we ate where the locals ate and went to shops that would be worth our while. We stayed right across the street from the Smith, beside Lincoln Center, and I recreate the kale-quinoa-cranberry-almond salad at home all the time. You’re totally right about those bleu cheese chips. We ate them three times.

  69. katie cad

    i’ve never commented before, but i love the refresh and i love your blog.

    it’s really saddened me to see the hateful comments over the last few weeks, but you should know that reading your stories and seeing your beautiful family pictures brightens my day (and i assume many others who simply enjoy following without commenting!)

    i think you’re superwoman for juggling being a mum, running a blog/business (which it is and good for you!) and spreading a bit more joy in this weird, wonderful online world.

    your loyal fan, katie x

  70. Lauren

    Love your new space! Super user friendly and continues to be lovely to read. Thank you for sharing your life snippets. They definitely make me feel inspired and uplifted. I always look forward to new posts from you!

  71. Chelsea

    The new blogs looks great, I love how it’s organized and will make my back reading so much easier. I started from the beginning nearly two years ago, but still haven’t caught up:) just wanted to say that your blog is a positive light. It sheds light on family and marriage and happiness- things that are hard to find in this day in age. You are the reason I began blogging, I wanted to share in that. People are searching for that joy, and want to see that it’s possible. It breaks my heart that you have to deal with so much meanness, you never see it in the comments so I guess I just didn’t realize. Well this is getting long, but I wanted to say that you have inspired me, and in the brief moments I get after a full day with four littles, I love coming here and reading your happy snippets.

  72. Kelleyn

    Yes, the blogging world needs your family as an example of what is good in the world. Keep it up!

  73. Hi! The layout looks great, but I have another potential question for the FAQ. How did you get the nickname Taza?

    • TAZA

      Hi Kristina Marie! Thanks for your suggestion. We actually already have that Question and Answer on the FAQ Page. You can click over to see the entire list.

  74. Rachel

    Hey Taza,

    I really enjoy reading your blog. The new videos about NYC are fantastic and I love all the photo heavy posts. Your kiddos are adorable!

    My suggestion would be: I really love the parenting tips (or even gift guide) posts and I wish your blog was easier to read on my mobile phone. I don’t want to get a specific app to have to read it better on my smartphone… that is probably the problem.

    Keep up the good work!

  75. Vanessa

    You have a wonderful website and blog! So glad you decided to keep the blog aspect of it!!! Thank you for including my June Birthstone rings as one of your favorites!!!


  76. Anonymous

    Please keep blogging! I have never commented before, but I felt compelled to after reading about all the “hate” comments you sometimes receive.

    Your blog has become a daily visit for me, chiefly because your posts are always cheerful and positive. They also inspire me to find joy and explore more within my neighbourhood and travels. Most importantly, your blog has renewed my optimism about having a happy marriage and family.

    There was a time, not too long ago, when I felt really discouraged about my prospects of having a happy marriage and family – my parents are in the middle of a difficult and prolonged separation that should have happened years and years ago and I carry residual anger and trust issues. Even though I am single and any plans of starting a family are down the road, your blog represents the happiness that I aim to achieve. At the same time, I especially appreciate when you admit if it’s been a “hard” or “difficult” day – because it grounds your blog while keeping it a positive place. It reminds me not to be too down on myself on my bad days because we’ve all been there before!

    Thank you for your blog!!!

  77. Kayla

    I love the new design!!! It looks lovely, good work! I am so grateful for your blog, thank you for sharing your life with us. It is uplifting and fun and positive :)

  78. Hannah

    I absolutely love your new layout. I think it’s perfect to add a little change as your family is about to change. Such good timing. And the layout is s0 great.

    Thank you so much for sharing your family with the world. I think it’s amazingly strong of you guys to open up your world and share it with us. It’s inspiring that you can be so open about it. I love your blog so much. I’m glad that you feel comfortable to share with us despite all the negativity. You’re doing an amazing job.

    Thank you for posting. It’s such a bright part of my day. Thank you for being the family that you are.



  79. Amy

    Your redesign is lovely! Congrats!

    I enjoy it! As a long time reader, I am just grateful you are sharing some everyday joy with all of us. Thank you for doing that, and providing some inspiration, I appreciate all of the time and heart you give out on the blog.

    I don’t comment often, but I wanted to be sure to speak up when it matters.

    Thank you!

  80. kim

    Thank you, Naomi, for shining so brightly! You make a difference to a lot of people. Love you, your blog, and your cute family! :)

  81. Ariel McCullough

    I rarely have time to read blogs (I’ve 2 little babies of my own), but even if I only get to ‘scan read’ (or simply glance at your cute pics!) now and then, I love your blog (have only known about it for just over a year or so though). I’m often like, ‘hey, what she said in that post is just like what I was saying last week!’
    I don’t blog but I am a photographer here in Ireland and I’ve always loved documenting little events in our lives.
    It’s awesome to find someone with similar perspectives on life and family and stuff.
    Anyways, sorry for such a random post!
    All the best,

  82. I think your fresh new layout looks GREAT!! I too am in the middle of a blog overhaul which has been in the works for 2 months, ouch, but should be live soon and I’m so excited! We mamas love a makeover right?? Congrats on all of your successes adding to your already super cute family. You’ll love being a family of 5, I can say from experience:)

  83. Brittany

    I just wanted to say Bravo to the life you live with your family! You mentioned that there has been a lot of negativity of late, but wanted to let you know that I always get excited when you have a new post! You are honest and true to your beliefs and family and I wish you all the best in the future. Thanks for sharing your story it is an inspiration as my husband and I are trying to start a family ourselves.

  84. Love the new look! Your photos and blog entries are always so beautiful! By the way, I also wanted to let you know I started a new lifestyle website that encourages submissions, Habit & Home! Take a look if you have a minute :) http://www.habitandhome.com

    Thanks! xo

  85. Alexandra

    I LOVE your blog and I do find joy in it! Having a family with 3 little ones under the age of 4 I can understand how your life is, and this is why I love to read you. Sending you many blessings, health for you and your family! God bless!

  86. Kelly

    I love the new design and even though I have been reading your blog for years I found posts I have never read through the new format – so fun!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  87. Paula

    Hello from Brazil!!!!

    I recently “discovered” your site / blog!
    And I’m truly loving it!

    Congrats, the new design / layout is amazing!!!


  88. TAZA

    hi! for both IG and my blog, i love hearing from readers and followers and learning about different perspectives and opinions. i may moderate comments that are disrespectful, bullying, contentious, inaccurate or untruthful or foster back-and-forth arguments among readers. i also have noticed that other IG users or IG itself must be flagging or moderating comments as well, as some have accused me of deleting a comment when i have not, so it might not be me that deletes the comment. but if you have asked a “very reasonably put and polite” question anywhere, i would not have deleted it. thanks!

  89. Delaney

    Your posts always bring such light and happiness to my day! Thank you so much for what you share – you’re an inspiration!

  90. I’ve been out of town and just now got a chance to see the design and layout, and I absolutely love it!

    Your blog has always been one of my favorites to catch up on and I love the positive energy that you always exude. I’m always able to feel the genuine happiness from you and your family, and even with your not-so-happy posts/days, you are always true to your feelings and yourself and that honesty is so appreciated by all of your followers, including myself. So please remember that, keep smiling that beautiful smile and thank you for sharing with us a glimpse into your world! <3

  91. Ashley

    I love what you shared!! I love that you focus on the good and positive things! Way to go making it big with your blog. I’m sorry there are mean people out there that are negative. I hope you ignore those! Most people are just jealous and I don’t ever understand why people say such mean things! Just know you have way more people that think your awesome than other type

  92. hanna

    The new look is great –Hanna Lei

  93. Tannikka

    Really enjoy your blogs and watching your family grow. The layout is also very nice (but I enjoyed it before).

    Best of luck on your current and future endeavors and of course your littles and newest little!