taza’s new york city guide: under the brooklyn bridge

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happy friday, everyone! today i wanted to share a small guide and video we made covering a few of our favorite activities to do together right underneath the brooklyn bridge! that bridge (and the manhattan bridge too, let’s be honest) is so iconic and fun to walk (or bike!!!) across that i tell all of our family and friends who ask for nyc recommendations that it is a must.  it just doesn’t get old. it’s one of my favorite things to do in this city.

here’s a short video highlighting some favorite things to eat and do around dumbo and the north end of brooklyn heights after you cross the bridge….

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video by jenner brown. song by natalie prass.


jane’s carousel
brooklyn bridge park on dock street 718-222-2502

brooklyn pier 1
juliana’s (some of our family’s favorite pizza!)
19 old fulton street 718-596-6700
brooklyn ice cream factory
corner of old fulton and water street 718-246-3963
pier 1 playground and park
info on bike rentals HERE
check out events at brooklyn bridge park HERE
dumbo kitchen
108 jay street 718-797-1695
luke’s lobster at brooklyn bridge park
11 water street 917-882-7516
shake shack (they are literally everywhere now!)
1 old fulton street 718-307-7590
jacques torres chocolate (for warm chocolate chip cookies!)
66 water street 718-875-1269
east river ferry (always fun to ride back to the city if you aren’t up for walking or biking both ways ;)
brooklyn bridge park / dumbo 800-533-3779

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  1. Mar

    My husband and me were living at NY during the first year of our first daughter and I specially enjoyed that part of the city… Now I have three children, and I cannot wait to come back and enjoy NYC with them and your awesome video guides!! Thanks a lot and congrats for your next baby: having 2 is fun but 3 is far more “fun” ;))

  2. Crystal

    that city never ceases to amaze me. So much to do….but maybe more importantly, so much to eat!! : ) NYC you are on my bucket list, and one day I will eat myself silly while checking out the sites. If only you weren’t so far from New Zealand! : )

  3. So great that you share another of your NYC video guides, love them! I’m coveting each chapter and collecting them all for our future (crossing fingers it’s very soon!) trip to the city!

    Damaris | The cat, you and us

  4. Sheryl

    Hi Naomi,

    Just FYI, That’s not the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. The Promenade is way up the hill in Brooklyn Heights, and spans the neighborhood. You’re on the pier, down in DUMBO, not up in the Heights.

    • TAZA

      hi! thanks for the tip! i know it says brooklyn heights promenade in the video while we’re standing down by the pier, but we walk along the promenade as well (unless it’s named wrong on the map? that’s what i’ve always known that long stretch as that goes all the way south to joralemon street…) but i could definitely be wrong!

  5. marie

    Love the playground! We don’t have many little kids playground in my country, most of them are 2 in 1 ( fitness corners for adults and playgrounds). I know my boys will definitely love to play in such a big kiddy playground. :)


  6. Gena

    Any luck in finding Samson a more appropriate bike helmet?

    • TAZA

      we did! he’s been wearing a nutcase helmet. this video was shot before it arrived back in july. thanks!

  7. Tammy

    Makes me just love the City even more! Especially in the summer time! :D I cannot wait to see what activities are planned forthe Fall/Winter ^_^


  8. I was literally just doing all of this on Sunday! miss it already!

  9. maryam

    Absolutely love your guides :) what about grimaldis?! :) that one is a musttttt for me :) and now im craving warm chocolate chip cookies…..

    • TAZA

      we’ve been favoring Juliana’s over grimaldi’s lately. the former owner of Grimaldi’s sold the Grimaldi name and restaurant and started Juilana’s in the same location where Grimaldi’s used to be. the line is a little shorter too at juliana’s, which is always nice!

  10. melissa

    Your family is just the sweetest! Do you know who sings this song?

    • TAZA

      it’s by natalie prass called together.

  11. adorable video, and great tips, thank you!!

  12. Karina

    Perhaps it’s hormones, but totally teared up watching this. But then again I find myself getting emotional during Trulia commercials as well. Your family is so sweet, and the best thing is that you know it and appreciate it.

  13. Trisha F

    My husband is always telling me of a pizza place called Under the Brooklyn Bridge that is actually pretty close to being under. Is it still there? Someday I’ll get to NY. I think putting the husband through school should grant me a trip

  14. Jeanie

    Beautiful video! I was wondering what the song was? It’s so fun to listen to.

    • TAZA

      it’s called together by natalie prass!

  15. Maria S.

    Will you please create “Taza’s Ultimate Mix Tape”? It would be so lovely to have. Just, you know, fave songs and the like.

    Thanks so much!

  16. min

    how does samson like the front seat (on the bike) to the back? i’m considering getting one for my kid and am leaning towards getting one in the back bc its safer but i think he’ll like the front better.

  17. taza, these videos are always magical. I love them so much!

    Happy Friday to you and yours!

  18. I love that you are such a close knit family. Not enough families nurture their children this way, to enjoy the little things and have fun without substances or lavish activities and things. Well done, momma!

    Warm Regards,

  19. My family and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge as tourists and on a very hot day it was difficult! Biking across the bridge seems like an awesome leisure time activity!

  20. sam-c

    that looked like fun. What happened to your bikes- can you take them on the ferry? (our ferries / water taxis out here have a section for storing bikes – so I was just wondering if you take bikes there, you would still have options for bringing them back if you go a different way)

    • TAZA

      yes, we took the bikes with us on the ferry. they have a huge section for parking bikes and strollers and what not!

  21. Dina

    Ahhh thank you so much for this! I’m a born and raised NY’er and I’m ashamed to say that I tend to get a little lost once I get below 14th Street and COMPLETELY lost below Houston. I agree with you about Juliana’s Pizza – it’s a favorite in our house as well. And I love that everyone jumps on the line to go to the “new” Grimaldi’s when the original is right down the block with a shorter line. :)

  22. Michaela

    Love your bag – where is it from? Thanks!

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s an old kate spade ny bag!

  23. Tammie

    So cute!!

  24. Elyse

    Hello! Where can I find this song? The lyrics are so sweet!

    • TAZA

      it’s called together by natalie prass!

  25. Samantha

    Your sunglasses are lovely! And that dress is so dreamy!

  26. Anita

    These videos make me want to hop on a plane back to NYC as soon as possible!

    I went to Shake Shack last time I was in the city, thanks to your recommendation, and it was SO great. So thank you!

    Always, Anita

  27. Rachael

    Not only are these videos excellent for us, but what a sweet family video catalog you are building! Imagine when the kids are older and you get to look back on these beautiful memories….

  28. Amelie

    Naomi, this guide is awesome! I’m also collecting all of the chapters : ) What is the name of the beautiful song in the video? It’s in my head all day long…

    • TAZA

      it’s called together by natalie prass! such a good song, right?

  29. Nadine

    That pizza looks amazing, am going to have to try it out when i am over again :)

  30. Laura

    hi Naomi! i love this video. and your dress! do you remember where you got it? you guys are the cutest little family! thanks for sharing.

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s a very old vintage dress. i wish they still made em like it! it’s my favorite.

  31. Great guide as always! Haven’t visited New York yet, but it is on my list to do so within a year, your guides and blog posts help with what to see. I want to experience real New York City, not the tour guides and books versions.


  32. Lovely video! One of my alltimes DUMBO favourites is the bookshop Powerhouse Arena. I went there for a Paul Auster book reading and am thirlled eversince.


  33. Bea

    hi Naomi!!!
    You’re so lucky living in NYC!!!!!!!!
    It’s so wonderful!!!!
    Thanks for these videos, I can see a little piece of that amazing city every time I look at these!

  34. Leanne

    One of my goals in life is to live in NYC for at least six months. These guides only help reinforce that dream!

    Next time I visit I’ll have to make a list of musts before flying over. Thank you, as always, for sharing snippets of your beautiful life!

    Ps. Those ARE Eleanor and Samson, right?! They have seriously grown!


  35. Lotta

    Hi, must say that I love these videos and that you always find great songs for them. Do you choose the songs yourself or is it the movie maker that decides over the music?

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s a combination of both!

  36. cintya

    I have not visited Brooklyn in a while. It’s a shame to say considering I live in New York, but this just reminded me I need to go back… and soon. Thanks for such a lovely video.

  37. Tamara

    You guys always make the cutest videos! NYC looks like such a lovely place to raise a family :).


  38. daisy

    Hi, i really love everything about you. your life, your blog, instagram and videos. do you mind to tell me, what is the application do you use for this video? thanks :)

  39. nola

    Oh my, so beautiful!
    I think you guys have to move to another city soon because we need more city guides made by you!

  40. Hey there! I’ve been following your website for some time now and finally got the courage
    to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Tx!

    Just wanted to tell you keep up the great job!

  41. Caroline

    So cute! I can’t wait to take my family to NY. My husband has actually never been. So far our trips to the States have been busy visiting family, but one of these days…

  42. Joanna

    I came back from the USA just a month ago, and while in NYC took a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge…now I think I have to go back and experience all the other things!

  43. Sydney

    Love that you share these little videos with us! My husband and I wanna visit NY so badly, maybe after our little babe gets here in November.

    I love these videos and show him every time there is a new one!!! Definitely gets us anxious to get over there and experience all the mom-and-pop places you share!

    Eleanor and Samson are just the cutest too, can’t wait for your Christmas babe!

    xoxo Sydney

  44. tilly

    Yourself and Jenner Brown are doing a very good job at these sweet video tours! I am loving watching them and seeing snippets of your cute family, not to mention the helpful tips and places to visit in NYC! You sure are making me fall in love with this big city even though I have never been there before. I really must go someday soon. I feel like I’m missing out on such a good time! You really are doing NYC justice :)

    Sorry to go off the topic a little bit, but I am just curious as to whether or not you will do any posts focusing on baby davis #3 and it’s clothing items, newborn must haves, diaper bag items, room tour and furniture/equipment, etc. I just love posts like that and I’m sure many others would too. It’s great seeing how other mama’s live their life and raise their bub from day 1! Thanks Naomi! Just an idea to think about. Who knows, you might have already been planning to do it :)

    Anyways, I am loving this blog of yours, like always! It’s just a great read and those kids of yours….my oh my they make my heart burst! I can only wonder what they do to yours! Haha! xx

  45. Vera

    This is an incredible video in an incredible city! Lovely, lovely, the Brooklyn Bridge is awesome!
    Best wishes,

  46. trudi

    I know you already did your village guide, but have you ever been to cowgirls? Its address is 519 hudson st. It’s an adorable place when you first walk in it’s a bar but then there is a hallway that goes through to a family friendly room. It is so cute with lots of personality, I feel like your kids would really enjoy it. You must try it.

  47. maryam

    Oh no way! Ill have to try julianas! Thank you for the tip :) can always trust a fellow pizza lover… :)

  48. Kleio

    I looove your nyc guides!You and your family are amazing!

  49. Jenny McKibben


    I love your blog and was very excited that you were doing a video so close to my hood (Brooklyn Heights). Sheryl is correct though…that is Pier One. The BK Heights Promenade quite a hike away from that (it runs from Cranberry St to Remsen). If you want to do a vid on BK Heights, here are some ideas because it’s totally worth checking out. I’d definitely recommend going to Henry Chapin Park and then touring the Promenade with it’s amazing views (the best skyline view in the city). There is a awesome toy shop on Pineapple Walk. And Montague St has lots of fun shops and restaurants. You could also try Pierrepont Park with the Mr Softee ice cream truck that is always parked outside.

  50. Lexie

    That pizza! I’m almost literally drooling. Also, I continue to be amazed by Jenner Brown! He inspires me in all of my own editing (albeit just of videos of my own little family.) Thanks for sharing, Naomi!

  51. Eva

    Love this video! Looks like so much fun and makes me happy. <3

  52. Barbara

    Love this video and your blog, I was wondering where Eleonors headband is from. It’s adorable and would be perfect for my little girl as well. Thanks in advance!

  53. Mireia

    Love the video!

    The day you made this video was the day I met you! I’m the girl from Barcelona who stopped you for a photo! I really think you make a good job and you give very good advice about the city with your small guides! Congratulations for the pregnancy and I hope everything will be fine!

    kisses from BCN!

  54. Ali

    We are so excited for our trip there next month and thanks to your great videos and posts I told my husband I know of all the best food places that we should visit :) Love your work!

  55. Fernanda

    that scene where you guys are biking and you can see the bridge between a street where exactly is that??

    im dying to get that picture

  56. diana

    hello taza!

    just wanted to let you know i’ve been following your posts periodically and your family is adorable! i just became a new mom 3 months ago to a beautiful boy and it hasn’t been an easy road, but all of your mothering tips helps out a lot!!

    a quick question, i’ve looked relentlessly for this song, on iTunes and the internet, and i can’t seem to be able to download it anywhere. would you please be able to tell me how you located it?

    thank you again,

    • TAZA

      hi! thanks so much and congrats to you! we licensed the song through the website, the music bed. so maybe you can download it there? good luck!

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