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last spring, i shared a few of our family’s favorite interactive books, one of which was – and still is – press here by herve tullet (which has been on the NYT best seller list for the past 3 years!). well, we heard the best news a few weeks ago that herve tullet just finished his follow-up book titled mix it up! we were kindly sent a copy a few weeks ago to check out. it’s of course as darling and creative and fun as press here, and it’s officially out this week!

a look at it below if you’d like to see…

mixitup5 mixitup4

what i love about this book is the way we are invited as the reader to interact with each page. you touch, mix, shake, close and open the book to find all these bright and beautiful colors mixing together to make new colors, and new shapes and designs. the “splat!” page is my personal favorite (closing the book down hard between a blob of yellow paint and a blob of red paint to discover a splattered new color of orange on the following page.)

mixitup3 mixitup2

since we’re asked on each page to touch or mix the colors with our fingers, eleanor, being the proper little lady she is who doesn’t like getting her hands dirty (even pretend dirty), requested we read the book with our paint brushes. haha! so we’ve been having fun rereading the book and doing all the imaginative interactive stuff with paint brushes instead of our fingers. we usually head to the kitchen table afterwards to mix some paint colors of our own, because hello! making new colors out of other colors suddenly makes a lot of sense and BLUE AND RED MAKE PURPLE? WHAT!!!  we’ve been making a lot of purple paint as of late.


thank you again to chronicle books, who this post is in partnership with, for sending along the new mix it up! book! now let’s get painting!

ps. my post on a few of our favorite interactive children’s books HERE.

  1. This book looks AMAZING!

    My two toddlers would LOVE it. Although, we’d probably have to pick up two copies because I can absolutely see them fighting over it.

    Great recommendation!

  2. Amy

    So excited to see he has a second book out!! I stumbled across Press Here last year when I was buying my childhood best friend a baby shower present – a basket of books! I’ll have to add this to her collection. These books are seriously genius.

  3. Andrea

    adorable! I will have to pick that up for my little guy. Thanks for the review!

  4. McKayla

    Who takes your lovely pictures??

  5. Oh I love this! Interactive books are so great for the kids! And I’m not going to lie I think I enjoy hem more than kids do!

  6. Rachel

    I really enjoy the books you share with your readers. This one looks like a lot of fun and I’m definitely going to buy it for my almost 3 year-old son!


  7. AGATA

    Hi Davis Family!
    I don’t have kids, so I don’t know much about these books, etc.. But your kids look very happy and interested about it.
    and nice to see you guys!
    take care.


    Love, xoxo

  8. Alyssa

    Love this! I don’t even have kids and I want it! Haha!

  9. Marie

    Cute book! Hmm but my baby boy is too young for this book, all the bright colors in the book might overwhelm him. Haha.


  10. Teresa

    what a great idea to have interactive books for the kiddos. our little girl memorizes books and i think this would be a great one or her to learn!

  11. Marika

    Herve Tullet published tons of books! I love them all: The Game in the Dark ( it’s a glow in the dark book!), the Game of Shadows ( cut out book that you ‘read’ with a lamp to transpose shades to a wall), the Finger Worms book…
    There are so many, all of them interactive. Check out amazon.co.uk under Herve Tullet.

  12. solange

    I’m a Young Publisher, and I did this book in France with Hervé Tullet. It’s a pleasure to see you reading it :)

  13. Ashley S

    I love Herve Tullet! I work in the children’s section of our library, and we use his books frequently with little ones. Check out “The Game of Light” when you get a chance, Eleanor and Samson would love it!!

  14. Roz

    Ohhhh, I love Hervé Tullet!! He is very well known here in France (he is French). He has also designed some clothes for the French brand Petit Bateau, it has been a real success!

  15. Annie

    This looks amazing! I love Press Here! I can’t wait to check this one out :) Thank you for sharing!

    The Mama Gazette

  16. Thanks for sharing! Baby Girl is whipping through books these days and always asking for more so I am starting a list! This is going right to the top. Thanks!
    The Accidental Mama

  17. what a neat concept!

  18. hanna

    Your family is perfect! –Hanna Lei

  19. I love how you, the reader, can interact with your little listeners as you read this aloud! What a great way to bound together! I may need this for the future. :)


  20. Adrienne

    Such a cute book, my little boy would love it x

  21. i love herve tullet. this is going to be my go to gift for little ones.

  22. Andrea

    Thanks for the review and sneak peak into this wonderful looking little book!

    I’ll have to add it to my ever-growing wish list of books for my little man (he’s only just turning one, so I still have plenty of time to find it…he’s currently in the “bend and possibly destroy” all pages he gets ahold of…so for the moment we’re all about the board books!).

  23. Kelly

    With paint brushes? Now isn’t that just the cutest thing ever?

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  24. Daisy

    Thank yo for sharing! It was my favorite book the last time you shared. Glad to hear theres a second one :)

  25. maryam

    So I JUST bought this book and I absolutely LOVE it! Dont laugh when I say I dont have kids hehe…. near future thinking :) but ned
    edless to say, quite the buy, definitely going to bring it anytime I have to babysit!! :)

    Married 2 years, and cant wait to have munchkins to whom I can read books to! :)