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i’m not the craftiest mama on the block, and since my new york city apartment is on the smaller side, i only have one small desk drawer dedicated to craft supplies. not a lot of drawer space to begin with (sorry to my stuffed and crammed craft supplies!) those supplies also unfortunately share the drawer space with my wrapping paper, stationery, and desk odds and ends, too.  so yeah, it’s a small cozy drawer, and i tend to use it as my excuse as to why i’m not one to pull out a ton of crafty projects at the drop of a hat during the day for my kiddos.  maybe in my next life, but for now, i just really appreciate the crafty people who have come before me and thought up genius ideas like kiwi crate. have you heard of them yet?

we were recently introduced to them. it is basically a fun monthly subscription service that sends all the materials in one box needed for 2 or 3 hands-on creative and educational projects for kids. everything from science to art to imaginative play, and always with free shipping. best part is they have a sibling add-on program, so we’re able to get two of everything meaning there’s no fighting or pouting when the box is opened. and i’m not left with excessive amounts of weird craft supplies from one single project that won’t fit into my tiny desk drawer dedicated to crafts. it’s a win win at our home. doesn’t hurt that my kids think i’m really cool after i help them execute one of these kiwi crate projects.

we have partnered with kiwi crate this month and they are offering 25% off your first month subscription with the code LT25 HERE! you can browse a few of their past crates HERE to get an idea of all the fun things they think up. but it’s everything from gardening to dinosaurs to space. we recently worked on a few adventure themed activities together, where we had fun taking a pretend camping trip in my parents backyard in utah to make a pretend campfire and roast s’mores and paint a tiny backpack to carry our new adventure supplies and coloring books in! a few photos below…


^^^my kids act like it’s christmas morning when we open anything, even the wrapper on a small piece of candy! ha. but i think their reaction to this kiwi crate box was extra animated because there were scissors in the top of the box and my kids are obsessed with scissors. ^^^


^^^the beginnings of the biggest and most beautiful roaring campfire you ever did see. after all they had help from mama, and once upon a time i was a girl scout. ;) ^^^


^^^hard to tell here, but the kit came with a tiny tea light candle so the whole campfire glowed once it was dark outside in the dark!^^^


^^^and here we are about to paint and decorate our new adventure backpack!^^^

kiwicrate7 kiwicrate8

^^^you’re supposed to leave them to dry in the sun with these little green cut out creatures on top so they leave impressions on the backpacks.  E and S decided they could put anything on top! so we decorated the backpacks with lots of rocks and flowers, too. which is even better, if you ask me!^^^

this post is in partnership with kiwi crate. don’t forget you can get 25% off your first month subscription with the code LT25 HERE!

  1. Jona

    This is an excellent idea for the holidays! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, too cute! It looks like littles really had a great time!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. arielle

    this is a pretty genius idea! I am definitely holding onto this for when I have little munchkins of my own. it is always so frustrating having too much of one thing and not enough of the other, so you’re always left with random craft supplies in the cupboard. thanks for sharing, taza!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  4. vicky

    you always find the neatest stuff! i can’t wait to do this with my babies when i have some. ;) for now, i’ll pass this along to my sister. looks so fun. love those backpacks!

  5. Aude

    I think this is actually a BRILLIANT idea. I am just like you, I don’t have that much space for craft supplies and I also find it hard to sit down with a craft book, sift through the projects and decide on one, then head to the store and gather what I need….I am tired before I have even started. When I want to do a craft I want to do it right now and I usually have an hour or two only to devote to it. I also think this is a great scheme if you have a nanny and she’s not quite sure what to do with the kids on the craft front either, You know she can spend some time on these activities with your littles and she doesn’t need to ask for permission to buy supplies and all that. Plus LESS WASTE. Always a good thing! I blog from London. My daughter is only a year younger than Eleanor but they funnily share lots of wardrobe items (I’m a big POP fan and sometimes mini Rodini for treats.) Thank you for your wonderful blog that NEVER fails to inspire me and cheer me up. You’ve definitely made me a better mom.

  6. Is there a mommy craft kit? My baby is too young for crafts but I would love to recieve a monthly order :)

    • TAZA

      that’s a really good idea! haha. i could use my own mommy craft box each month too!

  7. Janey

    are you from new York?

  8. Carmela

    Hi Naomi!

    I love this idea of putting craft projects in a box for kids! That is so cute and convenient for both mama and little babes. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Pascale

    This post came at the perfect time. I struggle to come up with craft ideas and we also live in a small space.

    @Jennifer W. – A friend shared the adult version of this with me – – after I told her about Kiwi Crate.

  10. Julissa

    What a wonderful company! Did a little research and they’re based out of Mountain View, CA! Who knew? I totally applied :)

  11. Narina

    How sweet! You are so inspiring, Taza. Your femininity is incredible and very rare these days. You have totally inspired me to blog!

  12. Taylor

    Geniuses! Whoever came up with that idea is just a dang genius! I love it! I’m not one for keeping around extra craft supplies either (although, I also don’t have any kids) and will definitely love this one day when I have my own littles.


  13. SamSam

    This is such a neat idea! I grew up loving crafts – my mom is a preschool teacher so she was always trying out new craft ideas on her own little guinea pigs (aka my siblings and I). I think that having crafts in my childhood gave me such a great place to work from in terms of creativity – I definitely want to encourage that for my kids one day! It looks like you and your kiddos are having so much fun!
    ~ Samantha

  14. Jessica

    As usual, these photos are adorable. :)
    Crafting is definitely not my cup of tea, I tend to rush however when I have an idea and some inspiration, I go for it and I’m always so happy & proud of the results!

  15. Erin

    This is seriously so cute!!

  16. Teresa

    This looks like so much fun! Having the crafts delivered sure makes keeping the kiddos entertained that much easier!

  17. What a great idea for a subscription service! Something new and fun to try with the kids every month. Thumbs up from me. When I have kids, or babysit often, I may invest in this. :)

  18. lucinda

    what a great concept! my little guy is just now getting to the age where he can appreciate crafting and i’ve been exploring options, but is definitely one to consider. i especially love that it is designed to supply materials for specific crafts without leaving excess- very important for families with small spaces!

  19. so sweet/precious/lovely

  20. marie

    Such a cute little campfire! My son will definitely love this art project, thanks for giving me an idea for his next weekend art project at home! ;)

  21. Yoko

    I’d love to see the finished product of the backpack! :)

  22. AGATA

    Hi Davis Family!
    Looks like you had a lot of fun! You can always organize a great time to your children. I don’t know where you get the ideas for it?!?!

    Love, xoxo

  23. hanna

    What a great idea! –Hanna Lei

  24. Krystine

    Your code is expired, bummer. I do realize I’m a little late on this one. Maybe I can find a groupon (principal of trying to get a good deal).