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we made it back to new york city yesterday at six something in the morning. while the kids slept soundly on the over-night flight, it was one of the more brutal flights for josh and me, and i worry it may take a solid week to recover! i’ve often preferred the red-eye for our family when traveling, but somewhere between being seated on the last row of the plane (where the seats don’t recline) and body cramps that felt more like labor cramps, i was done. i walked out of JFK airport while craddling a sleeping child with arms that felt like they were about to fall off and saw that there was no line for a taxi (which has never happened to me). all i could think was, thank you new york!

the rest of the day is a big old blur to me, but somewhere in there my kids decided to be kind for a few hours and took a nap at the same time with me sandwiched between them in my bed. that rarely happens anymore and i was so so thankful.

since all of our sleep schedules are looking to be a bit off for the next few days, we ventured down to the west village around seven in the evening for a family pizza at joe’s. i really can’t think of a better way to say hello again to this great city than with a slice from there. the september weather was just right, slightly warm but breezy too.  we were able to sit on a park bench together and finish off the entire pie (minus a lot of crust.) and it just felt really nice to be sitting there on the bench as the sun set eating my favorite pizza in my favorite city with my favorite people. it’s good to be back.



after pizza, we grabbed some gelato on the corner before heading home because…why not? it’s our first day back and if you’re going to celebrate you gotta do it correctly.  eleanor impressed us with some very interesting new dance moves to some hip hop music they were playing inside the shop while we waited for our gelato and i will never forget it. it was one of those moments where she was so out of her shell and comfortable while showing off moves i’ve never seen her do that were adorable but also like, where did you see or pick that up?!  never a dull moment with these kiddos. it was a good night.

it’s great to be back, new york! we’ve missed you! in light of today being the anniversary of 9/11, i’m feeling especially proud and grateful to call this beautiful city home.

  1. Crystal

    sounds like a perfect family night out!

  2. Chelsea

    Oh my, I’m sure it’s so nice to be home! I love traveling but theres also a yummy feeling to coming home. Such a sweet night, I love those little moments that sneak up and have a way of becoming something you hope to never forget.

  3. Taylor

    That stinks that the flight was so rough for you! But glad to hear you made it back safely! Coming home from any vacation is rough, so I always make a point to go to my favorite restaurant when we get home to make up for it.


  4. Jodie

    There is no place like home!

  5. SamSam

    I’ve always wanted to go to New York! The closest I’ve ever been to seeing the city was just a layover in the airport…it would be so wonderful to actually get to experience the Big Apple!

    By the way, I love your hair darker! I’m not sure if I’ve noticed it in past posts (I thought it was blondish?) but it looks so good on you!
    ~ Samantha

  6. welcome back :) …and she gets her dancing genes from her mama, of course! maybe not the same kind of moves, but hey, at least she’s GOT moves :P

  7. AGATA

    Hi Davis Family!
    Welcome back!I’m so happy that you’re in New York again.
    This city is beautiful, you’re beautiful family, so this is a perfect combination!
    Nice to see you so so so happy ;)

    Love, xoxo

  8. vicky

    i’m so envious of new york residents. there always seems to be something open at night to help people socialize and fellowship. i appreciate that about the city! welcome back to your home ;)

  9. Steph

    That was refreshing. Nice to see a casual night in the life. And your stories are fun to hear – the kiddos are cute, but I love that you put the camera down and just let them “be” sometimes. Hearing the stories is better than seeing photos, IMO.

    Happy recovering! And high fives to the kids for the magical nap.

  10. Cat

    You know you love home when you’re relived to arrive back after traveling. Looks like you guys celebrated your return the right way.


  11. Cheryl

    That little jean jacket on Samson is adorable. NYC certainly loves you all!

  12. Brianna

    Such a beautiful family! Love how stylish your kids are!!

    Ripped Jeans

  13. Toya

    Welcome back! I live in Brooklyn and I curse out the city in my head everyday, but yet i can’t get enough of it!

    QUESTION: Where did you purchase E’s headbands? I would love to get a few for my baby girl! (Thanks in advance)

    • TAZA

      i feel the same way many times each day. it’s a crazy place to live! but where else could you ever imagine living? her headbands are actually mine, from! they work great for tiny heads too! she requests them often during the week. :)

  14. Kate

    I wish there was a video of Eleanor’s hip hop dance moves. That must have been hysterical!

  15. Alyssa

    So happy everyone got to sleep at the same time! You deserve it!

    I agree, pizza and gelato are always the perfect way to celebrate!

  16. Andy

    How wonderful is NYC! One of my favourite places in this world.
    Kisses from Buenos Aires

  17. Mika

    Yay! Your bangs are back! Reminds me of the good old days!

  18. That sounds brutal. Just a quick tip. UberX is typically less expensive than yellow cabs depending on the time of day. What I like to do when taking a long, exhaustive flight is look for an available Uber driver while deplaning. If they are more than 15 minutes away, you can book it while still on the plane. If there are many available, you can book as you get to the taxi lane. You can always cancel. Hope this helps.

  19. arielle

    overnight flights are tough enough, I can’t even imagine adding little ones to that mix. you are some brave new yorkers! and that feeling of total serenity once you’re home after a stressful trip home is better than no other.

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  20. Victoria

    I can’t wait to visit New York for the first time next February. I will be using your blog posts to help us find amazing food places! x

  21. yasmin

    New York: The best city in the world! :)

  22. giedre

    The trip might have been long, but the kids look CUTE. Those outfits are absolutely adorable!
    ps. Welcome home!

  23. Teresa

    I’m so glad you guys made it home safe. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  24. Anne

    yay for being back home! glad you could get a nap with the kiddos! I can only imagine how tired you were after traveling for far with the kiddos and being pregnant

    The Hills Are Alive

  25. Steph

    Awh, well thank goodness there was no line for a taxi! Looks like a good night back :)


  26. Pizza is always a good idea, and ending it with gelato even better!

    I’m not sure what you are doing lately with your beauty regime, maybe it is the pregnancy glow, but you look great! Care to share any secrets or what you use daily?

  27. so happy y’all made it home safely!

  28. Estela

    Red-eye flight with two kids ready to play next day, in the last row AND pregnant… YOU.ARE.AWESOME.

  29. Tammy

    All I can say Taza is thank you. Thank you for acknowledging 9/11. I’ve been saddened to see a lot of my favorite NY bloggers go on with their business as if today was just like any other day.

    On this day, I feel a deep sense of sorrow, and yet pride to not only be a New Yorker, but also an American.

    One of the many reasons I have fallen in love with your site (in the past year that I have discovered it) is because you really showcase the beauty of NYC and it’s spirit so wonderfully.

    It is individuals like yourself that make NY such a wonderful space to visit, So thank you for always showcasing the best of what this wonderful city has to offer.

    Have a beautiful evening and wonderful weekend to come.


  30. Lis

    Oh I remember being heavily pregnanton the way home from a work trip away (I was huge) in the very very last seat of the plane, sandwiched between two people in the last row. Ah the back pain and lack of eye contact – I would have loved a swap for the aisle. Pregnancy isn’t just a belly, it’s a whole body transformation! All the best for a week of recovery.

  31. You have such a beautiful family, I have followed your blog for years now, and on a bad day I just scroll through your instagram or read through all your blogs -old and new. I hope to have what you have one day. Y’all are an inspiration. Thanks.

  32. Emily

    I would do just about anything for some fall weather right now! That sounds just lovely!

  33. Amy

    Being in NYC during 9/11 must be unreal. And on a lighter note – the top photo of the kiddos reminds me of Rent! At least in my memory I think the cast stands on staging??

  34. Please sneak a video of eleanor dancing to hip hop one day, and post it on her eleanorisms thread! She is so freakin cute!

  35. Belinda

    Hi Naomi, I’ve just returned to Sydney after my first ever trip to NYC. 10 days in that crazy beautiful town you call home and I have to say, I TOTALLY get it! Lovely to see you all had a great holiday, hope you manage to get some rest while settling back into routine. Belinda X

  36. mila

    I’ve been looking for a buffalo check jacket for my baby girl forever and I can’t seem to find it, so I thought I would ask you (if you don’t mind) where you got that lovely jacket Eleanor is wearing on the 1st picture.
    Also want to tell you how much I get inspired by your blog everyday, and how you have influenced me in the past years to really appreciate the little things in life. So thank you very much for that!

  37. Caroline

    Joe’s is my favorite pizza! So jealous that you get to eat it. I’m 31 weeks pregnant and can’t indulge cravings like that one…but Paris has some good food too! ;)

  38. Bea

    When I read this post the song new york, new york came into my head…you’re so lucky for living there! never forget! ;)
    Have a nice weekend!

  39. Seems like such a lovely place! Ive always wanted to visit and take a few dance classes there! Maybe one day!

  40. Jane

    Love your jacket, Naomi! Where is it from? Thanks!

  41. hanna

    Glad you’re safe home –Hanna Lei

  42. I like what you guys are up too. Such clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll.