eating our way through the garment district…

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we always love the little food markets that pop up periodically around the city. there are few things in this world i love more than a ridiculously good meal, especially if that meal has the words “lobster roll” in it. we stopped by the new urban space food market in the garment district for dinner the other night after being invited down to check it out and sampled ourselves silly with all the good vendors they’ve brought in. (things like japanese curry, lobster rolls, meatball sandwiches, tacos, burgers, wood-fired pizza…) i’m still stuffed a few days later. having such good food around really makes us love being here in new york. a few photos from dinner below…


^^^a meatball slider from mighty balls…^^^


^^^and a kiss from E! what could possibly make dinner sweeter? ;) ^^^


^^^red hook lobster pound has always been one of my favorites since the DC days, so i was stoked to see them there at the market.^^^

^^^the pizza from roberta’s was top notch, too. josh and samson didn’t get any, but i managed to steal a few bites from E before she polished off that entire thing.^^^


^^^while i watched the stroller and sat at a nearby table, i caught a glimpse between the crowds walking by of josh swinging and playing with the kids while they waited for our food. i have many many fears going into having a third baby this winter, but if anything helps calm them, it’s this man of mine who is such a patient and invested father. it’s like, ok. i have him on my team. i can do this. ^^^


^^^samson and his empanada. he sat so still and quietly eating that entire thing. it was the cutest.^^^


^^^i’m not a big cheesy bread person, but josh liked the maple bacon queijo from cafe patoro.^^^

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^^^and this pistachio and stracciatella gelato was fiiiiiiiiiine. ^^^

  1. AGATA

    Hi Davis Family!

    This post made ​​me very hungry, I mean what a delicious food! You look very happy, it’s no wonder you spent a wonderful day together and even ate well.
    I always enjoy your photos, just love it!
    Take care.

    Love, xoxo

  2. Gwennie

    If you ever find yourself in Madison, Wisconsin, you must try Stells’s Hot and Spicy Cheese Bread. I go to the Dane County Farmer’s Market at 6:30 am on Saturdays to get it still warm from the ovens. Amazing!

  3. Crystal

    Oh man that definitely looks like my kind of market!! The problem with them is that you want to try everything and then end up being ridiculously full :) but that is a good problem to have.

  4. So jealous. We don’t have those food stalls here in Belgium.

  5. I am heading to New York on Monday and this has been added to my ‘go to check out’ Pinterest list. There are always so many unique food options at a pop up market I love it. x

  6. Cerys

    nails that match your gelato pot…good work!

  7. Alyssa

    So fun! Just wondering if you could share where you found your shirt! I’ve been looking for cute, maternity button-ups…

    • TAZA

      it’s from Gap. not maternity but i sized up and it’s working great!

  8. Jemima

    oh gosh.. give me all of the foods please and thank you! they look delish. I’m starving now!

    Particularly want to get my hands on a slice of that pizza, and the lobster. Come on life, time to give me an excuse to head to NYC!

    x jemima

  9. Veronica

    This post and these pictures made ​​me hungry! :D

  10. Sinead

    Wow that food market looks incredible! Such an amazing range of stalls. Also that picture of Josh swinging the kids is just the cutest :-)

  11. Samson is looking SO GROWN UP! Hey, I’m back in New York next week, if you have a free moment, let’s catch up!

  12. Brianna

    The photo of your husband swinging the kiddos is so precious.
    You are going to be a wonderful family with the new addition. Congrats pretty lady!!

  13. Renee

    SO sweet! I love your blog and your beautiful family. I’m a newly wed and my husband is beyond terrified of having kids (didn’t know that when we got married so that’s a fun surprise) and loves to say things like he hates kids. I just pray he moves past that when it’s time for us to have kids, but until then, everything you share about Josh gives me such hope for what a wonderful father can look like. So thank you for sharing all you do.
    On another slightly more vain note, where are your plaid pants from??
    Thanks, and all the best,

    • TAZA

      [;]’/i’m sure he’ll make a wonderful father someday! and pants are from anthropologie from last year.

  14. Brittni

    What a sweet set of photos! The one of Josh swinging the kids is the absolute cutest. Of course baby #3 seems scary, but it’s so obvious that you’re such a good mom; you’ve got nothing to worry about. Thank you for sharing the memories your lovely family continues to make!

  15. nanette

    oh gosh all this food looks incredible! and don’t worry you will be an awesome mother. just look at your two kids! :) you can do this!

  16. Ashlee

    This post was like a little piece of heaven on earth for me :) #foodie

  17. Whitney

    Love seeing these sweet pictures of your adorable fam. This post just started some pregnancy cravings going for me! And, if you don’t mind me asking, where do you get E’s cute hair clips? Thanks so much!

    • TAZA

      her clip is from!

  18. arielle

    you and your family have so much fun! what a wonderful city to live in. I always thought I was way too rural for city life, but your cute little blog makes me reconsider. wonderful post!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  19. oooh my husband would LOVE those empanadas since he served his mission in Argentina!
    I want to try and make them soon. What was inside of the one Samson had??

    • TAZA

      it was the classic beef, with some peas and carrots and corn. it was so good!

  20. sara

    We have some stuff like this pop up in Nashville from time to time and I’m a huge fan! We like sampling a little of everything… In the name of research of course. ;)


  21. your outfit is darling! looks like a fun family evening!

  22. Nicole

    Mmm. Pão de queijo is simply the bee’s knees. Hoping this market stays open until my visit in early October!

  23. Cat

    Haha, it’s not even eight am here and I’m already craving lobster! Outdoor dining like this is my favorite. We have some food truck festivals around the Bay Area and they are such a fun activity.


  24. Janis

    Yummsters!! Everything looked good, is that possible!?

  25. Tammy

    Wowee! What an event…I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the evening…all that food looks insanely delish!

    I LOVE your outfit..especially those pants! :D


  26. gina

    your freckles are so beautiful!

  27. bridget

    meatball sliders. yum.

  28. NYluver

    All the food looks so yummy and your family is BEYOND adorable! :) You and Josh seem to be the best team around, I think a third baby is going to make everything stronger!

    Also- do you know if this urbanspace pop-up has the same restaurant booths as Broadway Bites this summer?

    • TAZA

      i don’t know if they have the same vendors as broadway bites, but i feel like the rotations are always changing with all these pop up markets. we need one to come camp out on the uws!

  29. I love your lip hue so much – & you pull off those plaid pants amazingly. I’m in awe – your style is fearless. Thanks for sharing your sweet adventures!

    Warm Regards,

  30. Alexa

    I love the between-the-crowds photo and the sentiment behind it so much. What a joy and comfort and sense of security it must be to have that feeling you describe—I am single and dating right now, and that quality is high up on my list. It’s something I really hope for in partner.

  31. Abi

    Lovely photos! The food looks so tasty too! Abi :)

  32. cheyenne

    i just ate, but am hungry again by just looking at these photo’s. looks amazing!
    xo, cheyenne

  33. Sophia

    You and your husband seem to compliment each other so well. I’d love a post from you on marriage. Especially how it has changed since you have children. Your blog is beautiful! xoxo

  34. Aude

    Mmmmmm I miss those NYC street markets. We have some similar affairs in London, but the vibe is not the same. In particular, I miss corn on the knob drizzled with butter and some hot sauce! I remember the garment district as a bit of a no-man’s land, especially at weekends, so it’s good to see initiatives to liven it up a bit. Also, I love your new bugaboo covers. Super stylish and very autumny….

  35. WOW! I wish we had something similar here in Vancouver. I would eat myself silly too on a weekly basis. That lobster roll looks unreal.

    Love the hat and braid combo on you, really cute!


  36. Taylor

    Mmmm! If one thing makes me want to move to a big city it’s the awesome food! Also, I don’t know much about parenting as I have yet to be one, but I will say that I was raised with me, my brother, and sister by our single mother, Parenting is hard enough as it is, but she raised and loved us with every piece of her being and worked two jobs. I don’t personally know you or Josh, but from what I see, you both look like fantastic parents and I be a third one will just make you even BETTER! You are both great and you’ll totally be able to do a third child thing because of how awesome and loving you are. Love is what really matters in the end anyway.


    • TAZA

      thanks so much for this kind comment, taylor. your mom sounds incredible!

  37. Kate

    Yum, all of the food you tried looks amazing (I’m especially drooling over the lobster roll)! I wonder if there are any food markets coming to LA, or is this a NY thing?


  38. Olya

    sorry, that my comment is not about your main message, but, God, your nails are always so perfect :))
    I also have two kids (twins, 10 months old) and I just can’t find the right moment to color my nails. it seems that they always wake up, when I’m doing it, they want attention and games and,,, rrr. the struggle of my life, ahaha :)

    • TAZA

      i know! i can’t do them at home because that is the story of my life as well. it’s all about shellac! have you done that kind before? doesn’t chip or anything and you leave the salon with them dry! AND they last for 2 weeks. it’s the only option in my opinion with my kids! and fortunately manis are super cheap here in nyc and there seems to be a nail salon on every other block here. good luck! it’s a struggle ;)

  39. Rhonda

    thanks for sharing this Naomi, I think I know where to go for lunch today :P

  40. how divine! lobster rolls are my favorite! also, s looks so cute in that plaid!

  41. Katie

    I second the recommendation to try the cheese bread from the (amazing) farmer’s market in Madison, WI, and I’m not a cheese bread lover either!

  42. I craved pistachio ice cream my whole pregnancy and that looks yummy! Are you still going to use your bugaboo stoller when you have your third baby?

  43. Ikay

    I love this blog! All your pictures look SO amazing!! I was wondering what type of camera and lens you were using?
    Greetings all the way from Switzerland xoxo

  44. I craved pistachio ice cream my whole pregnancy and that looks yummy! Are you still going to use your bugaboo stoller when you have your third baby? I am in the market for another stroller and with more babies on the way I dont know how I am going to carry around toddlers and an infant.

  45. sam-c

    food looks tasty. what are all the pink wristband that your family is wearing. Does this food market have an admission fee, or do the wristbands get you samples from each vendor or something ?

  46. Lotta

    It all looks so delicious! They sure have good food in New York, this is one of my strongest memories from being there. I mean what ever you are craving for you can find it. There is food from all over the world!

  47. Sandra Bøgh Zerahn

    This looks so good! And makes me want to visit New York again soon. You are a big inspiration,I have been following some years, and I admire the way you manage to stay at home and be a mother of soon three little ones in New York. I have a one year old son, Eik (Oak in Noregian), snd I find that it is so hard to do stuff in a big city. It would be great if you would share more motherhood-tips :-) What about nap-time, meals while they are so young etc. Would love to hear some of your wisdom. Love from Denmark

  48. Teresa

    oh goodness we had roberta’s pizza last time we were there and it was outstanding! i see why eleanore looks so happy!

  49. brittony

    is the second to last photo from a place call the poffertjes man?! are they tiny, sweet pancakes swept with butter and dusted with powdered sugar? a dutch delicacy i haven’t had in far too long.

  50. It’s official — I’m STARVING!!! That meatball slider is so cute!

  51. amanda

    ohhhhh, that queijo looks SO GOOD. i wish they’d do a food market like this in meatpacking!! i used to work across from madison square park and madison square eats was always the jam.

  52. sam-c

    what are the pink wristbands (on all the family) for? is that like an admission fee for the area food court area ? (in my area they have food truck ‘rodeos’ which require an admission fee.) Or do you pay upfront and get the wristband so you can get a sample selection from each vendor?

  53. Becky H.

    Such delicious looking treats!
    (Especially that empanada! I could go for one right now…)
    That photo of Josh swinging the kids is such a great capture!
    You have a wonderful guy for a husband and you’ll both make a smooth adjustment to having three kids… I just know it.

  54. Jessica

    Mmmm that lobster looks so delicious!
    A part of me aches to move away to a bigger city just so I can have more foodie experiences like these :)

    Have a great weekend!


  55. Chelsea

    Beautiful pictures and the good looks incredible! I feel the same way about my hubby- I’m so thankful I have him and that he wants to be so involved. It makes raising our wild ones so much more fun!

  56. Jessica

    Great hat!! Where can I find it?

  57. marie

    Definitely takes a village to raise kids.. I’ll die if I didn’t have my hubby and family to help me out when I’m working or just dead tired! Haha.

  58. I always love looking at your page and seeing your family. The photos are always so beautiful, and you are looking amazing! Love you hair.

    Kay // Fashionably Kay

  59. Bea

    What a lovely day you had!

  60. conny

    two questions:
    first:how come you eat soo many delicious foods and sweats and you are not gaining weight (during my pregnancy no way was I alowed to eat that type of food, actually I was on a diet)????
    second: I see your kids don’t have any problem with eating any kind of food like adults. My daugther would never try out soo many and soo often. How do you convince them or are they just that kind of kids that won’t say no to anything?

  61. Mmmm! This all looks so yummy! I have to move to a small town in Australia soon and only wish they had these kinds of places!

  62. Forty Up

    Hello! I’ve just found your site, it’s gorgeous! I visited the U.S. & New York for the first time this year, I’m looking forward to reliving the memories through you :)

  63. Janis

    That pizza looks good, i wish we had more good pizza places here. This post has made me so hungry, ill need to see where my dinner is at.

  64. Elizabeth

    The photo swinging the kids. Too. Much. Sweetness.

  65. Ady

    Everything that you posted looks delicious. Now I’m hungry!

  66. Kelly

    What stroller do you use?

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