baby bump #3 / 26 weeks

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well, we’re getting closer and closer and as a result, i’m getting more and more excited! i’m also getting more and more tired and doing crazy things putting chocolate milk into my kids’ raisin bran in the morning because that seems exactly right. but that’s another story for another day. this mama is struggling with insomnia like it’s nobody’s business. i guess it’s just good practice for all the middle of the night milk parties that are gonna take place after everyone else is asleep at our home once baby arrives.  (but ps- if anyone else out there is struggling with insomnia and terrible terrible leg cramps at night, i asked for advice on my instagram the other day and there were so many good recommendations and tips shared i thought i’d pass that along. thank you to everyone who shared what has worked for them!)

while i might be more of a negative nancy this round (although i’m trying not to be really. i really am!), josh and eleanor and samson are nothing short of ecstatic.  it’s nice too because they always know how to boost my mood and help me get excited again. josh has been pushing for the name gideon if it’s a boy, and one day i said, “but that sounds like giddy-up! to me” to which eleanor chimed in, “oh i love that name, mama! let’s name the baby giddy-up gideon!” she hasn’t dropped it, either. whenever she introduces my baby bump to friends or strangers, she points to my belly and says, “and this giddy-up gideon, our baby!”  lol.

besides my routine check-ups at my regular doctor’s office, i’ve been getting some extra attention and love and care each day at home thanks to my in-house doctor eleanor, and her assistant mister samson (who loves giving me and the baby like 10 shots each day.)  as of now, according to doctors E and S, the baby is looking great, although he or she has no reflexes and is always crying inside my belly – which i have yet to hear but you know, doctors are trained in this sort of thing. ;)


ps. i’m wearing maternity jeans found HERE (i caved and bought this pair too. why did no one tell me to do this sooner? these things are saving my life this round.) also, my white maternity t-shirt is from HERE. and the doctor kit can be found HERE. that doctor kit man, it has made my littles happier than any other toy could since last christmas. we’ve miraculously not lost any pieces yet, either. i mean, really! it’s a big deal.

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  1. Bird

    Dear Naomi, you look gorgeous and I can´t believe how active and energetic you look.. you are pregnant and have to kids all day long.. It´s normal to get tired or even a lit grumpy sometimes… I do it a lot and I don´t have kids or a pregnancy on my mind.. so don´t worry, they love you anyway ;-)

    Love from Germany and the fatcatconnection


  2. Alyssa

    Cannot wait for the new addition to the Davis family! I heard calcium magnesium helps for leg cramps during pregnancy. Good luck & I hope you ditch the insomnia and get back to your regular sleeping patterns. P.S. Love your hair dark! :-)

    Much love from Michigan

  3. beth

    the name gideon is very nice and has a great meaning as well! i’m with josh and eleanor on this one. ;) are you sharing any girl name ideas?

  4. Erica

    Gideon is a beautiful name. My second son was named Gideon. He passed away as a newborn. No matter the gender or the name, prayers for a healthy baby!

  5. Trisha F

    I love the name Gideon- it reminds me of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and he was such a sweet character. And Giddy-up, as far as nicknames go, is not a bad one. Good luck in the baby naming department!

    And the doctor kid- good idea for a gift. I was struggling for Christmas this year for my 2 1/2 year old. That’ll work!

  6. Erin

    Naomi! Where are those jeans from? I love them.



  7. Sinead

    Samson looks so adorable with those glasses! Also chocolate milk on Raisin Bran sounds good to me :-)

  8. vicky

    Naomi.. you are stunning. always! you make pregnancy look so beautiful. the thought still terrifies me but you have put my mind at ease over the last year when it comes to babies. i love these posts. you’re so fantastic. and i love your little doctors. great family. pretty pictures!

  9. So beautiful! I love your maternity outfit- definitely pinning the jeans! Warm wishes to you during this lovely time,

    Warm Regards,

  10. Oh, you are so beautiful and you have such adorable kids! Baby giddy-up Gideon, haha! So cute! I have been a lurking reader for YEARS now, but I figured it was time to come out and say hi! I adore your blog and your family, and I hope you find some solutions to those leg cramps! When my nights got bad, I took Unisom — I suffered insomnia during the beginning of my pregnancy — and it worked wonders!

  11. gideon is so darn cute!

  12. Ashley

    I LOVE the name Gideon. It’s been on my list for a while now. Also samson in those glasses has made my morning!

  13. sumera

    Love the simplicity of your outfit, I’m all about that. Also maternity pants are the best things ever! (You may even find a pair work their way into regular rotation;))

  14. I love this because my son’s name is Gideon! He is almost two and we have yet to meet another Gideon, which I love. It’s a great strong name, but boy, the whole “mighty warrior” meaning of it def. came out in his personality, so beware ;)

    • TAZA

      haha! i love this. especially the might warrior part! it’s a great name. congrats!

  15. we have a “giddy up gideon!” actually just gideon, its a great name!! Congrats, fun to watch your family grow!

  16. cheyenne

    aww that’s so sweet! and i like the name gideon! goes well with samson and eleanor :)
    xo, cheyenne

  17. Your kids are making your pregnancy so much fun! I love this!

  18. Leanne

    Always in awe of your effortless beauty, Naomi! Those three kiddos of yours are lucky to have such a caring mama.

  19. Nanette

    I bought this exact outfit off asos and those tshirts are saving me! You look wonderful. Everytime you post an update it’s almost like you’re in my head because we are the same time and feeling the same things! :)

  20. Kelsi

    You look amazing! We just found out today we are having a girl, but if it had been a boy, Gideon was at the top of our list! So I was going to tell you to keep our secret safe, but I guess Gideon is free game for you now ;) So excited for your family to grow!

  21. Bea

    My first pregnancy I had terrible leg cramps. Second pregnancy I had terrible insomnia – I took magnesium and benadryl almost every night and it helped. And no leg cramps! Oh, and magnesium, in addition to making you sleepy is also a natural laxative! Good luck!

  22. Teresa

    I just gave in and bought my first pair of maternity pants too! I’ve never owned a pair but I’m much bigger this time around and having comfortable pants are a must!

  23. Sweet that you have your family to help bring your moods around. You’d think it would be too tiring with 2 little humans already but they seem to be the ones getting you through :)

  24. marie

    Aawww looking at your maternity photos make me miss my baby bump. Enjoy your pregnancy now, rest more! You’ll need all the energy once your baby is born. ;) I’ve been waking up so often every night for the “milk parties” by my baby and sometimes I feel like a zombie at work. :/

  25. Oh, how adorable they are. wish you a safe pregnancy and delivery as well.

    hope you look at my blog and leave me how u think about my small space on the blog sphere

  26. Bea

    Hahahaha!Of course you’re good!You have a doctor in your house!!!
    They’re soooo nice!

  27. Charla

    E & S are the cutest little doctors around!! Do you mind if I ask what size maternity top that is? I’m having a hard time deciding on size. Thanks!

  28. Lotta

    Gideon is so sweet and also has meaning to it. But I am with you at your worry for Giddy-up! You look beautiful in your pregnancy and your family seems so sweet!

  29. Caroline

    I’m a month ahead of you (31 weeks) and feeling the insomnia…the snoogle helps, but a bigger bed would be nice! With two little ones running around, you have to make time to rest during the day. Quiet time for everyone, maybe?

  30. Lauren

    False eyelashes are a BRILLIANT move — you probably don’t need make-up anyway, but falsies give the illusion of wearing make-up even when you aren’t. Easier to keep up with kids and carry one with you at all times!

  31. doorot

    Hi Naomi, I usually don’t comment but having suffered from cramps and insomnia for my three pregnancies, I really feel for you.
    I can’t help for insomnia but cramps are supposedly due to a lack of potassium, calcium and/or magnesium. A grandmother cure used here in Europe is to simply place a piece or block of Savon de Marseille soap in the bed near your legs. This supposedly prevents leg cramps..I’ve not tried it myself because I only found out after my third, but my mom suffers from cramps and she says it works miracles. Worth a try, you never know ;)

  32. Taylor

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you are the cutest pregnant lady ever! Seriously!


  33. Brittni

    This is so sweet! It’s good to know you’ve got doctors on call, just in case!
    Gideon is a darling name that goes so well with Eleanor and Samson; they all have a very “old soul” feel to them. I love that you’ve got all of your pregnancies captured right here on the blog, your kids will love looking back at them one day.

  34. gideon reminds me of my most favorite beatles song, rocky raccoon. i love it!

  35. Steph

    Okay… these have got to be the cutest baby bump pictures ever. What little dolls you have!!!


  36. Merci

    Right there with ya, Naomi! I am 22 weeks along with #3 and it definitely is harder to keep up with the family these days, too. My littles were just playing doctor with the bump today and Seth (15 months) had fun giving my belly button shots! Ha! Sweet moments to keep going for sure :)

  37. Moriah

    Aww, so cute! I love these photos and you are looking great! xox

  38. Jess

    The little glasses on samson lol so cute. I’m not a parent and to me it seems so hard to pick a name! Will the kid grow into their name or does it define how they grow? Ack!

  39. amanda

    so stinkin’ cute! also, gideon is kind of amazing. i love it.

  40. Lauren

    Your bump is the cutest.

    I don’t have children and I’m not pregnant (but recently married and currently dreaming of babies every.single.night) but I can’t imagine choosing a name for a baby! It seems so stressful and you are so brave to even offer the smallest insight into your process (for Gideon). Everyone has Opinions (with a capital O) and I would be so nervous to share that with the world. So go you! I personally love how brave you are, letting us all in so we can follow along. Thanks for that. And cheers to your gorgeous family!

  41. You breeze through pregnancy looking AMAZING. I love the name Gideon, it is so hard when it comes to picking a name! Love your little doctors there on hand and hey, I bet they don’t mind having choco milk on their brekkie hehe x Ax
    Instagram: @littlemissalba
    Twitter: @littlemissalba

  42. July

    Dear Naomi,

    please tell me where these cute beds are from?? I definitly nee dthem for my two kids!!! They are so cute!!!!!

    Thank you :-)

    • TAZA

      thanks! they are from land of nod. they are the jenny lind toddler beds.

  43. Olya

    wow, your in-house doctor and her assistant are sooo cute :))

    I wish my third one will be a little girl, so my boys will feel themselves like her super powerful defenders :)

  44. Lauren

    I LOVE Gideon!! I almost suggested it for you and then didn’t because I thought you’d be sick of me and my name spamming :)
    I’m totally on Josh and Eleanor’s side. Giddy Up Gideon is so cute!

    My vote is Gideon for a boy and Harriet for a girl…

    I also would like chocolate milk on my cereal.

  45. Veronica

    Hi Naomi!
    Let me know if you have a help for the housework (cleaning the rooms, shopping, etc …) and if you have a baby sitter.

  46. Kate

    Giddy up Gideon!! Ha! Love that. Eleanor seriously slays me…she’s so funny!

  47. TAZA

    yep. i am! makes getting ready in the morning a 30 second gig. saving my life, really!

  48. Aw I love this post! Also can we talk about your hair! When did you go for bangs? I am totally considering the leap!



  49. Annie

    AWW this is too precious! I’ve been following you since before you had E and I’m just so happy to watch your family grow all these years! Thank you so much for sharing! You look great, mama!

    The Mama Gazette

  50. Jordan

    I wish I had those jeans while I was pregnant, they are awesome! It looks like you might be having a boy to me, so Giddy-Up it is!

  51. Amy

    Leg cramps are caused from your body needing more potassium. Coconut water and bananas help to increase your potassium levels. Coconut water actually contains more potassium than bananas. I suffered with some bad leg cramps during both of my pregnancies.

    Also, when you are having a leg cramp at night, take your hand and push all your toes downward, as this will help to relax the muscle in your leg. In other words, use your hand to force all of your toes down so that all of your toes curl at the same time. I swear this works.

  52. Nina

    Oh my god that is so sweet of your two little ones that they check on you. Hug them for me. And by the way you look stunning. I wish you all the best for the coming days and weeks.

    Love, Nina

  53. Antonia Suzanne

    You look absolutely beautiful! I do think pregnancies get harder and harder with each babe. #4 had me exhausted at the end of every day.

    And I think you might have a boy! My husband and I had a bet with our last baby..he won of course! My pregnancy brain was wayyyy off. But I really think there’s a Gideon in there!

    Wishing you and your family the best!

  54. Melissa

    chiropractor for leg cramps and Valerian root for sleep. boom!

  55. LOVE your outfit! It’s so simple but has character too.

    Lisa | c/oMKE

  56. AGATA

    Hi Davis Family!

    Naomi, you look beautiful – pregnancy this is it! it’s so cute that your kids (and husband) take care of you. I can see that you have the best care!I think we all can not wait for baby number 3.
    Take care my dear.

    Love, xoxo

  57. Michelle

    A banana a day kept the leg cramps away for me! And when your leg is stuck in a cramp you have to point and flex your foot to release the muscle. My husband would sometimes have to force foot out of the stuck point position. Hope this helps!

  58. Jessica

    Congratulations on your little baby-to-be. You really do have a beautiful family & seem generally genuine in your posts.

    Kudos to you on finding something that you love and just going with it! I honestly think it’s awesome.

    Have a great day!


  59. I would love to see other ways you would style those jeans. They are amazing, but I am trying to figure out other tops or boots to wear with them and I’m sure you have a million ideas! I’m going to try the eyelash trick too! Thank you for inspiring this mama to try and look good during my second pregnancy! ;)

  60. Becky H.

    You look beautiful!
    Thank God for sweet kids and great husbands to cheer us up on our not-so-happy days.
    (And fun doctor kits to keep the kids occupied!)
    I hope the rest of your pregnancy is breezy and once the babe is here (and your body isn’t working hard 24/7– poor you!) may your easy-breezy-carefree personality shine forth once again!
    Until then, hang in there mama!

  61. Kelly

    That doctor kit is adorable and that is so great the littles are so excited!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  62. You’re skin is always so beautifully sun-kissed… like the sun literally kissed you. Congratulations!

  63. Maggie

    I love the name Gideon! But, since it isn’t your favorite, I could see you with a Thatcher or a Jiminy! Maybe also a Calvin, Harris, or Pruitt? Oh, Oh, Oh, OR Saxon, Summit, Timothy, Patrick, Ross, Russell, Conrad, Pape, Levi, Solomon, Oscar, Sullivan, Vincent? No girl names, because I am fully convinced baby #3 will be a boy!

  64. hanna

    Elenor is so cute –Hanna Lei

  65. Lisa

    Love your blog ! A few thoughts:

    +everyone told me bananas worked for leg cramps, but they didn’t for me. I had them pretty much every night. They are terrible! I highly recommend getting the “she reads truth” app (bible, devotional,free lock screens) for insomnia, nursing, middle of the night stuff. It’s so easy to just sit on social media, eyes burning lol but this app fills my brain and sleep with rest and peace!

    +would love to see a video tour of your apt! Maybe one that was what it looks like normally/ messy / real life. And one when it’s all put together. Just an idea :)

    +I have 3 babes under 4 and it’s awesome! Of course it’s hard sometimes, but I always think “what else would I be doing with my life? Getting coffee, wasting money/ time”. You get to raise human beings ! What! Amazing !

    +if you ever need someone to take that fabulous oh joy diaper bag off your hands, I’m available ;) ;)

    Sorry I’m rambling. Mid night nursing session :)

    Take care, Taza & Co

  66. Sarah

    I have a 6 month old Gideon (Gideon Gray) and haven’t met another one yet! I also have a Jackson, Silas and Henry though, and they have all become more popular… perhaps Gideon is on the rise???

  67. "A mother of three"

    Greetings from Finland! : ) i turn to your blog for inspiration every now and then, and I was genuinely thrilled to read that you are pregnant again! I’m a mother of three myself, my youngest is three months old, Wow, it’s so amazing to be pregnant, although it’s tough. I also had problems with insomnia during my second pregnancy (only during third trimester), so I can relate. It’s insane, but somehow you cope… I tried to calm my body and mind during nighttime – although I was awake. I tried to avoid using the internet, but I did a lot of “easy reading” and I also walked hours around the kitchen-table in the dark (quite meditative), : ) You look so happy and glowing though, I looked like shit when I had insomnia.

    I wish you a peaceful pregnancy, take care of yourself and your family!

  68. Emily

    You are positively gorgeous in thee photos. I am so excited to this little mister or miss that is coming to your family (and I hope I do not come off creepy, I have just long admired your littles and the love you share with them every day!) Best of luck in the 3rd trimester!

  69. Emily

    ^^^ these photos, perhaps it is time for bed…. ;)

  70. bailey

    what color is your nail polish? thanks!

  71. You look awesome for 26 weeks! I have three too…my third is four now! Crazy how the time flies. Enjoy it :)