apple picking!

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one of our favorite family traditions is to go apple picking in the fall!  we went up to silverman’s farm in connecticut as a family and had a great time running around, picking apples, picking rocks (samson) and petting all the sweet animals they have on the farm. i was so surprised how few apples remained on the trees, but because of the weather this year, they said their apple season came quickly. the did have large buckets with fresh crisp apples in every few rows or so, so we still brought home six big bags full of fruit.

since apple picking a few days ago, i’ve been asked by my kids to “start” maybe 17 apples – times two! (you know what i’m talking about right? where you take the first bite so it’s easier for your little one to have a place to begin to eat around the apple?) and i’ve also finished maybe 17 apples times two after both E and S have made their way around the apple just once with tiny bites.  “all finished!” they’ll say. and i’m like, “well, not really, but OK. i’ll eat a fourth apple in a row right now, sure.”  but, can’t complain! we had a great time together and there is an abundance of apples around this apartment now which is a very good thing.

a few photos below if you’d like to see, because you don’t go apple picking and not take your camera! i mean, who would ever do that?! ;)


^^^starting off with this photo, because it might be a new favorite of mine. i picked up samson because he wanted to be held and asked him to look at papa for a second (who was behind the lens) but instead he leaned in and gave me a big kiss! i melted.^^^


^^^oh these babes and their sweet eyes that play tricks on their mama. four seconds before you wanna leave em at the orchard and come home alone because they aren’t exactly listening to you whatsoever, and then they shoot you a look with eyes like that and you’re all, give me ten more babies, stat!^^^


^^^apple picking is memorable for the adults, the wagon rides are probably the main thing these two munchkins will remember from the day!^^^


^^^this beautiful face is just growing up too quickly!^^^


^^^just helping himself to some good ones!^^^


^^^so glad miss eleanor was with us to spot all the high apples and get them down for us!^^^


^^^it was like he’d just graduated from college, his “i did it!” each time he pulled an apple off the tree!^^^


^^^i love my people.^^^


^^^once apples get to be a bit boring, you can bet you’ll find this one wherever rocks might be hanging out!^^^


^^^family photo of 3 1/2 of us and one flying rocket ship! we’ll take what we can get.^^^

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^^^jumping off haystacks. you have the best hair, samson.^^^


^^^new baby bunnies!^^^


^^^petting and meeting the most beautiful llamas ever!^^^


^^^met the three little pigs, too! although they were very preoccupied doing stuff like this while we were there. haha!^^^


^^^this afternoon was a good one! past years of apple picking HERE and HERE!^^^

ps. my maternity jumpsuit was a gift from isabella oliver (thank you!) and eleanor’s cute dress and kitty cat ears (aren’t those so fun? i can’t help myself with the animal ears accesories everywhere these days) are from wunway kids for those curious.

  1. Paola

    Apple picking is the best! I can’t believe how early the apple season came this year, I was planning on taking my little sometime mid October but it looks like I’ll have to start planning the trip ASAP!

  2. Julie

    I can’t wait to go apple picking with my little one. She’s only a year and a half old but I think she will love it! I love that photo of that adorable kiss. What a cutie!

  3. Briseidy

    aaww! I loved this post! never been apple picking, but I’m determined to change that this fall :)
    lovely photos!

  4. Jess Roberts

    I live right next to silvermans farm in easton! I was supposed to go apple picking the other day! I would have loved to run into you and your family! I’ve been following your blog for years and I love it! Such a cute post !!

  5. Pat.

    Where is Samson’s right arm when jumping off haystacks? Just in case there is a mistake in the picture ;)

    • TAZA

      haha! i think it’s behind him and in motion so it looks cut off! i didn’t notice that until now. weird. :/

  6. Teresa

    OH GOODNESS!!! this post just got me so excited about all of the amazing things that accompany the change of seasons. So happy that you got a chance to go apple picking… the only picking we do down here in south Florida are the leaves out of our gutters. And “starting” the apple… yes! it’s just about the sweetest thing that we do with our kiddos

  7. Sinead

    Eleanor’s cat ears are adorable and Samson really does have the best hair! Also you and your bump look amazing :-)

  8. Sarah

    This is such a gorgeous post. I really loved looking at all the wonderful photo’s; it looks like you had a pleasant time. Your kids are gorgeous by the way, definitely got it from their parents ! This post made me feel really happy.


  9. Justine

    I especially enjoyed this post today. So cute. So fun!

  10. Aude

    Hi, I look forward to the apple-picking post every year! It’s a tradition now. Isabella Oliver does the best maternity tops. Hands down.
    Now what about that gorgeous scarf?? Would you mind telling me where that came from? Love from bright and breezy London, UK

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s an old one from kate spade ny. it’s one of my favorites!

  11. Brooke

    These are some of the most beautiful photos ever, you truly have a beautiful family! Swooning over the shot of little E and the apple.


  12. Abi

    You take such lovely photos! Looks like you had a lovely day too! Abi :)

  13. Such cute photos! Looks like you had a lovely time :)

  14. Megan

    You have SUCH sweet family <3

  15. Sara

    This looks like such great family time! I haven’t been apple picking since I was little.


  16. taza, these photos are just beautiful!

  17. Alyssa

    Love the photos! I love to go apple picking! My husband and I plan to go next month!

  18. Julia Busch

    Just curious why you say “as a family”? Is that an inside joke? I’m not from the States, is that what people say there?

  19. vicky

    firstly, thank you for changing your links to direct us to another tab. it’s so much easier that way! haha i know you mentioned changing that before but i was just overly excited to see it pop up in another tab when i clicked a link. i’m always losing my spot reading.. #firstworldproblems

    i love this tradition. i’m always trying to make a different tradition for each month/season and when i think autumn, it makes me think of apple picking! i love Samson’s jumping pictures and Eleanor’s cat ears! You always find the cutest accessories for your little cuties. i love this post!

    • TAZA

      ha! you’re welcome! i keep meaning to make it a consistent habit! it’s just one extra step i’m not used to right now so i often forget, but working on it!!

  20. Amy

    That photo! <3

    My youngest sibling was a surprise and we started apple picking when she was born (I'm 10 years older) and it is one of my favourite family memories.

  21. Kate

    Love that photo of you and Samson!! Your belly looks so cute and you look absolutely glowing! Looks like you and your family had an amazing afternoon together! Who doesn’t love fall!?

  22. Emily L

    I LOVE Silverman’s, shout out to my home town :) ‘Tis such a wonderful little farm. Hope you had a wonderful time! P.S. I agree, Eleanor’s little hair clips are darling!

  23. Anita

    Wow– such amazing photos! I remember asking my mom to “start” my apples when I was little. :)

    Always, Anita

  24. Janis

    Still have to get around to doing this, looks like lots of fun for the kids! :)

  25. Jennifer

    Did you have the whole place to yourselves? Wonderful pictures as usual!

    • TAZA

      there were lots of people actually! think we just got lucky with these pictures that you don’t see em around!

  26. Viva

    I can’t wait to go apple picking this year, we missed out last year so it’s something I’m looking forward to!

    You and your family are just so adorable! I just want to cuddle you all!

  27. Gabrielle

    Oh my gosh!! I live in the town next door to Silverman’s! I’m so upset I missed you! :(

  28. Apple picking with my family is one of my favorite yearly traditions. So sweet. I hope you’re baking something!

    Warm Regards,

  29. Ashley

    Sounds like such a wonderful experience, I would love to try this one day! And the photos are lovely as always. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Rachel

    Oh my goodness…. these photos are just lovely! Especially the first one! I’m looking forward to apple picking and finding pumpkins with my little (almost) 3-year-old. I love Eleanor’s little hair clips. They are just adorable!


  31. Angelyn

    Apple picking looks like fun! On another note, you have gorgeous eyelashes! Do you mind me asking if you have extensions? If so, would you recommend? Thanks so much!

    • TAZA

      thank you! i do have lash extensions right now and they are kind of a dream! it’s nice to “look” a little more put together when you’re not really feeling that way. ;)

  32. Brittni

    What a cute set of photos! I love the one of Samson flying off the hay. You and Josh seem like such great and nurturing parents. It’s so refreshing to see a family really focused on being together and growing as a unit. I recently moved away from the east coast and am definitely missing apple picking this season! Also, I’m loving your hair color.

  33. Leanne

    Yet another gorgeous post.

    It seems like apple picking can really ring in the fall. I’ve only ever gone in the summer (to an orchard in BC, Canada) but would love to try an outing like this! Maybe I’ll just settle for rocks like Samson til then:)

    Best to you and your family,


  34. Bea

    The “apple picking” was the first post that I read from you!and you were expecting E!!!
    How time flies!
    Glad to see that you don’t leave your habits!!

  35. Kat

    This looks like so much fun! And everyone’s apple-themed posts are making me really want to head out apple picking right about now.

    Kat |

  36. Taylor

    What an awesome time! I love the photos and DEFINITELY getting some of those adorable cat ears for my six-year-old sister!


  37. emily

    that blue dress looks absolutely stunning on you! i only hope and pray that when the time comes to have my own babes i’m able to look as great as you do! (and this is your 3rd?!)

  38. Samantha

    Oh wow what a fun outing! I honestly love that picture of you and Samson…what a great memory! All of these pictures are so wonderful – I can only hope I have memories like this with a family of my own one day! Fall colors, fall colors everywhere :) Apple picking is the best!
    ~ Samantha

  39. Shannon

    ah, you’re linking to a new tab! Thanks a million!

    is it kind of a time-consuming effort to pee in those jumpsuits?

    • TAZA

      hahaha your comment made me laugh out loud! honestly, i’ve lived half my life wearing leotards as a dancer so it doesn’t phase me, but you do have a good point!

  40. Annie

    There seriously is no better way to ring in the new season than going apple picking! Yay! Fall is really, finally here! I’m so glad you and your adorable family had such a great time! What awesome memories you are making for your two littles!

    Thanks for sharing!
    The Mama Gazette

  41. Chelsea

    I love the animal ears! Such sweet pictures, looks like such a fun day, and i totally understand about the eyes. My littlest only says “mine” right now, no idea where she got that, but when I pick her up, she pats me and say “mine” and I melt!

  42. Gorgeous photos! I’ve never done the whole apple picking thing, but this looks like a great tradition to start with my little family…seriously, I’ll do it just for the photo opp. Your kids are the cutest, and you are one stunning mama-to-be!

  43. McKayla

    Have you ever thought of cutting Samson’s hair??? Like instead of a bowl-cut, something like short on the sides, longer on the top, use a little gel to spike it up…I have this vision and I think he’d be ADORABLE!!!

  44. Lauren

    Am I too old to get some cat ears like Eleanor’s?

    Seriously though.

  45. Crystal

    Samson’s hair is epic in that jump shot! Well done whoever got the photo! E’s cat ears are super cute also. I loved the 3 little pigs! What a cool idea. Love from NZ : )

  46. Jennifer

    Every now and then I come back to this blog to see how your precious family is doing, and I love to read through the last few entries and check out the snapshots of your family. Your family is beautiful, growing all the time, and I still can’t believe how big your kids are getting. :D As always, it’s a treat getting to see a peak into your life.

  47. cheyenne

    that looks like so much fun!
    xo, cheyenne

  48. james taylor

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  49. marie

    Beautiful family photos! How I wish I can pick apples in
    my country too… I know my family, esp my son, will love it!

  50. Ingrid

    If you want a really easy and delicious apple cake recipe I have one on my blog (it’s the last thing I added while I was heavily pregnant last year, since my little girl was born i haven’t found time for blogging what i cook, I don’t know how you do it!). It’s a one bowl mix and you don’t even need to peel the apples. And I love love E’s ears!

  51. giedre

    “Because who goes to an apple orchard without their camera?” <— EXACTLY, lol I was trying to explain this to my husband the other day and he just wasn't getting it. :p
    ps. love all the photos! especially the first one!

  52. You are the most beautifully stunning pregnant woman! You’re always beautiful, but I’ve never seen a prettier pregnant woman!

  53. hanna

    Looks like so much fun –Hanna Lei

  54. NG

    I hope you’re exaggerating about eating 34 apples for your children.

  55. agus

    these are the cutest pictures – especially that one of you and Samson :) too cute!

  56. i called my husband in to see this post the second i saw it. he’s from easton, and grew up going to silverman’s. it’s such a small town so it’s really fun to see it pop up every so often. :) oh, that we’ll move back east one day.

    and after seeing these gorgeous fall photos, i’m kinda sad to be here in socal where it’s still summer. for. ever.

    lovely family. lovely bump.

    happy autumn!

  57. Melanie

    I love it! During the fall I always want to go picking, but apples don’t seem to grow very well in Dallas :(

  58. So so cute, your little family. I can watch your pictures over and over again. Greetings from Germany

  59. I just ADORE the photos you have of your children and your family. I feel like taking pictures has become a lost art…so many of us do it but not many of us take the time to get a great picture.I hope to have beautiful photos of my family one day.

  60. AGATA

    Hi Davis Family!

    Love your family traditions! In the pictures I can see that you really like it! and I am delighted with yourjumpsuit!

    love, xoxo

  61. Lynnette

    you’ve popped – i LOVE your bump! you are so beautiful!

  62. Caroline

    So darn cute! I love the one of Eleanor and the apple. It’s a good thing for the species that we moms have those “need more babies” moments…’cause kids can be tough sometimes! I remember jumpsuits from my last pregnancy, and I’m staying away this time…I have to go WAY too often! Love the pics…what a fun day!


  63. Rebekah

    What are his little blue shoes?
    I need those for my boy

  64. Sadaf

    It’s been awhile since I checked in on your blog, and what a wonderful surprise seeing you look so glowing with #3!! I just had my third this mont and it’s been a wee bit of an adjustment.

    Love apple picking. It’s one of those fall traditions I miss now that we live abroad (BDA). When we lived in New Jersey, we went with the kids every year. That, plus pumpkin picking – another fall favorite.

    Great pics!


  65. eva

    this is soo precious! I seriously love your pictures and the whole family! I hope to do so many different activities with my family one day too :) Plus you look super cute pregnant in that dress! :))


  66. how lovely! that photo where samson is wrapping is little arms around you in the sweetest.

    also i saw your comment about lash extensions – i’m obsessed with them. i feel like even if i don’t have time for make up my face just looks just more put together… or something? i love them.

  67. Kelly

    This looks like so much fun and the littles are getting so big – I can not wait for number three!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  68. eleanor’s little hair clips are so fun! and i love that jumpsuit you’re wearing! looks like you all had a ton of fun :)


  69. Chelsey

    OMG….you must be the cutest pregnant lady of all time. And E’s little ears, so sweet! Love this blog, thanks for sharing your pics :)

  70. Wonderful pictures and LOVE your dress!

  71. Looks like the perfect fall day!Wish we had fall weather here in SoCal- but I guess I really shouldn’t be complaining. I can’t wait for that new baby.

  72. magali

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Thx for sharing! I love your blog so much. You are so inspirating!
    greetings from Switzerland xxx

  73. This looks like so much fun! Your family, and that adorable bump, are so cute! ♡

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  75. Vanessa

    Adorable photos! I love this time of year! Also, the family photo with E “flying” – hilarious!!!

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