an afternoon at the fair!

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we spent an afternoon at the utah state fair with the kiddos while in utah and since there was an abundance of awesome kiddie rides, our kids were in heaven. (which means we had an extra good time too!)  so the one and only thing i figured i’d be able to ride going in to the fair was the ferris wheel, but i guess pregnant ladies aren’t even allowed to ride that. they told us it’s not because the ferris wheel is unsafe for a pregnant woman, but it was because i could fall on the 4 steps of stairs or small ramp heading up to the passenger car and that would be bad. sometimes i feel like pregnant women are treated like the most strange creatures. i might not be able to touch my toes right now, but surely i can walk up 4 or 5 stairs to the ferris wheel. i don’t know, it was just one of those really humorous moments where i had to be like, ok. i’ll just go hang out by the cotton candy stand. which, let’s face it, is a pretty rad spot to hang out. i wasn’t mad about it.

anyway, a few photos from our time at the fair below if you’d like to see!


^^^watching these three together always makes me feel good. i love how josh gives 110% to his kids when he’s with them.^^^


^^^she was SO excited that she got to be the conductor and “drive” the train for all of us! (sorry samson. you’ll be tall enough next year.)^^^8000918765


^^^after getting her arm band and wrist stamped, eleanor came beside me and asked, “mama, take a picture of my bracelet!” haha!^^^


^^^a view of the fair from the top of the ferris wheel!^^^


^^^if you can believe it, this big thing of cotton candy was their smallest bag for sale! ha!^^^


^^^please notice that both the helicopter and monster truck were blue. not a coincidence. ;)^^^

^^^since we have these in new york, we just kept walking. also, strawberry lemonade!!!!^^^8975639807398 8983725468902 898765389084478

^^^we still have a long ways to go before we figure out how to take a good selfie with the real camera. but this one was in focus so that is huge progress for us!^^^

hey ferris wheel, you better look out next year. i’m comin’ for you!

ps. an old blog post from years ago when we lived in DC and didn’t have littles yet and took our polaroid camera to the montgomery county fair. THAT fair was unreal. so was that blessed polaroid camera. rip.

  1. Cat

    There is something just so magical about a state fair! Your pictures have captured that fantasy perfectly. It’s been years since I’ve been to one, but I’ve heard the one here in the East Bay is pretty incredible.

    I agree that pregnant women are often treated like delicate little flowers, which is silly because often your body has never been in better shape! Sounds like you were a pretty good sport about not being allowed to even ride the ferris wheel, tho :)


  2. Bea

    You look sooooooo good!!!!
    And I love E with that hat!
    Where can I find it? :)

    • TAZA

      it’s from zara! boys section.

  3. Meg

    Heaven forbid you have 4-5 steps in your house! That’s so funny!

    Where is your striped shirt from? Darling!

  4. Kelsey

    What a precious day for your sweet little family! E looks like she’s having the time of her life.

    My husband & I just moved to DC & may have to check out that Montgomery County fair next year… So sad to have just missed!

  5. Angel

    These are very lovely!!! *Heart melts*

  6. Kat

    Ah, this looks like so much fun! And I love your hair at the moment – beaut! V strange they wouldn’t let you on the Ferris wheel – surely you have been managing to navigate steps and other obstacles quite successfully elsewhere in the world?! Nutters.

    Kat |

  7. TILLY

    is your hair darker? it looks great by the way ;) and boo for not letting you on the ferris wheel! ha! glad you had a good time x

  8. Malayka

    Oh that looks like so much fun! I don’t think we really have anything that impressive here in New Zealand. Particularly beautiful photos in this post by the way!

  9. Stel

    Really beautiful place!! it’s remarry me when I was young!! I love your kits style, they are really cute!!

  10. Shilpa

    OMG! You guys look soooo differnt in the old post!! I mean I have been following ur blog since ages and I’ve known how u look… but then looking at it again was a blast from the past!! Nice pictures…. We’ve been thinking of buying a selfie stick to take our selfies with an iPhone :-)

  11. Is there a better day out than the fair???? It would take some beating! Love the fact Eleanor wanted a shot of her stamps and bracele – so cute and het the selfie is perfect! Looks like a perfect family day out xxx Ax
    Instagram: @littlemissalba
    Twitter: @littlemissalba

  12. Chelsea

    Looks like you all had a grand time, love their sweet happy faces, so cute! We are actually taking our wee ones to our fair tonight! They have been so excited about and of course I’m excited about a funnel cake, so it should be a good time all around;)

  13. Brianna

    What a fun time you and your adorable family had. I also loved looking back at your post linked before you had kids. You two are the cutest couple and have the most precious kiddos.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Erin

    Where is your striped top from?

    • TAZA

      thanks, it’s from madewell.

  15. Maura

    Naomi, do you use auto mode with your camera, or do you use the manual mode? Your photos always look so beautiful!

    • TAZA

      thank you. i shoot manually and i lift the colors a bit in photoshop.

  16. arielle

    your littles remain the cutest! and your pictures are stunning. those colors are unreal. fairs are such a fun childhood memory. in fact, I’d have to say they’re only fun with kids. without, you’re just sort of meandering from one ride to the next. thanks for sharing your adorable little family outing!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  17. bridget

    your hair is looking awwwwesome.

    also, yes. i feel the same way about pregnancy sometimes. like men are all “Be careful, be careful, don’t lift that!” and i’m like I GOT IT. but i say it nicely, of course.

  18. vicky

    looks like an awesome day!! i’m such a sucker for bright colors. i love the picture of the colorful flags up against the clouds. beautiful family!

  19. nanette

    lovely photos! your children are so beautiful and you capture moments so wonderfully! you should write a post about photographing your kids! :)

  20. love a good fair!

  21. Abby

    And your cute shirt, where is it from?

  22. This is the sweetest thing ever – it is so meaningful to your little ones to have fun with you and enter this magical place. I love your dark mani, too!

    Warm regards,

  23. Erin

    Love all these colorful pictures!
    Makes me sad I didn’t go to a fair this year though.
    It’s really too bad you couldn’t go on any of the rides (especially what should be a mild ferris wheel ride, but if I were in the same boat, cotton candy along with watching my family’s funny faces as they ride the rides would be pretty darn good consolation prizes ;)

  24. love all the colors in this post! also, my husband and i can never get a selfie with the big camera that isn’t blurry… we’ll have to keep working on that!

  25. Chelsea

    Super cute stripped tshirt! May I ask where it is from? (:

    • TAZA

      thanks! from madewell.

  26. Janis

    Looks like loads of fun! And ignore the pregnant people restrictions, and think of the advantages :) Like, awesome parking spots and getting to cut in line at the grocery store!! Hahaha!! Your photos look awesome as per usual!! :)

  27. Ana

    So much fun! I still haven’t been to the State fair in California! Hopefully next year :)

  28. I used to love fairs when I was a little girl, but not sure I could stomach spinning rides now!Haha. Gorgeous pics :)

  29. Ashley

    Man E is ROCKING that hat!! i wish i could pull it off the same way she does :)

  30. Kristy

    OMG, I just had the same experience as you with the ferris wheel. I was waiting in line with my daughter and when it was finally our turn, they turned me away because I was pregnant. I felt so bad for her after waiting in line the whole time…Luckily she didn’t seem to concerned.

  31. LOVING your hair dark again!

  32. It looked like a wonderful little fun fair, and it seems your kids loved it just as much. Amazing photography, I miss going to funfairs all the time, I’m hoping I might go to a Bonfire One this year in November!

  33. Whit

    The giant killer rat caption was really funny ;)

  34. Anita

    I think that state fairs might be the most photogenic places on earth! So many colors! I love your photographs– looks like your kiddos had a blast. :)

    Always, Anita

  35. Nancy

    Love your hair color!!!

  36. Brittni

    Love that you included the photos of you and Josh at a fair before you were a family of four! These photos sets are going to be so great to look back on in the future. Side by side you’ll be able to see how much your family has transformed. This blog sure does make a great archive, too!

  37. hanna

    It looks like so much fun. Love the fair! –Hanna Lei

  38. ashley

    what a totally cool looking fair……Ms. Elenor and Mr. Samson are just too cute for words. and I completely agree, anytime during my pregnancies, I was treated a bit like I had some unknown medical situation going on…..yikes! but like you, I would find something incredible to snack on and wouldnt even be mad haha! xoxo ~Ashley

  39. Taylor

    Gorgeous photos! I love going to the fair. It’s a little weird that they wouldn’t let you on the ferris wheel though. How strange. Next year!


  40. Jess.

    So adorable. You’ll be so glad to have that picture of E’s little stamped/banded arm. Such, such sweet littles! I’m reminded by your mention of fried Oreos in your link, about the “limited edition” cookie dough Oreos they have right now. If you haven’t tried them yet, and you don’t have sufficient cravings this pregnancy, you must try them. They are insane. xox

  41. Alisha

    We went to Utah State Fair a few years ago for our anniversary (which is this Friday), and it was pretty standard for a fair. I”ve never been to one that really blew me away, but I hope to sometime. I do like people-watching there, though! :)

  42. Teresa

    Your pics are adorable! It looks like you guys had a blast! Also, I’m loving your hair right now! I’m always hesitant to cut mine but your bangs are so pretty I might just go for some!

  43. the most fun!
    i am loving your hair lately. it’s just so NICE.

  44. HOW are your kids the cutest things on earth?!
    i hope my kids are half as cute as yours one day. honestly!
    smart of you to go during the day too! at night that fair is quite the scene..
    hope utah is treating you wonderfully :)

  45. Andy

    What a wonderful ride! Great pictures!

  46. Avril

    Perfect pictures, perfect smiles, perfect life!
    Everything seems unreal …

    Have a nice day!

  47. BabaWaga

    Hi Naomi, really enjoyed this post. Can I just say that your hair is looking wonderful of late! I love that you are back to brunette and with a heavy fringe, No offense lovie but I was not a fan of your blonde mane (glad you got that out of your system, I did too years ago!)

    What exactly do you ask for at a hairstylist’s to get that heavy fringe? xx

  48. Sinead

    Eleanor as conductor…that’s too cute! :-D

  49. Wow! Your photos are literally breathtaking! I’ve just found out about you but I’ll be sure to come back and don’t miss out on next gorgeous pictures of yours!

  50. Abby

    Looks like such a fun day! And E’s hat is so adorable.

  51. This looks all so magical! I miss the state fair, hopefully there’s something similar here in Australia for me. But ferris wheels scare me.

  52. Ash

    Gosh, I just love your happy little blog!

    I am a working mama of two girls (24 months and 3 months). I work from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and in the office on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I’m sure you can relate to how some mornings, you feel like you’ve run a marathon before you even get out the front door. On the way to work this morning (as I sit here now checking your blog – – ha!), I couldn’t help but wonder…”How does Naomi always seem to look so fresh-faced?” Just curious what your go-to QUICK (as in under 5 minutes) makeup routine is. I’d love to know!

    Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  53. Abi

    Looks like you had so much fun! I love the photos too they’re so colourful! Abi :)

  54. Christie

    I think this is my first comment! Just wanted to say how adorable you all are. We were at the Washington state fair this past weekend and it was so much fun I wish they had them weekly! I was surprised by how strict some of the height restrictions were though – my 3.5 year old (36″ height) wasn’t allowed to ride the ferris wheel!

    Hope your pregnancy is going well, I don’t know how I’d manage it with two little ones and a belly myself. You do it with a lot of grace. :)


  55. Lauren

    So you know you’re a celebrity right?? So when you come to Utah I always get really mad when you go to places that I am just a few steps behind because I want to see you!! I want to have a “sighting” and I am going to the fair on Saturday and if I had gone when you went I would have seen you and then I would have finally had a celebrity sighting

  56. jemima

    It’s adorable how much of a fan of blue E is! So refreshing from all the endless pink princesses of the world. Kids are so funny in the way they get obsessed with colours.

    Your hair really does look fantastic these days, the colour is gorgeous.

    :) jemima jane x

  57. My husband isn’t the biggest fan of carnivals/fairs, so I still haven’t been to the Utah State Fair (6 years waisted) I am glad you got to go while you were here! I am living through you and your gorgeous pictures lol

  58. Annie

    i’m so excited to meet your #3 :)

  59. mara

    well i’m glad you made it to the fair! i live about 10 minutes from it and i didn’t make it…haha. next year!

    i do hope you got a yummy funnel cake while there too? those are the best.

    also, your hair looks sooo pretty. i love it that dark!

  60. Kayla

    Eek! A boy!!! Congrats!! That’s so awesome.

  61. Kelly

    This looks like such a fun time – the pictures with Josh and the littles are the best!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  62. Kori

    I’ve always loved what you do with your hair but this is by far my favorite look on you! Might have to steal this once my hair grows a bit more.

  63. L. H.

    I love your navy nail color! What is the brand and color?

  64. Marivi

    You guys are so beautiful! I usually never leave comments on blogs but this pictures are so wonderful and reflect so much happiness, I had to say something! I love how keen eye you guys have also for taking pics. Every little trip looks so much fun from your point of view. Congrats on the pregnancy too. xxo

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  66. I absolutely adore your blog. Your posts are always perfectly written with astoundingly beautiful photos that make me jealous. This blog is what got me into the blogging community and I hope you continue for a long while yet.