updated free version of Pippit, released today!

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(image made by Pippit user, courtney shelton. thanks for sharing, courtney!)

josh, joy, and i, are so excited to release the newest version of Pippit today! before i share what we’ve been up to the past several weeks since our initial launch, i just want to say thank you! thank you so so much to everyone for your support, excitement and encouragement this summer as we have shared this new iPhone app with you! because of you, we had a successful debut of Pippit when we launched in june as Pippit was named the #1 paid lifestyle app and the #2 paid app for all categories its first week out!


since Pippit’s debut, we’ve been collecting feedback and evaluating what works and what doesn’t work within the app.  your feedback has been so helpful (please keep it coming!) as we’ve been working to improve the current app and plan and prep for future versions.

this newest version fixes a number of kinks and bugs that began to appear on different accounts once a lot of data was coming through the app. we’ve also worked hard on enhancing its performance, so your experience within the app will be really improved. the biggest update comes from your feedback, which is making the app free so our current users have the chance to discover and explore even more great content and others will try it out. while we initially believed people preferred a small, transparent fee upfront for an ad-free app instead of a free app that would eventually need revenue in some other form to support itself down the road, we’ve heard from many of you that we should go this route.

if you’d like to read more about Pippit, you can check out www.pippit.co for a quick video and other info. we’re incredibly thankful for our initial users and their support, as the proceeds from our initial launch go 100% towards maintaining the app to pay for its costs like the servers and other fees. but, if you paid for Pippit initially and feel the need for a refund in light of the free version, please email [email protected].

if you missed Pippit’s initial debut, below are a few screenshot images i pulled from the Pippit app on my phone to share why i love and find Pippit so useful…


as a blogger who uses social media during my day, i love that i can connect my rss feed into Pippit and my blog posts are automatically shared within the app (see top image on left!) i also love that i can interact more easily with friends and followers by having direct comment threads within each video or photo or blog post that i share (see top image on right.)


in addition to that, i like how Pippit allows me to share more information within each photo or video “pip.”  i can add little blurbs of info into “dots” on my pictures, and even link directly to a particular item if i’d like (see top image on right where i link directly to E’s swimsuit.)   you don’t have to fill a dot with a link though. you can fill it with a second caption, or a recipe or DIY tip or honestly anything you’d like! and you can add up to 5 different dots in each pip. so it’s a great way to share more, and a great way to access more information as well, on the other end!pippitphone3the above image is a screenshot of several comments pulled from my instagram account where i shared the same image and caption as above. i’m sharing this screenshot of the comments from instagram just to show the types of questions i often get when sharing a photo on social media. Pippit allows me to insert this information right into the photo, like i did in the photo above, making the photo more helpful for those viewing it. the image on the right is a screenshot of my Pippit feed.

this is such a new world we’ve delved into the past couple years with creating and executing this app! it’s definitely been a learning experience as the three of us aren’t the tech-iest people on the planet, but we believe in Pippit and what it brings to the social media table and hope you are enjoying it as much as we are! there’s still so much we want to do to improve and grow Pippit in the future. we hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey!

  1. AGATA

    What an amazing app! Now when I also a blogger I want to use it.
    This application is only available on the iPhone?

    great that you created such a useful thing!


  2. this is so exciting! ….and a nice friendly reminder to download the app :P

  3. andrea

    Thanks for taking the time to explain this. I paid for the app a while back… (happy to support other moms and their ventures) but wasn’t sure how this would make my blogging and social media easier. Now that I see more about it’s use and ways to make more of a conversation on my posts I can see how this would aid my blogging.

  4. arielle

    this is so exciting! congratulations! I’ll definitely have to download and see what it’s all about :)

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  5. Lisa

    I still find this very confusing, and am struggling to see what makes it different than other social media combining applications. These posts tend to be confusing for me, but perhaps it’s because I’m not a blogger. Help?

    • TAZA

      hi lisa, here are some of the ways Pippit is helpful for readers of blogs: you can see the content from your favorite bloggers in one place, both their blog posts as well as any photos and videos they choose to share on the platform. hopefully the photos and videos they are sharing with you are even more helpful than photos and videos shared on other platforms, because they add “dots” with helpful links and details within each photo or video “pip.” you can ask questions and see responses more easily on direct comment threads. and you can keep track of what you “like” “want” or find “useful” in the Opinions section of Pippit, which helps keep everything organized for you when shopping, researching ideas for parties, projects, recipes, etc. hope that helps a bit! i know that’s a long explanation, it’s probably easier to see how it works by trying it out! hope you like it!

  6. chelsea

    I think this is so great! It takes some bravery to delve into a project so big and a little out of your comfort zone. Last time you launched it, I didn’t have a blog so thought maybe it wasn’t for me, but I definitely need to give it a go. Looking forward to getting it downloaded and figured out!


  7. Tammy

    Congrats Taza! So happy to be a part of the network now :) …the app looks really cool and I’m so excited to discover all its features! ^_^

    Have a lovely day.


  8. Marilou

    Love the app. Bought it at the beginning. As another reader said, I’m happy to support other moms, so I don’t mind the fee at all. I even have an anecdote about Pippit…During the first week or so, I posted a picture of my son Malik Antoine reading a Tintin book (well, flipping through it, really, he’s only 5) and the pic got a like from tiesandfries..Made me smile because for some reason, it just seemed natural that Josh would be a Tintin-reading kinda guy.

  9. never imagined that this app could become more brilliant?!
    way to go, pippit squad.

  10. yay! what a great update!! i love the app and think you guys obviously have such a great idea here! and really, i totally understood why it was a paid app initially [and if nothing else, i was happy to throw in my $2 to support the venture!]! BUT i will say, it seemed like it closed off the world a little bit from people [like non-bloggers] who didn’t have as much a reason to pay to download. i think making it free is a GREAT idea!! i see a great future for you guys. congrats again! xoxo

    • TAZA

      thanks so much brittany! we really appreciate your support!

  11. Allison

    Thanks for the new info! I’m glad to see you are working on improving :) Reading this helped a little more when it comes to using it. I really liked it at first, it does take a little getting used to. I need to work on being more active on social media and this has been super helpful. Thanks for the info!
    Allison over at http://allisons-eye.com/

  12. Liz

    Hi there. Just wondering if my technology ignorance is a problem here lol…is Pippit only available for iPhones at the moment. I tried to download it on my Android and couldn’t find it.

    • TAZA

      yes, unfortunately it’s only available for iPhones right now! we are working to make it available on android soon! thanks for your support!!

  13. Ooh it’s great that this is now free, it looks really interesting!

    Jade x
    jadethejourno.blogspot.co.uk ♡

  14. Taylor

    Congrats! I love the Pippit app so it’s great that you’ll be making it more available to people!


  15. Bea

    I’ll support the android version!!!

  16. Kat

    Downloaded the free iPhone app today …
    Move that entire Menu Bar down to the bottom!

    Home, Explore, my opinion, profile, news, settings – move it down, for easy thumb access. I use one hand for all my apps. Your current setup feels like the old days of Blackberry. Follow IGs design … for good reason!

    Provide YouTube tutorials wo music & actual verbal detailed instructions showcasing benefits. Maybe use someone who has actually started using it vs one of you. Market it while show us how it’s worth using along with IG, blogs & Pinterest/FB/Twitter.

    Good luck!
    PS … Get a style-game going! Look at KimK’s app …$$$.

  17. The Lex Chapter

    Hey Taza,

    I d/l ed your app but am yet to get to grips with it. I have a holiday coming up where I’m hoping catching on reading an apps – in particular Pippit.

    Love your little space on the internet, love the positivity.

    Greetings from UK

    Love this Emily – I’ve just thrown a dinner party with a strong but pasta dish. So simple but so delicious.

    Greetings from UK


  18. Jennifer

    Looking forward to the Android edition :)

  19. Sonali

    Congratulations on the app! Just downloaded it and taking it for a spin! Fun so far :)

  20. I’m so proud of y’all, taza! Off to download it now!

  21. Sarah

    Not sure if this is the best place for this comment, but it would be great if there was a “select all” option when wanting to send out invite requests to friends instead of individually clicking each friend for each request :D

  22. Anne

    I’m so excited to hear it’s free now! I will have to jump on board and check it out!

    The Hills Are Alive

  23. Kathryn

    Congratulations on the success of Pippit, I downloaded it immediately. As only a reader of blogs, I love being able to get blog feeds on my phone.

    I agree with your initial instinct of having a paid app. I love how Pippit is free from ads and that is definitely worth the money for me! I would expect nothing less than a crisp & clean design from you folks! I am curious how much advertising I will see now that you have changed to free, as this was a major plus for me in downloading.

    In addition, your blog rules and kudos on being an admiral business woman on top of a rad mama. Sending best wishes to welcoming #3.


  24. Kim Rayfield

    my daughter’s name is Pip! so it’s particularly eye catching :)

    just curious, where/how did you come up with the name Pippit?

    Congratulations on all of your endeavors!!

  25. tilly

    so excited for this update! i love the idea behind pippit and strongly believe it is a great app! well done xo

  26. Mel

    I saw an unanswered message on your instagram and as a blogger I’m keen to hear the answer too – who gets the revenue generated from sales made for linked items from Pippit – the blogger who is promoting the product or you guys?

    “@taza If I post a pic on your Pippit App & “pip” the hat in my photo to the online store where I bought it — who is paid for every Pippit User that clicks on that “pip” link? Example: If 100 Pippit Users click on my dot for that hat to the store, who gets paid? Pippit? What if 50 Pippit Users buy that hat — Does Pippit get paid? Curious about this. Why would a blogger want to give up revenue, IF Pippit gets paid-per-click? Thx for clarification

    • TAZA

      Hi! Pippit does not receive any revenue or payment for clicks or purchases through pips. Thanks!

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  28. hanna

    The whole app looks so cool! –Hanna Lei

  29. Jes

    Nice! Can’t wait to check it out, thanks for including all the screenshots to give a better idea of how it can be used.