taza’s new york city guide: central park

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TAZA-NYC-GUIDE-CP-in-whitetoday i’m excited to share a small guide we made with jenner brown highlighting a few of our family’s favorite spots in central park! these guides have been a lot of fun for our family to put together, as we love living in new york city and sharing our favorite things to do and eat and see with all of you! since questions and advice regarding the city is one of my most asked questions as a nyc resident and blogger, i’m hopeful these guides have been or can be a bit helpful for some of you as you visit the city!

central park has stolen my heart over the last few years. with city living where outdoor decks or patios or back or front yards are very uncommon, it’s basically become our backyard. you can read more about the park here. the history of the park is just fascinating!

you’ll see in the video that we spent a good part of our day doing a few of our favorite things in the park with jenner, but we definitely didn’t cover everything in the park (it’s kind of massive!) a longer list of activities and places is below for your reference!

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things to do and eat in central park:

central park zoo (they feed and put on a cute show with the sea lions at 11:30am, 2pm and 4pm!)
64th street and 5th ave 212-439-6500
the carousel
in the middle of the park, at 64th street 212-439-6900 ext. 12
sheep meadow (such a fun place for a picnic!)
65th street transverse (although you can enter from several other points as well)  212-310-6600
the mall and literary walk
in the middle of the park, from 66th to 72nd street
bethesda fountain
in the middle of the park, at 72nd street. make sure to check out the historic milton tile ceiling at the bethesda terrace!
bow bridge
in the middle of the park at 74th street
loeb boathouse (an iconic restaurant on the water, and row boat rentals, too!)
east side of park between 74th and 75th street 212-517-2233
strawberry fields
between 71st and 74th streets on the west side of park
sail boats on the conservatory water (rent little model sail boats to take for a spin on the pond!)
72nd – 75th street on the east side of the park
alice in wonderland statue
east side of park near 75th street
belvedere castle (turtle pond behind the castle is also a fun spot to picnic)
in the middle of park at 79th street 212-772-0288
marionette theatre at swedish cottage (with some of the sweetest puppeteer shows!)
west side at 79th street 212-988-9093
waffles and dinges truck (check their twitter to be sure of location the day of, but usually parked outside the great lawn on the southwest corner)
great lawn
mid park from 79th – 85th street
the reservoir (a beautiful and popular spot of jog or run around, although we have never done it at that speed. we only walk around it. ;)
from east to west side, 85th to 96th street
conservatory garden (soooo pretty!)
east side from 104th-106th streets
we also highly recommend renting bikes and doing the central park loop! the higher loop always kills me, but we love biking the lower loop together.
and wollman ice rink (for iceskating in the colder months, november through march!)
east side between 62nd and 63rd street 212-439-6900

and if you’re looking for other areas in manhattan to explore, my guides highlighting just a few of our favorites on the UPPER WEST SIDE here, UNION SQUARE TO MIDTOWN here, SOHO + NOLITA here and THE VILLAGE here. more to come!

did i leave out any of your central park favorite spots? feel free to leave them in the comments below for others… enjoy!

  1. Bambi

    This looks amazing…I’ve never been to the US but would love to visit it. In case I’ll be in NYC one day, I’d definitely use your suggestions.

    Thanks for sharing and love from rainy Germany,



  2. Freya

    Well this’ll come in handy when we visit new york on our honeymoon in October! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very cute! Man, you guys must have gotten there at the crack of dawn! Where was everybody? Looks like you owned the place:).

    • TAZA

      it is a dead zone before noon in a lot of spots!

  4. That was so adorable! Now I really want to take my little family to Central Park too, gotta book the trip to NY I guess :)

  5. Maelle

    This video is the sweetest! Ever since i read and watched ‘Angels in America’ one of my dream is to go to New York and see the Bethesda fountain; it seems like such a magical place! Xx

  6. Natali

    Can’t wait for October to come to NYC with my man and daughter and visit all of these spots that you’ve mentioned! Thanks for sharing them! :)


  7. Justine

    How cute! And I ordered that top from the Lauren Moffat online sample sale and UPS lost it … now I’m even more sad it was lost given how cute it looks on you!

    • TAZA

      oh man that is the worst! i’m so sorry!

  8. sweet dreams are made of your NYC guides.

  9. Bea

    I like sooooo much these videos!!
    Wonderful places to visit, wonderful family, wonderful music, wonderful shootings….
    Well done!
    Have a nice day!

  10. concerned

    Do you think it really is wise for a grown father to jump over his kids? It made me shiver to think just one miscalculation could end up with an injured child. Not pleased

  11. Melissa

    I love these guides. I think this one is my favorite :)
    Also: where is your hat from?

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s from jcrew.

  12. Sinead

    Love this! Whenever I get to New York, Central Park will definitely be the first place I visit :-)

  13. Michaela

    oh i love your videos they are too sweet! sheeps meadow is too beautiful! I will be so sad moving back to Ireland after a fun summer here!

    michaela x


  14. Chelsea

    Yay, I love your city guides! It’s my dream to try living in NYC just for a couple months. I don’t think I could give up farm life permanently. So anyway, these are perfect as everything is family friendly and looks like so much fun for littles to explore and play too!


  15. Fabulous guide!! And gorgeous family & video.

  16. Alicia

    My favorite “guide” yet! Someday I’d love to visit NYC. :)

  17. Courtney

    I am visiting NYC in less than a month and I’ll definitely be using these video guides to help me plan the itinerary!!

  18. Love these – can’t wait to get back to NYC sooooon and experience some of these things. Such a great way to capture some great memories with your family, too!

  19. Tamara

    NYC looks like such an awesome place to live, with so much to do. I really hope I can visit sometime. Loved the video, so cute! Thanks for sharing :).


  20. Leticia

    My girlies, who are 4 and 2, watched this video with me and said, “Mom, they look so happy. We HAVE to go there!” Haha! They especially loved the part where you go down the slide and your hubby is jumping over your kids. You have a beautiful family.

  21. Sandy

    Love all these videos! Would love to know who the music artists are too :)

  22. Teresa

    This is by far my favorite of them all!!! Anytime we visit NY we LOVE spending time at Central Park!!!

  23. I go there all the time and don’t bat an eye at the hazards of city living, mostly because my husband and I don’t have kids yet. But our family was in town for our city hall wedding, and we took my nephew to the big rocks at Heckscher Playground and WOW was there a lot of broken glass! My nephew got excited for the rocks, started to run, and tripped and fell. When he got up my brother had to pick off all kinds of glass pieces from his little arms. Be careful out there everyone :)

  24. Aina

    Dear Taza, this is such a delightful video. We were in Central Park a few weeks back, and with all the crowds, it can be hard to appreciate it. Thank you for getting me excited about the Park again! And you all look so lovely, especially that little split of a second where you patted your belly. Aww the sweetest! Good luck with all your projects and impending family changes. I am so impressed and in awe of you and how you remain so positive and kind and continue to share your love for life, family, and New York with your readers despite often insensitive comments on Instagram and here. Please carry on, so many of your readers enjoy opening your page and reading about your adventures, and wish you and your family the best!

  25. Ree

    Sweet video! Also: Grom gelato truck outside the East 72nd St entrance :)

  26. AGATA

    Hi Davis Family!
    One thing I know for sure that when I come to New York I will write all your favorite places and do a tour in the footsteps of Davis Family.
    Really love your videos, always makes an impression.

    Amazing hat, as always!


    Love, xoxo

  27. grace

    i just moved to the city and, although i’ve visited a few times before, i had no idea all of this existed in Central Park! thank you thank you for sharing, i can’t wait to go explore! xx

  28. Janina

    I love your shoes! Can you tell me where they are from?

  29. Erica

    I love this guide!! Will definitely be using this for my next trip to NYC.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    xo, erica

  30. emi

    this was the CUTEST ever. love central park but seeing it enjoyed by the cutest family was even better!

    xo welltraveledwife.com

  31. Victoria

    This is so sweet! Hoping to visit NY next year :)

  32. Kamille

    Hi Taza! You and E have matching shoes again it’s so cute! Where is it from? :)

  33. Laura

    Thank you so much for this post! I’m going to New York for a month next year and I’m raying near Central Park. I’ve book marked your post for future reference! xx

  34. Truly magical! I cannot wait to visit NYC someday with my own little. Great job (as always), Jenner Brown, and so good to see the Davis family enjoying summer. xo

  35. tina

    i love reading your blog… I’m a faithful reader. Where did you get your sandals? Super cute!

  36. tina

    i love reading your blog… I’m a faithful reader. Where did you get your sandals? Super cute!

  37. Gia

    So very sweet!!
    I love the part at the end where you rub your little baby bump too…it made me think back to when I was pregnant and thinking of all the fun we’d soon have with our little one!
    Then I got all teary….hormones, man!
    love this!!

  38. marie

    I’d love to visit NYC with my family some day! My sons would definitely love to run about at the central park. Too bad we don’t have such big parks in my country/city.. :( Anw cute video and keep them coming! :)


  39. these guides are so perfect! thank you for posting them. whenever i travel to the city i am always looking for new spots, which aren’t hard to find. there is always something new and exciting to see or do! that’s what i love about NYC, you’ll never be bored and it’s impossible to experience it all in one trip!

    xoxo, kerri

  40. Alyssa

    Ugh, you make my heart ache for NYC. Just moved back to Philly – miss it so. Favorite weekends ever were spent for free exploring this park.


  41. jemima

    that colour is so fantastic on you.

    visiting central park is what i’m most looking forward to doing when I eventually make it to nyc some day! It looks like a magical place. Can’t get over the fact that it’s smack bang in the middle of this huge huge amazing city!

    What fun :) great video, thanks guys!

    jemima x


  42. Lonka

    super-duper video! the marionette theatre is gorgeous!

  43. melisa

    so so cute!

  44. Sarah

    Seriously. No hats? Sun exposure in the first 10 years of life determines your lifetime potential for skin cancer. Even if your kids tan easily. A tan equals sun damage. Sunglasses are great but coupled with a hat is must!

  45. Rachel

    The only thing that came to mind in this video is cutie patooties. All of you ;)

  46. hanna

    Everything looks like a lot of fun. –Hanna Lei

  47. Lexie

    I’ve loved all of these videos, but this one is my favorite so far! As a born and raised Montanan, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around what Central Park must be like. We don’t even have a zoo in my city, let alone a park big enough to hold one! It completely boggles my mind. I hope to visit one day and experience the magic this video captured. And your family, as always, is so lovely.

  48. OH I needed this two months ago. Central park is huge! I was only able to see half of the park while I was there.
    Are you possibly going to do other guides? for other cities?

  49. TILLY

    i must visit nyc soon! oh how wonderful your guides are making it look. this is by far my favourite guide as your sweet family is in it too :) dont get me wrong, the other ones are fantastic but seeing those kids of yours…oh man! they are the cutest naomi! i also couldn’t help but smile when you and your hubby danced in the dome (i cannot remember its correct name sorry). seriously….too sweet. just too damn sweet!

  50. zaby

    I will be in New York in December, I am going to use your advice


    I love your guides and I dream the day my family and I could travel to New York ; )

  52. Joanne

    amazinggg!! Makes me want to go to NYC

  53. I love, love central park!

  54. Meh

    So, what happened to the first cut of this video? The one where Josh has a huge camera in Samson’s face as the kid goes down a slide?

    Didn’t want to let everyone in on that side of your “fabulous life”, hmmm?

    • TAZA

      actually, that scene made the cut and is in the video! the kids had a lot of fun going down the slide with papa going down backwards in front of them! we all had a great morning together in the park making this video with jenner.

  55. Elizabeth

    Where are those pretty blue shoes from?

    • TAZA

      They are Pons!

  56. Love this! In all our visits to NYC I’ve always wanted to explore Central Park, but no one else seems to agree. I’m going to make a big push for more park time, and I think I’m going to use your video as my ammunition!

  57. I always hear amazing things about Central Park but never see it in “person”. :D This video gives me a fun glimpse of what to expect someday!

    • TAZA

      i have still never been! your post was so sweet, what did you order?

  58. Cece

    Thanks for the great ideas. We will be in NYC next MONTH!! I definitely want to rent bikes and row boats. Can’t wait!

  59. Jocelyn

    As always, I love your video! That brief clip of you and your husband dancing was so sweet!

  60. anna

    I’m completely in love with your city guide! <3

  61. Love all these, Naomi! Thanks for sharing the goodness! :)

  62. Anne

    Naomi, what is the song/artist called who plays in the background during the film? Love all the music used in the different films you’re making.


    • TAZA

      hi! the song is ‘little miss sunshine’ by reaktor productions.

  63. crystal

    that was so fun to watch! This might sound stupid but I had no idea central park was so huge and had so much stuff going on! Looks like you could spend a whole day there. Loved seeing the kids faces at the marionette show – I think my boy would love that! NYC is on the bucket list : )

  64. Jessica

    Nice guide! I’ve definitely done a few (then blogged about) a few of those things. Central Park is too big to explore in even an entire summer’s time!


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  68. Alex

    I love the guide! I’ve seen it several times and each time I see it I can’t wait to go to nyc and discover all the places you show! Love your blog!
    Greetings from Poland!

  69. Jamie

    That hummus looks so yummy!! Where’s it from

  70. Bea

    Naomi the videos are so wonderful, I’m going through each one and they make me feel so happy inside! I just noticed that your bleached hair makes your eyebrows and lashes stand out even more than they usually do, such a pretty mama!

    On a side note, the song used on the Soho+Nolita video is so nice, but I can’t seem to find it even when I google the lyrics! Who is it by? Thank you!

    P.S. I’ve always wanted to see New York but it’s going to be very difficult and I’ll probably have to wait very long before I can manage to, but your videos and your blog really take me there, thank you!

  71. Jill

    I was thinking the same thing^^^ where can I get some of that DELICIOUS looking hummus!!!!

    • TAZA

      Haha! it’s just hummus from Le Pain Quotidian in CP! really good stuff.

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  73. Olivia Davis

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO AND YOUR ACCOUNT! Your little family is soo cute and I’m so happy about your Christmas baby!!! <3 It is a joy to see all about your family and NYC! When I visited NYC about 4 years ago I didnt get to go to ANY of those places but I will certainly keep them in mind next time!
    With Love , Olivia Davis from ATL

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  75. Hannah

    I think this is my all time favourite NYC guide you’ve ever done. I think I watched is a bazillion times when you first uploaded it. (But I’m just getting around to commenting). It’s amazing seeing your family interact together. And Josh is absolutely amazing with the kids. It’s adorable seeing the way he dotes on E!

    Thank you for sharing your lives with us. Your posts are such a bright part of my day.

    Thanks Naomi, for being you!