lessons learned in swimming, and have a wonderful weekend!

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we are in utah right now, spending time with our families, and it’s proving to be the perfect little goodbye to a wonderful summer.  we’ve been stuffing ourselves with the ripest and most delicious peaches (allred orchards is where it’s at!) and have been working on helping the littles practice their “swimming” in the pool each day. that’s one disadvantage of new york city living, it’s easy to fall behind on our swimming skills.

on our first evening in the pool together, we had quite the scare getting out.  we’d just taken samson’s floaties off as we prepared everything to go and somehow he ended up back in the pool and swallowed a lot of water before josh got to him to pull him out. fortunately, he is just fine. but there was a solid hour of worry and tears, and a trip to the urgent care to double check everything out before we all calmed ourselves.

there’s this thing that happened to me once i became a mama, where i swear my mind can just wander voluntarily to the most extreme and terrible place when my kids are close to danger and before i know it, i’m thinking the worst. i hate that part of this whole thing, because sometimes i just can’t shut it off and there i am envisioning my stroller falling down a steep set of subway steps with my littles inside it or someone scooting into a busy new york city street.  the pool incident reminded me just how lucky we have been that all of our close calls have been just that, and all week as i have looked at my two little babes i can’t help but kiss and love on them extra.

hope you have a wonderful (and safe!) weekend with your loved ones! thanks for checking in here on occasion and for all of your constant love and support towards my little family and also with what i share here. happy friday! xoxo

  1. Sinead

    Aw poor Samson, that sounds scary! At least he’s ok now. I got knocked in to a pool when I was little but I was a bit older than him at the time and it just made me want to learn how to swim properly so it worked out fine! Have a great weekend :-)

  2. Mary P

    We’ve had a scare just like that and it is so scary!! So glad he is ok. Hope y’all enjoy your sweet family time.

  3. Carley

    Oh my gosh I totally do the same thing! I imagine the worst possible scenario. It’s so stressful! I have a friend that calls it “final destination syndrome” (like the movie!) haha I guess it’s better to be safe then sorry!

  4. Cat

    Aww, poor kid! A healthy respect of the water is an okay lesson, but I’m sure it was absolutely terrifying for all of you. I hope he doesn’t become afraid of swimming in general. I spent much of my childhood summers swimming in lakes, pools, and oceans, and a love of water is a wonderful feeling.


  5. Janette

    We had the same experience last summer when my son was 2. I will never forget the look of panic on his face from under water. Worst feeling ever. Glad both of our boys are ok!

  6. Unfortunately, I think every mother does the same thing. I envision my kids falling over the ledge of our two story house and I literally start crying at the thought of it. I have to try my best to tune it out or I would probably cry and worry 24 hours a day.

    I think we do this because the worst thing in life that could ever happen would be to lose our babies. It’s good that we feel this way because it means that we love them THAT much.

  7. Heather

    Oh mama! The same thing happened to my kiddo and I vividly remember that moment as my heart was beating out of my chest and the worry that lasted for days. It really is the worst, but now we’re super careful. I had nightmares for weeks. I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you guys too. And I’m with you, becoming a mother is amazing, but it also made me go worst case scenario many times… but it’s given me good instincts at the same time. Oh being a mother! I’m glad everyone is okay. Have a good weekend.

  8. Alyssa

    Your camera takes amazing photos, and you must be a very skilled photographer as well ;) Love all your images.


  9. Allegra

    So glad Samson is okay! You are not the only one that envisions these things. I tend to imagine the worst scenario and I don’t even have children yet, so I can only imagine it will get worse once I do! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your trip!

  10. Ana

    Glad he’s ok. But don’t beat yourself up, accidents happen!

  11. Renee

    Of course! We love seeing what’s up in your life! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well!

  12. I think it is normal to worry, especially Mothers. Thank God he is OK and sorry you had such a scare! What a tough little man.




  13. Lily

    The same thing happened to my brother when he was a baby! I think he didn’t understand that the floaties were what kept him up – but man he was off like a rocket towards the pool and sunk like a stone! Very scary! But all’s well that ends well – and you guys seem like an awesome family. Keep up the awesome work!

  14. Lauren

    Poor Samson! Water related accidents are so scary.
    I’m glad he’s safe and well and that he has such a loving family who took good care of him.

    Love to you and yours :)

  15. The anxiety of being a mother is horrible. My baby girl Solin is 5 months old and she has learned to roll around. I can not leave her unattended any where!
    Thankfully samson is ok. We have a swimming pool in our back yard and when the times comes I will take every precaution!

  16. Heather

    Ugh, I do the same thing and always think of the worst possible scenarios. I so wish I could shut this part of my brain off!!

  17. vicky

    i’m sorry you had to go through that. truly. i remember when i was watching my nephew, he was probably 5 and i had said again and again to not do back flips off of their pool ladder. he did and hit his neck and back and then fell into the water. i remember thinking i was racing across the pool in slow motion because fear paralyzed me. he was fine but it’s a terrible, sinking feeling and i’m sorry for any parent (even though i’m not a parent) to feel that way. i’m kind of a gasp-er with my nieces and nephews. i just want them to be okay and when something happens, it’s heart attack status! ha! but i snuggle and give extra kisses, too.. seems to be the only thing you can do after you find all is okay. you’re doing a great job, mama. glad Samson is okay!! y’all are wonderful parents, thanks for the honesty. hope your Utah trip continues to be exciting and no other stressing, scary events take place!

  18. Jess.

    Kids definitely make life scarier! Glad all is well. My kids took swimming lessons in UT this summer, too. Must be the thing to do. :) Happy weekend. xox

  19. Savannah

    Glad the little guy is ok! I’m right where you’re at with the whole worrying-about-my-babies thing and trying to keep my imagination in check and not letting it run wild with worry…no wonder we get gray hairs after having kids ;) (my two littles are pretty much the same age as yours too!)

  20. marie

    Glad to know that he’s okay! I had a scare with my son when he fell down from his cot previously too.. I guess us mothers will always worry about our babies. Anw have a gd weekend with ur family! :)


  21. Allie

    We were just talking about this 3 days ago at a family diner. My siblings and I have all drowned once at least. It seems to me that every kid one day think he/she can do it by himself. I now keep a close eyes on my nephews, for sure.

    Glad to hear that Samson is ok. I think you’re doing a great job as a mama !

    Kisses from Belgium :)

  22. Kelsey Young

    My mother-in-law teaches swimming lessons for infants and toddlers in Orem. Not sure how long you are in town for, but we have some openings this next week.

    She’s the best in Utah. Seriously, ask anyone.


  23. Glad he is fine! Yepp mothers tend to do this! Glad everythings slright with your family❤️❤️❤️

  24. Mariska

    Hey Naomi, your feelings are totally natural. I bet all moms feel that way sometimes. And I’ll ease your feelings a bit by saying that all kids have that water-scare at least once. I even nearly electrocuted my uncle while he was enjoying our paddling-pool. Can you imagine what went through my mothers head? I can still hear her screaming and running towards me..
    Ah well, all kids scare their moms once in a while, it’s good for moms heart ;)
    Keep your head up!

  25. Lotta

    I to imagine the worst from time to time. Like with you that begun when I became a mother. For example when my daughter is standing close to something that could be dangerous. Even if she is perfectly safe my mind an body reacts to it as if the worst was going to happen. I can almost see the disaster. Think it is part of loving someone that much and to be the person that is responsable for their safety.

  26. I am so sorry, but so happy to read he is ok! Big huge hug to you! I found out myself the pain when my worst fear became a reality of our daughter getting hurt… and my mad rush to the emergency room in tears and panic…she had stitched above her lip a month ago…I understand your stress and worry. All of us Moms do. Thank God he’s safe. I hold Zoë tighter than ever…I kiss above her lip and imagine that with every kiss, the scar disappears more and more. It’s working – it’s almost gone! They say it takes a year..but it’s a miracle!
    Rest your heart Taza, it’s o.k.


  27. Lotta

    I to imagine the worst from time to time. Like with you that begun when I became a mother. For example when my daughter is standing close to something that could be dangerous. Even if she is perfectly safe my mind an body reacts to it as if the worst was going to happen. I can almost see the disaster. Think it is part of loving someone that much and to be the person that is responsable for their safety. My husband though never imagine things like that, maybe it’s a mother thing… Don’t know… Sorry you had such a bad expirience with Samson.

  28. Rose J.

    Thank heavens he’s well, and that he didn’t get a case of “secondary drowning”.

    After reading your post I told my husband about it, and he told me a quick story of an experience he had when he was younger when his little brother who was two at the time (they’re two years apart, Jon was four) somehow accidentally fell into the pond. I asked Jon if anyone was watching them, and he said that everyone had gone inside the house leaving them two outside to play. Little did they know that the pond in the backyard had about two feet of water. Jon ran inside screaming saying, ” Davey fell in with the fishies”, and his dad ran out there like a bat out of heck and luckily he was fine.

    Those are scary moments, and a reminder that we need to keep an even closer eye on our little ones because kids who are being born in this generation are the most curious, strong willed independent little kids!

    Have a great weekend!


  29. Amelia

    My heart dropped reading about your scare, so glad he is okay!

  30. katie

    I’m sure that living in New York is not an impediment to send your kids to swimming classes if you want. The kids in the pool always has to be surpervised or accompanied from an adult, especially when they are learning. Glad Samson is OK.

  31. Kara

    My mind does the same thing! I get vivid visions of horrible things happening to my child- just a flash so fast. The second I realize that it’s happening, I tell myself to stop and take a deep breath. I had a therapist tell me that it’s VERY common – it’s just mom anxiety. So at least we know we’re normal :)

  32. Katie

    That must have felt so scary! I recently saw this video about teaching infants to roll over and float (from the YMCA). The class also teaches them to cry (to cry for help). I’m not sure where they offer it, but it might be a good class to take.

  33. deborah

    Swim lessons before any other kind of lesson. Forget music, forget karate, forget biking across the city. SWIM LESSONS NOW!

  34. Katie

    So glad to hear everything is okay — how scary! For anyone interested, I’ve heard really wonderful things about http://www.infantswim.com. They teach rescue swimming to little ones six months and up. On a side note, it’s very clear to everyone reading your blog that you and Josh are fantastic parents and your babies are very blessed to be in such a loving home. Wishing you an uneventful rest of summer!

  35. Teresa

    I’m with you my friend. I think it’s something innate in us. It’s a great instinct when it comes to being aware and watchful for our littles, but it’s the a curse when there really is nothing to worry about.

  36. you are darling! i love what you post. and love what you share about your family. i love Utah and feel lucky i have lived in salt lake/provo my entire life!! hope you enjoy :)

  37. Laura

    I’m so glad he’s okay! I’m a lifeguard and I would STRONGLY encourage you guys to invest in some Coast Guard-approved life jackets. The floaties your kiddos use are currently very popular because they’re cute, but in truth, they restrict arm movement. This is problematic because it makes it harder to teach kids that moving their arms is crucial to swimming. Just my two cents.

    I’ve saved a couple of kids this summer who got into trouble and it’s very scary for me, even though it’s my job and I’m trained for it. You’re great parents, so don’t worry. I’m sure Samson had a good scare and he won’t be wandering into the water by himself again!

  38. Jessie

    I believe in guardian angels. I once wrote a post, wondering how often we come close to death and never know it. Life is fragile and I definitely believe in a higher power.

  39. hanna

    Great that you get to spend time with your family! –Hanna Lei

  40. Melanie

    Glad he’s okay- that’s scary! I was wondering, where are your darling shoes from? I love love love them!

  41. Bea

    I think the same even for my boyfriend!
    I don’t know what I’ll do with my children!
    Have a great weekend!

  42. Eek, how frightening. So glad to hear he is okay, swimming skills are so important for kids so it’s great you guys are taking the most of the opportunity to teach your babies.

    Sorry to hear about such a scary thing but glad your baby is safe!

    Enjoy those peaches

    X Jemima


  43. bridget

    i am the saaaaaame way naomi. i remember walking down the stairs with my three yr old (As a newborn) and envisioning myself falling down the stairs with him… countless other horror stories where it’d always end in something terrible happening to him. it’s that crazy mom vulnerability. so so so so glad samson is okay–i can imagine it was a terrible few moments!

  44. sue

    Oh my! I thought I’m the only mama that does that! My husband was just telling me last night that I need to stop worrying all the time and give our son up to God but its so hard!I’m so glad Samson is ok.

  45. chelsea

    i am so sorry! i know that’s horribly scary. we have definitely had our fair share of close calls and your so right, the mind just whisk one away to terrible and scary places. It’s so hard when all of a sudden you have these beings that you love more than you ever thought you possibly could, and they are completely dependent on your care. Parenthood is not for the faint of heart!

    Hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly and you have a relaxing time being with family.


  46. jennifer

    oh gosh, so sorry you had this scare;(

    xoxo from san francisco


  47. Sonia

    Sounds frightening for everyone! Did Samson develop a fear after that, or was he okay with going in the water again sans floaties?

    Ps, props to you for getting him out of those! It can be hard, after they get used to the security of the floaties!

  48. Ellen

    Sorry for your experience. I also live in NYC with my toddlers, and we have been able to ensure they develop and maintain swimming skills through lessons at the YMCA and weekly trips as a family to their weekend open swims (great way to pass the time during winter too). In the summer, we have also taken advantage of the many NYC Parks pools, which are free and surprisingly clean.

  49. Marie

    Hey Naomi! I noticed you’re always wearing the most beautiful hats! They suit you so well. Would you mind
    giving me a few tips where to look for some or maybe you could even share it in a post? Oh and by the way: keep doing what you’re doing, you are fabulous.

  50. Jenny

    Same exact thing happened to my daughter when she was 2 — and I was pregnant with my third. We had friends over and were all getting out of the pool to head inside. My husband took off her bubble on the patio (instead of inside, like normal), so when I saw her jump back in the pool I just assumed the bubble was on. It took a second to realize she was sinking. I saw the panic in her face as she took in water. My friend pulled her out pretty quick, but SO scary the news stories about “dry drowning” hours later. She’s 6 now and an amazing swimmer–but of course I can play the incident back in my head like it was yesterday. I, too, became a worse-case-scenario worrier when I became a mama to three little ones. We moved out of the city (to the Hudson Valley) partly b/c I had those same thoughts about subway stairs and strollers. Haha!

  51. rosabel

    Oh wow what a terrible scare. I’m so happy he’s okay, poor little guy that was quite the scare for him. Hugs and kisses to the little guy. You have a wonderful family and you guys are amazing parents.

  52. bethany

    Oh that is frightening. When I was small I had a similar experience and was in the ER very late the night before we were to leave on a family vacation to Canada. It’s always better to be proactive and be on the safe side. Glad he is feeling well <3

  53. Jody Winters

    There is a thing called secondary drowning so you did the right thing. As long as he’s ok than it was a lesson for you all. Moms are supposed to worry. We have more knowledge and experience and it is a job to use that to watch and teach our kids. But honestly, no EVER tells you about the worry. It’s awful. Mine our 18-22 and I still worry everyday. Keep up the good work!

  54. Ju

    Poor Samson & poor you! It must have been pretty scary. Happy to know he’s fine. The picture is lovely, you holding your little boy’s hand real tight.
    Have a nice day!

  55. I am so relieved that little S is okay! Stay safe and enjoy your trip lovely Davis family! Love,

  56. Megan

    I know how you feel! We were in the mountains last night, pushing my 9-month-old in the stroller along a river, and I kept imagining someone pushing the stroller into the river! Seriously, I don’t know where that thinking comes from! A part of me hates the anxiety, but another part of me feels grateful for a chance to think about what I would do in that situation, in case it ever did happen, heaven forbid.

    Glad to hear Samson’s alright! What a tough little cookie!

  57. Tania


    I’m so sorry this happened & thank you for this important reminder for all of us moms. It plagues me too- the constant worry & willingness of my mind to always go to the worst places first. It’s tough but I’m glad I’m not alone. Hope you were all able to ease your minds after a safety check at the doctors & enjoy the rest of your trip. We’re having a great time following along :)

    Best to you, your tribe & that beautiful bump,

  58. Anne

    comes with the job! I worry about that stuff all the time- yikes!

    The Hills Are Alive

  59. Oh I’m so glad he’s okay! I totally know what you mean too- my mind does the same thing and I HATE it. :( But like you said, extra love and hugs and thinking about our babies safe and sound makes it better. Hugs, mama.


  60. Ekaete

    Aw, glad he is ok! Definitely a mama’s characteristic to worry about the worst… Maybe helps us to be vigilant? A natural defence mechanism.

    Ekaete x


  61. katie

    have you heard of infant swimming resource? i am a big advocate. it teaches children to self rescue when in water situations. it’s truly amazing.


  62. Ria

    So glad you took him to urgent care! My boys are grown up now but I did read about something called “secondary drowning”…it can be very dangerous and it’s something I had never, ever heard about when my kids were little. Very smart move on your part, glad your little guy is okay:)

  63. steph

    Awh, this brought tears to my eyes. So, so glad to hear he’s okay!
    Sending good thoughts.


  64. Glad to hear that Samson is okay! And you’re a wonderful mom Naomi, little accidents will always happen here and there, but you’re doing an amazing job to these two (soon to be three!) beautiful babies of yours! <3

  65. Peanut

    Scary story! Glad everyone is ok! I know a girl whose daughter drowned this way and it only took seconds-I don’t mean to add extra worry but moving forward I never take the kids floaties off until they are indoors! Why risk it :)

  66. Tara

    That is so funny. I visited New York this past weekend and thought of your little family and if I would be so fortunate to bump into you while there and you were in Utah the whole time! We traded states for the weekend!

  67. erin

    So glad that sweet Samson is doing okay! I’ve said to James so many times since our daughter was born in May that I wish I could shut off the part of my brain that conjures up these kind of daymares. I’ve never been a worry wart, but now that Faye is here there have been *many* occassions when I’m certain that passersby can see the worry sweep across my face as I stare at subway platforms, sidewalk grates, and street corners. Oy. So much love bottled up for these sweet little guys.