it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

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the other day, i took a walk around our beautiful neighborhood, just me, my baby bump, and my camera (and a frozen hot chocolate because hello!)  it felt like a little bit like a dream, maybe because i had no specific place to be and was all by myself.  i wasn’t pushing a double stroller and was able to walk at a slower pace, looking around myself, looking up, wandering down some of my favorite streets and other streets i’m not as familiar with.  the weather in new york this past week has been on the cooler side, so it felt like a crisp day in autumn and that kind of temperature in the city always brings back to some of my first and fondest memories of new york from my first few weeks living on the upper west side as a freshmen in college. this city is full of so much possibility, so much color and culture, so much life.  and it feels like home. i’m incredibly grateful to be here, with my family, living my dream.

a few photos from my leisurely wander around the upper west side, if you’d like to see…


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^^^but really, what flower is happier than a sunflower?^^^

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hope you have a wonderful weekend in your own wonderful neighborhood! happy summer, friends.

  1. Ashley Wright

    This looks so dreamy! I just love everything about your walk around your neighborhood! Gorgeous!

  2. Jocelyn

    Your photography skills are amazing, and your eye is incredible! You are my biggest inspiration 100%, keep the gorgeous photos coming! It’s wonderful having a little eye into the wonderful city New York is <3

  3. Nanette

    Wonderful photos! So many colors.

  4. hanna

    Those sunflowers look gorgeous, and your neighborhood seems perfect! –Hanna Lei

  5. Kelle

    There aren’t too many neighborhoods as photogenic as this one. Love to see New York through your eyes! And yes, sunflowers are the happiest flower – my favorite! Glad you got to enjoy some time just you and your bump. :)

  6. Cat

    It really is a gorgeous city. I see why people fall in love with it. I feel the same way about the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to say “I’m having a love affaire with the East Bay right now.”

  7. Taylor

    Gorgeous photos! I love days like that!


  8. Guadalupe Martinez

    I live in Brooklyn NY and yes it is amazing always something or new place to explore my daughter loves exploring new park in new york :) love your pictures and baby bump :)

  9. Teresa

    I love these pictures… specially the ones of the flowers! I’ll be 28 this year and I’ve been asking my husband for a (no kid) get-away to the big city. I’ve hinted at it about 10 times this past week and I’m hoping he’s planning something for us. What a lucky gal you are that you get to live in such a cool place! Glad you had some alone time with you and your baby bump :0)

  10. Bea

    Happy first day of August!!!
    Looking at this photos makes me want to visit New York, now!
    Your videos, your posts about the city you live are great!
    You’re in love in this city, and you couldn’t be more right!
    Love from Padua!

  11. Melanie

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to visit one day.
    Glad you could have some you time out and about!

  12. Emily

    Sometimes, I really like to be alone (without my kid, I mean) and walk away around the streets.
    Nice photos, like always !

  13. This sounds like a dream. Walking around New York with nowhere to be, free to roam wherever you wish. I need to visit. I love your photographs, I would love to go photograph in NY. It looks lovely.

    Sure, sunflowers may be the happiest, but daisies are the friendliest :)

    And that frozen hot chocolate looks amazing.

  14. My favorite city in the whole world and I am missing it so much lately. These photos make my heart happy – thanks, Naomi. :) xox.

  15. zaby

    Your neighbourhood looks beautiful

  16. Lindsay

    Such a gorgeous neighborhood you are in! So nice to take a stroll solo I am sure. Have you had a jacques torres frozen chocolate there in NYC? So good. Thanks for sharing the pics! Made me want to go back there.

    • TAZA

      that’s what i’m drinking!!! the only frozen hot chocolate worth the tummy ache after in my book. so worth it. ;)

  17. Saba

    You’re a great photographer Taza! Lovely photos :) xx

  18. Micah

    I recently ventured out on my own in London. It was great to go at my own pace, do exactly what I wanted to do, and deeply drink in my surroundings. We should do it more often! :)

  19. This looks like such a beautiful place to live! I love how lively and colorful it is :) You’re going to have so many adventures in the city!!
    ~ Samantha

  20. AGATA

    incredible photos, your camera is amazing. and of course New York…- oh boy, my biggest dream. hope your lonley walk was very relaxing.


  21. Rina

    Wow, these photos are absolutely stunning! They make me just want to pack up and move to New York. What camera do you use? I have been on the lookout for a really good camera for ages. :)

    • TAZA

      thank you! i use a canon 6D.

  22. Claire from Switzerland

    Lucky girl!
    What a pleasure to discover NY throught your eyes.
    Quiet day here : it’s national feast.

  23. Sinead

    Love these pictures, such a beautiful neighbourhood!

  24. Christine

    I am from South Africa but lived in NYC for 9 months in 2011 – I love you blog (because you tell lovely stories and have a gorgeous family) but it is posts like this that warm my heart. NYC is the most beautiful city and I used to love meandering around the city. It warms my heart that you are so appreciative of it! I hope you and your baby bump share many more peaceful wanderings during the summer :)

  25. Jemima

    Mmmm sunflowers. Sunflowers are totally underrated. I feel like they get a bad wrap sometimes. But why?! They’re so! happy! You can’t help but feel joyful looking at one fo those things let alone a whole bunch of them! In my imaginary dream future farm I’d like to grow an entire crop of sunflowers please and thank you.

    Great s hots, looks like you have a nice time wandering around. How very important too for you to have time like that right now, before baby #3 comes along. I hope you get to do it again soon! xx jemima

  26. Zainab

    Hello Taza! NY looks like a dream and I hope that even if I never make it to see it with my own two eyes that there’ll be people like you or even just people who see it once in their lifetime who’ll be able to appreciate its wonder and its beauty. I especially loved the flowers, I love the hanging baskets, it feels like the flowers are free in the world!

  27. kcharavgi

    You make my days. You are so positive thinking . When i read your “uploads”a smile comes in my face and i wish i could speak and see you!! Keep on doing all the things you want. When i’m not well i fell better reading your thoughts!!!!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Ps Today is not a good day but ok…..

  28. Amy

    Wonderful photos! Cannot wait to be in New York next summer….and your blog is providing so much inspiration for that time! Thank you :)

  29. so pretty! isn’t it nice to go out by yourself sometimes? it’s rare that I get time to myself, but when I do, I love going for walks around my neighborhood too. you see things you don’t notice with distractions around you. the ferns at the house on 6th street, the beauty in that overgrown alleyway, the intricate details on that house on van vorst park, and wait, some people have front yards in jersey city??

    cheers to a great weekend!

  30. chelsea

    Beautiful post! It is my dream to try living in NYC just for a little bit, It’s one of those things I just always wonder about, would I love it like I think I might, or would I be scared, and possibly overwhelmed trying to tote and follow my four littles about. It’s about as total opposite as you can get from our life now. We live on a farm where they roam and play all day, right smack dab in the middle of nowhere, but it so lovely. Still I can’t shake that the city is calling to me, just for a couple months maybe, someday…

    • TAZA

      i feel you. i feel like farm life is calling me every few weeks too. wanna trade lives with your families for a week? ;)

  31. krstin

    just lovely.

  32. arielle

    those flowers really do look happy! and what a wonderful get out and explore and relish in wherever you are. thanks for the inspiration!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  33. i love how you said you’re living your dream. twin and i just recently moved back to boston, but it’s an amazing feeling to know i can always come over to your blog to feel like i haven’t entirely left new york.


  34. Joyanna

    My husband and I visited New York on July 4th weekend this year. We stayed in the Upper East Side but ventured to the Upper West Side almost every day and wished we had stayed there instead. There is definitely something different about that part of Manhattan. It’s sort of, magical. Even though we walked over 30 miles in 4 days!… I would go back and do it all again. New York definitely digs a little place in your heart and stays put. I’ve been following your blog since the beginning and your pictures and the way you speak of New York was a big reason we went in the first place, but now seeing your pictures is more like reliving wonderful memories instead of living on hopes and dreams. I love this post, thank you.

  35. vicky

    i love these walks alone. i can’t imagine anything more relaxing when your life is just a busy one. i love busy, though. i can’t complain! but there are these beautiful times (like yours) where you get to soak up your life and not just run it over. great pictures! definitely makes me want to be there and experience what you’re seeing. nyc always calls to me but i’m just a Texas girl at heart. maybe a trip there soon :) i think i’d love that.

  36. Beautiful pictures! I love your blog. If you could live in any city in the world, which would it be? :) x

  37. kendall

    what a wonderful way to spend some along time with yourself! x

  38. Ari

    It seems is not the hottest summer right?? I really miss NY and reading your posts just brings me the best memories… xx-Ari

  39. What a beautiful city I seriously need to finally visit it! I love Santa Barbara, but sometimes I could really go for some culture and a metropolitan vibe.



  40. Megan

    These photos make me want to watch You’ve Got Mail. So beautiful!

  41. giedre

    love all the bright flowers everywhere! …and those chocolate chip cookies have me totally craving sugar. :)

  42. Janis

    The photos are so vibrant and the city looks so alive! :) Might be time for a visit, maybe for some US Open tennis :)

  43. tre

    beautiful photos! thanks for sharing.

  44. Erin

    I’m glad to see a post about YOU! Take some time for yourself sans kids and blog more about Naomi!

  45. heather

    I want to string all these photos across my room :) The upper west side is so dreamy. Lovely photos.

  46. Amy

    I love the Mr Rogers reference! If you look him up online and check out some YouTube videos – he was an incredible person!

  47. Allison

    That’s nice you were able to have some time alone and take some pictures. You are such a great photographer. I can only wish I had an eye like yours. Hope you have a beautiful Friday and a great weekend.
    xoxo Allison

  48. Eva

    Thanks for sharing these photos. They bring me great memories. I lived there for a couple of years and, even though I had a love and hate relationship with the city, it was a great experience.

  49. Laura

    Always love your photos! Would it be possible to make them bigger when you click on them, so we can enjoy them in almost full-screen and flipping back and forward through the pictures? If that makes sense ;)

  50. Faith

    Naomi, this is such a beautiful and peaceful post! I always love seeing New York through your eyes (and lens). It truly is such an amazing place. I really love living in DC currently and visiting New York monthly; but I just can’t wait to get myself up to New York permanently one day.


  51. abby

    where are your blue pants from?

    • TAZA

      they are from Target!

  52. That frozen hot chocolate looks divine! I never had one, can you believe that?! I am from Austria but lived in Brooklyn for a year…. it seems like it´s ages ago and maybe it is. I miss it terribly and hope I make my way back next year, even if it´s just for a few weeks ;)

    Love your photos. Just got myself a Canon ;)

  53. I’ll be in NYC next weekend and can’t wait!

  54. Sarah Wolfman-Robichaud

    Well-captured. As an ex-New Yorker (that sounds so negative….how about former-New Yorker?), I have such fond memories of wandering around the UWS. Thanks for sharing – it is such a remarkable pocket of the city. Your post sure brought me back…

  55. beautiful pictures :) sometimes a walk around the neighborhood by yourself is just what one needs.
    xo, cheyenne

  56. Emily

    wow, so gorgeous! Definitely a must-go place in life that I would love to visit and your photography skills are amazing with all these colours too!

  57. beautiful photos, as always, taza. hope you have had a great weekend!

  58. simple, natural, beauty-full

  59. Ashley

    Your blog is such an inspiration to me. I’m not a mommy yet, but I enjoy reading your adventures in mommy-hood so much! I am not a stalker, I promise, but last week I read your entire blog. [Seriously, the whole thing! It’ slike 370 pages!!!]. Thank you for giving me inspiration and insight every week! :)

  60. Chelsey

    very lovely <3

  61. Today, I went to the beachfront with my children. I found a sea shell and gave it
    to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell
    to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her
    ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this iss entirely off topic but I had to tell someone!


    I’ve never been to New York nor in the States but thanks to your view of this city if any time in my life I have the posibility to travel to, I know the places I could visit. Nice pics

  63. Brianna

    How fun! I always enjoy looking through all of your pictures!

  64. Bella

    I love your photographs! they’re always so happy!

  65. Lovely idea! Great to have some time for yourself :)

  66. Kristy

    I saw that you mentioned pants are from target, but what section? Love the bright blue and always on the hunt for some cute workout clothes! Thanks!

  67. Kristy

    I know that you mentioned pants are from target, but what section? Loving the blue and always on the lookout for some cute workout clothes! Thanks!

  68. I just adore these photos! We’re just about head into Spring here in Australia so I LOVE seeing the warmth and sunshine of your Summer pics. Soooo wish I could be in NY right now – it’s magical this time of year! One day we’ll pack up the 3 kids and head on over for a holiday again. One day :)
    C x