family traditions. and biking and hiking fishing, too!

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while we were at lake tahoe last week, we spent some time hiking and biking and just enjoying the outdoors as much as we could. the area was so beautiful, it was hard to spend time inside. it’s always a funny thing for me, because i grew up in the mountains, but i never appreciated them the way i should have until i moved to new york city. i guess i just took it all for granted. i probably still do more than i should.

josh and i have been talking a lot about family traditions. like, what is it that our family will love to do together over the years to come, and carry on over the decades together. we know a family back in DC who all have learned to unicycle, even their tiny children. and they unicycle now in parades or on sunday afternoons together or in the evenings after school and work. it’s such a fun and unique tradition that really gets everyone involved. right now i feel like biking is a big one for us, but we’re not seasoned bikers by any means. biking around the city is a whole different ballgame. but maybe as the kids grow, if they are into it, that could turn into a bigger family thing for us. maybe each family just falls into some sort of tradition by happy accident, maybe you can’t plan what you’re family will love to do together over the years to come. maybe you can’t say, “we’ll be a tennis family…” because who knows if everyone will be up for that. i don’t know… i just want to be sure we cultivate a spirit of loving to do things together from the early years on, and that we can find maybe one specific activity or sport we all love and are passionate about.

anyway, back to lake tahoe. here are a few last photos from our time there last week if you’d like to see….


^^^their first experience in a bike trailer. i think they liked it. besides those ten minutes where they kept banging their helmets against each others thinking it was funny before it turned out not to be funny and both were crying from a big bonk. ;) and there’s me and mister samson and the baby bump hiking around the lake! ^^^


^^^we bought a second ergo last year for traveling and hiking. we don’t seem to go too often, but when we do, all we talk about is how we need to do it more.^^^


^^^hiking with a bit of our family. those rocks are no joke.^^^739458700028937482

^^^the pinkest of skies one night on our way back to the hotel… ^^^


^^^trying to feed the ducks, but really just unintentionally frightening them.^^^


^^^donuts early in the morning from a local grocery store that i didn’t think would taste that great but still went out at 7-something in morning to pick some up because you don’t mess with a pregnant lady and her cravings. these donuts exceeded all my expectations though and i ate more than i’d like to admit.^^^


^^^ice cream face! and jumping into the pool has never been so fun. don’t know how many times we did that!^^^


^^^more ice cream one afternoon near lakeview beach. it was a little stand by the lake called lakeview cafe with several homemade flavors and if you go, i’m still thinking about the pistachio!^^^


^^^on our last afternoon, we went fishing in hopes to catch some trout for dinner! josh’s older brother caught 3 fish within the first half hour and our poor kids were growing impatient with our terrible skills. i mean, how hard is it to catch something in a pond packed with trout? (if you’re asking me, very hard! impossible, really!) but josh and samson finally caught one and please note samson’s face in these photos below. he couldn’t have been happier! pure joy, bringing that fish in with the net! it was the sweetest.^^^


^^^do you see what i mean?^^^


^^^it was like the world stopped for a good minute while he just giggled over his fish! “i did it! i did it!” and eleanor cheered him on like the sweetest big sister, “you did it! you did it, samson!” such a fun moment for all of us.^^^


^^^back at the hotel, papa and the men cooked the trout for dinner! i was a little bit skeptical at first, but it actually was pretty delicious.^^^


^^^oh yes, and we kayaked too! thanks kids for paddling! ^^^


and that pretty much sums up a few of our favorite moments from lake tahoe! thanks for following along.

  1. Lonka

    you guys are great!

  2. marie

    I can’t wait to go fishing, hiking and canoeing with my sons some day too! It seems so fun. My youngest son is only a month old now, so I guess I’ll have to wait a few more months or years… Haha. Btw Samson is getting cuter day by day!

  3. Noelle

    Such cute pictures, looks like a really fun trip!

  4. Lauren

    Hi Naomi,

    Great to see that your family is having such a beautiful vacation in Lake Tahoe. I love it there.

    I read this article on the Times’ website yesterday and would love to get your thoughts: You bring a unique perspective to this debate since your family blog has been so successful. Maybe a future blog post?

    Anyway, enjoy the remainder of your vacation! Looking forward to more pictures.

  5. Trisha F

    Looks like a blast!
    I am curious- with your ergos, how long did your wear them with either kid in them?
    Our 2 year old is 35 pounds and our hiking pack is starting to kill us!


    • TAZA

      well, we still put eleanor in the ergo (she actually loves it more than samson) and she’s 3 1/2! i don’t think she’s 35 lbs yet though. but we have tried a few different carriers and wraps and the ergo is our favorite. it seems to distribute their weight more evenly so your shoulders and back aren’t crying. but i think it’s different for everyone, so it really depends on your body and your baby.

  6. chelsea

    What a lovely family vacation, it looks like everyone had so much fun and especially your littles. I’m sure they enjoyed every bit of all your outdoor activities. I know what you mean about finding and cultivating those traditions. It seems all to important to find something to do together that bonds everyone in a common love, But more than that just doing things new together as a family, having adventure with just us and the kids, it makes for magical moments.

  7. kristin

    what a fun family vacation!

  8. Cat

    Wow, Tahoe is gorgeous, isn’t it? Some of my fondness memories are going on walks through the forest there and hanging out at some of the beautiful lakes hidden up in the mountains. It looks like you guys had such a wonderful time!


  9. Alanna

    Beautiful photos!! Yay, for babywearing! My husband and I wear our son (we have an Ergo as well). It has been very handy in our house!

    Thanks for sharing :)


    • TAZA

      we seriously love those ergos! my back especially.

  10. We love Lake Tahoe! I believe Base Camp pizza was right across from your hotel!! I hope you tried it. Our family seriously thought it was the best (ok, maybe I’m building it up too much). Those pictures make me want to go back. We were there just a few weeks ago. Seriously, one of my favorite places in the whole world.

    • TAZA

      hi! we did try base camp! we didn’t love the pizza (maybe it was just what we ordered) but we did like the spaghetti and meatballs! and all the free refills! (lol)

  11. zaby

    I love how you do everything with your children. it is so cute

  12. Jenna

    So beautiful! Would love to get to Lake Tahoe someday. Can I ask wear you got your beautiful scarf?! I”ve been looking for a bright print for awhile now with no luck, but I LOVE yours! Thanks :)

  13. April

    Oh my gosh! I absolutely adore these photos! It looks like you guys had such a great time away, and well done to Samson for catching that fish! Whenever I see photos of hiking spots, it makes me wish that we had places around here like that! So beautiful!
    Have a great week!
    xo April Everyday

  14. Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite vacation spots. Because you can have fun during the summer on the lake or in the winter skiing on Heavenly. Plus there is an amazing vegan restaurant called Sprouts that you must try!
    Looks like your family had a wonderful time!

  15. Lara

    I love this post! I am pregnant with my first child (a boy-he’s due in November) and I have been thinking about adventures me and my hubby can take him on when he gets older. My husband and his family all have traditions of camping and canoeing; so, I would really like to do that with the little one. I love your idea of bicycling, but I live in a pretty populated area. I’m not sure how we would be able to maneuver our bikes and make sure that the little one is okay at the same time! Thank you for sharing!


  16. Kat

    Your family is just SO CUTE. I can’t quite believe it. Lovely, lovely photos and everyone looks like they’re having the best time! Has got me craving some outdoors time – might be time to get out of the city.

    Kat x

  17. alma

    Stunning scenery and adorable family pictures! Looks like you guys are having a blast :)

  18. You guys look great outdoors! Any chance you’ll be moving to a more family friendly part of the country soon?!


  19. Petra

    I love your blog. It inspires me and makes me wanna be a better persons.
    I hav to compliment your gorgeous scarf that you are wearing on when eating icecream with kids. Would you be so kind and tell us where did you get it?
    Wish you all the best!

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s an old kate spade scarf.

  20. i have to ask, where is E’s black and white romper from? It is too cute!

    • TAZA

      it’s from my girlfriend’s new clothing line, welkin nyc!

  21. Jemima

    How great is this post! Can’t get over little S’s face pulling in that fish… Deffffffinitely one to frame or pull out on his 21st! This seems like a pretty perfect way to round out summer.. Biking, hiking, fishing and 7am donuts… My idea of a good time!

    xx jemima

  22. nancy

    looks like such a fun trip! :) i would looove it if you could do a post on where you purchase your adorable & modest one-piece swimsuits – i have been searching high + low for some affordable, yet cute options, but haven’t had much luck!

    xo, nancy.

    • TAZA

      i’ve seemed to collect a good amount over the years all by Jantzen. i love theirs the most. ASOS and kate spade saturday have also had a few great options the past few summers. good luck!

  23. I enjoyed reading about your family adventures in Lake Tahoe! I’ve always wanted to go with my boys, because although we’re a city family they love the outdoors! I’ve never even considered taking them fishing. So thank you for the idea- I can already hear Charlie & Christopher’s sweet laugh after their first catch :D!

  24. Amanda

    That ice cream — yes! I believe I had lemon custard when we were there last month. And speaking of traditions, I think ours so far is a camping trip every summer. We camped at D.L. Bliss (just outside of South Lake Tahoe) for the second year in a row this July and it was just lovely! Part of us wants to go back to Lake Tahoe again next summer, but another part wants to check out other places to camp, like the Redwoods near Santa Cruz, CA… so many beautiful places in this country! Thanks for sharing your lovely pics of South Lake Tahoe!

  25. Daisy Valdivia

    Now that’s just crazy! I thought it was delicious but we’re from LA, so what do we know about pizza. Haha

    Great to know you’re having a blast though :)

  26. AGATA

    Hi Davis Family!
    it’s really wonderful that you want to cultivate a spirit of loving to do things together, You are amazing parents who spend a lot of time with kids. I think this is the best way to raise them well.

    I really like your brown jacket, can you tell me where did you buy it?

    Love, xoxo

    • TAZA

      thank you so much agata! my jacket is from zara.

  27. Jean

    you guys are so adorable! i’m wanting to try lake tahoe now!
    those photos of S catching the trout are so memorable.
    i love seeing family getting together! xo

  28. Martha.from Spain

    Internet is full of horrific images of violence, sadness, jealousy without reason and suddenly you enter in blogs like this… Thank you Naomi for sharing joy, laughter and happiness through the photos of your lovely and beautiful family !! We are eager to meet the new baby!

  29. Annette Gomez

    The pictures of Samson and Eleanor had be teary eyed, What wonderful memories they will have from your pictures.

    On another note, my family of 7 took a trip to Lake Tahoe when I was 10 and it was the BEST family vacation we ever took. Nothing beats being outdoors in nature with your family.

  30. liz

    this is irrelevant but… you and joy should totally do a “fav pips” post from time to time, like how some bloggers do ‘fav pins’ posts. would love to see what you’ve discovered on pippit.

    • TAZA

      that’s a great idea! thank you!

  31. such great photos! what lens do you use? that pic of you and your kiddos eating ice cream is really good!

    • TAZA

      thanks! a few of these are iPhone photos, the others are taken with our canon 6D and the kit lens.

  32. Chelsea

    oh my goodness, samson’s face in those fish photos!!! i was grinning, too. couldn’t help myself. his future wife is going to treasure those!

  33. I was just in McCall, ID, and everyone was talking about how it’s so similar to Tahoe. I’ve never been to Tahoe, but looking at these pictures confirms that it doesn’t even compare! Need to add it to my list!

  34. Cintya

    This seems like so much fun!. Your pictures capture the adventure perfectly.

  35. Teresa

    it looks like you guys had a blast! how did you manage hiking with a baby strapped to you and a bump?? i’m 18 weeks right now and i don’t think i’d survive 5 minutes in!

  36. amanda

    i’ve been thinking about stuff like this a lot. my husband and i are going to start trying for a kid in the next year and we’ve talked a lot about how we want to establish the sort of lifestyle and traditions we want to have. running and living an active lifestyle is one, skateboarding is another. that being said, what an awesome vacation! lake tahoe is one of the most beautiful places i’ve seen and looks like you guys are making the most of it.

  37. Tammy

    I have to admit that looks like a perfect little escape.

    Ms. E looks so big in her stripes! How adorable they are…what beautiful memories.


  38. andrea p

    i loved this blog post & i would love love to check out beautiful lake tahoe one day, thanks for sharing with us!
    I realize this is probably annoying because you get a million questions like this all the time, but here it goes: What style # are those New Balance shoes? Where did you get them? They are the perfect combo of girlie & comfy :)

  39. hanna

    The whole trip looks like a dream –Hanna Lei

  40. Bea

    Hi Naomi!
    You’re having a great summer!
    I’m in love with mountains, and hiking is always a good idea!!!
    Have a nice day!

  41. Jenny

    LOVE reading about your fam and seeing all of the cute pictures. Makes me even more excited for the adventures my husband and I will have when we are ready to have kids!

  42. i love how traditions are important to your growing family – inspiring and encouraging!

  43. Kelly

    This looks like such a fun family vacation and so many yummy sweets!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  44. McKayla

    That picture of Samson holding the fish with Josh’s huge smile in the background and Eleanor smiling too… I literally started to tear up!!! That was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

  45. Brittni

    Such great photos and memories from this trip! I love the idea of creating family traditions; something that your children can continue to pass on through generations. Those things are so important when it comes to creating a strong family bond and positive child development. The fact that you’re thinking about it shows you guys are great parents!

    Storytelling can be a powerful family tradition and have a hugely positive impact on kids. Here’s a great article that explains a little more about it:

  46. Taylor

    Gorgeous photos! My family doesn’t have too many traditions, but whenever we’re on vacation, we always pick out a good ice cream place the first or second night and go there every day. I didn’t say it was a healthy tradition, but it sure is yummy!


  47. Brittany

    love love love this post. lake tahoe is one of my favorite places. and your family is adorable.

    this might be a little random but would you mind telling me some of Josh’s favorite clothing stores? i love his style and my husband’s birthday is coming up! need some ideas!

    thanks! xoxo

  48. Ceniza

    Hi Taza…! I plan a trip for next week to Maine with 4 and 2 y.o – and about to do things like what you did (fishing, kayaking, little hiking and biking, basically all nature-things activities).
    I’m impressed with how Samson and E always looked very fresh (and always happy) doing all the activities – do you have any tips to make them excited about long hour road trip? And what foods to pack? (my kids always hungry) And how to keep the parents “sane” and happy? :) I know this might sounds like weird questions, but this is my first time to do trip a bit far for four of us. I always scared to imagine my kids will get cranky or somewhat less interested with the road trip idea and “scared” to imagine both me and my husband will get super tired in between driving and caring the kids.

    Thank you!

  49. Sherlyn

    Hi, i really enjoy your photos. They’re beautiful. What camera do you use?

  50. I love your family, love your blog, been following for a while just have more time to comment now! This post is just stunning – the photos capture everything perfectly – it makes me wish I was there x Ax
    Instagram: @littlemissalba
    Twitter: @littlemissalba

  51. Melissa

    Where are the kids one piece suits from?! I’ve been looking for one!

  52. Melissa

    It looks so beautiful :D

  53. i cannot wait for my trip to lake tahoe. it looks so, so gorgeous!

  54. Ari

    I have always been terrified of growing older and what life after college will be like. However you have put that fear to rest. Reading your blog helps me to see the joy that comes with a family and marriage. :)

  55. Julia G

    Hi Taza! Your pics never seize to amaze me! Ive been trying to go back several blog post to find what type of camera you use! I know it’s a canon but could u please remind me again ;) thanks!

    • TAZA

      hi! thank you! my camera info is on my FAQ page under my ABOUT section, but it’s a canon 6D. a few of these pics in this post are iPhone as well though. :)

  56. Megan

    Hi Naomi! Where is Josh’s jacket from? Love it!

    • TAZA

      hi! his jacket is by patagonia.

  57. Rachel

    I loved reading this post, looks like such a fun time with your family. And the photos of catching the fish just made me smile so much!

  58. Caitlin

    Our family’s tradition when I was little was Miniature Golf! It didn’t require any special skill, and it’s hard not to like :) We still try to play a round when my brother and I are both at my parents’ now.

  59. Heather

    Those photos of Samson are precious, what great memories!

  60. Gabriella

    Beautiful! My fiance and I own a home in South Lake Tahoe – can’t wait for Labor Day to visit (we live in sunny Los Angeles). We’re getting married at Squaw Valley Resort next fall.

    Nex time you’re in town, you need to try Sno-Flake – their burgers and milkshakes are to die for. ;)

  61. Heidi

    Hi Taza!

    Your vacation pics are so wonderful. I’m planning a trip with our family to Tahoe and wondering where you went fishing for trout. My dad’s loves fishing and I’m sure he would enjoy teaching our two-year old. Samson’s face is priceless!


  62. Alba rengifo

    Hi taza! I have a question..I actually would like to get pregnant again but my first born is just 6 months. How long did you waited to have your second child? Any tips to make a second pregnancy healthy ? Would love to hear from you!! Xoxo- Alba

  63. Seriously, Samson’s face after he caught that fish.. Looks like the happiest boy in the world and what a great memory! Frame-worthy for sure!!

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  65. Dara

    Looks so fun! My husband and I are starting to plan a trip to Lake Tahoe. I’m curious where you guys stayed and if you’d recommend it? Thanks lady!