evening bike rides in the city.

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the other night we took an evening bike ride to dinner and ended up taking the longer route and spending a good while biking through central park and the upper west side beforehand. (if you’re ever in the city it’s so worth renting a bike and doing the central park loop a few times. we love that loop.)  samson kept saying “faster mama! go faster!” the entire ride, and every time i did manage to pass josh and eleanor (it was rare) he’d throw his hands up in the air with this loud part fake, part real chuckle like we were plotting some sort of crazy world take over and it was working. that, or his competitive streak is coming out.

we biked to dinner, and then to the candy store so the kids could pick out a new pez candy dispenser for a full day of travel and airplanes and layovers we had coming up (we flew out of the city yesterday to see family out west for a bit.) we also attempted to stop into west elm for a hot second to look at a piece of furniture josh and i are debating getting but we were quickly reminded what idiots we were to think we’d be able to be in any sort of furniture store with our kids running free outside the stroller on a sugar high. (no, no one broke anything, but there was a close call when samson picked up two champagne glasses displayed on a coffee table and banged them together to make music.)


^^^E and her tiny teddy bear, who she has named rudolph, joined us on our bikes! after the ride, eleanor announced that rudolph didn’t like the bumps! i think she was projecting. ;)  so he might not come again, she said. we’ll have to see…^^^


^^^my little bike buddy. ps- i know his helmet is pushed back on his head here which is incorrect. we work to keep samson in a helmet whenever we bike or scoot, since he always pulls it back on his head or wants it off. we ordered him a new helmet over the weekend actually in hopes that a different brand will be harder for him to pull back or off.  any tips?^^^



^^^this weather has been just so so good lately. i’m not sure where the humidity went, and i surely don’t want to jinx it, but life without it in the summer has been kind of wonderful this past week.  we ate dinner at an outside table and really enjoyed it. ^^^


^^^and S devoured pretty much this entire bowl of guacamole. can’t wait to see what we spend on food bills for this kiddo come the teenage years. i don’t know where he puts it!^^^


^^^and then we struggle a bit here with this one when it comes to food.  we’re in a bit of a picky stage, which i’m not sure is entirely eleanor or just her age and showing her independence. we try not to cater to it, but we also try not to force it. kids eating food, it’s what a lot of josh and my conversations revolve around these days. hi to parenthood.^^^


^^^the churros for dessert however, we all agreed those were mighty fine.^^^


^^^getting to sample some pez outside the candy store! my kids love pez! and i love how much work it takes for them to eat it. we stocked up for the airplane.  also, please notice samson’s poor battle wounds on the side of his face (he fell down at the park.) how we haven’t ended up in a emergency room with either of these kiddos yet is beyond me. they sure do have an adventurous streak!


^^^and ps. this picture has nothing to do with our biking night or this post really, but i loved this shot from saturday of S longingly looking out at the ice cream truck parked so conveniently outside the playground fence.  couldn’t pull him away to play, his eyes were glued to that truck. it was kind of the sweetest thing.  oh to be a little kid! i sure do those these babes.^^^

hope your weekend was wonderful, friends! happy monday!

  1. Nicole

    We are visiting New York right now and i keep secretly hoping I run into you! Too bad you’re out west now! Have fun!!

  2. Chelsea

    It all looks lovely as ever! Hope you have so much fun visiting family and taking a little vacation! We just started our first day of homeschool for the year, and I’m already missing our sweet summer time!


  3. this weather is perfect for biking… so glad you get to enjoy it with your kiddos while it lasts! take advantage of it after that terribly cold winter we had :P

  4. Angela

    I saw you and your family at LGA yesterday morning! They are adorable! I spent the weekend in NYC and was heading home to Kansas City. I almost said hello, but thought you probably didn’t want to “work” on Sunday morning — it must be odd to have strangers from all over the country say hello. :)
    Your family is as darling in real life!
    Angela B.

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  6. nanette

    I love Samson’s haircut. He is just the sweetest. And I know about a picky eater! My daughter is three and everyday is a struggle. Hopefully it’s just a phase!

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s a bern helmet.

  7. Tania

    Man, we have this helmet issue too with our 2 year old little guy. We’ve found that keeping his hands busy is best (he leaves it alone on his scooter but not on the bike), as he’s too distracted to fight the helmet. Maybe Samson needs a Rudolph of his own ;) Glad you guys are well & having fun xo

  8. Emily

    hahah i could barely do the loop once. i actually started crying and it was just a hot mess. but geezum. a couple times! you go girl!


    So adorable those kiddos! I love the guac.

  10. Ali

    where do you get Eleanor’s headbands from?

    • TAZA

      it’s from shop ban.do!

  11. Christina

    what a beautiful beautiful family and a great idea for a family outing. i just had a question — do you all tote around your “big” camera (DSLR) for outings like these? or do you use your iPhone to capture the sweet moments? if you take your DSLR, how do you keep it on a bike? is there an attached bag some where? gosh i hope you answer because i would love to do something like this some day with my little family :)

    • TAZA

      i wore a backpack with all our stuff in it, although we pack very light when we’re on the bikes. i keep the camera either around my neck or in the backpack when we’re out. it’s big, but so worth taking out. always glad i brought it!

  12. I’m not yet a Mum myself but I just love reading your posts about your beautiful family and your adorable little ones. Your life is so full of joy and love and one day, I hope to have a family as gorgeous as yours!

    Beth xo.


  13. Alexis

    Absolutely in love with your outfit…. And hair… And glasses! (; you do such a great job with making sure E and S get plenty of kid time. Keep it up! (:

  14. cutest pictures!!
    I love love love E’s headband. She looks adorable in it.

    Have fun with the family.
    I hope the pregnancy is going super for you! :)

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  15. Oh yes dear, it definitely looks like a wonderful summertime in NYC… here in the west of Germany summer is almost over.. and we start pulling our autumn moods together..

    But your pics are always helping to get in a good mood, even while autumn is almost here…
    thanks so much!
    Love from far away and the -fatcatconnection-

    Ps: Where do you have the best ideas?

  16. Allison

    Looks like fun! I wish we had more opportunities to do something like this. So much fun. The food as always looks amazing. I hope you have a wonderful Monday!
    xoxo Allison

  17. Sarah Balzac

    I’m not a mother, but I nannied two kids and this is how I handled pickyness. For the one that was E’s age, since what was ever served to him was healthy, I didn’t bother with trying to get him to eat something. If I offered him something he would never take it, but he would if it came off my plate (He was always eating my food and drinking from my glass. The parents knew and we decided that since we both have healthy and strong immune systems it was better he drink from my cup of water than never really drink from his own LOL. After 2 1/2 years I swear we probably share DNA at this point). With the little girl, well the parents never pushed her and let her gently grow out of it. One time I had cooked something that I knew was to her taste, but she was refusing to try it. Since at this point she was a very articulate and smart 6 year old I blurted out this: “Look, you are going to live a very boring food life if you don’t start trying out new things. You can’t know that you don’t like it until you try it. You come out of your mamma’s belly never haven eaten anything so technically even milk was once something new to you and look, now you can’t live with out it. Please try this, if you don’t like it spit it out, I won’t care. BUT so we start to understand what you don’t like and like more, tell me why you don’t like it. Is it too salty? Too spicy? Too soggy? Just let me know.” Well what do you know, from then on forward she was always more willing to try new things and if she was very clear about what she did and did not like. I got her to expand her taste buds a slight bit and be much happier come meal time. It was the best speech of my life LOL I hope it’s that easy once I do have kids.

  18. Rachel

    I remember being younger and strolling/biking through Central Park. It’s beautiful! I think your humidity traveled across the country to Los Angeles. It’s been pretty humid here Hope you all enjoy your trip! The photos are just lovely (as usual).


  19. Cat

    Biking is such an awesome way to bond as a family! I have wonderful memories of cruising around town with my folks when I was a kid. These adventures will make awesome memories.


  20. My first instinct about Eleanor is that we get so used to the taste of sugary foods (i.e. churros and pez) that regular foods begin to taste bland and seem un-enticing. It’s definitely true for me, as an adult – the more processed food I eat, the less appetizing everything else sounds. Might be worth experimenting. XO

  21. karolina

    we got KED MEGGY for our son – i don’t know if it’s available in the US.

    it has a great size adjustment and the guy at the store told us, the helmet has to stick to the head – it should not slip while the strap is still open. (sorry for my bad english, i hope you get what i mean!)


  22. Sarah

    Love your family, you’re so full of joy. X

  23. Giselle

    All so beautiful! Could you maybe tell me where E’s raglan top is from? Xx

  24. Tamara

    You have such a cute little family! Your pictures make me want to visit New York so badly ;).

  25. Tamara

    You have such a cute little family! Your pictures make me want to visit New York so badly ;).


  26. Judith

    Sounds like a fun ride in the park! Where is Eleanor’s cute shirt from?

    • TAZA

      it’s from crewcuts!

  27. Katy

    Perfect way to spend a NYC summer night. I miss summer in the city! I’ve been there many times, but still haven’t gone for a bike ride in the park. Adding that to my NYC to-do list!

  28. Teresa

    I love the idea of biking around with the family. we like to take our kiddos on bike rides too around our florida neighborhood. our rides are not as pleasant because there’s soooo much heat, but we manage with a lot of starbucks stops in between!

  29. Hi Naomi! I love your photos. Gosh, you have such a good eye and have seriously encouraged me to start my own blog. Anyways, I’m not a parent but I work with kids and have worked as a preschool teacher and always encouraged the kids to eat (if they didn’t like something) I encouraged them to at least take 1 bite or a lick. If that just didn’t work, it must just be that they didn’t like it. Plus, as you grow your taste buds change and what Eleanor doesn’t like now, she might like down the road.

  30. I love your helmet! And the whole biking thing is so amsterdamy :) ! Lots of love.

  31. Alexandra

    hi naomi! i have been searching your blog trying to find a post i vaguely remember where you talked about your kiddies co-bedding and possibly also touched on the topic of not having a set bed time? I cant remember the proper term for it but I am very interested in the subject :)

    Thanks for the help!

    • TAZA

      i didn’t write one specific post about it, i think i might have just shared a sentence or two in a few posts about it here and there, so i don’t know of the exact post to link. sorry!

  32. One of the things on my list: Visit New York! Love all these pictures!

  33. Utah? Welcome. It’s been devishly hot here though. Have a good trip – cutest little S eating guacamole! haha!

  34. carson

    hi Naomi – just to help out a fellow follower who was after that certain blogpost that mentions co sleeping and bedtimes, i can’t respond to her directly but i think maybe you could pass this on in a response to her. i believe the post she is referring to is this one… http://lovetaza.com/2013/10/inside-the-teepee/ – hope it helps. have a good week ! p.s if its a boy… everett is so so good. it spounds so strong with davis, Everett Davis ` and also, sounds lovely with the others… Eleanor Samson and Everett! love love love.

  35. bri

    so cute! i’m anxiously awaiting for when my littlest is big enough for bike rides! william and brad go sometimes together but it’s not much fun for me to follow with charlotte in the stroller. come on, december!

  36. April

    Seeing these photos of your little family biking trip is seriously making me so broody (and that never happens haha!). I love your helmet too!
    Have a great week!
    xo April

  37. Sarah

    Eleanor’s little headband is so sweet!

  38. Jessica

    Oh man I love that Central Park loop too (so much that I also blogged about it!). I like how your kids are little speed demons already! Haha


  39. looks to have been a lovely day!
    safe travels!

  40. Tina

    Love your shades and gimme that guac!

  41. Kids don’t get taste buds until they are two (almost three), so three is a very picky age, It will pass. My daughter was the same way (She will be four in October), and she is getting over it. All of the three year olds we know barely eat a thing!

  42. Lindsay

    I have an almost 8 month old and I was curious when he was “big enough” for a bike ride. I received the iBert seat as gift (it goes on the front like Samson’s) and was curious at what age you started this?

    • TAZA

      my pediatrician told us when E was small that once she could sit up on her own for long periods of time (around 6 or 7 months) that she was OK in an enclosed bike seat. i’m sure it varies from family to family and child to child, but by 9 months we had both kiddos on our bikes. they have loved it!

  43. Christy

    Buy an actual helmet made for riding bikes. If it fits right with straps they won’t be able to push it back and it will be comfortable. Pretty sure his helmet there isn’t an actual bike helmet. He needs like the Y straps that have a strap that goes around the front and back of his ears and connect under his ears. (My husband works for a bike helmet company)

  44. Ashley

    The humidity came to North Carolina! ;) Lovely photos as always!

  45. Kathryn

    Loving E’s hair tie/band recently. Have fun out West, thanks for taking the time to post. You are swell.

  46. alison

    The humidity came to southern California! Please take it back new york!!

  47. rachael

    re: the west elm visit: thank your kids! I bought the loveliest sleeper sofa & 4 months later am still embroiled in a battle royale with WE over it. tragically it looks nothing like the one in the store… & neither did its replacement. they’ve been very sweet but it has been quite the saga!

  48. Catherine

    I’m sorry but I can’t think of anything more empowering than biking with your toddler and being 6 months along (I am…and I think you are close behind). I feel like shouting “I am woman–hear me roar!”every time we come home from a family bike ride!!Is that silly? Oh well if it is..lol. So GOOO you! and ps. Now I think I have to wall up to the boardwalk to get some funnel cake…while its no a churro its the closest thing I’ve got to it right now. lol. Safe travels.

  49. Brandi

    I love your blog! I was wondering if you could tell me where Samson’s striped shorts from the last picture are from….thank you!!!

  50. Margaret

    Your bike is too cute for words! May I ask where it’s from? I’ve been looking for a red cruiser bike for a long time!

  51. vivian

    totally feel you on balancing the fine line of getting your kid to eat but not trying to force it too much! i always worry leah isn’t eating enough since she’s on the skinny side, yet i remember being traumatized as a kid being forced to eat and i don’t want that to happen to leah!

  52. Alyssa

    We just moved back to Philly from Manhattan – side note, I think you & your family would love to live in Philadelphia – but you make me miss NYC oh so much. Thanks for sharing!


  53. Kerli

    Ohh how I enjoy your blog and your family and those smiles! I’m home with my 8month old daughter (first) and enjoy it so much! Looking pictures where Samson is on the bike in front of you make me dream, next summer we can do that too!! You are a fantastic woman! Thank you so much for keeping me inspired!
    Greetings from Estonia!

  54. Danielle

    I see Eleanor has one, but I’d suggest a good-fitting Nutcase. They adjust so easily with the dial on back and you can get a good snug fit that way. Hard to move if it’s snug enough, I think! :)

  55. Selina

    Hello, how about reading a story book about bicycle helmets to Samson? Maybe it’ll change his views about the helmet. Just a thought! : )

    Love your blog!

  56. zaby

    the bike ride looks absolutely heavenly

  57. Kathy

    Hi! I just had a baby 3 months ago and my OB warned that bike riding while pregnant is dangerous (because your center of gravity is off). She recommended that I wait to bike ride until after the baby was born. Be careful!

  58. Taylor

    It looks and sounds like such an awesome day! I love the idea of biking for an entire day around the city with kiddos.


  59. Helen

    Hi, Naomi!

    I wonder if Samson might like to have a kiddo-sized motorcycle helmet — you know, complete with the face shield. Perhaps he’d allow the helmet to sit on his head properly because it’d be so fun to wear! :-) I was imagining something like these: http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/motorcycle/Youth%20Helmet%20With%20Face%20Shield.

    I realize you said you ordered him a new one already — but, if that doesn’t work, maybe a snazzy biker boy helmet will? ;-)

  60. Mariana Chávez

    I can totally tell you went to a mexican place, that Valentina salsa is THE salsa here at México. We basically use it for everything haha try it with some chips and lime… de-li-ci-ous! Have an excellent week guys!

  61. Anne

    Looks like a lovely evening! As much as I’m dreaming about fall, this summer bike ride looks pretty perfect!

    The Hills Are Alive

  62. haylie

    WHERE is that delightful-looking taco place? We’re in DC (in your old ward, as a matter of fact!) but try to get to NY fairly often.

    • TAZA

      it’s called el mitote! on the UWS.

  63. Tlee

    Your family is adorable! What bike seat are you using? I’m looking to get one for my two year old but I can’t decide on front or back or which brand. Any recommendations? Thanks!!

    • TAZA

      we are currently using YEPP bike seats for the kiddos. i think the front seat is up to 30 or 35 lbs, you’ll have to double check though. samson loves it. the only thing i wish was improved on the Yepp back seat is a handle or bar for E to hold onto when riding. i think it helps her feel secure to have something there, which the Yepp doesn’t. we had schwinn bike seats before we bought the yepp’s and loved both but one was stolen and the other was vandalized on the street. :/ welcome to nyc i guess!

  64. Audrey

    I walked right by you all having dinner the other night! I wanted to gush and tell you how much I loved your blog and say hi to the littles but I obviously didn’t want to interrupt your meal :)

  65. Lotta

    We had the same problem with our daughter before, she always puched the helmet back. Funny thing is that we resolved it by getting the excact same model of helmet that Samson is wearing in the picture!

    • TAZA

      lol! gotta love these munchkins! ;)

  66. Tram

    I ADORE your family :) My 21 month old daughter’s favorite color is blue and I would love to know where E’s RAGLAN TEE is from. I think she would look just as cute in it as E :D Could you share the BRAND please?!

  67. Sym

    We love biking around the city (Phnom Penh) with our kids – it’s a great way to explore new neighborhoods or experience our own differently. There are lots of cities out there!

  68. marie

    E really does look a big sister nowadays! My sons are 6 and 1 month old, and I can’t wait for them to ride bikes and play with each other in the future.. :)


  69. Bea

    Oh my God!
    I really like Eleonor with her new hair-style, she looks like a little woman, and she has that adorable face….
    Give her a loooot of kisses!!!

  70. What a fun day out with the family. Your kids are so cute and they look like they had fun. Thanks for sharing your summer fun photos!

  71. Leith

    Your family needs to stop being so ridiculously good looking! I’m 29 and I still remember all the bike rides we took as a family when I was your kids’ age. Great memories, indeed, Keep on rockin’.


  72. arielle

    what a fun little adventure. your family is just too cute for words and I love all of the sweet and darling things your little ones say. thanks so much for sharing!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

    p.s. those churros look amazing!

  73. Krystal

    Hi! This is a totally unrelated topic but I wanted to share it. I know you mentioned having to juggle around furniture etc with the babes one the way and thought the below link was a great option for 3 kids sharing 1 room. Ikea has a low loft style bed that you can actually use as a bunk bed ( one mattress on the ground in the loft area ). That way 2 kids are only taking up the space of 1 leaving easy space for kid 3 :)


  74. Luisa

    My daughter is also a very picky helmet user (she was born on 11 May 2012-so same age as Samson) but once we got her ‘Melon-helmet’ –name of the brand…she does not want to take it off. Good luck w the cute bump and lovely kiddos. Greetings from Vienna, Austria!

  75. Julia S

    Such a perfect city day! Biking, guacamole and family. Lovely xx


  76. brittany

    your family is seriously so sweet. i cannot imagine how precious baby #3 will be! :)

  77. N.H.


    My three kids have helmets from KDE.
    They love them cause of the style and I like them cause of the security.

    I’m from Germany. If you cannot find them, search at amazon.de.

    Best regards

  78. Rebecca

    My 1 year old daughter and I just took our first bike ride while visting the beach. It was awesome! We live in Baltimore, which is very bike friendly. It would be great if you would do a bike post with tips, products, and more for riding around the city with kids.

  79. Kelly

    I love your family bike rides, such a cute way to get in family bonding!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  80. Bec

    Bike helmet advice…I have the same problem with my daughter. I started putting a hat / cap under the helmet and it made a huge difference, sits properly and won’t move around :)

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  82. Kate Rycenga

    I LOVE your daughter’s headbands. Are they just fabric or are they specially fitted for youngsters? I’m also in love with your sunglasses(such a stalker, i know)! You may have already given out this info but I’m new to your blog. If you share you and your mini-me’s style brands- would you mind doing it again?