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at 3 1/2, eleanor has proven she is my most favorite person to talk to. each conversation is nothing short of entertaining and full of thought and wit.  i love being her mama.

“i was a little girl once. i was two.”

“maybe he left his listening ears at home…” referring to samson when he wasn’t listening to mama.

trying to wake eleanor up one morning, she replied while rolling over, “ten more seconds…..” already such a teenager.

“my name starts with an E, but it also starts with an L. because ELLLLLLLeanor. see what i’m talking about?”

“look out for that boobie!” referring to a buoy we almost hit while kayaking at lake tahoe.

“samson, you’re my best favorite little boy brother ever.”

“i need to take my panda bear with me today because i want to show him the WHOLE WORLD.”

after i said something to her with an english accent, “that was very good spanish, mama!”

me: “do you need to use the potty before we leave?” eleanor: “no, i think i’ll just use the potty tomorrow.”

eleanor: “i speak spanish, so the ducks were speaking spanish to me.”
me: “oh! what did they say?”
eleanor: “quack quack!”
me: “what does quack quack mean in spanish?”
eleanor: “it means, ‘go faster!’ it also means, ‘hello.’ “

“mama, i sure love being your sister.”

more eleanorisms HERE.

  1. sonja

    Hahaha these are my favourite, she’s hilarious and adorable! :o)

  2. Glenny

    so precious! I always look forward to your “eleanorisms” entry, so entertaining! :)

  3. Cat

    Hahaha, little kids are such a kick in the pants, aren’t they? The funniest things come out of their mouths. My current favorite YouTube video is this little boy in an argument with his mom, but clearly channeling his dad and sounding more mature than any 4 year old should. It’s hilarious.


  4. vicky

    oh, my! she is so great!!!

  5. These are the cutest! I love hearing things little kids say, it’s one of the thing’s I’m most excited for having my own for haha

  6. Ashley

    haha! i love these :) Can you PLEASE get us a video of her talking??

  7. jenny

    hahaha sure love being your sister… she’s a fun one, it sounds

  8. Karina

    Hahahaha, I’m litterally laughing out loud! Seriously, keep’em coming ;)

  9. Teresa

    She’s so adorable! We have a 2 year old and she’s starting to say the funniest things. I love how they start learning how to to differentiate between times (like later and tomorrow). It’s such a precious time. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Melissa

    this made me laugh out loud! so adorable.

  11. mery

    Hello naomi! Do you speak spanish?..and your children?

  12. Megs

    Oh. my. stars. LOVE. I cannot wait for our lil’ Story to start talking. This just made my day.

  13. She is such a cutie! Love reading these Eleanor-isms. <3

  14. Charlene


    Your family is so gorgeous! God bless them. I just need a little advise from a experienced momma like you. I would like to get pregnant again after 6 months, What can you give me as an advise? thanks! xoxo :)

  15. Oh my gosh, eleanorisms are my favorite posts of yours! She’s too funny. The Spanish ducks have me cracking up at my desk.

  16. deanna

    These are always my FAVORITE post’s. She’ is just hilarious ;)

  17. Oh my this might be my favourite Eleanorisms so far! She is so beautiful, clever and cute, you must have the best time with her!

    Big hug!

  18. Caitlin

    so sweet!!! I love the last one.

  19. ver

    this is so precious!

  20. I always look forward to these posts, they’re always hilarious!
    What a cutie!

  21. Kelsey

    Hahah these made me laugh out loud. You’re little girl is hilarious. I hope she is always this way. I have been following your sweet family for awhile now and am so excited for you to expand again! Thank you for opening up your world to the whole world. :)
    xoxo Kelsey

  22. Kat

    So I might’ve just gone through and read all of the Eleanorisms posts. She’s so freaking adorable!! But these ones might just be my favourite.

    Kat x

  23. Love these :-) F does the same re the potty/toilet. I’ll ask him if he needs to go before we leave the house, and he’ll often say “I’ll go tomorrow” or “I’ll go this evening after preschool”! I tell him he might be struggling a bit to hang on until then ;-) He’s also 3 1/2, and I love how they have no concept of time at this age!

  24. Taylor

    Oh my gosh! So hilarious! Yesterday my six-year-old sister told me she wants to live inside my stomach so that she can eat all my food. Little ones say the funniest things!


  25. Kat

    So I might’ve just gone through and read all of the Eleanorisms posts. She’s so freaking adorable!! But these ones might just be my favourite.

    Kat x

  26. Angelina

    My favorite is about you being her sister my 3 year old tells me that all the time it is the cutest

  27. Kelly

    Aww, she’s so adorable. My 14 month old son has only said one word (“light”, he has loved lights since he was a newborn, so it was inevitable) but I’m looking forward to these sorts of conversations with him :)

  28. Lexie

    We always ask who has on their listening ears in nursery, and then I make them show me. I’m so glad she remembers! She also often asks me to pray in Spanish.

  29. That’s so adorable! I really love reading these. Can’t stop smiling. I think she’ll really appreciate these when she grows up.

  30. nanette

    so sweet! my daughter is the opposite in the morning. i wake her and she tells me what we are going to do right away! she’s ready always! :)

  31. What a sweet and funny girl!

  32. Cassie

    These are always my most favorite posts!! What a sweetie you have :)

  33. Andy

    …my name starts with an E, but it also starts with an L… so smart and adorable!!!

  34. These are precious!!!So funny! Makes me really look forward to hearing what Zoë will say..:)))

  35. Chelsea

    Love these post they are so sweet, and will be such a beautiful reminder to have in later years. In fact it was you and post like this that inspired me to finally start a blog! If for nothing else to have a documentation of my little ones!


  36. Leesik

    “that was very good spanish, mama!” I’m still laughing!!!

  37. Bea

    So first of all that photo is great!
    And second…she was a little girl because she was 2!!!

  38. Shannon

    hahaa!! quack quack! what a little comedian.

  39. Sarah

    Ha! Little kids say the best stuff!

  40. I love Eleanorisms!!! These were my favorites:

    “see what i’m talking about?” LOL

    “samson, you’re my best favorite little boy brother ever.” AWW

    – Christina http://www.cityloveee.blogspot.com

  41. Rhonda

    “after i said something to her with an english accent, “that was very good spanish, mama!””

    I LOL-ed hahahhaa, E you are sooooo cute!

  42. April

    Oh my gosh! I love reading these posts haha! She is seriously so cute with the things she comes out with.
    Have a lovely week!

  43. I’m dying, these are all awesome!! She’s the cutest. I am sooo looking forward to when my son can carry conversations with me. He’s my little best friend already.

  44. Sydney

    She is the sweetest little thing. I cannot wait until my little girl arrives in November. These are the moments I am most excited for! You have a little character on your hands…I love that you document these. These will make for some funny stories when she is older. Just the cutest! :)

  45. She is too cute!
    I was laughing so hard through this post I had to read it out loud to my husband to prove I wasn’t crazy! Thank you for sharing.

  46. Reni

    She is so stinkin cute! I always look forward to her funny posts!

    the little lion girl

  47. Lotta

    It’s just soo cute! Your Eleanorisms posts always put a smile on my face!

  48. these are just the cutest! I love listening to the hilarious things that come out of my nephew’s mouth and these remind me so much of them!


  49. C.C

    I laughed so hard, So so cute

  50. Gwennie

    My son, John, when he was the same age as Eleanor, told my husband that he didn’t have his listening ears and he, also, didn’t have his spanking butt!” He is now 11 and still doesn’t have his listening ears half the time.

  51. Eleanor

    My favorite thing to do when I was learning the alphabet was to trick my classmates and ask them to spell my name, and they’d inevitably say “L…” and I’d shout, “No it starts with EEEEE!” I thought I was so smart :)

  52. ash

    this is AMAZING. i want to be her best friend. ;)

  53. C

    Eleanorisms are everything! They’re one of the best bits of your blog, You should totally add video sometimes, would love to hear her tiny voice.

  54. Mindy

    Your children are precious, as my husband and I begin to plan and start our family, I have to ask….do you like having your little ones close in age.?

  55. i always love reading these :)

  56. Sally Henderson

    Hey just wondering if you were planning on sending Eleanor to pre-school or some kind of formal childcare when baby #3 comes along? Thanks!

  57. TILLY

    thats too cute! omg the last one is to die for haha :) love her!

  58. marie

    Haha such cute sentences by E! My son loves to sweet-talk and he’ll always say “Mama, you look so pretty today. Really. So pretty!” and after I’ve said thank you, he’ll ask for something! Haha he’s my little sweet-talker boy. ;) sometimes I wonder if his baby brother will be like him in the future. Haha.


  59. Sinead

    These eleanorism posts are the cutest! Adore them so much, can’t wait to have my own little mini me, the things he or she will say will entertain me for hours!!! :D

    Sinead //

  60. Nina

    Your little girl is just too sweet and her sayings are one-of-a-kind. You two can be very lucky to have such a sweet girl.

    I am looking forward to the time when my little boy starts talking. Right now it’s just mama, papa, grandpa and grandma.

    Best wishes

  61. Haylee

    haha the boobie one was great. And the english accent one too, I sincerely hope I have a daughter as cute and spunky as Eleanor is someday. She seriously is so cute and has the best little personality, it kills me.

  62. jemima

    That kid is a #1 crackerjack of hilarity! Such a little sweetie. I love how she suddenly seems to be obsessed with Spanish… As you do! Haha. Good girl E.

    Must be a lot of fun hanging out with that girl

    x jemima


  63. Connie

    This? “see what i’m talking about?”-kills me! Also, isn’t it nice to have something we want to show to the whole world?

    She’s a doll.

  64. Lisa

    I think little miss E needs to learn some Spanish! I love her interest in another language!

  65. hanna

    These are just too cute! –Hanna Lei

  66. Naomy

    Dear Naomi,

    I just love your beautifull pictures, your wonderfull stories and fantastic family!Thank you for giving us a look in your (sometimes oh so relatable) life :)!

    Best wishes!

    The Netherlands (Amsterdam)

  67. Arantxa

    she’s a bit obsessed with spanish, isn’t she? And Eleanor referring to you as her sister, she’s such a sweetheart!

  68. Carly

    I get a kick out of these every time you post! She is so so darling.

  69. oh my gosh! so adorable, and so smart! she is going to have quite the wit, that one. I love that she wants to show her panda “the WHOLE WORLD.”

  70. Anna

    She’s so adorable!! she makes me laugh out loud every single time!! love these posts!!

  71. Lauren

    My daughter is just starting to talk and I am so emotional but the fact that I get to look forward to conversations like those make me feel a little bit better that my Lyla beans is growing up. <3

  72. Liya M

    She’s so cute :)

  73. Allison

    I love this. It reminds me of my daughter, Avery. She turned 3 in April. She thinks she and I are sisters too – I guess bc we both call my husband ‘daddy’ lol. This age has so far been my favorite. I wish they could stay this sweet and their thought processes are the cutest :) love reading ur blog :)

  74. Cheri

    First time stumbling across your blog… I love the photos you include, and love these Eleanorisms! They remind me so much of Mellissa’s Everly at Dear Baby Blog… :) So lovely. I love the things toddlers come out with!

    Cheri x