baby bump #3 / 20 weeks

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last week, we had the baby’s 20 week anatomy scan at the hospital and brought the entire family along for the big viewing! it was a party! ;) eleanor and samson sat and gazed up at the big screen in awe for most of it, and samson climbed up onto the hospital bed where i was and stroked my arm a few times too, saying “it’s ok mama, it’s ok.” haha, i guess he must associate hospitals and doctors with shots and pain. ;)  anyway, back to the anatomy scan…. my goodness! i fell hard for this little baby the moment his or her little profile flashed onto the screen.  josh thinks i’m a crazy person every time i bring it up, but baby’s profile is the spitting image of samson’s profile. i know all i’m going off of is what i saw on an ultrasound screen and my little printed take-away picture, but guys, all i saw was samson and now all i can think is this baby has to be a boy. (we didn’t find out the gender though, so yeah, there’s a 50% chance i’m wrong. and i am always stupidly wrong when it comes to guessing the gender of babies before birth. so i’m not sure where to put my money this round.)

but either way, i cannot get enough of this sweet little baby’s profile image and i’m so anxious for december to just get here already. this motherly love stuff is seriously the bee’s knees. it’s amazing to sense that there is even more love to give when i’m just on the cusp of it, and haven’t even met this little one yet. it reminds me of how i thought i knew and loved my little eleanor before she was born but then seeing her face for that first time, and holding her tiny naked body against my chest just seconds after she was born, it was like this big gate inside me flung open full force and this new intense love i’d never known just came pouring out at every direction. and to think she’s 3 1/2 now! and how that love has only kept on growing each day since… it honestly blows my mind. i have loved experiencing that once again with samson and i honestly can’t wait to feel that again with this third little one.

we love you so much already, baby. all 13 ounces of you!

ps. i’m trying to be better at answering questions in posts so for those curious, i’m wearing an old romper from kate spade saturday, my leather jacket (found here) is by rebecca minkoff (which i scored on the biggest sale ever here!), swedish hasbeens and a necklace from jenloveskev’s instagram pop up necklace sale. my lipstick is maybelline fuchsia flash.

also, thanks a million for all the wonderful name suggestions in my last bump post. if you’re looking for names, check the comments of that post  because there are so many great names listed. now if only  josh and i could both agree on the same one! ;)

  1. Iva

    love your writing !
    and if you haven’t seen anything on the ultrasound i would vote for a girl!
    wish you a even more energetic 3rd trimester :)

  2. Saba

    Lovely post! I was thinking some baby names , thought maybe “Grace, Analina or Imogen ” if it’s a girl or “Brody or Sebastian or Archie” if it’s a boy! :) xxxx

  3. Aww, your baby bump is looking so beautiful in this romper. So good how you explain your feelings about maternity. Lucky kids to have such a loving mom (and lucky mom for those amazing kiddos).

    Damaris | The cat, you and us

  4. AGATA

    hi Naomi, you look wonderful! Every time when you are pregnant, you look gorgeous. Baby number 3 is lucky, because will have wonderful parents and marvelous siblings.
    I wish you good health!

    All your loved ones are rockstars! love you guys.

    ps. Do you sometimes visit your readers’ blog?

  5. So much positive energy and genuine joy in these photos — LOVE!

    And I know what you mean about the ultrasounds…people think I’m crazy when I say this, but my son TOTALLY looked like his ultrasound profile photos when he was born. Spitting image, in fact. Must be a mother’s intuition sort of thing ;)

  6. AGATA

    speaking of names…
    if it’s a boy I suggest the name – Milo or Henry. but if it’s a girl- Jane or Lilly.

  7. Youssie

    Hey there little Aidan Davis ;)

  8. Georgia

    Just curious where Sampson and Eleanor’s names came from? Are they family names?

  9. arielle

    you are absolutely stunning! and I love your outfit. the way you described a mother’s love is so beautiful..I was seriously sort-of-kind-of weeping on the other side of my computer. thanks for sharing! and again, congratulations!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  10. fanny

    What about french names :

    For a boy : Titouan , Noé, Louis, Léon, Raphaél, Hugo, Gaël, Marius, César,
    For a girl : Jeanne, Iris, Sixtine, Philomène, Mathilde, Laure, Olivia

  11. Lonka


  12. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an very loong comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up.
    Grrrr… well I’m nnot writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say great blog!

  13. marie

    Love your jumpsuit! I loved dressing up when I had my baby bump too, and now I love to dress up my newborn son. Haha! :)

  14. Chelsea

    You look amazing! I started back at the beginning of your blog a couple months ago, and just got to the part where you had Eleanor, it so sweet, I love it and you make pregnancy look so good! I also had three in exactly three and half years, it made for some crazy days but soooo fun, now I’ve added a fourth and your post are making me think maybe a fifth might be in order;)

  15. nanette

    love it! i will be 20 weeks in two days with my second, and it’s the absolute best! so happy for you. love that romper.

  16. Mariska

    Hey Naomi, this post has got me wondering about a mother’s love. Of course I have heard about a gazillion times the words “it’s indescribable, I could not explain, just wait until you have children of your own” etcetera! But I think you just used the best words ever. You are doing great, you look great and.. Well for the name.. I could suggest a ton of names but one of these days you will here a name on the tellie, read it in a book or here it on the streets.. And you’ll just know.

    Good luck!

  17. skye

    you look radiant! last night i was sharing with my husband that i’m nervous about not having the same amount of love that i already have for my two year old daughter for my twin girls that are due next month. reading this post gave me some reassurance that the love just keeps growing.

  18. amanda

    the kate spade saturday prints are SO GOOD!

  19. zaby

    You look very nice

  20. Love that you’re now posting about your style! Always adore what you wear.

    Congrats on baby number three – so great that Eleanor and Samson are so involved.

  21. Carolin

    I can’t comment on it often enough. Taza you look stunning with your darker hair! You are glowing in these photos and one can feel and see how happy you are about your baby :)

  22. Taylor

    How stinkin’ adorable! You look fantastic!


  23. Allison

    You are too cute. I hope I look that cute when I’m pregnant. Happy Monday!
    xoxo Allison over at

  24. Leith

    My sis-in-law is pregnant with her third too! Such an exciting thing, thinking of watching these big families grow up together. I’m one of four and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The bond between siblings is like nothing else. I don’t have kids of my own yet so I’ll take your word for the motherly love stuff ;)

  25. Tammy

    You look wonderful Taza! :) I love that chic!

    What an exciting event…Samson is adorable.
    Thank you for sharing.


  26. Randi

    Y0u look absolutely amazing! I’m sure baby #3 will be super adorable just like Eleanor and Samson. I love that you mentioned the gates of love opening when you first held Eleanor. I have 7 weeks until my first little baby’s (a girl) due date arrives. I cannot wait to hold her and kiss her. She hasn’t been very cooperative at past ultrasounds to see her little face, all we have is a great profile shot. I am hoping to get a glimpse of her in our final ultrasound in a couple weeks. Anyways, so happy of you and your family. Lots of love!
    Xo, Randi

  27. jenni hannemann

    Max for a boy!

  28. Tiffany L.

    What’s the hospital you’re going to go to for labor and delivery. Or are you having baby in birthing center? You look great wish I looked that good pregnant. December is a great time to have a baby during holiday season and out of the cold. God bless you all. Tiffany

  29. bridget

    you look fabulous!

  30. Kelly

    I love this romper and I can not wait to meet the newest addition to the Davis clan – my guess is a girl though!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  31. K

    You look beautiful!
    On the subject of baby names:
    Naomi means “light,” Eleanor means “shining light,” and Samson means “sun child or bright sun.”
    Maybe Kira? It means “sun” in Persian and “shining and glittering” in Japanese!
    And for a boy maybe Blake or Lucas? Both mean “light!”

  32. Ashlee

    I’m 17 weeks along with a baby girl right now, and my husband and I both felt that her profile in the ultrasound picture looked exactly like our one year old baby boy’s ultrasound picture! Same head shape, same nose, same proportions, we can’t wait to see if she really looks like him!

  33. Jemima

    You are looking fabulous. This is not a drill.. So very excited for you and all your adorable family to be sharing this excitement together. How very sweet for S to take care of you like that whilst having your scans. I, like the rest of your readers, am pretty keen to find out what your names are but I’m glad you’re going to keep as much of it a secret (for yourselves and for the rest of us!) as you can for now. Makes it all the more exciting!

    Congratulations again on this amazing news.

    Jemima Jane

  34. Taza!!! Ah i just love you. You and your family are so cute. I love your writing and am so excited for you little one!! Thanks for being awesome.!

  35. Noelia

    If It’s a boy, I’ve always loved the name of Dylan. And good luck from Spain with the rest of the pregnancy. :)

  36. Hi! I started reading your blog a few months ago and am hooked.
    We recently moved to NYC and the upper west side and I love your guides especially.
    I had a question for you,I know you have mentioned before that you live in a walk up. Well, we are in a fifth floor walk up too and though I am loving the exercise, going up with my 22 month old is hard! She does maybe 2 floors on a good day. I cannot imagine getting pregnant again and managing these 76 steps with 2 kids. How in the world do you manage currently and what is your plan when you have 3?
    Does even Samson climb up by himself?
    When did he start?I figured Eleanor might be as she is older.
    As silly as this sounds, these stairs are seriously one of the main reasons I am pushing out my second one.

  37. hanna

    You look adorable! So happy for you –Hanna Lei

  38. Danielle

    Hello Naomi!
    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog and looking at the pictures of the beautiful family that you and Josh have. I’ve been looking into your posts about your NYC to-do’s and was wondering if you have any special spots to recommend for my mom and I as we venture to the Big Apple from Canada. As a high school graduation gift, my mom booked us a weekend getaway, and I would love to know of any unique spots that we could enjoy during our stay! I would really appreciate your advice!



  39. your joy and excitement is infectious!

  40. Myriah

    I had a similar experience with my third baby’s ultrasound picture. The profile! We kept the sex a surprise but when that profile image was daddy’s twin I spent more time dwelling on boy name options ;)
    Happy happy pregnancy to you, Naomi!

  41. Elizabeth

    Ellen, Julia, Kathryn, Audrey, Collins, Madelyn, Blair, Addison, Emma, Harper, Avery, Samantha, Ava, Savannah.

    Maddox, Ben, Jameson, Ryan, James, Elliot, Mark, Issac, John, Connor, Ian, Brad, Parker, Thomas, Nathaniel, Charles, Cole, Drew.

  42. Bea

    How lucky you are!
    You look great and your growing family is something beautiful!
    I wish you all the luck!

  43. Aisling Murphy

    I have been following these blog posts ever since eleanor’s first birthday! Every once in a while I catch myself thinking “wow! where has that baby girl gone!” She is so precious, not to mention how adorable Mr Samson is!
    My husband and I are expecting twins in September (so like you I am feeling all of the motherly feels!) Although, what with him being American and me being Irish, we are having just a few difficulties picking names ;)
    Here are a few names we have picked out:
    Boy- Christopher, Benjamin, Harry, Henry, Robert, Parker,
    Girl- Catherine, Caroline, Kathleen, Jane, Sadie, Beth, Éabha (pronounced Ava. It’s an irish name)

    Best of luck to all of your family! x

  44. you, taza, are so adorable!

  45. Quinn D

    My name is Quinn and my parents planned on naming me Quinn regardless of sex (I’m a girl, FYI :)). I actually love my name and think it’s unique but not TOO unique to the point of being strange. My brother is named Griffin and I also think that’s a great name for a boy. I love the name Hadley for a girl, too!

  46. You are such a doll! You look amazing!

  47. Sherrie

    Congratulations again, Naomi! It’s been lovely following your blog, seeing you start a family and watching it grow! You always look so radiant, pregnant or not! Just a quick question – are your teeth naturally this white or have you had them whitened? I’m always amazed how white they are!

    • TAZA

      that’s really nice of you, i just use a crest whitening toothpaste each day, but actually feel like they aren’t that white, so thank you!

  48. omg, fuchsia flash is one of my favorites!!! i love your simple makeup looks with the usual bright or pop of color lip. you should seriously be prego all the time – you’re the cutest!!

  49. Somer Som

    I love your style and can kind of get a sence of the names you like by just your own kids names, Eleanor and Samson (btw, don’t be surprised if I name my future little girl after your beautiful Eleanor as well)

    If it’s a girl, I think a Remington would fit in beautifully at the Davis household! Remington Davis and you can call her Remi for short! Elizabeth and you can call her Effie for short, and she and Eleanor can have that “e” bond! Avalon (Ava for short), Avalon, and lastly, Ivy

    If it’s a boy, (in order of my favorites for the Davis family) William (will or willie for short), Ezra, Leon, Parker, & Noah!

    & one that’ll work for both a boy and a girl, Chandler!

  50. Christine from Australia

    Can you please write a post about your gorgeous hair colour?! Would love to see some close up photos of it. Love from Melbourne, Australia xx

  51. I love your writing! Made me laugh :))) We checked to confirm Zoë was a girl 3 times because I was calling her Ethan for 15 weeks…. lol!

  52. Can’t wait for him/her to arrive. Another Samson would be so cute. He is adorable!

  53. Susan

    So I am new to your blog and have been creeping through some of your posts and this one caught my eye! I saw that you and your husband haven’t found out the gender, but my Nana had this old wive’s tale that truly NEVER failed her – 17 grandchildren and she was right with every one! Look at Samson’s crown on his head – if it’s in the center of his head, the next baby will be the same sex, if it’s off center, the next baby will be of the opposite sex :) I would be interested to see if it worked for you like it worked for my Nana!

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