baby #3 / 23 weeks

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well, baby and i are chugging along and this time around, life is flying by 3x faster than it did when i was carrying eleanor and samson! december will probably arrive tomorrow at this rate. i’m OK with it. because let’s face it, i’ve been ready to meet this baby for ages.

i have one of those pregnancy apps on my iPhone, and it’s been fun to check in a few times a week and see what baby is up to! right now, he or she is the size of a large mango and since baby’s sense of movement and ears are fully developed, he or she can feel me dance! but actually, i think i feel this baby dance more than anything! a constant mover, shaker, a lover of the can can kick and maybe even the jumping jack? or some sort of move that seems to require all limbs flailing at the same time for a few minutes. i secretly love it. it’s the best reminder for me that this is happening. and baby is doing alright in there.

i find myself daydreaming a lot about life with a new little one.  what it will feel like to hold this little newborn close to my body and cuddle and sing and love on it all over again like when E and S were fresh and new. i love being a mother but i get really nervous around newborns because they are so fragile and i don’t hold them often.  i remember the first night at the hospital with eleanor, she was just an hour or two old, sleeping soundly in this little clear bassinet besides my bed. off the nurse went for a few hours, and josh fell asleep on the pull out sofa bed a few feet away and i was like, “wait! what do i do?!” i was in so much pain and very tired, but i was so nervous this new little life beside me might stop breathing, so there was no way i was just going to roll over and sleep!  every ten minutes or so, i’d reach out as far as i could to poke the bassinet a bit so it’d move and i’d be able to see eleanor move in reaction to my poke and take a deeper breath or move her head a bit or just do something to show she was alright. i just needed that confirmation that she was OK over there. no one ever told me how nerve-wracking those first few hours would be.  i only share that story, because it was in those moments at the hospital in the middle of the night, awake and exhausted and afraid and entirely overwhelmed, that it dawned on me how this new baby was in my care, for the remainder of my life… this was it. it’s a feeling that is bundled with a million other feelings, this new great love, this crazy excitement, this joy of seeing and holding and kissing this new tiny baby after all those months of carrying her. maybe it’s because we’re so hormonal during the entire process, but you feel and go through a lot during the moments following birth. at least i do. it’s incredible and terrifying and amazing and the craziest part is that i can’t wait to do it again in a few months!

happy 23 weeks, davis baby!


ps- more baby bump posts HERE.  also, shirt info here, legging jeans here. (although this is probably the last week i will get away with my regular jeans and the old pony tail trick around the button. it’s getting to be a tight fit around those parts if you know what i mean.) hat info here and sandals here.

  1. chelsea

    You are hands down the cutest pregnant gal ever, and these updates are not good for my mamma clock! You make it look so dreamy and I think hey, maybe the fifth time would be the charm, and I wouldn’t be sick but glowing and fresh! Lol, anyway enjoy the pregnancy time, I know it kinda sucks but it’s also so amazing, and somehow I always miss it!

  2. Alexa

    Love when you share these little anecdotes. They’re so real. Keep ’em coming! ;)

  3. Alyssa

    You are an incredibly adorable momma & preggo! Can’t wait to find out the gender & what you name him/her!!

  4. Rayani

    You look so beautiful!

  5. Cat

    Aww, this gave me the warm fuzzies <3 I'm not a mama yet, so I can only imagine what that experience must be like! It sounds very powerful and overwhelming.


  6. Sarah

    I’m expecting my first baby and check my pregnancy apps daily! My babe is due in October and I feel like time is flying by, too!

  7. Bea

    Wow…I think being pregnant is a miracle!
    Every women look awesome, I think that 9 months are something wonderful!
    I’m not pregnant, but I think that when those days will arrive…it will be wonderful!
    And I will read again these posts!
    Good luck for everything!

  8. You’re pulling off that button down well with that baby bump ;)

    I know I’ll be fearful if I ever have children. I know you will do well, you’ve had practice!

    – Christina

  9. Kelly

    It won’t be long before baby is here :) With my boy, the pregnancy flew by and before I knew it, it was time to meet him, then go home and… I was scared of hurting him, scared of not knowing what to do, constantly Googling everything to see if what was happening was ‘normal’ or if I was doing something wrong… At least with baby #3 you’ll be well prepared. :)

  10. Tara

    You are the most cutest pregnant lady out there! So adorable.
    I totally felt the same way when Rocky was first born. I felt like I didn’t bat an eye for the first few months. Newborns seem so fragile and it is such a weight of responsibility as a momma to carry. Totally worth it though, praise God for those little miracles!!
    Love, Bess

  11. amber

    Lovely post! Love the outfit and lipstick color!

  12. Annie

    You look great!Love your lip stick. would you mint telling the brand and color?

  13. Lotta

    I know precisely what you are talking about. I did not sleep well for months ( or even the first couple of years ) after my daughter was born. Just two hours after her birth she was caughing and throughing up blod in my arms and I was completely paralyzed. It frightened me so much, i can still feel the panic I felt in that moment.

  14. This made me cry. Because it is so true! Those few hours in the hospital are the most valuable moments to cherish. Where you are supposed to remember everything the nurse is telling you while also carrying for your battered and tattered body. My baby girl is 5 months old and its so hard to remember those moments.

  15. Mariska

    Thank you for keeping it real and honest. I would totally freak out the first days with a newborn (even though I work with young children) I actually did exactly what you did when I got a new puppy.. Stupid isn’t it?
    Just like you said. “I am responsible for keeping this little one alive.”

  16. AGATA

    Hi Davis Family!
    It’s wonderful that you share with us your experience, I really love to read your posts.

    You look incredibly beautiful in pregnancy. December is already getting closer, I can’t wait to meet baby number 3!

    And another great hat, how you do it that you find them all? (I can look and look .. and still not find it.)

    Love, xoxo

  17. You look so amazing Naomi! And though I am just out of college and being a mom is still some future dream of mine I am so thankful that you share your experiences over here, its inspirational and helpful and I love reading it! Take care!


  18. Carlson

    Looking so good! Hey I couldnt help but think of Samson when I received these new shoes for my messy wet active puddle jumping dirt loving boy. I’m a little behind on timing – but for next summer you will absolutely love them . They’re called natives . Super cute, comfy and I stick em right in the tub, sink , or dishwasher to clean – they are the best summer shoe for toddlers!! Just Thought Id pass one good word /find on to another mother. They’re seriously I know nordstrom sells them. .

  19. Andrea

    You look amazing. I just discovered your blog and I am totally glad with it. It’s just fantastic, inspiring and full of joy.
    All the best from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  20. !!!!!!!
    baby updates are the sweetest

  21. Adeline

    You are looking great! Thanks for sharing such anecdotes. I’m about to be due soon and it’s my first so you can imagine the anxiety i’m feeling right now. But glad to know I’m all normal feeling this way. Can’t quite imagine how life’s gonna be…

  22. Ariel

    Thank you for sharing that story, it was incredibly sweet. I’m not a mama but I am already a worry-wart for sure and am always jumping to the worst possible outcome for everything so I cannot imagine when I have kiddos what I will be like! HA! I’m going to make my kids crazy. ;) I can’t wait to “meet” Davis baby #3! Excited to hear what name you guys pick for him/her. Also, you look absolutely beautiful in these photos! I think you are a woman that pulls off pregnancy so well, you glow with everyone! xo

  23. hanna

    You’re looking so good!

  24. Randi

    Awwww you look so adorable! Thank you for sharing your nerves with E when she was just a few hours old. I am 25 days from my due date and so anxious to meet this little one in my belly but also so nervous, because I have only spent a little time around my nieces and nephews when they were born and I kept checking they were breathing, I can’t imagine how I will be with my own little one!
    Xo, Randi

  25. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, so fun! I can not wait to meet the newest addition!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  26. Teresa

    congratulations! i’m 20 weeks and don’t look 1/2 as good as you do!!! how do you keep from gaining so much weight in the “you know where” areas????

  27. marie

    You hit the nail with newborns on this post! This was how I felt after birth too.. I would constantly check my baby to see if he was okay. In the end, my baby ended up sleeping with me on my chest because I felt safer and more comforted that way. Listening to his tiny breaths was the best sound ever. :)

    Enjoy your pregnancy and baby bump!

  28. jemima

    fabulous outfit Naomi :) I hadn’t considered how thta might feel……. I’m always scared to hold newborns of friends/family because I’m so terrified of anything happening to those little bubs but of course, of course that would apply with your own! eeek!

    Lovely words as always.


  29. oh you look great.
    i am on my 27w today and feel same way as you. my daughter is 8years old and now she will have a baby boy brother. i am afraid of if i forgot the everything about babies.. will learn soon and hope not :)

  30. Caren

    Your posts always make me happy. And you look adorable!
    Pregnancy wasn’t a beauty boost for me unfortunately, hoping for the best in the second trimester :)

    I hit the 12 week mark tomorrow. So, yay :)

  31. Nina

    I think you look really gorgeous with your third baby-belly and you seem so happy. Looking at your lovely pictures make me wanna have a baby-belly again. (My son is fifteen months now)

    I’ll think about it… ;-)

    Best wishes

  32. vicky

    love those shoes and of course the hat, still! maybe baby will be a dancer like mama ;) so cute! happy 23 weeks!!

  33. Samantha

    It looks and sounds like you’re doing great! I’m so very excited for you <3 Never have I ever been a mother but reading posts like these make me excited for it (one day!). Stay happy, stay healthy!
    ~ Samantha

  34. Katrina

    Such a cute post. Thanks for the outfit details!

  35. Meagan

    You are SO cute! I love this! It makes me want to have baby number two, but then I remember that I looked like a marshmallow with a high waisted belt when I was prego, so… I’ll just be really happy for you instead.

  36. Denisse

    I absolutely love this post! It made me think of the day I have kids :)
    You will always be a good mama for your kids Naomi!

  37. Lady you are doing good if you are still able to do the ponytail rubber band trick with your 3rd child on the way!! I had to resort to maternity pants by 20 weeks with my 3rd! You look amazing and glowing.

  38. Isis

    “…this joy of seeing and holding and kissing this new tiny baby after all those months of carrying HER”

    does this mean you’re having a baby GIRL?! :D

    I just had my first baby boy 6 weeks ago and totally identify with what you wrote. I was so scared to take him home and not know what to do or how to take care of him, I wanted to take the nurses with me!
    But we were chosen to be mothers of our little angels for a reason, we can do this! :)

    p.s. you look beautiful Naomi! pregnancy suits you ;)

  39. How do you travel with your hats? I have a Jcrew panama hat and when I packed it into my suitcase, it was smashed by the end of the flight!

    • TAZA

      i wore this hat on the plane! so i didn’t pack it, it’s too big for my suitcase and would have been crushed. the smaller ones tend to pack well though!

  40. Daniela

    the part about new-born eleanor was probably the best thing i have ever read on this blog (and this blog is great!). thank you so much for sharing your fear and concerns. it helps so much!

  41. alexandria

    I am just so happy for you and your family! I know I don’t know you and I am sure you get this a lot from your readers, but you seem like the most beautiful mom. How you let your kiddos live and love life and how much you adore them. It’s inspiring.

    Enjoy the time you have with your little kiddos!


  42. Nadine

    You look absolutely amazing in the pictures (as always)!

  43. Delaney

    Naomi, you are the loveliest mama I have ever seen! I love reading your ever-positive and honest thoughts on life. You’re a wonderful woman and a fantastic mother!