a weekend in deer valley!

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819783hgrwe spent last weekend up in deer valley utah together. the st. regis deer valley kindly reached out and invited us up for the weekend, and we had a great experience. every last detail was looked after during our stay, and i think we made some of our favorite memories there together.

a few photos from the weekend, if you’d like to see….


^^^riding the funicular up to the hotel! it’s crazy how high up in the mountains this space is…a highlight for samson was definitely riding this “train” up and down the mountain. there just might have been a throwing of the body onto the floor after his first ride when his excitement quickly plummeted as he realized it was over and we were all walking away from the train. sorry, samson. ^^^


^^^we enjoyed dinner our first night at st. regis’ j&g grill, and it was delicious. also, eleanor made a new friend. major plus that he was all blue. ;) ^^^


^^^when we got back from  our dinner, these sweet little reindeer were left in our room for eleanor and samson. they came with a cute little note telling them their names (regina and reggie!) and how they have always wanted to see central park and eat a big apple! i think my kids thought it was christmas morning! they have been carrying around their new reindeer everywhere this trip. in fact, at one point in the middle of the night, eleanor came to my bed and said, “mama, i can’t find regina!”, as she’d somehow fallen off the side of E’s bed. being woken up in the middle of the night is still not my favorite thing, but for my kids, and sweet reasons like this, i just can’t seem to mind in the least. ^^^


^^^we went to park city one afternoon to ride the alpine slides. riding up the ski lift was completely terrifying for me because i was so nervous about the kids (that thing is high!), but the slide made up for it. it was a blast! samson rode with me, and the entire ride down was full of the loudest “weeeeee!!!!” “yay!!!!” and “whoooohoooooo!” ‘s i have ever heard! my mama heart was about to burst! i loved getting to share that experience with him.  josh says eleanor was very similar, yelling lots of “yeee-haaaa!” these kids sure love a thrill!^^^


^^^about to take off!^^^


^^^this view is from the ski lift. so breathtaking!^^^


^^^roasting homemade marshmallows at the hotel one night was probably our favorite part. samson and eleanor really wanted to do each step by themselves, which was fun. but also, we lost a lot of good marshmallows in that fire pit. :-( ^^^


^^^we spent one morning on main street in park city where we ate breakfast at the eating establishment, one of josh’s favorite spots  since he was a little boy.^^^


^^^felt like we were back in nyc for a minute!^^^


^^^rocky mountain caramel apples! i live for these, you guys.^^^


^^^what fun is a hotel room without jumping on the bed?^^^


^^^enjoying some hot chocolate after nap time in our room…^^^


^^^deer valley’s weather was kind of all over the place, warm during the days, crazy chilly in the evenings. and there were a few big thunderstorms in there, too. so we were grateful we were able to take advantage of the heated pool one afternoon while it was on the warmer side! even if we were the only hotel guests crazy enough to attempt it!^^^


^^^the hotel offered a lot of fun activities for kids. we chose to fly a kite in the mountains one afternoon. we really enjoyed it despite the kite getting caught in a very tall tree at one point. (eh hem, josh.)^^^


^^^samson! it goes like this!” -said eleanor.^^^


^^^there it goes! thank you, wind!^^^


^^^and of course we made sure the kids got to ride horses! always a good time for them, getting on a horse! the horse handler asked samson what we say to get the horse to go and he said, “neeeeeiiiiggghhh!” haha. we kept having to remind him to say “giddy-up!” because he kept thinking he was just supposed to be the horse, or something. haha! i love these kiddos. ^^^

39587yurfhjw9021748hrwthis was a very special weekend for us, and we are so appreciative to st. regis for hosting us! thank you again to their amazing staff and crew. we had a wonderful time.

this post is in partnership with the st. regis deer valley resort.  and thank you to my readers, for following along and helping support the partners that help me keep this blog going.

ps- for those who have asked below, my coat is from Zara, and the kiddos coats are from Patagonia last season. :)

  1. paula gs

    this sejour looks like it was a ton of fun!! i loved the coat/windbreaker that you’re wearing in the picture of you guys eating the candied apples! where is it from??

  2. Beth

    What a beautiful weekend and it looks like you made dozens of memories with your 2 littles!

  3. Lauren

    What a fun trip! How nice of the St. Regis to accommodate you and your sweet family. I”m dying to know where you found your jacket and sandals in the pick with Samson on the Alpine Slides. You look so comfy!

  4. Sara

    This trip looks like it was such a blast for you and your family! I definitely think the mountain life looks good on you guys! :)

  5. Annie

    I’m sure your kids will have the best childhood memories. Such a lovely family <3

  6. Corina

    It was so fun bumping into and meeting you and your sweet family in Park City! Your blog is 100% my all time favorite and it was such a pleasure meeting you. What a fun little getaway, your pictures are great!

    • TAZA

      it was great to meet you too, corina! thanks so much for saying hi and also for that picture of my family!!! i’m glad josh made us take it. haha.

  7. steph

    that brown coat mama..its a beauty for fall! wheres it from?

    • TAZA

      thank you! making a quick footnote in the post to share where it’s from, but Zara!

  8. nanette

    looks so amazing! those views were awesome. I have always wanted to go to park city, utah. looks like you guys had fun! :)

  9. Rylee Oliver

    Looks lovely! I always love the mountains! Could you tell me where you found your Kiddo’s coats?

    • TAZA

      they are from Patagonia!

  10. Cat

    Haha, my BF’s name is Reggie and his sister’s name is Regina! Those are two very adorable stuffed animals and that’s a very beautiful hotel. What a lovely adventure.


  11. Anita

    Oh my goodness! Those are the type of vacations (horses, fire pits) that I remember LOVING as a child. Heck– I’d love one now! :)

    Such a fun opportunity for your family!

    Always, Anita

  12. Ashley R

    This looks like it would be such a fun family staycation! Also, that last picture is gorgeous, it would look so great blown up! If you’re ever up for sharing it, I’d love a copy! Haha

  13. Jen

    Wow, this whole trip looks amazing! I need to go up to park city more.

  14. bri

    love the last pic! I spy a little teepee ;) looks like so much fun…I need a vacation like this!

  15. marie

    Jumping on a hotel bed is a must when we check in to a hotel too! Haha. My son loves to throw all his soft toys on the hotel bed and tucks himself to bed with them whenever we stay at a hotel. ;) Anw the scenery looks amazing!


  16. These photos are stunning! I defibitely have to check Utah out now : D


  17. Adrienne

    Awesome photos! What a beautiful family X

  18. Emily

    Looks like a fantastic time! Those slides look like so much fun!

  19. Cara

    Adorable photos per usual! I love, love, love your coat! Where is it from?

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s from Zara.

  20. cute looking family! deer valley looks like a lot of fun!

  21. Nicole

    What a magical family vacation spot. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

    And I adore your jacket! Where did you buy it?

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s from Zara!

  22. Beautiful! Although, it’s pretty much impossible to get a bad photo or have a bad time in Deer Valley!

  23. Tamara

    I love that they took the reindeer with them everywhere! So cute :). This looks like a lovely vacation.


  24. Christian

    This place looks amazing. Such a kid friendly place, so hard to find! Your pictures are always so cheerful, love them!


  25. chelsea

    What a beautiful post! The setting is gorgeous and it looks like such a great family moment for you. Such a lovely family, thank you for always sharing little tidbits and adventures from your family, I always enjoy reading them!


  26. Taylor

    Absolutely stunning photos. That hotel looks and sounds incredible! It makes me want to head out to Utah right now!


  27. Lotta

    It looks like so much fun! The slides you went in are so typical in the alps where me and my family have spent many summers? Iused to love them as a child and I can’t wait to go in one with my daughter.

  28. Anne

    Just love these! Park city is amazing! and oh those rocky mountain caramel apples really are THE best!

    The Hills Are Alive

  29. How gorgeous – your post is beautiful! I think my favourite part is the jumping on the bed. Thanks for the lovely inspiration and thumbs up to the horse riding for the littlest of gentlemen!!

  30. GB

    Does that Zara jacket have a hood by any chance? I can’t tell on the website!

  31. McKayla

    How do you hand make marshmallows??!!?!

  32. Nicki

    The St. Regis Deer Valley is one of our favs! Love the staff. Love the rooms. LOVE the smores nights :) And the fire garden. And that pool is always empty, I swear. I don’t think my husband and I have ever had company in that pool.

  33. Teresa

    this looks like so much fun. i’m so glad you and the kiddos had a wonderful time. we’re expecting our second and it’s a boy (our first is a girl). i wonder if they’re going to have a similar relationship to samson and eleanor. i love the two of them together!!!

  34. Tessa

    Gorgeous photos, what a wonderful weekend!

  35. Giselle

    Please please can you tell me where samson’s brown striped sweater
    Is from? Lovely photos!

    • TAZA

      i just looked inside the brown sweater from you and the tag has rubbed off. i bought it a few years ago for eleanor to wear. i do remember buying it from shop clementine online though. sorry i don’t have the brand info though.

  36. Laura B.

    I live in California and never desired a trip to Utah, but the pictures you’ve shared have changed my mind. The St.Regis looks like a cozy, beautiful place to stay. AND family friendly! I hope to go someday with mine : )

  37. hanna

    Your kids are so cute! –Hanna Lei

  38. Gemma Morson

    Hey Nicole! I don’t comment much, but this post touched my heart. Looked like you had so much fun. You come across as such a beautiful family and great parents xx

  39. Lisha

    Those Rocky Mountain apples really ARE the best! Your weekend looked magical! I love that part of Utah. :) I always think there is some kind of magic in Park City, especially in the winter.

  40. Lindsay Marie

    Love the Eating Establishment, the beer bread is to die for!

  41. that looks like sooo so much fun :) great pictures!
    xo, cheyenne

  42. Bec

    What an amazing time away! Those funicular’s are quite an exciting way to travel UP HILL! I also love the photo with the toffee apples – very fun!
    Bec x | http://www.dancingthroughsunday.com.au

  43. Sinead

    This place looks amazing! Looks like you guys had so much fun :-)

  44. Special dinners, Alpine Slides, Roasting Marshmellows, Drinking Hot Choc, Kite Flying, Jumping on beds, Horse riding – WOW oh WOW. The most amazing little break ever and looks like so many beautiful memories were made x Ax

    Instagram: @littlemissalba
    Twitter: @littlemissalba

  45. Francesca

    Random message but I just love this article & thought you would too – it’s about ways to teach our next generation if dancers in body-affirming ways! Looks like you had a great trip! :-)

  46. Sarah

    That picture with the littles and their caramel apples is the cutest thing. Happy vacationing, Naomi!


  47. Kira

    Beautiful pictures! On my list of places to visit :) Love the bag you have over your shoulder in the picture on the slide, where’s that from?

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s a oh joy/feed bag!

  48. zaby

    That place looks amazing and it is a fun place to go with family

  49. Maja

    Such a beautifull post. You have a great family, kiddos are so adorable. Your blog is my favorite, honestly. :)

  50. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, this looks and sounds like an amazing time!

  51. Melissa

    The view from the ski lift is stunning. Looks like you guys had a beautiful family trip! <3

  52. vicky

    this looks incredible. so relaxing! glad you guys had a good time.

  53. Chelsey

    looks like a perfect trip to Utah! Deer Valley is one of my favorite places to get away up in the mountains and we love to ski there, mainly because the food is amazing;) These cute pics make me miss it there and especially how gorgeous it is in the fall!


  54. Camilla

    You really wanna make me visit Utah :-).

  55. Chelsea

    So sorry to ask but I was wondering what size coat you have from Zara. I’m so smitten with it but I’m expecting again and we look to wear the same size. Thank you so much! I hope you’re feeling great!

  56. jennifer

    Love seeing the pictures from Park City and Deer Valley. It was one of my fondest memories spending the summer with her before she passed out there.

    I hope your pregnancy is going well.

    xoxo from san francisco