a morning at the beach! and a giveaway with the honest company! (closed)

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we rented a car recently and took off to the beach to meet friends, play in the waves together, build a few dams, and catch hermit crabs! we had such a good time that josh and i even had an intense conversation somewhere in the middle of our time at the beach on our striped towel about moving to florida! we’re not moving, but for maybe five minutes we were ironing out all the details of how we could make it happen in our minds together.

anyway, few photos below! and a giveaway (and discount code!) at the bottom of this post with the honest company!


^^^the forecast said there might be rain in the afternoon (although it never ended up raining) so the beach was practically empty! ^^^


^^^monkeys! all the time. ;)  ^^^

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^^^whenever we’re outside, they play this game.  i’m pretty much ignored when papa comes to play. i’m ok with it though… sitting on a towel sippin’ a pina colada smoothie? yeah. that was nice.^^^

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^^^maybe i had two smoothies. :) ^^^


^^^just a little downward dog in the waves. such a yogi, this one. ^^^

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^^^josh and the kids built a dam (which samson didn’t really understand. he knocked it over too many times before it was finished) but it was a sweet attempt.^^^


^^^ring around the rosie in the water because both E and S would laugh so hard when we’d make a big splash. they could have played this game all morning and not gotten sick of it, but i on the other hand was kind of done after the third round. pretend falling and getting back up on repeat with my big baby bump is not the funnest thing in the world. even if my kids laugh harder than ever because they like when i struggle. ;) ^^^


^^^show me your moves, water babies!^^^558907

^^^we aren’t too sure where we got samson from, because that little dude tans like no other. the rest of us, however, we tend to burn. we’ve been trying out the new sunscreen from the honest company this summer and have been really happy with it. especially the sunscreen spray, since it goes on squirmy little boys quickly and without a mess and has a light tint to it so i know exactly where i’ve sprayed and rubbed and don’t miss any spots when i’m applying (a mother’s worst nightmare- sunburns on her babies. i’m unfortunately guilty of missing spots in the past.) it’s also comforting to know the sunscreens are hypoallergenic and good for sensitive skin, since josh has had a few run ins and reactions to other sunscreens in the past and has often voiced he’d rather we just cover our kids up in clothes when we’re swimming and not let that stuff touch their skin. so it’s nice to have finally found one  that our entire family is using…even tan little samson.^^^

and now, for a fun giveaway!

the honest company is offering a $200 gift card to one lucky reader below to shop any products from their site. (they have it all, from diapers to household cleaners to the fun sunglasses the littles are wearing in this post…) to enter to win, please visit the honest company, and leave a comment below. the winner will be selected at random and contacted directly next week.  good luck!

ps– use the code HonestTaza to enjoy $10 off a $40 minimum purchase through august 22nd 2014. code applies to first-time orders only, one per customer. code valid for US and Canadian residents only.

this post is in partnership with the honest company, whose products we use and love in our home each day. thanks for reading and supporting the sponsors who make this blog possible! 

  1. Anne

    I love the honest company! I’m gonna need to try out the spray sunscreen because I love the normal one already! But like you said, squirmy kids make it hard to apply

  2. Taylor

    I absolutely love the honest hand sanitizer. Life saver with little kiddos!

  3. Taylor

    We absolutely love the honest hand sanitizer! It’s been a life saver with little kiddos!

  4. Devin

    Honest Company is great! And Florida is the best!

  5. Kym

    Great Giveaway! I’ve always wanted try their laundry products.

  6. Terri

    we love honest! and with our first little on the way there is much we could use this for!

  7. amynicole bracken

    I hope I’m not too late! I’m looking for a new body/hair wash and sunscreen for my babies. Maybe Honest Co is what I need!!

  8. Kathryn

    What a great giveaway! We use the body wash for our wee one. I’d love to try some of their other stuff.

  9. Mai

    I love their diapers & the canvas bag! Ty for the opportunity!

  10. Amelia Bonilla

    I love the honest company! I use the new spray sunscreen for my kiddo. I would love a grift card to try the other stuff too!

  11. Caitlin Meehan

    Great giveaway! I love the Honest Company’s products!