taza’s new york city guide: the village

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happy friday! we have a new nyc guide to share today covering one of our favorite areas, greenwich village and the west village!  if you missed the last few, see my guide to the upper west side HERE and a small guide covering union square to midtown HERE.  a few spots highlighted in this video are some of our favorites, but a few more a listed below. as with all my guides,  this is of course, just a sliver of what to do in the city, but i’m hopeful it can help you a bit as you plan your next trip to the city!  don’t forget to leave any of your own west village favorites in the comments below for others to check out.


video by jenner brown. music in video is fly away by jj heller.

some things to do around the west village:

bleecker street records
188 west 4th street  212-255-7899

smalls jazz club (while there are a couple famous clubs in the village like village vanguard and the blue note, this is our favorite)
183 west 10th street (no phone number listed. ha!)

comedy cellar 
117 macdougal street 212-254-3480

goorin hat shop (one of my favorite hat shops!)
337 bleecker street 212-256-1895

little marc jacobs
298 west 4th street 212-206-6644

leica gallery
670 broadway 212-777-3051

washington square park (always a great spot to picnic, for littles to play, that gorgeous arch! lots to do and see. and new public bathrooms that are still clean and nice inside!)

for a nice stroll from the top end of the village to the bottom, walk along bleecker street from bank street to thompson street or west 4th street from jane street down to washington square park

a few wonderful playgrounds in the village are minetta playground  (across from joe’s pizza) and bleecker playground (near magnolia bakery)

some things to eat around the west village:

little owl (great spot for brunch)
90 bedford street 212-741-4695

magnolia bakery (we recommend going here for the banana pudding! and the original in the village is our favorite location)
401 bleecker street and w. 11th street 212-462-2572

murray’s cheese
254 bleecker street 212-243-3289

faicco’s (they close at 6pm, so go early. and try the rice balls!)
260 bleecker street 212-243-1974

joe’s pizza (we go here way too much. it’s our favorite place in the city for a quick slice of new york pizza)
7 carmine street 212-366-1182

pop bar
5 carmine street 212-255-4874

molly’s cupcakes
228 bleecker street 212-414-2253

corner bistro (one of our favorite spots for a great burger)
331 west 4th street 212-242-9502

sockerbit candy shop
89 christopher street 212-206-8170

mamoun’s falafel
119 macdougal street 212-674-8685

a salt and battery
112 greenwich ave  212- 691-2713

tea & sympathy
108 greenwich ave 212-989-9735

waverly inn (for a special meal!)
16 bank street 917-828-1154
  1. heidi

    Hi there – you have a great blog! This post made me think of a series of books I’m reading that you might like. It’s set in NYC – a lot in the village – and Patchin Place. The first is Murphy’s Law (there are a lot – all about a new immigrant from Ireland called Molly Murphy) by Rhys Bowen. Just thought I’d pass along in case you might have fun reading them.

  2. kristen

    Awesome! Thanks for this list!

  3. Lyndsay

    Little Owl is one of my favorites. Their dinner is amazing as well, the lamb chops/t-bones (or whatever they’re calling them these days) are the most delicious thing. It’s so nice to see your picks!

  4. Mandy

    Beautiful video. Makes me really excited to go back to NYC next year. Counting down the days already:)

  5. Rachel

    Oh I shouldn’t have watched this before eating breakfast. So many amazing foods ! This makes me want to come to NYC even more ! Love your New York guides :)

  6. Can’t wait to catch up on all your NYC guides before I go back there in December!

  7. A video that makes me hungry! Thank you, it’s always good to have some local places when we visit. I like the yellow trench.

  8. Laura

    Can i please have all those goodies in my belly?! Haha! My mouth was totally watering!! I can’t wait to re-visit NYC and visit some of your favorite spots :) LOVE this series!


  9. Charlotte

    Now i am dying to visit New York!!

    Could you let me know where your fantastic yellow coat is from please?

    Thanks !

    • TAZA

      thank you! it is from kate spade saturday.

  10. I love your New York videos!! I’ve always wanted to visit New York so these videos are a way of sightseeing from my home! If I ever get to visit the city, I will sure follow your recommendations!

  11. Jemima

    Loved this video (great song, too, such clarity in her voice!) – I love these NYC tip posts a whole lot. My fiance and I are hoping to head to NYC for a honeymoon and am slowly but surely collecting a very long list of places to visit whilst we’re there…

    Yum, it all looks so delicious :-) x jemima


  12. Sydney

    I love these little videos of the cute mom and pop places. I need to keep hold of these for when my husband and I visit there. :)

  13. Valerie

    Just a head’s up that I think you have a small typo at the beginning of the video. Love it though…makes me want to schedule my first ever visit to NYC!

  14. Janis

    Will have to check these out next time we visit! :)

  15. Taylor

    I just love these little videos! This one had so much good food!!


  16. Katharina

    I love Little Owl. Cafe Minerva is a great hangout for a tea or coffee. They have free wifi and the bar staff is very friendly. Also Grounded on Jane Street is a great place. http://groundedcoffee.com/

    Dream & Talk

  17. Abi

    I love all your tips, I’m mentally storing them all away for when I (hopefully!) move to NYC. That sweetshop looks especially amazing, But gosh you must be so full after eating all that yummy food!


  18. Paulina

    Oh no! I was just wandering through West Village yesterday! I could use your advice back then! It was gorgeous and now I have another reason to come back :) thanks for that!


  19. marie

    It has always been one of my wish list to visit NYC and even join in the new year’s countdown. ;) with a baby who’s going to be born anytime now, and a son, I do hope that I’ll still be able to visit NYC one day! ;)


  20. Freya

    We’re going to New York for our honeymoon and I just can’t wait! Also, I bet by the end of that day you were all like “no, I just can’t, I just can’t eat any more!” ;)

    • TAZA

      haha, it took me a few months before i was able to go back to joe’s for a slice. i think we kind of overdid it here, but there is just so much good food in the village!

  21. Allison

    I love your videos. You inspired my husband and I to make our own! You are keeping my dream of coming to NY alive! Love these! Happy Friday!

    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  22. E

    Taza! Please tell me you didn’t waste all that food. I have a very good appetite and there is no way I could have eaten all of that in one day.

    • TAZA

      ha! no, i eat a lot and also Jenner (who filmed this) ate too. so between the two of us, we did a pretty decent job of gaining 5 pounds that weekend. :)

  23. amanda

    This is funny because I actually passed by you and your husband on 13th street by integral yoga the other day. I was like “cute orange dress, nice to see decent maternity style!” then realized after you guys passed who you were.

  24. Kym

    Thanks for the video. I will have to give the deep fried Cadbury Easter egg a try one day.

  25. Ari

    Great recommendations!! I used to live on the West Village the past two years… I almost cry watching this video!! Thanks for sharing…
    xx- Ari

  26. arielle

    such a great and helpful video. will definitely refer back to it if/when we visit nyc!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  27. Mariska

    Hope you didn’t shoot that in one day.. If you did, tell me how you stay so fit!! ;)
    Love, Mariska – http://freecarnation.com

  28. Lorelei

    Naomi you look so gorgeous in this video and I totally dig your outfit! Where did you get those cute shoes from? :)

  29. Girl, now I feel FULL after watching you eat all that delicious food. I’ll be in NYC in 2 weeks to get fat and happy, wheee!

  30. Elaine

    I thoroughly enjoy these videos. It makes me miss NYC so much. I absolutely love the way you and Jenner Brown capture the heart of New York. Can’t wait to go back. Love love love the yellow coat by the way. :)

  31. i love your trench coat and nail polish in the video! do you plan to do any fashion/beauty posts in the future?

  32. Gabrielle

    Peanut butter and company is a quaint, cute, little cafe in greenwich village! I highly recommend it, super cute place for little kiddos too :)

  33. Bea

    Thank youuuuuuu!!!
    If you go on in this way, with these guides,I have to stay in NY for a month not just for a week!!!!!

  34. Katarina

    Naomi, We just got back home from NYC today! It was so much! I’ve been to NYC many times without kids but first time with my 9yr and 3yr old. I just kept thinking to myself breath, relax, pack some snacks and think what would Taza do lol! We also visited Magnolia Bakery yesterday. :) yum!

  35. Janna

    Thanks for this list- nice to see a lot of kid friendly places, will be keeping this in mind for our next city trip

  36. Tory

    Love the video! Such great vibes :)

    Could you tell me where your awesome kicks are from?


  37. Fanny

    Thank you for this nice video ! You’re a very good ambassadress for your city! But please come to France I must show you what good food is…!

  38. Great, now I’m starving and all the way in Florida. Husband and I will be referring to these posts every time we visit NY and eat ourselves silly. Love these videos you do…. aaannnddd also love the fact that you can eat like the best of them and still look amazing. Josh must be so proud. ;)

  39. adored this! saving your NYC guides to a safe place!

  40. Annette

    You walk like a dancer. Lovely. Thanks for this guide.

  41. Jenna

    Hi Naomi,

    Love the guides! Also – I saw you and the family at the deli today and was totally starstruck and didn’t say hi, but I wanted to say hi and congrats on the future baby! You were all just as adorable as I imagined!


  42. SUNA

    Hi Naomi !!

    Love these posts !! I will be traveling to NYC this December these little videos are so helpful !!

    Love your Blog

    XO all the way from Australia !

  43. i always love these neighborhood guides! awesome video :)
    xo, cheyenne

  44. crystal

    oh man, this doesn’t just make me want to visit new York one day, it makes me want to live there! I guess I needed to do that about 10 years ago when I was young free and single. Oh and I guess there is always that green card issue, too ; ) A holiday one day will have to be it I guess ; )

  45. Heather

    One of my favorite neighborhoods, and definitely the one I spend most time in. Cute video, and goodness Naomi you are so so beautiful. Looks like you had fun filming and getting to enjoy all of those yummy treats! Jealous!

  46. Jessica

    I love these! My fiancé and I may be relocating to the Big City in a year or so due to his medical school clinical rotations! It’s so nice to see some of the local areas you love and enjoy. It’s something we could reference knowing that it’s first hand experience!

  47. Joanna

    I’m travelling to NYC this summer- thanks for some tips! Whenever I’m in the city, I always fall in love with that place over and over again,


  48. Oh this is sooo great!
    I hope we will be able to visit new york with our little boy one day.
    It’s our dream to move there… Still a loooong way.
    Love seeing so much happyness and the city on this blog!

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  50. Martha

    Hi! I love your blog!! I commented on your last post (the one with the giveaway), but you probably didn’t see it (700+ comments is a lot). Anyway, I was wondering about the double stroller you use, it looks great from the photos. We’re on our way to a new addition coming this November, so I’m researching double strollers. Thanks. And again, love your blog!

    • TAZA

      hi! we use the bugaboo donkey and i love it. congratulations on your news!!!

  51. Paola

    Love these city guides! Keep them coming ;)!!

  52. jacob

    love this!

  53. How great with a guide! I value it a lot since I would probably never try or find these places otherwise. Thumbs up!!

  54. I love Smalls Jazz Club! It’s so intimate and cozy.

    There’s a place called Ellary’s Greens around the corner from Joe’s Pizza. Lots of veggie dishes and very affordable. Try it :)

    • TAZA

      never heard of it so thank you for the recommendation! we’ll have to try it!

  55. chelle

    You guys should try Ba’al Cafe and Falafel on sullivan st between Broome and Spring! Way better than Mamouns! :-)

  56. Anna

    Love these guides!! I’m collecting them for my next trip to NYC but I think I’m gonna need at least a month to go and see (and eat) all these beautiful places :)

  57. zaby

    It seems there are a lot fun things to do over there

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  59. Jocelyn

    I love your videos. I live all the way down South in Texas. While I may never get the chance to visit New York (though I would love to one day), your videos make me feel like I am there. They are my ticket to New York! Thank you for being generous and sharing all your favorite hangout spots.

  60. Lauren

    Hi! Are you planning to do a guide for the UES? I just moved there and would love to know your favorite spots! Thanks!

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  62. Megan L.

    Thanks so much for the list!! I am headed to NYC in OCtober and cant wait to check out some of these places!!!!!!

  63. Lori

    These new videos of yours continue to make NYC more and more appealing to me!!! I have never been to the big apple, but boy do I want to!! I can’t wait to be able to explore that big city. Super excited at the future prospect of it all. eeek!


    p.s HOW did you have room for all that amazing food??!! I am starving now!! Haha.

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  66. Megan

    You’ll love the Peanut Butter & Co. cafe on Sullivan Street! They make fancy peanut butter sandwiches complete in a brown lunch bag with carrot sticks! Perfect for picnics :)