samson and his breakfast.

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sometimes samson wakes up terribly early and it’s still dark outside and everyone is asleep and i just don’t know what to do with him. it’s totally terrible, but sometimes i give him a little pre-breakfast snack and let him watch an episode of Dora on the computer while i try to close my eyes for twenty more minutes.

a few weeks ago, while the apartment was still quiet and asleep (and we thought mister samson was still sleeping, too), josh heard some noise in the kitchen and went in to see what was up.  i am SO glad he pulled out his phone to video tape this while quietly observing samson from the kitchen doorway.  sometimes i am quick to jump in and be all, “what’s going on? why are we doing this? we need to clean this up right now!” but josh let samson work this out on his own for a few minutes and i think it is just the sweetest.  i wish i could jump into this little guy’s head one of these days and see how everything works in there! it’s just facinating how much they observe and want to help and mimic everything the bigger adults do each day.  he really does love to help with everything we do, all day long, every day.  good thing too, since he makes a lot of messes! anyway, if you care to watch below, here’s samson working through the steps of cleaning up the spilled cereal on the floor to fix his mess all on his own while very carefully not wanting to step in it. ha!

  1. Tina

    “He will be” (I meant to say)”

  2. Reelika

    This video is adorable!!! Samson is such a lovely little boy! I think it’s the most interesting thing observing a little kid while he/she is doing something forbidden. Their little brains are working in a completely unpredictable way.

    Take care!

  3. Erin

    This is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  4. Katie

    It’s so sweet to observe little ones without them noticing. You can see what they’re really capable of. It’s great to see that his instinct was to clean up after himself, rather than hide! You’re raising them well!

  5. Kim

    OMG, I love this. I have twin 3 year olds and pretty much this is what my house looks like all the time. Precious. Enjoy him today on the 4th. I’ve always felt it’s a holiday for the kids with such great memories of my own on this day. Have a happy and safe holiday! ~Kim

  6. JoannaO

    oh my lans, that is CUTE! Aren’t you just thankful for dads? I jump in way to fast too with my first reaction being ‘freak out!” but Johnny is much more calm and prone to letting them figure things out.

  7. Adorable! He is so cute! Nice boy.

  8. This melted my heart. OMG, Samson! Seriously, children are so smart. They absorb everything (good and bad) and it’s so fun to see them mimic what they’ve been watching you do. While my son is only 6 months, I can’t wait for the day he sweeps up his mess. Haha. <3

  9. Glenny

    what a cute little guy. this video totally made my day. thanks for sharing!

  10. Lenia O´Hara

    Probably the sweetest thing I´ve ever seen!
    Those tiny little feet are just killing me :D

  11. Janis

    This is the cutest ever! I love how he tries not to step on the mess! :)

  12. Ursula

    Too cute for words.

  13. Lilli

    This is cuteness overload. Seriously.
    Such an awesome little guy!

  14. Isabella

    Don’t feel bad about letting him watch a bit of TV if he wakes up at the cracks of dawn. We all do that sometimes or at least I sure do ;o) if this keeps mama that more sane or patient throughout the day, everyone is happy :o)

    • TAZA

      Thanks for this. I definitely always feel guilty when I put it on and head back to bed for a bit. I’m so not a morning person! And he loves to wake before the sun these days! Anyway, trying to kick my guilt. Thanks again.

  15. Jamee

    Sweetie, you are not so terrible for giving him snacks and letting him watch Dora! Kick that guilt away!
    How smart your little man is, right? Your a good mama.

  16. dylcia

    This video is so adorable. It’s crazy how kids observe everything.

  17. He is so precious! I too would have been quick to freak out and ruin the sweet moment.
    BTW, why two trash cans? :-)

    • TAZA

      One is recycling. :)

  18. Sarah

    What an absolute darling. thanks for sharing!

  19. Jenn

    Love this post! Love your blog!

    Can’t wait for my littles to come around :)

  20. Tami

    Awwww….this is so cute. You should show this on his wedding day. LOL

  21. Iza

    He is too cute! :)

  22. alexandria

    Naomi, this has to be the most darling video! I can only imagine how proud of himself he felt (well, after making the mess) as he was cleaning it up. kids are so sweet and innocent in their thinking. I am glad, too, that Josh was able to capture this on camera! That will be a good video to show him someday :)


  23. Anna

    oh mu god, this is so so so sweet!! and so funny, too! thanks for sharing, it is lovely!!

  24. Xs

    So cute!
    I want more video! :P

  25. E

    I’m not sure why but this made me tear up. I don’t know you personally but I’m so happy for you. You are raising 2(soon to be three) beautiful human beings. What tops that??

  26. Ivy

    I have two girls and a little boy in between and I love that he is between sisters because it helps soften his all boy approach to life. He’s a fearless bruiser and the best mess maker around! He always finds the dirt to play in and jumps before looking where to land! But he loves me in a way that no other person has loved me before. It’s not more or less than my husband or daughters or anyone else in my family for that matter, it’s just different. I’m his person. And even though he makes these terrible messes and causes me a lot of grief all day when he grabs my face between his little hands and plants a good smooch right on the lips I melt everytime. It helps me forgive all the clean up and time outs I give! When I watch your posts about Samson I feel like you get what I’m talking about. They are so similar! :)

  27. Ify B

    The sweetest thing EVER

  28. Lola

    OMG THIS MELTED MY HEART! I’m a nanny for a little boy and girl and your right! sometimes you just want to clean up and forget about the whole mess but S looked so precious trying to cleanup! your kids are adorable! god bless them:)

  29. Erin

    It’s so heartbreaking when they do stuff like this on their own. My son is also an early riser, we use this clock that lights up at a certain time (which you set), and we did a star chart related to staying in his room until his clock turned green. He could play with toys until his clock turned green, but he wasn’t to come get us until then. I think it’s called Ok to Wake!

    Anyway, worked really well eventually – though we’ve had to come to terms with the fact he wakes at 645am everyday. I think your kids share a room, though, so that might not work if he wakes up his sister!

    • TAZA

      haven’t heard of a clock like that before! definitely a cool concept! thanks for letting me know!

  30. Maria

    That is so sweet, I think it would be a good idea if he gets a smaller broom that way he thinks it’s his very own and he can feel like he is capable of tackling down any mess he makes.

  31. Oh my goodness! That is the CUTEST thing!

  32. oh my goodness! Just the sweetest thing!!!

    xoxo, kerri

  33. Oh my gosh this made my heart melt! SO ADORABLE

  34. Kelly

    oh my goodness, he tried SO hard!

  35. Annie

    What a sweetie!! How lucky are we to be able to document moments like this? Samson and Eleanor will just LOVE being able to actually see and read all about these sweet and silly memories when they’re older. :)

  36. Rachael

    looks like someone needs his own little dustpan! between this and your recent post about the kids at the parade….please have more and more children! Not only are they adorable but they seem so sweet! Can’t wait to welcome this newest one at Christmastime! YAY! That baby doesn’t know how lucky he/she is to be part of such a loving family.

  37. Hilarious!! My son would do the absolute same thing if he spilled like this.. AND is an early riser.. Lately he’s been sleeping a little later 5:45! I used to think it was terrible but I’ve (had) to start thinking of it like this… I get more done by 9:00 am than most? That’s what I tell myself anyway :)

    and ps.. totally looking into that clock someone above ^^ mentioned!

  38. Alexis

    this was the cutest video!!!

  39. Ruth

    Oh my. His little voice, “I did it! Woohoo!” slays me.

  40. he reminds me of my son. That is so adorable! He must be very proud, doing this!

  41. Emily M

    So stinkin’ adorable! Now I wonder what my little one is doing while I’m sleeping!

  42. Liz

    Oh my goodness… too adorable! Thank you for sharing this clip!

  43. Nicole

    Oh my goodness, that is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Brightened up my day no end.

  44. Joy

    I love the way Samson just kept going on and didn’t cry for help. You have bred such a fine, young gentle-toddlerman! :D

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  46. Katelyn

    Oh my gosh! This is the cutest ever! I laughed outloud when I heard him exclaim, “I did it!” when he finally got out the dusting pan. I love that he celebrates his own accomplishments by himself! How lucky upu have this one tape! I’m sure he will love to see it one day!

  47. Emma

    That is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen! It was sooo cute how he didn’t want to step in the pile!

  48. Anya

    I think “I did it! Woohoooo!” Should become the universal celebration cry of small victories. Samson has taught me to rejoice in my daily victories no matter how small. And I’ll do it with an “I did it! Woohoooo!” :). Many, many blessing to you and yours.

  49. Vanessa

    Aw! This may be one of the cutest things ever!

  50. Deb Steckly

    Just popped by and was so taken with this video. My son (who is now 30) used to love to sweep when he was Samsons age. We bought him a big broom and cut the handle down to size so it looked just like mom’s and he was as happy as could be. This brought back fun memories. Deb (Ontario, Canada)

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