pistachio gelato and late night baths.

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naomidovecampaigni’m really excited to be working with Dove to help spread the word about their purely pampering pistachio cream with magnolia body wash and beauty bar. i’ve been using Dove since the teenage years but the pistachio cream with magnolia body wash reminds me so much of my favorite gelato that i kind of cannot get enough of it.  in the campaign, i talk about how important it is for me as a mama of two small toddlers to find time to feel pampered. sometimes that’s treating myself to a tasty dessert while we’re out or keeping fresh flowers on my table when we’re home. simple things like that go a long way for me. i also really enjoy taking my time in the shower or bath at the end of a long day with the littles where i can just have several minutes of quiet. there is something about treating yourself to a calming late night bath when the entire apartment is asleep that makes you feel so very pampered. it’s my me time, and i love it. using the dove purely pampering pistachio cream with magnolia beauty bar has been an extra plus, since its scent is one of my favorites and its mild cleaners are gentle on my skin, leaving it feeling really soft and nourished.

ps. if you’re interested, visit dove.com for more info.  this post is in partnership with Dove. thanks!

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