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my little sister hannah came to visit us over the weekend! what better way to celebrate her visit than with some good old photobooth pictures! we’ve been eating our way through the city each day in-between playground and splash-pad time with the kiddos and spending our nights staying up way too late having those sisterly chats that are just so good for the soul. i’ve recruited eleanor and samson into my plan of trying to convince hannah to move back to the city. so there has been a lot of batting of their eye lashes and spontaneous hugs! whatever it takes! we’re gonna make it happen.

ps. completely unrelated, but… occasionally i like to catch up on the tv show so you think you can dance while doing stuff on my computer. i’m pretty far behind because i can’t watch it in real time, but you should go watch this (not the whole thing, you have to fast forward to 1 hour and 5 minutes in, and just watch that 2 minute solo by the boy named ricky). it is one of the most beautiful things i have seen in my life.  i keep going back to hulu and fast forwarding to that spot to watch it over and over again. somebody call up ohad for that boy! he is ready.

  1. Freya

    Good luck in trying to convince your sister to move to NYC! I’m trying to convince my best friend to move from Canada to London and I’ve been at it for years – I think I’m getting closer though! She’s starting to crumble ;)

  2. zaby

    cute pics

  3. TILLY

    what are you doing up past 2am with your baby belly?! time for bed?! and that boys performance….wow! goodnight xx

  4. Birdy and Bambi

    That looks superfun! Thanks for sharing! I needed some smiles today :-)

    Love from Europe,


  5. Melanie

    so cute! :)

  6. I love these pictures, they are the most funny ones. Imagine when you will find them back within 10 years from will remmeber all the fun you had by taking them.
    Otherwise, I totally understand how it feels to be seperated from your sister. Mine moved 4 years ago and it has been so difficult for me to live wihtout her close by. It makes such a difference in my dayd to day live, even after 4 years… So I hope for you she will come back ;-) good luck!!!

  7. ashlee

    I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance and watch it on Hulu every week!! I think the boys have it this year!! Ricky is amazing!

  8. Brittni

    These photos are adorable! It’s so great to connect with family who live far, even if it seems like their visits are never quite long enough. I’m so happy that you and your sister where able to share some quality bonding time…those conversations are well worth the lost sleep. Thanks for sharing these special moments with us!

  9. I quit dance when I was 18 and I truly regret it. I know I could get back into it if I put forth the effort, but w 3 kids and at 36 years old, it’s just not in the cards for me. Thankfully there is SYTYCD that I watch religiously every season so I can live vicariously through those talented young people!! Ha!!

  10. vicky


  11. Emily

    aw that clip only works if you have hulu plus.

  12. MrsFun

    We have one photo booth pic as a family. all 6 of us squeezed in. It’s one of my favorite photos, ever.

  13. Taylor

    yay for sisterly time!! I don’t think I could ever live too far away from my sisters; I just need them in my life always!


  14. arielle

    with your little ones, I’m sure she’ll be moving back to the city in a heartbeat. they are adorable.

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  15. Janis

    Photo booths are awesome! :)

  16. J

    The photobooth pictures are so cute! I think there’s always something timeless about photobooth pictures, espcially when they’re in black and white, they give off quite a nostalgic feel.

    The Internationalist

  17. TJ

    Totally watched Ricky’s dance multiple times. The song choice, the movements he does with his body. INSANE!! Thanks for sharing girl!
    xo TJ

  18. Nothing in this world quite like a sister! Ha, hope the littles run this campaign successfully!

  19. Bea

    I think you had a great time with your sister in town!

  20. Ashley

    Ricky went to my high school, he is such a genuine person and dances beautifully!

  21. Allison

    My husband loves that show!! There is a small part of me that gets sad when I watch it cause I miss dancing. We plan on catching up this weekend :)
    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  22. Dear Sister,

    Life is short and in the end it’s your relationships with the ones you love that matter most. Your time spent together on this earth can only enrich the hereafter.

    And besides, from what I’ve seen, you’re one boho haired, Birks rocking, stylish hottie who has the added element of kindness and joy.

    New York needs you.

    Xoxo from San Francisco


  23. Katie

    Hi Taza – just wondering how many weeks pregnant are you?

  24. photobooths are so, so much fun!

  25. isyana

    i envy people who can dance… my little sali loves to dance, i might persuade her to have ballet or Balinese dance lessons. :)
    have you watch disney legends Glen Keane animation “The Duet” , i thought you might like it..



  26. hanna

    I love these kind of photos! –Hanna Lei

  27. kelly

    Ricky is hands down my favorite this season! His technique is insane. Even if he doesn’t win, he’s definitely going places! :)


  28. i adore SYTYCD! but nothing beats sister time. :)

  29. Gabby

    Hi Naomi! I actually competed against Ricky in the competition circuit throughout my life! Everytime I watch him dance he amazes m, and taking class with him is unbelievable!

  30. Mandy

    Just watched his episode at home. He is SO unbelievable…. *CHILLS*

  31. I love SYTYCD, too! I do hate how long it takes to get through an episode. That and Mary’s squealing. I really just love the dancing.

    • TAZA

      yes, and i also wish they didn’t cut the judges faces during each piece or routine! i just wanna see the dancing uninterrupted!

  32. Danielle

    Atticus, O’Brien, Eames, Veda, Allistair, Imogen, Ambrose, & Rafferty are my offering for the name game!

  33. Ify

    Can we talk about how Ricky is my favorite dancer? Like, every move he makes is filled with passion and intent. I could watch him dance all day every day!

  34. marie

    Such cute photos! Your sis is such a great aunt to her niece and nephew, it’s obvious that your kids love her alot too. :) I hope my newborn baby will be close to my siblings like yours too :))

  35. PatyHV

    This season of SYTYCD is beyond amazing ! I died a little bit through Ricky’s audition but my favorite so far has to be this duet

    beyond beautiful, brought chills and tears to my eyes, you just feel everything in their dance

  36. Flea market + a donut stand sounds like the perfect Saturday! Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing! <3