our 4th of july.

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hi! hope you had a wonderful 4th of july! we were here in the city for the day, and weren’t really sure what we were in for this year since the forecast anticipated rain for every hour of the day due to hurricane arthur.  but it ended up being kind of wonderful outside in-between the rainfalls, so we spent a few hours outside making the most of it when the rain was holding off, and inside for the rest napping and cooking and deep cleaning our apartment.  i really love celebrating the 4th of july, and i think my love for america is rubbing off on my kiddos! they kept chanting “happy 4th of july!” to any strangers we passed on the street! maybe it has something to do with the fact that the day was full of firetrucks and parades and sparklers for them. ;) either way, grateful to live in such a beautiful country and proud to be an american.


^^^we took the littles up to the harlem children’s parade! we had tried to go last year, but i got riverside drive and morningside drive mixed up and we never found it. (lol. i’m so awesome sometimes.) but we found it this year!  eleanor and i decorated her scooter beforehand in our apartment which was kind of the funnest thing ever for the two of us to do together. we tried to decorate samson’s too, but he’s more of a minimalist and didn’t want anything to touch his blue scooter. ;)  the little parade was very cute. the kids scoot or bike behind a big firetruck for a few blocks and at the end, they squirt everyone with the firetruck hose. it was a party!^^^


^^^getting tossed in the air AND sprayed from the firetruck?! eleanor was in heaven.^^^


july2 july3

^^^since we were just a few blocks from columbia after the parade, we stopped by josh’s favorite old deli, hamilton deli, for some breakfast sandwiches and ate them on campus. it’s funny because we ended up here last year, too! so i guess we are making a stop by columbia university a 4th of july davis family staple. we finished our breakfast *just* before the rain came down, too! so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.^^^


^^^baby was there, too. ;) ^^^


^^^chicken sliders for dinner….^^^


^^^and a few sparklers in central park before bedtime. i have always loved sparklers, but sharing them with E and S made it even more fun than any other time we’ve used them. it was a great close to our evening together. ^^^


 happy birthday, america!

ps. for those curious, we used our canon 6D to take these pictures. my dress is from a lauren moffatt sample sale a few years back and my sunglasses are by karen walker (available still in this color).  eleanor and samson’s flag moccasins were a gift from freshly picked. samson’s shirt is from a local children’s boutique in our neighborhood and eleanor’s romper is from zara a few seasons back.

  1. I adore their shoes! and your dress!
    looks like such a great weekend :)

  2. Liz

    AWww, so many fun memories! And you went back to brunette! LOVE it! Love, love, love it so much.

  3. Janis

    Love all of the American flags everywhere! And those kids shoes are too cute! :)

  4. Faith

    Lovely pictures Naomi! Looks like you had a wonderful Fourth. I was in New York also and had such a fantastic weekend :)

    I love the picture of E holding the sparkler, such a sweet and magical shot.


  5. nanette

    oh gosh those moccs are adorable! sounds like a great day! you look beautiful!

  6. vicky

    aww so fun! i love all of that red, white and blue draped everywhere! i have to say i’m a minimalist too but i loved eleanors little scooter :) proud to be american and love our country. great post!

    ps: sparklers make the world go round! loved your sunglasses and everyones shoes, of course.

  7. Lea

    Looks like a beautiful day!

    You look so good with brown hair. I kind of liked the blond on you. But when I saw these pictures, I just thought WOW, what a beauty! :)

  8. Julie

    Awrrr their cute little outfits! Sounds like you had a lovely day!

  9. zoe

    Looks like the most perfect 4th :) I love the sparkler shots! Your kiddos are (as always) way too cute. xx

    The What’s In Between

  10. alma

    Looks like you guys had a blast! We had friends over from Brooklyn so they brought some of NYC love to our little country home :) I miss NYC so much and seeing these images makes me want to pack up and move back!!! You look so lovely and radiant, always so so pretty. Love the matching outfits and especially Samson’s red shorts, too cute!

  11. bri

    so fun! we got some of those flag moccs too. so adorable!

  12. Anna Z

    Those little USA inspired moccasins are adorable! Also, you’re the prettiest pregnant lady. Congratulations! :-)

  13. Lyndsay

    It looks like such a fun 4th! Eleanor and Samson’s little American flag moccasins are so cute!

  14. Haha… S’s face holding out the sparkler is too good. Sparklers and sprinklers are really what summer is all about, aren’t they?! I love how patriotic my US friends get around 4th July, and love seeing Instagram overloaded with red, white, blue, bbqs, corn and general outdoorsy merriment. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time, it must be so special to share these things with the kids as they start to grow older and older!

    X Jemima – http://www.jemimajaneblog.com

  15. Thanks for sharing these great pictures! I love the kids shoes, they look great on them.
    And it seems that you are brunette again! :-) you look amazing.


  16. Yay! Back to brown hair! You look amazing with your new hair taza! You resemble a mod 50’s housewife in that dress, love it! Glad you guys had a great 4th of July!



  17. Natali

    Perfect 4th of July!! You are such an inspiring family and can’t wait to see everything you’re going to be up to until and when the new little one comes to this world :)


  18. hanna

    Your family is just too cute. –Hanna Lei

  19. Reelika

    How pretty these photos are! Your family looks so beautiful. I’ve never celebrated 4th of July and I’d like to do it one day, it seems so much fun!

    Take care!

  20. marie

    Such cute and sweet photos! I can’t wait for my son to share such happy moments with his brother soon! (I’m 39weeks pregnant now). Have a happy week Naomi! enjoy your pregnancy :)


  21. Lily

    No one’s curious about that dress.

  22. Jaclyn

    Your hair looks fabulous! Go brunettes! x

  23. Esther

    You’re always beautiful, but I especially love your brown hair! :) These are wonderful pics and looks like a great time!

  24. wonderful pictures! seems like a great day to celebrate :)
    xo, cheyenne

  25. We had the pleasure of experiencing 4th of July in NYC for the first time this year! Since we’re not from the US, we just wanted to get a little sneak peek into what and how the independence day is celebrated. In the evening we took the ferry to Staten Island and watched the Macy’s fireworks – such a beautiful view with Manhattan and the colorful fireworks! There’s a post with pictures from the night on our blog, if you’re interested :)

    And btw. – I absolutely love your tips and tricks on what to experience in NYC and both you and Josh’s favorite places to eat! They’re very helpful!

    Laura // http://www.afterglobe.dk

  26. Brittni

    Great photos and great memories! Their moccasins are the cutest! Thanks for sharing.

  27. jenn

    the parade sounds so adorable! i’ll have to remember this when my kiddos enter the world in a few years ;) also, you missed some GREAT fireworks on the east river! I watched the Jersey City fireworks from Liberty State Park and got to see 2 shows at once, because we could see the Jersey City fireworks AND the Macy’s fireworks on the east river all in the same view! With the city lights in the background, it truly was the best 4th of July yet :)

  28. Celina

    Hi Noemi!
    Your photos are gorgeous. I know you mention using a 6d, but I was also interested in the kind of lens you’re using as well? Is it a kit lens ?

    • TAZA

      it’s just the kit lens! i actually think it’s wonderful!

  29. Kayla

    Gosh, their flags shoes are the cutest! Looks like a great 4th!

  30. Carolin

    Oh my gosh your hair is brown again :)

    I really like that you are experimenting with your hair, but your natural hair color looks so beautiful on you.

  31. Allison

    Aww you’re fourth looked like it was so much fun! Your kids are just absolutely adorable. I can’t wait to get my future kids shoes like that! Happy 4th and Happy Monday!

    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  32. Amanda

    Love your hair cut!

  33. Leith

    LOVE these pictures! Your kids obviously are loving every moment of life, which is always fun to see. And those moccasins are too much. I’m going to buy them for my nieces immediately.


  34. Sarah

    Girl I love that lipstick! What shade is it?

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s actually the old school ruby woo by mac. haven’t pulled it out in a while. was fun to wear it again!

  35. Abi

    Love your hair back to your natural brown! Also your outfit from last year was lovely- love your old style. Please remember to make your kids wear gloves when using sparklers! In the uk that’s something they really drill into our heads through adverts etc, maybe it’s not as known a safety hazard in the US? Seriously loving the hair though. :)

  36. Kelsey

    S’s little pinkie in that breakfast sandwich photo…DYING.

  37. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Festive happiness captured in every photo. Lovely pictures!

  38. McCall Linares

    My 4 yr old kept saying “it’s the day of july, the best day ever!!!” LOL.

  39. arielle

    your munchkins are absolutely adorable! and I love the romper your little eleanor is wearing. you’ve styled your life so perfectly.

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  40. Melissa

    kind of LOVE that you returned to brown with bangs! it looks great!

  41. Melissa

    Looks like you guys had such a great time! I remember this holiday feeling so magical and fun when I was growing up, I’m sure E and Samson loved it. Love your color appropriate outfits and E’s romper is seriously the cutest. Such a good idea to decorate her scooter. These pictures came out so good with your camera, I NEED to get one asap.

    Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

  42. amanda

    those flag moccasins are the ultimate!

  43. MrsFun

    This makes me miss city life. I know my kids have it made out here in the sticks but there is something about the city that is home to me.

  44. Livi

    I love those little shoes! So adorable!

  45. lucinda

    you’ve captured such joy in these photos, it looks to have been a wonderful celebration of the holiday! i just adore the image of e’s little fist clenching the sprakler – it’s stunning!
    happy july!

  46. Such a beautiful family. You look amazing Naomi!

  47. Mer FM

    I love the first photo showing such a lovely brotherhood. And Samson’s face! So lovely!

  48. Looks like such a great time! Your kiddos are too cute!!!

  49. Ashley

    I love, love, love this post! Such an absolutely darling family! Glad you had such a wonderful holiday weekend! <3

  50. Bethany

    You have the most precious, happy children! Just lovely.
    Where did you get your sunnies?

    • TAZA

      thank you! i have a link to them in the post. they are by karen walker!

  51. This looks like a fantastic way to spend the holiday. As always, you have such a beautiful family. Also, I love the hair color. Beautiful photos, too!

  52. Mariska

    Looks like you had a great 4th of July. Here in France we celebrate July 14th. This year I plan to americanize it a bit ;) Since the colors of the french flag are blue red and white also, I will dress in these colors, as the Americans nowadays on the 4th. Your dress is darling and the kids look great!
    Next year baby number three will be joining you!
    Love, Mariska.


  53. T.

    Wow, what a full day – complete with wardrobe changes (shoes and swimsuits)! :)

  54. Emily

    Love that you’re a brunette again! I’m a brunette, and I get kind of huffy when a brunette goes blonde. It’s weird, I know. :)

  55. Looks like a very fun 4th! And your hair looks amazing!!! I’m glad brown is back :-)

  56. Kelly

    E’s scooter was SO freaking cute and their shoes are adorable! It looks like you really had a great day!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  57. Rachel

    Oh i love your hair brown, and everything about these pictures ! Honestly July 4th is one of the reasons I’d love to be American ! Such patriotism going on all over the place – and the outfits are always 100 times better than any Canadian ones I can find lol !!!

  58. Hi Naomi,

    I know you are probably overwhelmed with emails but just reminding you about a kids room tour for Apartment Therapy. Any interest? Your kids have the most awesome bedroom! (sorry for this misplaced message!!)


  59. angelica

    love the outfits. i wish they had something like that in socal for the kids. what brand of scooters are those. my two year old has been trying to rid her big sisters scooter.

    • TAZA

      they are mini micro scooters! they are great.

  60. Bev

    Nothing says summer like the 4th of July! Love this holiday and country. Beautiful photos :)

  61. THEIR MOCASSINS! Amazing.

  62. Lo

    You look like your sisters twin with the brown locks!


  63. tilly

    Hi Naomi! Your kiddos smiles are very contagious! I can’t help but smile back when I see these cute photos! :) I noticed that Samson has the same shorts on as what Eleanor did a couple of posts back. Do they have a pair each or do they share them? I am just as little curious as do you buy them matching clothes or are those shorts shared? Do they share many clothes? I also wonder whether on not to let my kiddos share some pieces or if I should just buy them one each of the same thing. They are cute shorts by the way :) Thanks and bunch!

    • TAZA

      they share a lot of pieces including those red shorts! always depends on the size but i can usually get away with it if it’s in-between their two current sizes.

  64. Bea

    E in heaven!
    It made me laugh!
    Have a nice day dear Naomi!

  65. Kathryn

    Looks like you guys had an awesome day, your two little ones are always adroable.
    (and your freashly brunetted hair looks awesome!)

  66. Kelly

    Oh yes! Your hair looks fantastic! The blonde was nice for a change but brunette’s deffo better and goes awesome with your bright lipsticks, And love love love the short fringe on you. Love your posts Naomi :)

  67. Chelsea

    Wonderful pics! And your hair looks amazing girl!!

  68. Valentine

    I don’t know if you guys know how lucky you are with your family. Eleanor and Samson are like the cutest kids. You guys all look so happy! I love following the adventures of the family of yours.
    (From France)

  69. Chelsea

    Your new hair is fab!!!!!


  70. Tina

    Love their shoes! And your hair! Glad you had a great holiday… so jealous of your awesome day

  71. gina

    You are the most gorgeous pregnant momma ever!!! Also I am loving your new hair!

  72. Daisy

    Nice pictures. Your children are extraordinarily beautiful. The photos of your daughter being thrown into the air were quite alarming, however. At least put the bike helmet on her first!

  73. Taylor

    What a stupendous Fourth of July! You look gorgeous! It was a surprise to see your hair dark again (you look beautiful either way!). Happy holiday!


  74. Claire

    Love you and your fam! Your brown hair is the perfect shade. Do you happen to know what color and product your hair dresser used? :)

  75. Sydney

    I love your hair dark and your bump is getting to cute! The little ones looked like they were loving their fourth! I hope it was a great one:)



  76. emily

    Beautiful photos as always. I love following the adventures of your family and your bump is adorable! I hope you all enjoyed your 4th July – it looks like you did!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  77. These pictures are so beautiful – your kids are the cutest! Pictures with the sparklers are unforgettable. :)

  78. crystal

    beautiful photos! and I am loving your hair : )

  79. The 4th of July is my absolute favorite holiday. I LOVE the kids moccs! Definitely going to have to get them for my baby boy for next year (just had him on the 3rd)!


  80. Natalie (@fashionatalie)

    Oh my goodness gracious the picture with Samson holding the sparkler and looking away (bottom set of pics, top right) is TOO ADORABLE for words. That’s a keeper!