new orleans!

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we’ve been in new orleans the past few days! earlier this summer, the city of new orleans invited us down for a few days to explore and we decided it was too good of an experience to pass up! josh and i had never been before, so we were excited at the chance to explore a new place full of so much history (and good food! who are we kidding.) thank you to everyone who gave us such great recommendations via twitter and instagram this past week on where to go and what to do! we have done several of your recs and you have not disappointed!

several photos below if you’d like to see…


^^^breakfast at elizabeth’s in the bywater. if you go, the biscuits are a huge must. (we put honey on them.) we keep talking about them.^^^


^^^we grabbed beignets at cafe beignet on our way to a concert one evening and they were delicious.  a tiny bird landed on our table while we ate and eleanor tossed him a little piece of her beignet so he stayed and ate with us for a good 30 seconds! the kids were so thrilled to have a birdy join us for dessert! when he flew away we were all a little bummed, but we sat a few feet away from the steamboat willie jazz band, so it was all good.^^^


^^^quick walk past the famous bourbon street on our way to dinner one night. that’s an interesting place! ;) ^^^


^^^we saw a jazz concert at preservation hall, and hands down, our favorite part of the trip! i will never forget eleanor and samson’s faces as they listened to that music.  they clapped and clapped and samson kept asking if he could give them money (he’s used to tipping the street performers in new york city because we love them so much, and he takes his job of supporting the arts very very seriously.  haha!), so we let him tip them a couple times during the show. eleanor has also requested clarinet lessons, so that was kind of adorable as well.  but seriously, what incredible music!^^^

(ps. there are so many photos in this post (sorry, i can’t help it), i made it a “CLICK TO READ MORE”. so click the yellow button to see the rest…)


^^^po boy sandwiches at parkway bakery and tavern! we tried the fried oysters po boy and the classic hot roast beef with gravy. the fried oysters was our favorite. and that’s saying something because i’m not an oyster girl.^^^

nola14nola15 nola16

^^^um. can i live here? how happy is this darling little home?^^^

nola17 nola18

^^^we spent an afternoon in city park where samson enjoyed trying to play with the ducks while eleanor napped in the stroller.^^^

nola19 nola20

^^^we planned to stop by the carousel gardens amusement park at city park, but sadly they are closed on mondays and we didn’t think to check that beforehand, so that was a little disappointing.  from the closed gates though it looked pretty fun.  guess we’ll have to come back to new orleans again someday!^^^


^^^we made up for the closed amusement park by canoeing in the big lake across the street instead!^^^


^^^and a quick stroll through the new orleans museum of art’s sculpture garden.^^^

nola23 nola24

^^^our beloved new orleans imperial woodpecker snoballs stand that used to spend summers in new york city has moved back to new orleans this summer. i have been bummed about this all year missing out on my new orleans snoballs in new york, so we made it a top priority to find neesa’s snoball stand in new orleans on our first day. it was so fun to see her again and get our fill of shave ice (with condensed milk on top! the only way! so so good.) ^^^


^^^we did a walking tour of the garden district one morning in-between a few crazy thunder storms! that area is full of some of the most beautiful homes and it was fun to hear all about the history of the neighborhood.  apparently it’s been infiltrated by celebrities. i felt like many of the homes were introduced as, “so and so lives here, or so and so lives here.” i can see why though – it really is something else.

nola2 nola30 nola31 nola32 nola35

^^^see what i mean? breathtaking!^^^

nola36 nola37

^^^we also toured the layfayette cemetery no. 1 while in the garden district.^^^

nola55 nola43nola49102738nola

^^^thanks to everyones recommendations, we had dinner at EAT one night.  josh tried the crawfish pie and i had the chicken and dumplings.  the chicken and dumplings was probably my favorite meal of new orleans. it was really good.^^^

nola45 nola47

^^^we brought umbrellas with us one morning because it kept raining on and off. i think it must have felt like christmas morning for our kids to get to carry those around with them.  it’s so funny what makes them so happy sometimes. ^^^


^^^and riding the street cars is always a family highlight!^^^


new orleans, you’ve been a lot of fun so far! even if you are terribly humid and hot during the day. thanks again to everyone who helped recommend fun things to eat and do here.

this post is in partnership with the city of new orleans (NOTMC). thank you again for inviting us to experience your beautiful city. 

ps. for those who’ve asked below, my tee is from HERE (it’s not maternity, but works well either way!)

  1. nanette

    beautiful photos! those beignets looked incredible!

  2. Sarah Balzac

    My comment has nothing to do with Nola and everything to do with pregnancy… how is that you look beautiful through the whole 9 months?! I just realized that you’re a knock out the whole way through. Lucky you! I know the day I’m blessed with being able to carry a child, my face is going to look horrible! Haha! That baby in your belly has no idea how lucky he/she has it just yet: he (or she) is being born into a gorgeous, happy family that knows how enjoy the simplest of things. I’m sure you have hard moments, you are only human, but it’s obvious you know how to get back up and make tough-it-out. Thanks for sharing, Naomi!

    • TAZA

      thank you for this kind comment, sarah! it means a lot.

      ps. your face won’t look horrible when you’re pregnant! i feel like my skin is always best when i’m expecting!

  3. Oh my! What a quaint, fun, VIBRANT looking place (that blue house, and that corner store?!)! I’ve never been to NO, either, but man it sure does look like it epitomizes that whole Southern Charm thing. What a rad experience!

  4. Looks so fun. my mouth is watering of that picture of breakfast.

    Random question – we we’re looking at that same stroller (bugaboo donkey) since we have another baby on the way. just curious how it’s held up to eleanor and samson since I know you’ve had it for a while and you use it to go everywhere?

    • TAZA

      held up great so far! and i use it everyday because of city life like most would a car/ storage unit/ grocery cart, etc!

  5. Sinead

    What a beautiful city! Those houses (and all that food!) look amazing :-)

  6. Ellen

    Such cute photos! I’d love to visit New Orleans & see all the amazing bluesy landscapes…And maybe some of the places featured in season 3 of American Horror Story :)

  7. Freya

    Wow, what an invitation! New Orleans is high up on my list of travel destinations. One day we plan to rent an RV and road trip all over America. And maybe Canada too…

  8. Erica

    I LOVE New Orleans! I live 2.5 hours away and have probably been a dozen times. I’m glad you saw the best parts of the city (I loathe the French Quarter but dream of living on Magazine Street!)

  9. I’ve never been to New Orleans, but everyone I know loves it. i need to get down there one of these days.

  10. My dad is from New Orleans and since i live in singapore, i only get to go back once a year (or once every 2-3 years…) since it’s such a long way. And when I’m there, I usually just do the same ol’ things with my cousins and family so this post was so good! i’m excited to go back to New Orleans this/next year and check a couple of things out now that i will be living in NYC (love your NYC guides as well) and can afford to go back more often!

  11. MEGAN

    darling darling!!! i love all the colors!

    where is your baseball tee from. i’m expecting and would enjoy that shirt so much!


  12. Kristen

    Where is your adorable shirt from, it looks so comfy and perfect for pregnancy!?

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s from jcrew.

  13. Lauren

    City of Cleveland, if you are reading this, call me. We’ll talk.

  14. Allison

    It looks like you had an great trip, besides the park being closed :) I hope to visit New Orleans some day, It looks like it would be a fun city to explore. Thanks for sharing your fun trip!
    Allison over at

  15. Marisa

    Samsons face at the front gates of Carousel Gardens is to die, and the fact that Eleanor is covered just makes it all the more dramatic! hilarious! I’m glad you guys had fun!!

    • TAZA

      haha, fortunately eleanor was asleep so she didn’t have to comprehend that we were locked out! might have been bad if so!

  16. Hailey Caldwell

    If you get a chance you have to go back to the French Market and try the apple beignets! I would dare to say they are better than regular ones. Also, S and E would LOVE the aquarium. It’s so much fun for kids and adults!

  17. Kellym

    Looks like so much fun!

  18. Beautiful pics, I love the one of the cemetery grave sites! I’m going to NOLA in October and can’t wait to experience it!

  19. what lovely pictures! new orleans seems like such an amazing place, hope to go there one day :)
    xo, cheyenne

  20. Paola

    What an amazing city!!! I’ve never been but this post makes me want to pack up, leave NYC, and go there ASAP ;)!

  21. malisams

    ohhh, i love new orleans. i can’t imagine being there mid-summer, though, what with all the HOT. and you with child! you’re a brave woman. but dang, that city is breathtaking and magical and full of incredible food and people. glad you got the chance to go. also, i once worked with NOTMC on a project and found them to be wonderful people who love their city. yay nola!

  22. Cat

    How adorable! It looks like you guys had a blast. This is currently at the top of my list in terms of USA vacations.

    Also, I love how colorful and bright your photos always are. Such a different style from mine, but I’m still really drawn to it :)


  23. Ashley

    man when did samson get so big?? :( E is as darling as ever, of course, but that boy is looking like such a little man! I love it. So what are you going to do about strollers when Baby #3 comes around? Is E going to scoot around everywhere?

    • TAZA

      we have a ride board for the back of the donkey, and i’m hoping E and S won’t mind taking turns sometimes riding verses sitting. they both are liking to walk more these days than ride anyhow, so i am hoping at least E will be somewhat phased out of the stroller stage by the time baby is here! we’ll see.

  24. Jessica

    New Orleans is my favorite city, and I try to visit at least once a year- but I don’t have children, so it was so fun to see it through the eyes of a family! Glad you enjoyed!

  25. Brooke

    Please tell us where your raglan shirt is from, Taza!

    • TAZA

      from jcrew!

  26. Sarah

    Oh my! I love New Orleans! We spent a week there last summer & it was one of my favorite vacations within the US to date. Transports you to Europe without ever needing your passport – so charming!

  27. Anne

    I just love all the photos! I need to go to New Orleans someday just to chow down on all the yummy food!

    The Hills Are Alive

  28. Anna S

    Dear Naomi,
    Your photos make me so happy! I instantly feel a lot of joy and my mouth is smiling when I look at your pictures.
    Your blog is a resource of positive energy for me and surely for a lot more people!
    T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U !!

  29. marie

    Lovely holiday photos! I love to travel with my husband and son too, right now I can’t wait for my newborn to grow up so that we can travel as a family of four. Just like yours! ;)

  30. hanna

    This looks like a ton of fun –Hanna Lei

  31. Dani

    Okay what kind of stroller(s?) do you guys have? They/it look perfect for 2 little people. Also, New Orleans is incredible! I love that place. So beautiful.

    • TAZA

      we use the bugaboo donkey!

  32. Taylor

    It looks like you guys are having a blast! I can’t wait to see more pictures!


  33. Courtney

    What a gift you’re giving to your kids by traveling– it really is a wonderful way to educate our littles! Can I ask where you stayed in NOLA, and if you’d return? Or did you see other accommodations you felt were good for traveling with children?

    • TAZA

      we stayed at Windsor Court and it was great! wonderful for children too!

  34. arielle

    new orleans is such a cool place! I’ve been there a few times before, but you’ve got me yearning for another visit with all of your cute pictures of beignets and talk of jazz.

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  35. mel

    i just love all your pics!
    your family is perfect!
    you look beautiful always ..

    E’s hair is always gorgeous can you please share
    what you use on her hair?

  36. mel

    your family is perfect!
    you always look so beautiful..

    E’s hair always looks gorgeous
    can you please share with me what you use on her hair?
    i would really really appreciate it!

    xo mel

    • TAZA

      thanks! i don’t use anything on it. we wash their hair with burts bees shampoo so that is the only product we use on her hair.

  37. Kirstin

    Um, how cool is it that the city of New Orleans invited you down to basically just have fun?! What a great opportunity! Im glad you and your family are having such a good time; I personally fell in LOVE (like head over heels, can’t stop thinking about it) with that city. It was a nonstop blast. Enjoy every minute of it! And one of my first stops was to imperial wood peck snowballs too! The first time I’d ever tried one and I was hooked.

  38. Bea

    HI Naomi!!
    So many great adventures, and you look great!
    Pregnancy makes you look moree beauty (if this is necessary!)
    Have a nice day!

  39. Jessie

    Hi! welcome to New Orleans!! FYI – it is called “the Bywater” or “Bywater” – not “Bywater District.” I thought you may like to know for accuracy! Thanks and hope you are enjoying our fair city!

    • TAZA

      thanks for letting me know! will fix that now… still trying to learn all the correct language! ;)

  40. Lauren

    New Orleans is high on my list of places to go if I ever manage to get to America!

    I love how Samson looks kind of outraged in the picture by the carousel gates!

    P.S. Name suggestions for the day: Hazel and Jasper :)

  41. andrea

    i am a Louisiana native and have to say glad you enjoyed our wonderful sights. truly blessed to be from such a wonderful & welcoming place.

  42. Jessica

    I love seeing your family adventures and you’re so great about keeping that camera out and capturing it all. As always, the kiddos are adorable and you look radiant too!

  43. abbey

    you should never have to apologize for putting up too many pictures. they are all gorgeous and fun to look at! you have such a beautiful family. enjoy your trip!

  44. Jean

    What camera lens do you use? I have a 50mm & live in a tiny home & would love to know! Thanks in advance.

    • TAZA

      i’m using my canon 6D with the kit lens. other camera info is on my FAQ page!

  45. Mary Dewar

    Lovely photos as usual! Where are Samson’s overalls from? Love the color!

  46. haley

    I am so, so glad y’all spent some time at City Park! My husband and I live less than a mile from it, and go weekly (during the spring, daily)! It really is the best part of the city. You missed the wildflowers this year…but you’ll just have to come back :)

    I know you’re probably full to the brim with recommendations, but if you are still looking for fun places to see and yummy food to eat, I recommend ManhattanJack in Uptown (excellent cookies), The High Hat Cafe in Uptown (the vegetable plate + a rosemary ginger tea), Mondo in Lakeview (more of a “date night” kind of place, but still family friendly and within walking distance of Creole Creamery), Audubon Zoo, Audubon Park (both uptown) and the WWII Museum in the Warehouse District– all are great sight-seeing spots!

    Enjoy the rest of your time here! Try not to melt with all of this heat and rain!! :)

  47. katie

    Hey Naomi! I keep seeing Samson in those adorable green overalls and I would love to know where you got them from? My son would look so cute in them! thanks!

  48. Loved seeing all these pictures! Now I miss home! So glad you got to experience Nola and have a good time. I could use one of those snowballs right about now!

  49. kendra

    Oh, Naomi, your kids are so darling! Such a fun trip!

  50. Gemma

    Love Nola! My husband and I have been talking about bringing our daughter there someday, but just haven’t put it into practice yet.
    I really admire your ability to just ‘get up and go’. I worry waay too much about what if’s! :(

    I wonder if you could do a quick travel tips guide some time?
    Like, how do you get to and from the airport at each end? Just cab it? Do cab drivers ever turn their nose up with kiddos in tow?

    Also, do E and S just sit on your laps for the plane?
    How do you make the hotel work? When we go away we try and get a room with a separate living space if in the budget, so when our 18mth old goes to bed at 8/9pm, we’re not just sitting in silence in the room with her! Ha.

    See? I overthink things. You guys make it look so easy!!

    Love all the photos! Xo

    • TAZA

      hi! here’s a post i wrote a few years ago about traveling abroad with littles that might be helpful:

      and this one on flying with little ones:

      since E and S are both over 2, we have to buy them full seats on the airplane now, so they don’t sit in our laps anymore. many friends of mine travel with carseats but we don’t. we just buckle them in the airplane seat belts and they usually do fine. as for traveling while we are there, we are used to public transportation since we don’t have a car in NYC, so if we aren’t on a train or bus, we take a cab. we always buckle our kiddos up in cabs with regular seat belts (what we do here in NYC as well).

      and for your sleeping question, i know a lot of people travel with portable cribs and get a room that has two rooms in it. i think it really depends on your kids and family and regular sleeping arrangements. our kids have toddler beds in their nursery, but we have co-slept most of their little lives too (and to be honest, they usually crawl into our bed by 4 or 5 in the morning each night because i have never been firm with sleep training), so we usually request a room at the hotel with two queen beds so there is room for all of us in the beds.

      i hope that was somewhat helpful! good luck!

  51. Kelly

    The littles are getting so big and it is awesome knowing there is another one on the way!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  52. Audrey

    This looks so awesome, Naomi! What a blessing to be able to get away with your family for a bit. You definitely inspired be to visit New Orleans! :)

  53. Ahh all the food looks amazing! Esp. the biscuits.

    Your kids’ outfits are the cutest :)

  54. Anna

    So pretty! I was there yesterday and had the best time. Everytime I visit I fall more in love with the city. I know the humitiy has been killer but being from LA you get used to it! Have you had the chance to check out District Donuts and Sliders? Its on Magazine Street and w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l

    • TAZA

      yes! we went yesterday!

  55. Laura

    Hate to be a pest- what brand are Samson’s overalls?

    • TAZA

      you’re not! i really need to remember to list everything at the end to be helpful. i will try harder to do that! they are by Polarn O Pyret!

  56. Alex

    I love love love New Orleans! Such a beautiful energy and friendly people. And the food!!!! Can’t say enough about it. EAT is definitely a favorite in the city!

  57. Tara

    I managed to visit New Orleans two summers ago, and I can honestly say it’s one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s so unique and the energy is like no other. Glad you managed to stay cool in the sweltering summer heat!

  58. maria

    Nice experience!!!

    One question: which lipstick were you wearing the snowballs picture?
    Thank you!!!!

  59. Mo

    I was so excited to see a post where you visited the city I live in! Truly hope you enjoyed your time spent in New Orleans….even though it is SO extremely hot & humid right now.
    I love that you hit up what I believe is the best po-boy shop in New Orleans plus you were right near where I was proposed to in City Park!
    Safe travels back to NYC!

  60. Mel

    Love Samson’s overalls. May i ask where from?

    • TAZA

      they are by Polarn O Pyret!

  61. Tori

    I’m in love with your hat and have been wanting one recently. Where is it from?

    • TAZA

      thanks it’s from jcrew!

  62. I heart NOLA + hope to take the kids there soon…although I would never go in the heat of summer, ugh. You’re brave. ;)

  63. maria

    What a lovely trip, what a lovely pictures and what a lovely family!!!!

    By the way Naomi, could you please be so kind to tell me which lipstick were you wearing in the snow icecreams picture? Many thanks in advance!!!!

  64. Marina Salinas

    I love Josh’s shoes! What brand are they?

    • TAZA

      just asked him. brand is asics onitsuka tiger and model is ultimate 81. :)

  65. Abi

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! I’m coming to the US next week from England and really want to try a Mickey beignet in Disneyland California. I have no idea what they are but they always looks so nice! I can really imagine you and your family living closer to the sea soon. :)

  66. maria

    What such a nice experience!!! Lovely pictures and lovely family!!!

    By the way, Naomi, could you please tell me which lipstick were you wearing in the pictures of you with the snowball icecreams?

    Many thanks in advance!!!! ; )

    • TAZA

      thanks! i’m wearing Pink Me Up by Maybelline!

  67. Paula

    These pictures make want to go travelling. Sometimes living in the city you just need to get out right? Please can you let us know where those cute overalls are from on Samson?
    P xo

    • TAZA

      they are for Polarn O Pyret! (ps, I bought him size 9-12 months in those overalls, even though he is two! their stuff runs really big!)

  68. Rachel

    This is somewhere I never would have picked to go – but now am already looking at flights !! I LOVE all the pictures – never apologize for too many pictures. The one of Josh & Eleanor walking and she has a notebook in hand – precious. Well who am I kidding – they’re all precious !!

  69. maddi

    Your raglan shirt from j crew? What size did you get? Some of their stuff is so big…and some is small. haha

    • TAZA

      size small.

  70. Anne

    Can you share where Eleanor’s dress and navy sandals are from?

    • TAZA

      her dress was from a jcrew crewcuts sample sale here in the city last year. and the sandals are salt waters.

  71. Kelly

    I am obsess with your blog.
    Cutest kids and you guys are such great role models as parents :)

    Silly question: What brand is E’s sunnies from? I love love love it!


  72. Jocelyn

    Hello Naomi! I am so glad that you guys had fun in NOLA! It is so fun seeing your family continue to grow! Praying for many blessings with this little one coming. Really random question.. I have been noticing your pink nail polish and have been looking for a good summer pink and I am in love with your colour. Would you mind sharing which one you have on? Thank you!

    • TAZA

      it’s a really fun color and i wish i knew the name! it’s a shade i picked out at the nail salon and don’t think i ever glanced at the name. i’ll try to do that next time!

  73. Meghan

    Glad you made it to Elizabeth’s, and I hope you tried the praline bacon! My brother-in-law, Bryon, and sister, Katie, are the owners. Bryon is the chef,too, so I always eat well when I visit New Orleans. Glad you and your family had a wonderful trip.

    • TAZA

      that is so cool! tell them it was delicious!

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  75. So happy y’all have enjoyed your stay in the south. Your photos were both lovely and delicious! ; )

  76. Jessica

    Gorgeous photos! Question though, how do you guys manage to get around a city with a double stroller(going in shops, restaraunts, ect) we are expecting our second child in September and live in Richmond, Virginia(I think you’ve visited before) and we have lots of shops and live in the downtown area plus we love taking day trips to DC but are trying to think of ways to let the kids rest in a stroller and pack all of our stuff on it aswell but still be able to visit everything we like.

    Love reading your blog!

  77. Newsha

    hi! i was wondering if you had a recommendation for a place to stay in new orleans – we’re currently planning a trip there!! xx

    • TAZA

      we stayed at the windsor court hotel and had a great experience!

  78. colebern

    It makes me so happy that your family enjoyed our wonderful city. I love seeing our unique home through your pictures.

  79. Elizabeth

    So glad y’all went to Elizabeth’s to eat. I went there in December and absolutely loved it. Best brunch I had when I was in New Orleans!

  80. Reelika

    I loved these photos! I always examine your outfits so closely – I get such inspiration from the colours and simplicity! Your family is stunning!

    Take care!

  81. martine

    … and where are your kids sunglasses from?? (great pictures by the way – love your families trip)

  82. Jess

    This looks so much fun! Beautiful photos! What kind of stroller do you have?

  83. Eilis

    I just read through the comments on this. I normally just enjoy reading the blog but somehow found myself reading through each comment. It’s so nice you always respond (even to multiple repeated questions haha). It’s amazing how visible your kindness and love for your family comes through on the internet!

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  85. Julie

    Where did you stay on your trip and would you recommend it?

    • TAZA

      we stayed at the windsor court hotel and i thought it was great!

  86. Sharon

    Where is eleanor’s glasses from? Tried looking online to find something similar but still no luck :(