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i’ve been thinking a whole lot about blogging and everything that weird word encompasses, and so while my thoughts are kind of all over the place these days, i wanted to make sure i left a little note on my blog to say thanks. i hope you know how much i appreciate and love my readers. i often feel your love or support at times where i need it most, and it’s a funny thing, to feel that kind of love or support from an online community where most of you i haven’t ever had the chance to meet, and probably never will.

i can’t believe that next month marks 7 years of blogging in this space for me!  along with my own personal growth and evolvement as a person over these last 7 years, this space has changed a lot too.  i’m not really sure where it’ll go next, but i just want to say thank you. thanks for reading, for your wonderful emails and comments. thank you for giving me the chance to share snippets of our everyday life, to share these little moments that i love most and strongly believe are worth noting and celebrating. thanks for celebrating them along side me.  thanks for your support with the many opportunities and partnerships that have come from the sidelines of this little thing called a blog. and thank you so much for being kind. at the end of the day, i really can’t say that one enough…

and one last big thank you i want to make sure i get in while i’m on a thank you tangent, but thanks for your support and feedback with Pippit. since we launched our new app last month, feeling that support has been huge. i mean it… the good feedback, the constructive feedback, just the conversation in general. we are so thankful to have an online community here that is invested in making the online and social world even better, and helping us get it there. i’ll share more in a few weeks once it’s ready, but we have a new update for pippit coming out very soon and it’s because of your feedback and support, that it’s going to be even better.  i feel like that little app has the potential to keep getting better and better, too, because of you. so thanks for that, as well.

a lot of thank you’s. i know. but i just wanted to make sure i got it all down somewhere.  hope you have a wonderful wednesday wherever you are. xoxo

  1. Thank you, and your family, for bringing such joy and happiness to so many readers. your posts are always so beautiful and the overall message of this blog is one of love and family: so easy to forget in modern times. So thank YOU for your wonderful blog xxx

  2. Freya

    And thank you for keeping up with your blog! I know how much hard work it takes to maintain a blog, and it must be even harder with kids. Thanks for sticking with it :) x

  3. Mila

    I think you help to uplift us as much as we help you. I’ve read your blogs for years and it always makes my days better. Your happiness is contagious. Thank you for blogging.


  4. Melissa

    Hoping to be one of the few blog fans you meet someday! (:

  5. Meritxell

    I’m live in Barcelona (spain). I read always your stories. Thank you for share your visión of the world.


  6. We have almost the same blog b-day! Ours is this month! (7 years too!)

    I’m so pumped for Pippit updates too. So proud of you guys! xx! Elsie

  7. bri

    naomi, your blog is the first one i ever read and is a big inspiration for why i started mine. i so enjoy watching this space and your family grow and change. thank YOu for having such a lovely place on the internet for me to hang out in for a while :)

  8. Nanette

    We love your blog! Keep doing what you’re doing! :)

  9. Lenka

    I also have to thank you for beautiful stories about you and your family! It’s really great to have a possibility to read about your amazing life!
    Lenka (Czech rep.)

  10. Taylor

    A hundred thank-you’s back for your constant inspiration!!! You go girl!


  11. Karina Analee

    Thank you Naomi! Your posts/pictures bring my sisters and I so much joy! I absolutely love that you share your lives with us so willingly, and for that WE are grateful!
    Have a Wonderful Wednesday :)



  12. vicky

    I agree with Michaela – thank YOU. your stories give me more hope than you even realize. this will forever be my favorite blog. congrats on Pippit! Can’t wait to see it evolve more and more.

  13. avital

    Hey Naomi, thank you for sharing with us all the beauty that you and your family are. you guys are a real insperation to happiness and kindness. I love your blog so just keep doing what you are doing… Avital:)

  14. Anna

    Thank you Naomi!
    Your blog makes me think, and makes me happy!
    You make me happy!

  15. Thank you for sharing your unique and beautiful life…

  16. lacey

    thanks to you for sharing all of these wonderful little tidbits in your life. it’s kinda weird to follow along with someone else’s life that i don’t even know and yet, at the same time, it’s so great. it’s nice to know there are other people out there you don’t even know that share the same thoughts and opinions on things. the blogging community is so great, in so many ways!

  17. 7 years! What an accomplishment!

  18. Paola

    Seriously, thank YOU for being willing to share snippets of your life & thoughts with us. You’re such an amazing source of inspiration! How you’ve managed to stay true to you & your original voice without becoming this massively curated void is beyond me, but please, don’t change a thing :)!

  19. Ashley

    When did Samson get so big!? Who is this little boy!?? Love them :)

  20. I’ve only been reading your blog a little over a year now & it wasn’t until I found out you are Rachel’s sister that I’ve been a pretty faithful follower! Maybe someday we’ll meet, and I’m sure Rachel& Nelson can vouch for me telling you that I’m not a complete psycho! haha! Anyway keep up the good work on inspiring others, and even this mom who is in her 40’s!! Take care!


  21. alma

    You are one cool mama, Naomi! happy seven years!

  22. Allison

    You are amazing and such an inspiration for me and my life. Thank you for continuing to write and share your life with us. I look forward to the future. Congrats on 7 years :)

    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  23. Lindsay

    I love your blog and you are such an inspiration as a mom of young kids!

  24. Melissa

    You’re the best! I joined the “blog world” earlier this year, and you were the first blog I fell in love with and actually looked forward to reading every day. I feel like your story, your family, and everything you write about is portrayed in such a genuine, relatable light and I (as well as many others) truly appreciate your honesty and realness. Sometimes bloggers try so hard to make life, their pictures, and their thoughts seem perfect at all times, and I love that you just write about how you’re feeling. Your blog even inspired me to start a blog of my own to document some of the things my husband and I are going through as newlyweds and homeowners. You’re such an inspiration and I truly look forward to every new post you add. Thank you!!


  25. marie

    Thanks for sharing with us, the online community, about your everyday life! Your children are adorable and truthfully, seeing them so loving and close to each other makes me feel all excited for the day which my first son becomes a big brother (I’m 39weeks+ pregnant now). Thanks for showing us that it rules to be a mother and we should all embrace motherhood with open hearts! :)


  26. Jj

    I think the app would be a lot better if you let people do a trial (limited) version of it before committing to the paid version. I know a lot of people are hesitant to buy something before they know if they’ll like it.

  27. Reelika

    Well, I feel like I should thank you, too. I mean, when I’m 25, expecting a baby, then I know where to look at for stories to calm myself down and a page where to gain some outfit inspiration ;) Keep on going, you’re amazing!

    Take care!

  28. Jess

    Thank YOU, Naomi!! You are such an inspiration and I adore your blog! xo

  29. Amy

    Reading about you and your lovely family brings me so much joy. This was the first lifestyle/ family blog I fell in love with, so thank YOU for sharing your life with us and for being such an inspiration. I look forward to following your journey for many more years to come :)


  30. Lisa

    Thank you for being such a positive role model as a mother, wife, and friend. The words you share on this blog relate and comfort so many of us readers. Thank you for being so so stylish and conservative at the same time. Thank you for living a godly life but without preaching too much. Many thanks and love right back at ya!

  31. Thank you all the way from London for sharing parts of your life with us! You make us stronger and inspired everyday :)

    We love your little family and I hope this blog will still be running for many years to come! When I have kids what would I do if your blog isn’t here anymore?! :)



  32. Cailey

    I can’t believe it’s been 7 years and that I have been reading your blog basically since you started it! Thanks so much for sharing your life, especially your super cute kiddos. Can’t wait for you to welcome #3.

  33. emily

    I’d like to thank you and Josh for sharing your life and your wonderful family with us all this time! Although I haven’t followed you through your whole blogging journey, I’ve been following your blog for a good few years now. I’m so glad I found your blog when I did as it really brightens my day when I need it most. You are such a beautiful family and if one day I have a family that’s half as amazing as yours, I’ll be happy. I wish you all the best in the future too, and also I can’t wait for your journey through this pregnancy!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    Emily x

  34. it has been so fun and interesting watch your blog (and family!) evolve over the years. I can’t wait to see what’s in store!!! :)

  35. tRiSh

    Thank you, Naomi, for making us believe in the good things in life and for sharing a little of your lovely little family with us.
    Thanks for showing us how great NYC is, for making us crave all this good food and for letting us be a part of your journey.
    You are kind and amazing and I always look forward to read your adventures in this big world of ours.
    Thanks for being so awesome! :)

  36. Betsy

    I have followed your blog from almost the beginning and love checking in each day to see what you and your sweet family are up to. It’s a weird thing, but I love the support I get from hearing your take on motherhood and life. I sometimes catch myself saying to a friend or family member, “oh, someone I know went to Italy with her kids and loved it!” (Replacing “someone I know” and “a blogger I follow” keeps them from thinking I’m a total weirdo! ;) we all appreciate everything you share with us, Naomi. Thank you!

  37. maggie

    It’s crazy to think you have been doing this for seven years – it has obviously paid off, and not just financially – you have built an amazing network of readers and overall cool people to share ideas, inspiration, and happiness. Thanks, Naomi!


  38. TILLY

    Thank YOU!! For sharing moments of your sweet life with us! It really is a joy to read through your posts and look at your beautiful pictures! Thanks heaps Naomi! Thank YOU!

  39. Lorena R.

    This post made me smile so much. It’s the reason you are one of my favorite bloggers and such an inspiration.

  40. Christine

    Thank you for sharing your life with us. The ups and downs, the smiles, the challenges, the everyday moments. This past year has been a difficult one for my family but your blog has always provided a bright spot for me. Thank you! Christine

  41. Amy

    We all should thank you – it takes a very special kind of person to open up and share their own experiences, thoughts and lives with others, especially with the design to create a space of conversation, learning and growth rather than just as a display of personal accomplishment.
    You and your whole family make this space so wonderful and inspirational. So a big thank you to you all! x.

  42. Sandy

    it’s a funny thing, this online world of ours. happy you’re a part of it!

  43. Erin C

    I usually don’t comment on any of the blogs I regularly read but yours is one I actually take time to read instead of just glancing at pictures. Of course, your kiddos are the most adorable ever so I love looking at your pictures, too. It is weird…complete strangers and will continue to be but for some reason we readers just keep coming back. Have always dreamed of life in Manhattan so it’s exciting to see it even if from a distance.

  44. Bea

    THANK YOU, Naomi, for these wonderful 7 years!
    Thank you for sharing your life, your ups and downs…everything!
    Have a wonderful day you too!

  45. hanna

    I love reading your blog! –Hanna Lei

  46. I have followed you for quite a while and now have a little boy of my own. Your beautiful family and photos inspire me a lot.

    Thank-you for letting us into your very special life. xx
    Sarah and Baby leo x

  47. yuki

    im almost same age as you(can’t believe it!), live in far away from your city. Even i never met you, your blog made me laugh and inspired a lot. Thank you for shareing your life with lots of feelings. i hope i can keep reading your idea notes from now on, and hope you and your whole familly blessed!

  48. No, no thank you :-) I love this little corner of the internet. Thanks to you and your family for sharing.

  49. Ariel

    Thank YOU for sharing your stories with us! I have been a loooong time reader (New York newlywed days! ;)) and I can’t say how much I love your blog, and even your family even if I don’t “know” you guys. Your blog posts make me smile. Hugs!

  50. Thank you to you, it’s always a pleasure to follow your blog.

    This blog is full of joy, sharing and love that warms hearts and gives smile.


  51. zaby

    wow 7 years of blogging, am impressed. congratulations!!

  52. Sonja

    Thank YOU for sharing, entertaining and inspiring. You go gurrrrl! Hehe :o)

  53. It feels pretty unreal to have this community and have so many that are sharing their genuine, candid stories. I love following your blog and your family and feel inspired in your space every time I am in it. So thank YOU! Xo.

  54. Ashley

    Please don’t stop writing….

  55. Sydney

    I have to say, I’m one of those creeper readers who checks up on blogs often but rarely comments or likes (I know that’s what bloggers love), but I must say I have so enjoyed reading your blog over the past three years.
    Even though I’m not a mama, nor am I married, I feel so blessed by the words and life you share with all of us out here in cyberspace. I hold onto your words, and hope that I can apply some of them to my life when I approach those moments. There are days too when I see people or circumstances and think of words you typed on this fine blog some time a while ago.
    Again, THANK YOU for sharing with us. Thank you for sharing with me. Like you said, the likelihood of us ever meeting is very slim, but I’m thankful that have met you and your family in spirit. And hopefully I can muster up the courage to write comments like these more. (sorry it’s so long!)

  56. Tina

    Thank you to you!, i´m a reader from the other side of the atlantic ocean, and you make my days a little bit, love you little-big family and the kind of things that both (your husband & you) make with e & s, you reflect the happiness, the light, the shine… the good things of create a family. Your blog is so inspiring to me, Tkanks a lot Naomi

  57. Tara

    Love you and your family! Your blog inspires me and brings lots of light to my little corner in Kansas City! Congratulations on the newest little one. Hope you are feeling great and can’t wait to see future posts!

  58. Carmen

    <3 We thanks the so much inspire, what ur blog can give! :)