energy, mood swings, nice rugs and dance parties.

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this picture is blurry (sorry), but i’m a happy camper lately because i’ve been getting my energy back (finally). however, my mood swings are full blown crazy right now so that’s awesome. yes, i did cry 3 different times on sunday and yes, i am blaming it on pregnancy hormones.

my “nesting” mode has also kicked in full force.  our narrow tiny 2 bedroom new york city apartment suddenly needs to be entirely rearranged.  we have to turn the bed this way and put the dresser here…. i kept telling josh over the weekend. he kept replying, but i just measured the bed and dresser and wall for the fifth time and it will. not. fit.  josh really likes being married to me right now. i know it. ;)

i want to know how people with young children are able to have nice things in their apartments. even things like rugs. or plants on an end table beside a sofa.  how do you have a rug with no spills or stains or pen marks and young children at the same time? since we live in a city apartment, we don’t have any rooms off limits to our children. our space is wonderful, but small. so i have always wanted my kids to feel free and safe to play wherever they desire when they are home because city living can be hard.  and with no backyard or porch or other areas to really be free and play, i wanted to make our space as kid friendly as possible. and i think it is, for the most part. but i’d still like to own a nice rug in my front room.  or place a plant on an end table without having to clean it all up by tomorrow.  is it all about having more firm rules? are my kids just crazy?  these are the questions that keep me up at night. ;) but no really, i want to own a rug by golly.

the other night when josh was working, i downloaded a few new songs so eleanor and samson and i could have a dance party before bed. (and i’ll have you know, i hadn’t heard one single song from the top ten charts on iTunes when i was browsing  for new music. we are not very cool these days at the davis house.)  anyway, we still downloaded a few new pop-y dance-y songs and moved back all the furniture from our front room and jumped around together.  eleanor was living for it but every time i caught samson’s eye he’d get shy and stop dancing. haha! it was so darling because i haven’t ever really seen him react that way before.  as long as i didn’t make full eye contact with him and kept pretending i wasn’t watching him as i danced, he’d go at it and bust out some of the sweetest little moves. i just think kids personalities at this age are the sweetest. they are still so innocent and untampered with (unless they are intentionally knocking plants off end tables and ruining your living room rug!), if you know what i mean.

we have just a few weeks of summer left in the city before we head out west for a bit to see our families. i feel this need to knock everything off my summer city to-do list. there is still so much we haven’t done! new york city summers are winning a very special place in my heart. they are almost outdoing autumn in the city, and that is saying something.  but seriously, how incredible is summer? i’m such a broken record.

  1. Marissa

    I feel like a broken record too! Constantly saying how much I love summer, because i do! (but secretly am starting to get excited for the fall)

  2. I’m really digging all you have to say. I’m a downtown, soho, daddy launching a blog cuz…why not? I have two little kids and totally get the “pushing a double-stroller with one hand and carrying my frozen hot chocolate in the other.” Getting great inspiration from you. Originally from Colorado, currently unemployed actor, but still…living the dream. enjoying your posts and pix.

  3. Brianna

    I have two young children, 3 and 1. My 3 year old has drawn on about every surface of our home (including the television) but luckily I made sure to buy washable markers and keep the sharpies on top of the fridge. He has also spilled a box of baking soda all over my kitchen floor (thank you vacuum). Plus a whole roll of toilet paper unrolled and all over the bathroom and in the toilet. He has knocked over a whole gallon of blue paint, and used a cup to pour out all the water in his bathtub and completely flooded our hallway (my husband was in the middle of installing lsminate floors at the time). A lot of the mishaps could have been avoided if I was hovering or watching my son like a hawk, but that’s just not going to happen. When things like this happen I just have to laugh because as others have mentioned, it’s just stuff, and not worth freaking out over. I recently bought a new rug and have just made it a rule that there is to be no drinking in the living room (crumbs can be vacuumed) and markers and crayons are for the table only, it’s worked so far. So I say go ahead and buy that rug. Think of all the fun you’ll having playing with your littles on it ;)

  4. No! You cannot have nice things. Ever. Lol. I have an 11 year old who all of a sudden thinks it’s ok to drink out of my nice glasses. Guess how many of those are left? Exactly. My 8 year old is a gymnast who’s constantly running, jumping and flipping in the couches. Not to mention she thinks she’s a cook (thanks master chef, jr) and broke my beautiful hand painted stoneware dish my grandmother just have to me. I seriously do not want to have that conversation with my g-ma. Maybe one day it’ll get easier

  5. We also live in a small, narrow 2nd floor unit in a townhouse (but in Chicago:) We have three kids (3 kids in 2 bedrooms is doable!) and I’m right there with ya. We don’t have super nice stuff, or really much out that will be easily broken or knocked off of surfaces. So yea I’m not sure it’s possible lol. Your kids are definitely normal:) You probably already know this, but I find that IKEA/Target are a perfect middle ground for us in terms of quality but still finding cool looking pieces. And we have several rugs ha! Yes they get spilled on but we didn’t pay a fortune for them so I’m not too worried:)

  6. Nancy Grune

    Hey Naomi, I’m reading your blog quite a long time. SO this question is a bit out of context here, but I’m interested:
    You’re pregnant on the picture, aren’t you? ‘Cause I was wondering that you can jump so damn high. Firstly that you CAN do this, secondly, if this isn’t dangerous for the baby? I ask because I’m also pregnant, but for the first time, so I’m sorry if this is a naiv question. ;)