eleanorisms (all about the baby!)

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“so, is the baby just swimming around in there? …. is she wearing a swimsuit?”

overheard eleanor telling a friend, “we’re going to have a baby but i do not know WHAT we are going to do about the name.”

after i took her into the bathroom with me at a doctor’s appointment where i had to pee in a cup, i explained it to her. after my appointment as we were leaving, i asked her if she needed to use the potty before we left. she stopped quickly in her tracks and replied firmly, “i really don’t want to pee into a cup, mama.”

starts scratching my tummy, “i’m scratching the baby’s back!”

me: “what do you think the baby is going to look like?” eleanor: “um. probably a rectangle.” (i’ll admit the baby DID infact look a bit like a rectangle in our first few ultrasound photos we gave to eleanor, so i see where she gets it from.)

“my tummy doesn’t have a baby in it. my tummy is just full of vegetables.”

“i’m pretending your belly button is a microphone. HELLO IN THERE!”

several times a day, “i wanna check on the baby…” and pulls my shirt up and gets really  close to my tummy.

after i finished eating a piece of chocolate, “well, it looks like the baby really likes chocolate!”

see more eleanorisms HERE. also, i feel like i’m kind of on top of photos, but i need to pull out the video camera more and capture her talking. samson too, since he’s talking so much more these days and really forming sentences we can understand. their mannerisms and the way they enunciate specific words or pronounce others, it’s just so good. i want to always remember it.


  1. Brilliant! Don’t you just love the things little ones say. I feel so blessed being a Nursery teacher and hearing these kind of comments all day. Eleanor is adorable – she’s going to be a fantastic sister to this new little one. x

  2. What a cutie!

  3. marya

    the cutest

  4. Elise

    You should definitely get the video camera out!! My daughter (she’s 4 now) and I were looking at old videos of her last week and we loved it! I found it amazing! I really had forgotten how little she once was- learning how to talk and sing.. Too cute :)

  5. She’s so cute!! Lovely family!

  6. Lucy

    Oh I just love these sooooo much!!!!! All your posts are my favourite, but I think these are my favourite favourite! :D
    X x

  7. Sinead

    “I’m pretending your belly button is a microphone. HELLO IN THERE!”
    That’s just too cute!

  8. FrenchCupcake

    “she”!? :)

  9. Holly

    I love these posts, kids are so funny! Hope all is well!x

  10. What are Eleonor’s suggestions for the baby’s name?

    • TAZA

      she wants to name the baby Can! haha.

  11. Abi S

    Aw this is so sweet! And I love the pictures too! Abi :) myw0rldmyview.blogspot.co.uk

  12. Micah

    These always make me smile! I was babysitting a four year old last night and he informed me he is allergic to ALL vegetables. They are just so funny!

  13. Jessica

    I’m in the same boat – succeeding at capturing life with my camera, but I can’t remember the last time we pulled out our video camera, and those old videos are so precious to watch. Love her shoes :)

  14. Gia

    A three-year old girl don’t pee into a cup, mama!
    Her personality is just adorable!

  15. bridget

    so sweet, naomi. can’t wait to watch your family grow!

  16. HA. I always love these posts. What a little comedian!

  17. Melissa

    Too funny! The Eleanorisms always remind me of the stories my mom tells me about her kindergarten classes. So cute, I just don’t think I would be able to stop myself from laughing all of the time ;)

  18. so cute! I love these posts.

  19. Anne

    Yes! Yes! Please do a video of Eleanor. It would be hilarious to watch you ask her (and Samson) about the baby! Congratulations!

  20. Taylor

    haha! These are just so fantastic! So absolutely precious.


  21. She is just too cute!

  22. So, so adorable! In fact, this feature/series of yours, along with a similar one by Pink Ronnie, is what inspired me to keep track of my kids’ convos, aptly named “That’s What She Said” for my daughters and “Cool Story, Bro” for my son.

    And YES! You are SO on top of photos (I wish I were, too!) and I also really need to begin breaking out the video camera more. I feel like I have completely forgotten the video as a memory-keeping tool. Dear Lizzy posted a really sweet video of her son last week, set to a Ben Harper cover of John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy”. It is incredible and so, so inspiring!

  23. Analida

    I love this “Eleanorisms” posts. She’s simply adorable.

  24. nanette

    these are so sweet. kids are so attentive! my daughter still thinks my baby is my belly button. :)

  25. giedre

    aww, so cute! Also, that first picture is gold. :)

  26. vicky


  27. she’s one brilliant toddler! these eleanorisms get me every time. :)

  28. Rebekka

    She is SO cute – and intelligent! :) what a fun age :) I would love it if you posted videos of her and Samson talking.
    //rebekka from Denmark! :)

  29. Jemima

    Hehehe. Look at her little tennis stance! adorable.

    Those are some classic quotes. Especially ‘I do not know WHAT we are going to do about the name’… So funny what kids pick up, you can guarantee that they’ll repeat something you’ve said with the same annunciation and all! It must be fun to have two little ones :)

    I’m the same with video… I’ve recently started remembering to snapshot but the video setting is used very rarely!!!

    Thanks for sharing these cute quotes :)

    jemima x x


  30. arielle

    those are probably the cutest quotes ever! love this post.

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  31. When my husband and I have babies, I think I’ll be most excited to talk to them when they’re toddlers, little kids just say the absolute cutest things! I love your Eleanorisms posts :) Thank you for sharing!

  32. Sydney

    She is the best:) She says the cutest things…can always count on her eleanorisms to make me laugh.

  33. Luc

    Yay, she is so cute!

  34. Janis

    Love these! They are adorable! And that photo with the tennis racket is too cute, she looks so serious about her game :)

  35. Brittni

    All these “Eleanorisms” could be made into a book! What great little anecdotes these will be to share with baby #3 in the future.

  36. Kelly

    Now isn’t this just about the cutest thing ever! She is going to be such a great big sister, and yes, please post more videos!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  37. Catherine

    I would love to see one of these adorable Eleanorisms in a video too :) and just the kids in general, just to see what they’re like in a way that pictures can’t tell :) videos are so fun!

  38. Lauren

    I just had a vision of a rectangular baby wearing swimming togs…

    She is too cute!

    Hope the name ideas are flowing :)

  39. “Eleanorisms” is my favorite section of your blog. Honestly, I just with joy when I see a new post with Eleanorisms and I just can’t get enough of them. She is such a cute and has the funniest things. I bet you’re just always laughing with her.


  40. Megan

    So cute! Where is her striped romper from?

    • TAZA

      it is from welkin nyc! my sweet friend in brooklyn started the line last year!

  41. too cute! if this baby is a girl, will she not have a middle name either? i’m curious because my parents didn’t give me one, but they gave one to my brother when he came along.

  42. I totally love the things they say. My daughter is constantly kissing my belly and asking me what our baby is wearing in my belly. I cannot help but laugh!

  43. Fannie

    LOVE THIS!!!

  44. Chen

    Its a girl????? :)

    • TAZA

      haha, we don’t know but eleanor is confident it’s a girl. ;)

  45. hanna

    These are all so cute –Hanna Lei

  46. lucinda

    such gems! she’s such a funny and clever little girl. that merry-go-round photo is absolutely precious, by the way.

  47. Allison

    I seriously hope that my kids are as cute as yours one day! Innocently fun words! Adorable.
    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  48. She is absolutely darling! I miss that age. Their personalities are as big as their chubby little cheeks… <3

  49. Michelle

    Where are her glasses, romper and shoes from?? They are all so cute!!!

  50. Rikki

    Her little face as she anxiously awaits that tennis ball, is just too cute! She’s looking so grown up.

  51. I always love your “eleanorisms” posts. We’re having a baby in January and I’m so excited to follow along with your pregnancy updates!

  52. haha, these are killer! love em.

  53. marie

    Wow she’s such a serious tennis player! And it’s sweet that she loves her baby sibling so much.. My son likes to talk to our newborn/his baby brother, and always gently pats him when he’s crying. It’s really adorable to see that as their mama. :)


  54. Randi

    I always adore your Eleanorisms posts. Kids say the cutest, funniest things. She already loves her new sibling so much – it’s so sweet! Thank you for sharing – all of these bring such a big smile to my face! I am due in September with my first – a girl – and I can’t wait to hear all the things she’s going to say!
    Xo, Randi

  55. Oh! she is such a sweetheart and definitely a smart girl.

  56. Chelsea

    Always, love your post,so sweet and entertaining. Plus, this will be so nice to remember specific things they said at each stage. I wrote one today about my four year old, just so I have a record of things he is doing right now. So sweet!


  57. oh my gosh! all of those are so sweet and so adorable!!

  58. Sarah

    I love her outfit! Where is tee and shorts from? Hope you are feeling well!

  59. rachel

    She is the cutest ever! These made me laugh. You are a blessed mama indeed. <3

  60. Bea

    Oh my God, I laughed a looot!!!
    Is the baby wearing a swimsuit?!
    She’s fantastic!
    I would love to have a little Eleonor one day!
    You did a great job with your kids!

  61. WOW she is a doll with a wicked sense of style!!! xoxo

  62. Katriel

    I LOVE Eleanorisms!! Such good things to say! I love how excited she is about the new baby!

  63. caro

    aww haha”probably a rectangle” cracked me up! she is so cute!

  64. She’s darling! Her inflections are hilarious to read- I can only imagine how cute they sound in person.

  65. Leith

    So adorable! That age is my favorite! When they can talk but don’t have the embarrassment or need to impress. They just say what’s on their mind and it’s always such a great window into how they think.


  66. I love Eleanorisms! This series is one of my favorites :) I really like the microphone quote. LOL. & yes! More videos, I love your videos. I have some videos on my blog, too. I’d love for you to check them out. Thanks in advance!

    – Christina http://www.cityloveee.blogspot.com

  67. Jess

    I love how she told her friend she didn’t know what to do about the name. So funny. And I love that concentration in the last photo, too!

  68. Lauren

    She is so precious and a hoot!! I love these Eleanorisms posts!! She is going to be such a good big sister again!!

  69. hehehe hilarious! The imagination and the thought process of little ones are so genuine and perfect….love it! ~Ashley

  70. Susie

    The sweetness in Eleanorism’s are worthy of print, should it be a t-shirt, bumper stickers or greeting cards… I go to your “SHOP” area a few times a month, each time hoping to find one of these items. I anxiously look forward to the day when they appear! xo

  71. Katie

    Oh my gosh, my heart just melted over and over again. Love, love, love these!

  72. Rachel

    She’s a smart cookie!! Those quotes were really cute/funny! It’s great that you’re documenting what she says!


  73. Ally

    I love Eleanorisms! Look forward to them the most!

  74. Nour Gharabally

    She’s so, so precious, your Eleanor!

  75. Elenorisms is my favorite blog post you do!! So so cute and funny! I teach first grade and I hear the funniest things all day long. I just need to remember to write those things down!


  76. Anna

    oh, she just made me laugh out loud!! love these series and love her! :)

  77. Jessi

    Toddlers are the BEST. I don’t want to forget anything mine says, ya know? This post cracks me up, what a sweetheart Eleanor is! And Samson, too. I have a just-turned three year old and a ten month old, there is just nothing better than mama hood!!

  78. oykucu

    Can is a name in Turkish! It means “life”

  79. Allie

    I’m 21 weeks pregnant and my 3 year old niece loves to talk to my belly rub my belly “to touch the baby”. They’re so sweet at this age!

    allie // http://www.baldwinbrood.blogspot.com

  80. Cayla

    Haha these are great! Ahh the mind of a child…

  81. She is just too cute!! You should look into investing into a video camera that can capture photos without interrupting your video. I work for best buy and lots people love the GoPro action camera! Such a perfect camera when you have kids, it’s also water proof

  82. This is too good! My niece says really cute things a lot too. As a family we’ve joked about making her her own Twitter account. Looking forward to more Eleanorisms soon! xoxo

  83. Lexsa

    i have a couple of names I think would sound cute with your last name: Jasper,Emory, Matilda,Isla, and Isobel :)

  84. Aubrey

    Love her quotes!! Your family is just precious! Where are her blue sandals from?

  85. Your daughter is so, so precious! I love the first one: … is she wearing a swimsuit? Ah, so cute!


  86. Vanessa

    These are always my favorite posts! So cute! I love the microphone one!!