baby bump #3 / 18 weeks

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the human body is a funny one. at least mine is. it’s like, “oh you wanna have a baby in here again? no problem, i’ll upgrade this baby bump from a 1 bedroom to a 3 bedroom mansion this time around for the little one. you’ll look like you’re already far into your third trimester, but it’s cool. it’s cool. i got this.”  and i’m like, hey wait a minute, really? you had to pop my belly button back out at just 8 weeks along?!  let’s all just be kind come september or october when i’m looking like i’m due any day even though i still have a few more months to go…. ;-)

it has become routine for eleanor and samson to kiss my tummy each night before bed and say, “good night, baby!”  eleanor came to one of my earlier check ups with me and helped my doctor find the heartbeat as she acted as her “assistant.” my doctor printed off a little ultrasound picture for eleanor at the appointment and eleanor has since hung it beside her little bed. if anyone comes over to our home, she takes them to the wall by her bed to show them the picture right away. she is so proud of it.  when i tuck her in at night she kisses the picture goodnight, too. and as her mama, witnessing that night after night does not get old.  this baby is going to feel so very loved by his or her older siblings.

i’m getting terribly giddy over little realizations like adding a new towel hook with baby’s first initial to our family’s current towel hook situation in the bathroom. or adding another little name ring to my stack of rings with family names on my ring finger.  nothing says “baby is here!” in my mind like engraving initials into something and hanging it up on the wall… now if only we could think of a good name.

speaking of names, the naming game is killing us this time around.  it doesn’t get any easier the more kiddos you have. in fact it gets harder because you’ve already used your favorite names.  we’re open to all and any suggestions. please and thank you. keep em’ coming.

my biggest surprise this pregnancy is just how magical each step remains, even if i’ve been here once or twice before.  that moment where you see that tiny heartbeat on the ultrasound screen, to those first flutters and kicks you can feel as the baby moves inside! it brings me to tears the way it did the very first time.  i’m grateful for that, too, because it is a constant reminder what a gift it is to carry a life, and gets me more and more anxious to hold and cuddle this new little baby like it’s nobody’s business.  i seriously cannot wait until december.

  1. Carson

    Everett or Jameson for a boy . … Eliza , Kennedy , or Sage for a girl. ❤️

  2. Carson

    Oh. Oh . Marlowe ! For a girl . Looove Marloe or Marlowe Mae

  3. Michelle

    Congratulations !
    Soooooo happy for you and your soon addition to the Davis family :) Names always seem like the most important thing for a child, since that is what they carry with them forever. I love how your name, Naomi and little Samson are found in the Bible. Maybe baby Ruth if it’s a girl or Malachi if it’s a boy!

    P.s. I love Margaret, primarily for Maggie as a nickname ♡

  4. Kit

    Probably already mentioned, but just in case:

    Emmett and Natasha (means born on Xmas I think)


  5. Minna

    For a girl, Emma, Peyton, Isabella, or Charlotte
    For a boy, Jackson or Liam!

    I hope you guys have fun choosing your name. Thank you for sharing your children with us :)

  6. Eli

    I’m currently loving Anastasia or Nastassia. xxx

  7. Hope

    I guess I’m a little late to the game, but I can’t help but share some of my favourites anyways!

    For girls: Lilia, Etta, Avia, Hattie, Emmie, Isla, and Audrie.

    For boys: Cohen, Theo, Avett, Daxon, and Mason.

    I can’t wait to see what you end up choosing for this sweet babe! Baby names fascinate me, and I adore Eleanor and Samson’s names, so no matter what you choose, I’m sure it will be perfect! :)

  8. Elizabeth

    Ellen, Julia, Kathryn, Audrey, Collins, Madelyn, Blair, Addison, Emma, Harper, Avery, Samantha, Ava, Savannah.

    Maddox, Ben, Jameson, Ryan, James, Elliot, Mark, Issac, John, Connor, Ian, Brad, Parker, Thomas, Nathaniel, Charles, Cole, Drew.

  9. Tayla – Reese is also knice :)

    You look great and i am such a fan of your blog

    All the way from SA.

  10. Billie

    You guys love old-fashioned names which is so sweet, and I’m excited to see what you will put with Eleanor & Samson. It’s sure to be perfect.

    Babies always grow into their names anyways, I think I love that part most!

    Some of my favorite girl names are actually (Surprise) boy names… like my name, haha.But I’ll list them anyways!

    For girls I love:
    Georgie, Lennon, Frankie, Liv, or Milla
    And for boys I really like:
    Leo, Louie (or some variation of Luke etc.), and either Rowan or Ronan

    Can’t wait for you sweet baby! xo

  11. Emma

    Reading through all these name suggestions was so much fun! Good luck choosing, and congratulations. Following your blog is one of life’s simple pleasures for me!

  12. Crystal

    Preston for a boy (that’s my 3 year old’s name), or Max, or Jack
    Maia, Ava, Mia, Charlotte, Leila for a girl : )
    At least you have pretty sensible suggestions from everyone….My surname is Mann so pretty much all of the suggestions I got were to name my son Spider, Super, Bat, Post, Fire….you get the idea ; ) Oh and Candy for a girl. ; ) Davis is a lot easier to work with : ) Congratulations on #3 – I remember being excited to hear you were pregnant with #1 and the little GIF that played. Love from NZ x

  13. Bethany

    You have two very classic older names already… hmm….

    Why am I leaning so much toward girl names!? I have three boys myself :)
    Cillian (Pronounced like a K), Finnegan and Emmett

  14. Lisa

    Congrats on baby #3 Davis family!! I love that Eleanor doesn’t have a middle name so there’s potential for her to keep Davis as her middle name. I am getting married in a few weeks and have been considering changing my middle name to my maiden name. I want to have the same last name as my children but am not ready to give up my maiden name. I’m right with you on that it is part of your roots!

    I love the names Nova and Emery for a girl and Liam or Ragan for a boy. My name is short and sweet and I’ve always appreciated that.

    Good luck with the name game! Your baby belly is adorable!

  15. Mary

    Congratulations on baby #3 Davis family! Children are the sweetest little treasures. Here are a few favourite names of mine…

    Magnolia Lane
    James (I love it for either a girl or boy)

    I like most of those names for their meanings. A name is fully apart of you and I think what your name means slowly turns into who you become… not always but sometimes. I also think you have to meet the baby in order to fully know what name to give him or her. :)

    Many blessings on your family. xxx

  16. Mia

    Girl: Maude, Phoebe, Olive, Esther & Frances (Frankie)
    Boy: Angus, Sullivan, Oscar & Oliver


  17. Judith

    I have 3 gorgeous babies

    Naomi (age 4)

    Benjamin… But we call him Benny, which I just love, he is the sweetest most gentle little lad and I like Benny so much more than the over used Ben. (age 2)

    And I also have little Julia (who we sometimes call jools) and she is only 3 1/2 months)

  18. Lauren Kate Bailey

    Many congratulations to you all on your third pregnancy, you are an inspiration to all mothers and mothers to be. You are always beautiful Naomi, but even more so with your precious little baby bump!

    Here’s just a few names that I like…

    Girls- Penelope, Savannah, Annabelle (Anna or Belle for short), Elsa, Raina, Grace, Ceara, Willow, Charlotte, Juliette, Isobelle, Maria, Nhala, Hallie,

    Boys- Roman, Theodore, Albert (Albie for sort), William, Samson (I know you cannot have this again but it is one of my all time favourite names!)

    I send my love to you during your pregnancy and hope you have the most joyful, relaxing time with both your littles and your soulmate Josh. Enjoy every moment.

    Life is beautiful!

  19. Sarah

    I know I’m late, but I thought I would post some baby names in case you’re still reading over these on those late nights when you’re up, stressed, and eating ice cream ;)

    Girl: Willa, Gwendolyn (Wendy for short, perhaps?), Mia, Markéta/Kit, Emmeline, Imogen, Tegan, Harriet (Hattie?), Georgia

    Boy: Sasha, Roman, River, Wyatt, Hugo (although the Berns kinda stole this one – ha!)

    Good luck!!! I am kinda hoping for a girl ;)

  20. Sandi Wilson

    I’ve always liked blaize for a girl but someone already used it in my fam

  21. Hillary

    You look so beautiful, Naomi!

    I’ve been loving all of the fun, ultra feminine names lately, like: Lilly, Ella Elisabeth, Lucy, Mallory, Harper and Juliet.

    Aren’t boy’s names the hardest? I’ve liked Jackson, Christopher, Cooper, Nate, Quinn, and Luke for awhile now.

    Hope you and Josh have been enjoying the name hunt!


  22. Rissa

    How about

    Evelyn: Evie


  23. anastasia

    i like maude or agnes, for girls. the little girl from despicable me is named agnes and i love it so. i really wanted that to be my little girl’s name but due to outside pressures we went with violet.
    for a little boy- joaquin or otto.
    good luck!

  24. Ella

    My name is Ella, which is similar to Eleanor and my two brothers are called William and Freddie (Frederick). If one of them had been a girl they would have been called Matilda. Theodore or Oliver would also fit with E & S, or Olivia or Hazel for a girl. My personal favourites are Phoebe or April for a girl, and Alfie (Alfred) for a boy.Good luck with your hunt!

  25. Melissa

    You are too cute! How about the name Mila if the baby is a girl? That’s my daughter’s name, and we always get compliments on it!

  26. Sarah

    Declan and Kellan are two great boys names!

  27. Linzi

    Ooh, I thought the suggestion Paisley Davis was super cute! For a boy, I like: Isiah, Eli/Eliot,Luca, Theodore, Flynn, Kristian, and Fox or Max for a middle name, goes quite well with Samson Rex ;)
    As for girls’ names: Aria, Azalea, Camellia, Elodie, Vienna and Willow

    Can’t wait for December to roll by!

  28. trudi





    forgot the rest…

  29. trudi

    also i like Kennley for a girl

  30. trudi

    also jude

  31. trudi


  32. Elizabeth

    I have a Cora Rose….I’m an old-fashioned name kind of girl too :)

  33. julia

    for a boy: Henry, George, Theo, James, Nathaniel
    for a girl: Sylvie, Nora, Caroline, Charlotte, Lilly


  34. T

    If it’s a boy – Fraser or Jasper!
    Girl – Acacia Grace.

  35. Cute post! What about Julian for a boy, or Ruby or Claire for a girl?

  36. Brigette

    I’ve got the baby fever bad! Your adorable bump is NOT helping! Congrats on number three, these are my favorite names which I will probably not be using as we’re done at two. I have an Aurora Isabelle and a Grayson Pierce already and love their names and the many nicknames that stem from them!



  37. ophelia

    Went holidaying and missed out on this name discussion. And well, I know it’s late, but still I just feel I have to take part ;)

    Names are a pretty tricky thing. I don’t have a baby on it’s way, but the topic’s been on since the beginning of my relationship (that makes over 3 years now!).

    My dream name for a girl is … Elaonor! That is one of the reasons why I started reading your blog regularly – I wanted to check how your E’s doing (and I’ve become a fan ever since!). Poblem is that in my country the name is considered to be old-fashioned and not a very girly one. I see it as a very feminine one, though! I don’t know to what ends I’d have to go to convince the future baby’s co-creator to agree. Well, I haven’t said my last word on that, but for now Sophie is a compromise (but still, doesn’t relly ring “us” and it’s really really popular where I live).

    When it comes to a boy, weell! That’s a piece of cake. There are a lot of pretty names, but the only one that I’ve loved since I was a teenager (and it’s been a long time ago now). Fortunatelly, the daddy to be picked the name not being aware of my feelings toward it. The name is Jeremy (the only thing that strickes me back in it is the shortened version – Jerry. Fortunately not used where I live!).

    So whenever the topic bounces, it always ends with “we hope there’s a boy for us or else we’re going to have a war” ;).

    And middle names can be a nightmare. When/If I get married, I want to keep my maiden name (which I love being a part of me) and the future husband’s name goes really well with it. But. My full name then would make a 7 + 10 + 9 + 7 combination. Call me insane, but I’m going to go for that!

    Some suggestions for you – Penelope, Clementime, Polly, Phoebe, Charlotte, Eve, Josephine, Sophie, Mathilda, Madelyn, Florence

    Noah, Ezra, Lennox, Nathan, Jasper or Jeremy