a few snippets from life lately…

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july just keeps chuggin’ along, full speed ahead! here are a few iPhone photos from the last week or two…


^^^mister samson was enlisted by eleanor and her new friends at the park to push their tire swing.  he gladly accepted! anything to be included! poor guy.  but it’s not all bad. he had the time of his life pushing that tire around.  what a fun age. ^^^


^^^cookin’ up dinner for me and my littles while papa was out of town. please note how much food samson’s plate holds (he eats more than i do) and how i have to separate eleanor’s rice/potatoes and meat. things can’t touch on her plate. it’s always so interesting to me as a mama how different my kids are when it comes to food.^^^


^^^anxiously awaiting their polaroid strip to finish processing! and the cherry cheese strudel from zabars is delicious! we finally tried it the other week and plan to have more this weekend!^^^


^^^passed by this beautiful sign in brooklyn outside of BAM. samson and eleanor slid out of their stroller seats and ran to play in the letters so fast i couldn’t hold them back!^^^


^^^when you trek all the way out to ikea, you gotta eat a plate of meatballs. am i right – or am i right? also, eleanor and samson adore having aunty hannah here so much. her return flight to utah this past tuesday was cancelled due to that crazy crazy storm and after spending over 2 hours at the airport trying to reschedule, nothing was available until saturday. so we get to have her here a few extra days! not ideal for her and her work, but super ideal and wonderful for me and my kiddos!^^^


^^^we went out to the brooklyn flea last saturday. i love that place. mostly, i just love the dough donut stand. ;) ^^^


^^^it’s like i don’t even exist when their aunts are around!^^^


^^^one of the best perks of summer! snocones!^^^


^^^sister sister date!^^^


^^^jacobs pickles.  always amazing.^^^


^^^music time with the drums at art class! i simply cannot wipe the smile from my face as i watch them sing and strum and steal giggly looks at each other while they sing.  also, i’m finally learning all those silly verses to “down by the bay” and E and S think i’m the funniest person ever during the day when we sing that song together….. “have you ever seen a shark walking his dog in the park?!” “NOOOOOOO mama!!!” cue the laughter and me feeling like a million bucks. haha. i love them.^^^


^^^a few more photos from art class because it’s just so fun for all of us.^^^


^^^from our sister sister date the other night. (we started at the smith for dinner and ended with cafe lalo for dessert. we like to do food right.) sadly, hannah doesn’t love the hot chips with blue cheese fondu from the smith the way i do.  i was almost like, how are we related?! but it’s ok. more for me? ^^^


^^^josh spent the weekend in colorado for an old high school friend’s wedding. he also spent some time with his cousin on a ranch. below are a few beautiful photos he would text me through the weekend. this top photo here pretty much makes the nyc skyline look meh. i mean, those trees!^^^


^^^old high school friends… and how fun is that waffle dome for the wedding party?^^^


^^^this looked too wonderful not to include here. this plate makes me so hungry right now and also in the mood for thanksgiving dinner.^^^


^^^just a little something different from my regular new york city postings. that ranch is breathtaking.^^^


^^^josh did a little catch and release fishing while in colorado!^^^


^^^and horseback riding too! don’t tell my kids!^^^


also, here’s a quick video of josh trying his hand at skeet shooting. 5 for 5! i was maybe just a little bit impressed. ;) this boy does not belong in the city. glad he had a good time!

there you have it, a few snippets from the last little while. thanks for following along! hope your summer is treating you well and you’re staying cool!

  1. Lonka

    you had a great time these days!

  2. I love how you capture everyday life. I always try to do it but I simply forgot to take pictures, um… bad blogger, I know :)

  3. Abi

    That ranch looks beautiful! Also, wish I lived in America as snocones are absolutely not a thing here in the UK.. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one sold! My favorite was a lemon one I had one time in D.C.

  4. Sinead

    Wow you and your sister look so alike! Looks like you’re having a great time together :-)

  5. I love Love LOVE all your photo-heavy, real-life posts. LOVE. And I think it’s so rad that your kids have the opportunity to be raised in the city, around culture and art and LIFE; I so wish we could afford to move into the city.

    We live in NoVa, but after spending our anniversary last weekend having a staycation in Dupont (DC), I can’t get the idea of moving into the heart of the city out of my head. But when the rent for a 500 sq. ft. studio in the city is higher than the rent I pay for a 3-level, 4-bedroom, 2,000+ sq. ft. home in the suburbs, I’m brought back to reality. Ha!

    Until I figure out a way to make it in the city with my little family, I’ll keep living vicariously through you and your little family :)

  6. Tori

    My brother used to be the same way with his food! None could touch (if they did, EPIC meltdown) and each food needed its own utensil. They grow out of it eventually ;)

  7. looks like a fun couple of weeks! those pictures of Colorado are making me swoon.

  8. Melissa

    Love your snippets from life posts :) You and your sister look SO much alike! The pics from Colorado are awesome. The wedding decor is so pretty and unique, and the views are kind of incredible.

    Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend! <3

  9. Sarah

    Hi, I love your blog! I was wondering if you could find out where your sister got that black dress and red sandals she was wearing in your date photos. LOVE that outfit!

  10. Sydney

    Awe family time! Must be fun having your sister there :) The pictures of Eleanor and Samson are always the best! So cute and so animated. Love it!



  11. beauty-full snippets. sister time is like no other!

  12. Lauren

    I loved the ranch photos! We live in the city and as much fun as we have, I’m NOT a city kid! I won’t be able to raise kids here. I want horses and a pond! I grew up on 40 acres so I’m just yearning for more space!! :)

  13. Janis

    Awesome photos of Colorado and a busy 2 weeks! :)

  14. There is so much joy and colour in all your photos, I love them!!
    And Samson’s green overalls are just so cute!

  15. My parents plan on hitting up Cafe Lalo on their first trip to NYC this October.

    Any menu recommendations?

  16. everything looks so pretty and fun! great photo’s :)
    xo, cheyenne

  17. Brittni

    Samson’s overalls are the best! It’s so great to see all the family time you’re having in these photos, baby #3 is definitely going to be in good company. I love that Josh sent you photos from his trip to Colorado; I think it’s so wonderful that technology allows families to make memories apart from one another, yet still share them.

    Also, that waffle dome is incredible!

  18. Taylor

    How awesome that you sister got to stay longer (even if it is a little inconvenient for her, hehe). I love my sis so much and I dread the day we might live far apart. It looks like a wonderful week though!


  19. nanette

    love the photos! you and your sister have the same smiles. :)

  20. Allison

    It looks like you guys are doing well! Happy Friday to you and your little family. Have a great weekend!
    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  21. I’m picturing the next Davis family adventure as ranching in Wyoming or something like that :-)

  22. Erin

    I’m in love with your sister’s red Birks! Must have. Could you find out if they’re “cherry” or “tango red”? Thanks!

  23. Oh what a cool venue for a wedding! Also, SO fun that your sister was able to stay for some more time!
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  24. Gorgeous photos Naomi! Thanks for sharing your photos with us :) The ones from Colorado look especially beautiful. Do you ever see you, Josh and the littles heading out of NYC to the countryside??

  25. julie

    your so cool … I want to be your friend ;0)
    We visit NYC in November to celebrate my husbands birthday (3yrs running now). I would love to come in all the seasons! Love seeing it through your eyes and family. ~ the littles are adorable.
    I lived in Colorado for 12 years so many beautiful places there.
    happy I found your blog.

  26. You guys are too cute. And ‘yea!’ for Colorado. I too am impressed with your husband’s shooting. :) I’m sure you’re happy to have him home.

  27. Your blog is always a reminder to savor the little moments, Naomi :) You and your sister seriously can be mistaken for twins… in fact, there was an instance or two up there I couldn’t tell the difference!

  28. Chelsea

    I found your blog about a year ago and kinda fell in love. It’s so refreshing to see a wholesome family who adore each other and it be so popular, it gives me hope! Also, I’ve been slowly starting from the beginning, and somewhere along the way I realized what an amazing love story your leaving for your littles and I really wanted the same. I finally started a blog and have been at it a month, and I’ve got to say I’m in awe. How you’ve done it for seven years, is really something. It’s a lot of work, time and commitment. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for being so inspiring, and doing what you do so well!


  29. Ashley Movius

    You and your sister look like twins.

  30. hanna

    Everything looks like so much fun! –Hanna Lei

  31. lauren

    is just everyone in your family gorgeous? apparently. those photos of colorado are just beautiful!

  32. Crystal

    Your blog is so fun and inspiring! I’m a long time reader and your sweet family is well, so sweet!! Would love to know where your gorgeous necklace in the first picture is from, if you don’t mind sharing. :) hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s from an instagram sale an online friend held. her ig account is @jenloveskev and she often sells her necklaces there.

  33. Amanda

    Your blog is a beautiful reminder of how gorgeous and special life is. Thank you for sharing that gift!

  34. Hi Naomi, wonderful post as always, I love following your blog and seeing all the fun you guys get up to in the city! Odd question but just wondering what you’ve made for you and the kids for lunch above – looks yummy and I’m always on the look out for new, interesting meals for the kids. Is it a bit like a chilli but with some spiced baby potatoes thrown in?

    • TAZA

      it was a blue apron recipe i made. it was a filipino-style beef picadillo. basically potatoes, carrots, onions and a chayote squash with beef and lots of spices over rice. so so good.

  35. Your sister taza is gorgeous! Love her long ombre! I almost thought it was you in your Instagram post! Ha you two look so similar! Glad you got some sister time even though you love far apart. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  36. Kasey

    The art class looks so fun! Much better than the few we have tried in the city! Where is that class held?
    And the Smith Hot Chips Blue Cheese Fondue–really? How is it possible not to love that stuff? It’s like food crack!

    • TAZA

      the art class takes place at the children’s art museum. it’s a great place.

  37. Brooke Halling

    I’m going on a practically solo trip to New York in a week (my mother in law will be ther but is working during the day-so I’ll explore the city alone during those times) and I’m studying your blog for food and places to see. :-)

  38. Jessica

    I’d love to know what that recipe is you cooked for your sweet kiddos! It reminds me of something my mom used to make for me as a kid :)

  39. Desiree G.

    Hi Naomi!
    Thanks for sharing such sweet pictures. Would love to know where your sister’s sunglasses and your sunglasses are from!?


    • TAZA

      mine are karen walker and hers are ray bans!

  40. Is that a bandana around Josh’s collar shirt!?!?! hahaha…what a dapper cowboy ;) i cant take it…haha

  41. lovely photos. we are so lucky to live such beautiful lives!

  42. Jemima

    Those overalls! killing it Samson! This was a fantastic post Naomi, loved it. Looks like Josh had a great time away too (how good are all those wedding ideas! Might collect a few of them myself!). It would have been so nice to have your sister around too. There ain’t nothing like sisters to keep you company and laugh along with. It looks like the kids adore her too.

    Have a wonderful week!


  43. Bea

    Hi Taza!!
    Wow!You’re having a great July!
    Wow, Josh and the horses!

  44. Bea

    Oh my gosh, where did you get your sunglasses in the very first picture? I’ve been trying to find some exactly like that for over a year!

    • TAZA

      thanks! they are karen walker sunnies i bought on sale from gilt.

  45. marie

    Love the ranch and greenery photos!! We also don’t have such breathtaking sceneries in my country.. It’s a densely populated country with skyscrapers. My kids would love to ride on the horses too! ;)


  46. I didn’t realize how many freckles you have! & Josh’s skeet shooting skills are so good! So many wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing. :)

    – Christina http://www.cityloveee.blogspot.com

  47. Susanna

    Beautiful photos – thank you! Americans seem to get more Koetbullar at an IKEA meal than we do over here in Europe… not fair! ;) Or probably it was just you getting some additional Koettbullar for the baby… :) All the best for you and your family during the following exciting months!

  48. Katie

    I absolutely LOVE your sunglasses in the picture of you and your sister. Would you mind sharing what brand they are? I am hoping to get some new ones before the summer is over and want to invest in a nice pair. Love your blog and all of your pictures! Congrats on baby #3! Can’t wait to see your cute pregnancy style again!


    • TAZA

      thanks! mine are karen walkers and i think hers are ray bans.

  49. Hi Taza, I’m quite new to blogging – and have been completely emerged in the whole new world it presents. However I had to tell you that I love your blog. It makes me so excited to be a mummy.. you clearly do such a gorgeous job!! Congratulations on inspiring so many people!!



  50. S.

    Wow, you and your sister look so much alike! I always look forward to your iPhone photo posts. Especially of all the yummy food you’re always eating!