a brooklyn adventure! + a giveaway with nature box! *closed*

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today we have teamed up with our partner, naturebox, to giveaway a 6-month snack subscription to two lucky readers! (details at the end of this post.)

a few days back, we realized we had to go to ikea. oh that dreadful moment when you only need one thing from ikea but it’s not available online! the closest one to our apartment is a ways out in brooklyn and a bit of a trek to get to. and don’t we all love those quick errand trips where you know it’ll be an all day affair because hello to travel time and also, hello children.  but we made the trek! and between some good snack-packing, two toddler naps that went down at the same time while we were in the store (a miracle!), plus a little luck in catching all the trains straight away, it was a success! a few photos below from our day…




^^^incredible how teeny tiny that sky scrapper image of manhattan can look when you’re standing far out in a borough.^^^

monday1 monday01

^^^these are the faces of the two cutest little troopers you ever did see. ^^^


^^^the only way for any long outing to be successful in my book is having lots of good snacks on hand for the littles and myself.  this edamamix from naturebox has become one of our family’s favorite summer snacks.  also, the dark cocoa nom noms? it’s hard to share those with my family. i want to eat them all by myself within 5 minutes of their arrival. see all the snack options here.^^^


naturebox1you were fun, brooklyn! thanks for a great day of getting things done without tears or long lines!

and now for the good stuff! we’ve teamed up with naturebox to give away a 6-month deluxe snack subscription to two lucky readers! to enter to win, please visit naturebox to check out what snacks they have to offer, then come back here and comment below with which snack you’d like to try. (this giveaway is open to readers with a US shipping address only.)

also, use the code LOVETAZA to get 50% off your 1st naturebox order! (valid only for new costumers and only on your 1st month’s box.)

good luck! happy snacking!

  1. Abi

    Wow I do not envy you taking the kids all that way! At least Josh could be some help. :) The bump is looking so sweet, so excited for you! And the brown hair is still looking fab!
    Abi x


  2. Gail

    Mmm… it all looks so good! Count me in for the italian bistro pretzels and PB&J granola!

  3. ashley

    the sunshine chips look delicious! thanks for the giveaway :)

  4. stacie jameson

    PB&J Granola looks amazing!! Fingers and toes crossed!!

  5. Kacey

    The lemon figgy bars look delicious! I would love to try most of these snacks!!

  6. Christina

    Great giveaway! That Edamamix looks delish!

  7. Sarah

    We just moved to Santa Fe and would love to try the corn stix! And also the Pear Praline crunch looks AMazing! YUM!

  8. Olivia

    The Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops look AMAZING! I would love to try them! :)

  9. emily m.

    That chocolate quinoa granola looks amazing, as well as all of their awesome nut flavors/combos. Yum!

  10. Jamie

    They all look so delicious but I think I would order the sea salt pop pops and then I would not be able to resist the coconut date energy bites. I’m getting hungry just thinking about them.

  11. Annaliese Wink

    oh picking just one isn’t easy! but i would have to say salted caramel pretzel pops. sweet and salty… can’t go wrong!

  12. Patricia

    Yummy giveaway! I would like to try all the vegan options, but specially the South Pacific Plantains!

  13. Anna

    The Sunshine Chips look great!

  14. YIFAN

    Hi, Taza! I really like the mammy bag u r using in the photos, May I know where u get it?

  15. Susan O

    Salted Caramel Pretezel Pops look tasty!

  16. Kristen

    Yummmmmm everything looks so tasty!! Being gigantically pregnant (38 weeks), I have found myself snacking on everything but the kitchen sink – my faves that I’m seeing here are the lemon pucker pistachios, the wild blueberry flax granola and the salted caramel pretzel pops (say WHAT?!) Gosh now I’m hungry again. Also – the Brooklyn IKEA is SO FAR AWAY. I remember doing that subway/bus ride and feeling like it was a million miles away from Manhattan. Glad you had your hubby along for the ride to help with the bags!!

  17. Suz

    Yum….sea salt pop pops and apple pie oat clusters sound delish….thank you for the chance. We have four sons…so lots of snacks are consumed in this house!

  18. Jennifer

    Where did you get your adorable matching teal avarcas? Too cute. My little girl loves her healthy snacks, can’t go wrong with any of these!

  19. Dilah

    Where are those cute matching sandals from? :)

  20. Sunshine Chips!

  21. Vanessa

    Another adorable post! I love E’s face whens he poses with Samson! Too cute! I’ve been meaning to try NatureBox for awhile too. I really like their idea of apple pie oat clusters!

  22. Tracey

    Blueberry almond bites!

  23. Eunice Kim

    What a fun post :) I would love to try Chocolate Quinoa Granola….yum yum yum!

  24. Brittany C

    That edamamix looks amazing! Well everything looks amazing!

  25. Ruth

    Yum! I’d love to try all of the figgy bars… and the baked sweet potato fries!

  26. Courtney

    Dark cocoa nom noms sound delish!

  27. I’d love to try the Mexicana mango! Mmmm everything looks delicious!

  28. Ashley W,

    I would LOVE to try the smoky BBQ peas! A fun twist on my favorite snack ever – wasabi peas. The carrot strawberry fruit chews also look like an amazing sweet tooth fix. Thanks!

  29. michele barb

    yum. all their snacks look delish! for now though i’ll have to say any of the fruit snacks or salted caramel pretzel puffs.

  30. Alina

    I’d love to try out their Dark Cocoa Nom Noms. Love the name!

  31. Sean C

    Their Praline Pumpkin Seeds sound yummy.

  32. Lara

    Pistachio Power Clusters please!

  33. Deirdre

    I’m thinking either the blueberry almond bites or the peppery pistachios. My kids are eyeing a bunch of snacks also. Would love to try naturebox!

  34. Catherine

    I would love to try the BBQ Kettle Kernels!

  35. Angela

    Cranberry almond bites!!

  36. Charla

    So many things look delicious but I guess I will choose the dark cocoa non noms! I wish I had some right now! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  37. Austin Baroudi

    I’d love to try the Dark Cocoa Nom Noms!

  38. tessa

    French toast granola please!

  39. Lauren Gonzales

    They have vegan options! So great! Salted caramel pretzel pops, yum!!!!

  40. Stephanie

    The coconut date energy bites look so DELICIOUS!

  41. Leah Quinn

    The coconut date energy bites look delish!