the beach!

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the little’s and i rented a car with friends a few days ago and took off to the beach! we had the best time, minus mama coming home looking like a lobster (and still in pain as i type this– i was so preoccupied with reapplying sunscreen to E and S i never actually reapplied it to myself).  the water was shallow and warm from the low tide, and i was so impressed with my babes for wading in bravely past their bellies as they played in it.  we’ve come a long way since those bedtime baths where getting their hair wet to wash it was a big battle.  ;)

goodness how i am longing to live on a beach all summer. i just can’t get enough of the experience.  now that my kids are liking it as well, i’m going to try hard to get there often this summer.  all of you who live close to beaches, you do me a big favor and never take it for granted.  go for my sake. if we ever leave new york city, my vote is for making a beach town our home next.  do you live in or near one? which is your favorite beach?


^^^the best summer purchase yet, shovels and buckets for the kids! even in the city, they’ve been carrying these around nonstop.^^^


^^^the beginnings of a sand castle. (i tried to take a picture of the finished castle, but when i raced over to grab my camera, four of the cutest little feet had already crushed it to nothing!) ^^^


^^^just some tiny toddlers playing individually. (i think it’s kind of the cutest how at this age they often want to play with friends but really, it’s just beside their friends, still playing on their own.) ^^^


^^^ she was in absolute heaven in that water!^^^


^^^and samson made up his own game of burying his legs and feet under the sand.  i think he liked the warmth of the sand on his legs.  he did this over and over again.  what a good age. ^^^


^^^a few of us mamas.^^^


^^^an attempted photo together while we ate lunch on our towels.^^^

^^^we’ll be back, beach! we’ll be back, SOON.^^^

  1. my favorite thing in the world is swimming in the ocean and then laying on the sand in the sunshine…with my 2 kids, it isn’t quite as peaceful as it once was but still is so wonderful. I feel so connected to nature and also fresh and exhilarated and sexy too! Be sure to go all the way in, and apply conditioner to your hair afterwards so it dries soft and wavy. My favorite beaches are the north shore in hawaii and the south of France but my parents live in Southern California and they are perfect too of course!

  2. BriAnne

    Hey there, your little family is just so adorable! And I love all your photos! Are you shooting manually on your 6D? I’ve just purchased one and I’m finding my colors are a little off right out of camera. I’ve always been a Nikon girl so any advice you can shoot my way would be splendid :)

  3. Kaili

    So jealous. Looks like tons of fun. So happy it’s summer. Beach days are the greatest.

  4. Laura

    Love this post! I have two girls the same ages as E and S and so much of what you said resonated with me. We live in vancouver canada and there are many beaches here. My favorite is Spanish banks. Thank you for your sweet posts and candour And sharing your world with us :)

  5. Lise

    I live in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, right by the ocean – driving home from work over the mountain feels like holiday every day. It is freezing here at the moment which makes looking at your gorgeous summer shots so much harder. Enjoy this lovely time!

  6. Nikki

    Love those pics! you will have great memories in years to come. We live on the South Coast in UK on a road that leads to the beach, and we have a beach hut where we spend all summer, cooking breakfast all the way through to bbq’s in the evening, we can have a glass of wine and then just walk home! bliss! I never take it for granted.

  7. We used to live in Charleston, SC and loved visiting the beach nearly every weekend. What a treat! We live in Switzerland now, which offers quite a change in scenery, but are headed to Greece next week. Hopefully we’ll get more great beach action!

    Looks like you had a great day!!

  8. Beth

    So fun! What beach did you go to that’s so toddler friendly with low tides? This NYC mama wants to know.

  9. bethany

    I live in Maine and the beaches here are VERY different from the beaches I went to growing up in Connecticut. Here we have waves crashing and harbor seals watching us from rocks. It’s very cool. :)

  10. Meagan

    We now live in Hawaii, on Oahu. I love the beach/surf feel of Haleiwa but for a nice community near the beach kapolei is beautiful and Laie is great, especially for young families. We also loved Seaside Florida, the architecture in town is so great. I have a 4 yr old and 2yr old, it’s family friendly and clean.

  11. Em

    I’m suprised nobody mentioned the fact that the kids are without floaters IN the ocean! Please, please be careful around still water. its the number one cause of death for children under 4. Swim safe and enjoy summer.

  12. Anne

    I think it’s lucky you can actually drive to the beach from where you are! so great! Looks like a blast, and soooo warm

  13. meig

    My husband and I live in DC now with our little one, but originally we both grew up near the beach (me in NJ and him in NC), so I agree… if we ever get to move again, I sure hope its near a beach!

  14. Eleese

    Where do you get your swimsuits (mama and babes) wish you could tag the picture, someone should make an app for that! ;)

  15. hanna

    These photos are so cute, and it looks like you had a lot of fun –Hanna Lei

  16. Jessie

    I’ve lived near a beach my whole life – the Golden Isles of Georgia. I absolutely love it, especially in the winter when we get a random nice day and can have a beach day in February. It’s the best! I could kick myself for moving five hours away for college and now staying away as I try to take my place in the “real world.” I’ll get back to it one day though. Once a beach girl, always a beach girl! It makes me so happy to know that the beach is inching its way into your heart, too. If you ever leave the city, definitely get to the coast.

  17. We live in a beach town and it’s the best! I highly recommend coastal living. You should come out and explore the lovely Monterey Bay region :-)

  18. Shani

    Hi Taza!
    I am from San Clemente, CA. It is the most adorable beach town in the world with the best Mexican food you can find (outside of Mexico, that is.)
    I absolutely love it! I am so glad you shared this, I need to start appreciating how close I am to the beach (5-10 minute drive).
    If you ever need a little trip to a place with tons of beaches, I would suggest San Clemente! :)

  19. Ivy

    Beautiful photos! The beach with kiddos is so fun and weirdly relaxing – even though it tends to require a lot of “stuff”. :)
    We live in Charleston,SC and have several beach options, but the best on is Sullivan’s Island. You should visit !!

  20. sarah

    as many people have been asking, i’ll add the same question to the fray! where did you get eleanor’s bathing suit from? SO. CUTE.

    • TAZA

      Sorry thought I answered this! From crewcuts last summer!

  21. erin the mom of damien london and olivia

    Hi! I just love your family! I’ve been silently sneaking upon your blog forever but… I just put my babes to sleep…had a sip of wine and watching your lovely family and this beach posting gave me the courage to say “hi!”… I live near the beach.. actually several great beaches.. we have such pretty dandy beaches in northish san diego (del mar/ carmel valley) solona beach & del mar beach are my favorite. Really kid(& puppy) friendly too! If you get San Diego some day.. you HAVE to try at least try out del mar beach… there is a play ground a grassy space and lavender color flowers… surfers and choo choo trains going past every 10 minutes which the kids just love! I love the choo choo train too! It stops any toddler quarrels and naughty things going on… as soon as the choo choo train stops…. the kiddies forget the moment right before the choo choo and get into a good mommies angel mood again! ^^ There is also lots of cafes and restaurants near the beach and the most lovliest french inspired hotel L’Auberge Del Mar(they have another chain in napa valley) right across the street! A beautiful neighborhood to proudly recommend!

  22. Emiljd

    Hi Naomi…love your post…you and your lovely family should. One to Cornwall, UK. Some of the best beaches in the world :-)
    Thank you for all of your amazing posts, I love read g about your adventures across NYC, love that city!

  23. eleni

    It is absolutely mind-boggling how much kids enjoy the beach. You can really sit back and enjoy too. Dare I say read a book? We live on an island in the Mediterranean so that makes Georgie a very lucky boy.

  24. Teresa

    I’m really interested in the concept of modesty in the beach. Could you other Mormons reading this blog help me out a little bit? I personally think it’s great to be able to be at the beach with naked shoulders, legs and a little bit of cleavage because I think nudity is something VERY natural and not necessarily “sexual” (I’m European ;)). What are the rules here? Are there other rules at the beach? Thank you guys! :)

  25. Teryn

    We live in Orlando, FL and are making the move up to Brooklyn in just a few months! But we were both born and raised about an hour away in Cocoa Beach, FL, so no stranger to beach towns! They are great to live in if you like that sort of thing. I suppose growing up there, I’m sort of over it! ;)

  26. Mikayla B.

    I always love reading your blog and checking up on my favorite family! :) I just HAD to comment on this post:

    I live in Beverly, Massachusetts, an absolutely gorgeous city suburb of Boston. It’s 20 minutes from the city, accessible by train and car, and has the most beautiful beaches (and also forests and fields and hills to climb! Gotta love New England geography)!

    You should definitely consider Massachusetts or the New England coast in general. There’s so much opportunity in this area and I was so happy growing up, and am still so happy that I’m studying in Boston and don’t know if I’ll ever want to leave!!

    Sending positive energy and hugs your way, Naomi! You and your family are a great inspiration!

    Lots of love :) xoxo

  27. We recently moved from Utah to Bradenton, Florida. My husband is in Dental School. We live about 30 minutes away from the most beautiful beaches in the USA. My 18 month old has really grown to love the beach and nothing makes me happier than watching her play and collect seashells. We love the beach! Plus it’s a great free activity for our tight budget! :) hope you guys get to go some more this summer!

  28. Lauren

    Where did you get your swimsuit? I love it!!

  29. Kayla

    I live in southern Maryland! There are so many beaches on the river and bay! If you guys find yourself headed back to dc, Calvert County is the best of both worlds!