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it’s sometimes crazy for me to believe my body has already done this whole pregnancy and birth thing a couple times before.  i find it incredibly fascinating just how different each pregnancy and birth can be from the next, even when it’s the same you and your body each time.

i know i’ve said it before, but i really enjoy being pregnant.  granted, i think my pregnancies are pretty easy for the most part as i know many friends and women who are sick for nine months straight or struggle with a lot of health issues during that time.   the hardest part with this pregnancy so far for me has been the constant fatigue and tiredness. i can deal with nausea or morning sickness pretty well, but it’s hard for me to function when my energy is gone. i’m out of the first trimester but the fatigue is still here, so we’ll have to see what this tiny baby has in store for his or her mama this round. as my entire family will tell you, i’m no fun to be around when i am tired.

besides the necessary things such as getting on a great prenatal vitamin and finding yourself a doctor or midwife you mesh well with, here’s a little list below of things i find helpful for surviving that first trimester.  i know each pregnancy is different, but a few of these things i found helpful while carrying eleanor and samson too, so maybe you will as well.

and help a sister out in the comments if you have found any other magical remedies that are worth noting. i’m sure lots of other women would love to hear your tips. and i’m always hoping for more babies, you know.

to survive your first trimester, you might wanna….

1. put a pillow between your legs when you sleep. i know your tummy isn’t the size of a watermelon just yet (although i am getting there at an impressively faster rate this round… can’t wait to see what i look like come december…) but trust me, it helps.  and since it’s best to sleep on your side when you’re expecting, i find that the pillow between my legs helps me get into that habit early on.

2. drink yourself silly with water.  but …stop drinking after 7 or 8pm if you can help it so you only have to wake up and run to the bathroom twice during the night instead of four or five times…. (why does our bladder need to be by our uterus again? so fun right?)

3. find a great shea butter for your tummy and start lathering that baby up now! i blogged before about a few of my favorite pregnancy lifesavers and this is the shea butter i used and loved for both of my other pregnancies and apply each night before bed. so far, it’s kept those stretch marks away! (also, apply to your breasts. no one ever told me how much those puppies could change drastically in size during pregnancy and right after once your milk comes in. oh well.)

4. find yourself some ginger. i didn’t know how much ginger can help with nausea while carrying eleanor and samson, but a girlfriend filled me in this round and it has definitely been helpful. ginger mints, ginger ale, gingersnaps… whatever sounds good that has ginger in it, try it out.

5. get yourself some loose dresses and blouses so you can feel comfortable as that “taco belly” (which my friend joy likes to call it during that first month or two where you just look like you ate a big lunch) continues to grow and give shape.

6. find yourself the best support system you can from the minute you find out you’re expecting (your family, a few close friends, whoever you’re comfortable sharing the news with…). it is thrilling to experience life inside you and i have found it incredibly helpful to have that support straight away from my loved ones.  you’ll want to share your exciting updates with someone special, updates like seeing that tiny flutter of  a heartbeat on an ultrasound screen as early as 4 or 5 weeks to hearing its fast and strong little beat for the first time a week or two later….it’s all so very special every time, and having my family and friends rooting for the tiny life inside of me, and celebrating with me from the very beginning made it all that more special this time. it will obviously vary greatly from each woman to the next on how and when she wants to share her news, but i’m grateful for the support and love this baby and i have felt from the very beginning. i hope everyone has a loved one to share this experience with from the very first few weeks of finding out your news. bumptwo

that’s it for now. hooray for pregnancy and babies! hooray for the weekend, too! have a good one!

ps. for those curious, my dress is by sonnet james and shoes are mtng originals. my beaded necklace is from jenloveskev’s instagram necklace sale a few weeks back. eleanor’s hat is from zara (we got it on sale last week in the boys section, it’s still on sale, too!) and both are wearing salt water sandals.

  1. sarah

    You look darling (as always!). Congrats on #3!! Where are your sunglasses from? I love them!

  2. So excited to see the Davis family grow and grow! What are you secretly hoping for??? A girl? Boy? So exciting! I love that dress on you and I love this first stages of baby bump, adorable! I love not and her dress the bump video! Your baby and joys baby can be bffs now. xo


  3. Reelika

    You are such a lovely person! I love your sincerity and even the stories about pregnacy (which isn’t appearing in at least ten years time for me..) are so fun to read! + your and your littles’ outfits are so bright and fab!

    Take care!

  4. iron supplements help with fatigue. ask your dr/midwife about them. my prenatal vitamins dont have iron in them so I have to take it separately. just one note about iron though: you may need to buy some fiber to go along with it.

  5. First off, ginger does wonders and I must say that chai tea has helped me tremendously. I have 4 babes and I get insanely sick (like multiple hospital trips, IV’s etc.) While pregnant with my girls though was the worst thing I have ever experienced and I relied on chai tea to get me through the day. Nap when you can. Try some breathing exercise’s. Lemon and mint water help great too! Good luck and congrats!

  6. Becca

    Congrats! All your baby talk is making me want to do it again – mine is 13 mos. old. I really just wanted to comment that it looks like Samson just went through a major growth spurt – he looks so much taller and leaner! Love the sandals, got my girl and pair and I *hope* a pair is waiting for me on my birthday on Sunday :-)

  7. giedre

    That dress is ADORABLE. Perfect for a taco-belly and beyond. :)

    Also: I’ve never actually been pregnant yet, but I’m thinking a definite YES on the shay butter. I’ll probably end up a greasy mess for nine months when I am pregnant, because I’ll be putting it on so often, lol.

  8. Taylor

    Love this! I am not a mother but I am a nursing major with a dream of becoming a midwife. From what I have researched it is very important to exercise during your pregnancy. Also, maybe try yoga/meditation… I know a good yoga class always wakes me up! I truly hope all goes well for you and your fam this pregnancy!


  9. The fatigue is just the worst. Luckily, I felt so much better in the 2nd trimester, but now in the third the tiredness is back. I can’t even imagine trying to keep up with two littles while being pregnant. I totally recommend getting a bump nest pillow- it really helps with sleep!

  10. Jo

    I too am just out if my first trimester with a similar due date! This is our first though. I have loved all fresh fruits; keeping some prepared in the fridge gives a quick snack to help with nausea and fatigue. I’ve also loved warm (not hot!) baths before bed as a way to calm myself before sleep. Oh and a natural ginger cordial we have in England mixed with some sparkling water – the ginger benefits plus I think the bubbles help an upset tummy too. You look fabulous btw. Enjoy your pregnancy, I intend to! X

  11. You always make pregnancy look beautiful! I make pregnancy look like an exhausted sick woman waddling to the ice cream aisle :-) Oh well. Anyway, yes, love the sunglasses – where are they from?

  12. Love reading about your pregnancy!! I’m 35 weeks pregnant with my first and I hear ya about being exhausted all the time… I can’t imagine being tired and having 2 little ones to watch!

    Hope you and the fam have a great weekend!:)

  13. Tamara

    When I was expecting my twins, I had terrible acid reflux, which I mistakenly thought was simply morning sickness…that lasted all day and made me want to climb out of my skin. If it’s to the point where you aren’t able to hold down much of anything you eat or drink, it’s worth talking to your doctor about how to get some relief. I was terrified of taking medication in my first trimester, but I learned that there are safe and conservative options. What good was taking a holistic approach if I was having trouble keeping myself – and my littles – properly nourished? But I agree that if it’s only a bit of nausea, sliced ginger root in a cup of warm tea can be heaven sent. Have a blessed pregnancy!

  14. LN

    Btw, science says that whether you get stretch marks or not is up to the genetic lottery. No amount of creams or lotions or whatnot does anything but act as a placebo. That’s an FYI to the people who feel like they failed in applying something to rid themselves of something they were going to get anyway.

  15. Eating lots of tiny snacks throughout the day helped me not feel sick in my first trimester. I ate a little snack of cut-up fruit or crackers almost every hour, and it helped so much! Big meals (or meals of any size) made me feel more sick.

    So excited for you and your growing family!

  16. Leticia

    I’m so excited for your little family. It will be so fun for you to see E and S in their new roles and E will definitely be a huge help once the baby comes! I just had my 5th in April a few weeks after my 29th birthday! I love watching my big kids loving their little siblings and taking on new responsibilities.
    A few things that helped me through the 1st trimester are: taking extra B vitamins really helped me with fatigue. And I always kept crackers on my nightstand and I’d eat them as soon as I woke up but also munched on them throughout the day. I had crackers and lemon drops in my purse even! It helped keep the queasiness at bay because once you get behind on munching it’s hard to keep ahead of it and that’s when you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck. Does that make sense?
    Anyway, like I said, I’m so very excited for your sweet little family and look forward to seeing all the fun changes that come with a new baby!!

  17. hanna

    These are great tips! –Hanna Lei

  18. Hailey

    I’ve just come out the other end of 10 weeks of insane pregnancy sickness. Ginger had nothing on this hair-trigger gag reflex! All that kept me going was Zofran, heaven sent loved ones to babysit my toddler so I could lie in bed feeling miserable, and a freezer stocked with meals I made as soon as I found out I was pregnant (knowing I was about to bunker down and ride out a sickness storm)… And just for those of us growing December babies, ive been indulging in a little guilty christmas music to focus on how actually exciting this is all going to turn out even if it’s miserable to start with! :)

  19. marie

    Plenty of rest was the best remedy during my first trimester! When I was really tired, I would experience nausea and all the other horrible symptoms. But when I was well-rested, the pregnancy symptoms would be less intense and I would feel much better! So having a good rest (at least 7hrs a night) is the best advice I’ll give to all pregnant ladies!

    Right now I’m trying to get plenty of rest before my 2nd baby is born in a few days time! ;)

  20. you make me want to be a mom so dang bad!

    and that sonnet james dress is so darling. i love a good modest dress!! so hard to come by these days.

  21. Augusta

    Yay for more babies! I’m about to have my 1st (any day now!) and could not agree more with your tips for the 1st trimester. I will add these though:

    Sleeping on your side: Put a pillow just under your back in addition to the one between your legs. I was not a side sleeper before pregnancy and my shoulders got so sore sleeping on my side the 1st trimester. My doctor mentioned that you don’t have to sleep fully on your side, you just need to keep the weight off of your back; a slight incline with a pillow on the other side does the trick.

    Belly Creams: I tried so many special shea butters and belly creams, but at the end of the day Eucerin’s Daily Cream (Target brand works too) did the trick; thick, inexpensive, lasts all day, and at 39 weeks pregnant I still have yet to see a stretch mark.

    Clothes: The maternity line STORQ is my hero. I purchased their “bundle” my first trimester and other than maternity jeans has been the only thing I’ve purchased this pregnancy. Black Leggings, tanks, skirt and a t-shirt dress (the best dress ever) are included in the bundle, and they have really been a nice way to make my non-maternity wardrobe last. Plus, I’ve found that black is a nice way to keep everything looking tiny while highlighting that bump (and making it look less “taco belly”:).

    Hope these help! xo

  22. #3 – YES.

    I religiously moisturized my belly and didn’t get a single stretch mark (yay!). But then the milk came in…

    …and my boobs paid the price. Hello stretch marks.


  23. Miriam Eloise

    When you first debuted your bump, I was amazed at how perfectly formed it was! Your figure is amazing and so svelte, it was like it came out of nowhere! So adorable. It crossed my mind for a second that perhaps you were carrying twins –I remember you mentioning you had twin sisters, and so thought there’s a family precedent there.

    (I hope this doesn’t come off in any way as overstepping privacy), I guess I’m just trying to say how incredible you look pregnant. It’s like you still have your gorgeous figure and then this wonderful little ice cream scoop of a bump placed on top!

    Anyway, lots of love to all of you! & I pray your second trimester is lovely and mellow so you can thoroughly enjoy your last Summer with just the two of those adorable babes :)

  24. so exciting, you look so cute :)

  25. Randi

    Great tips – I have done every single one of those things. Today is the first day of my third trimester!!!!! I can’t believe how fast time flies. Your little bump is absolutely adorable.

    Xo, Randi

  26. How exciting! It sounds like things are going so wonderfully for you!!!

  27. Taylor

    I said this the first two times you were pregnant as well, but I’ll say it again: cutest little pregnant lady! I’m keeping this list handy for when I’m ready to have my own littles some day!


  28. Morgan

    I’m so glad you posted this. I am right towards the middle of my first trimester & I love reading these tips! I’ll be a first time mama so there’s a lot of things I just don’t know. Thanks for the info & good luck to you in these coming months!

  29. Jen

    Peppermint was the only thing that helped my nausea– not ginger unfortunately! I would pop an Altoid anytime I felt a wave of nausea coming on and it seriously helped. I think Altoids work well since they’re so strong and use real peppermint oil.

  30. I know its boring and also stating the obvious but the only thing I’ve found that works is going to bed religiously at 8 or 9 o clock. And a midday nap if possible. My due date for baby number 2 is 9th December so I think we’re pretty close in dates and similarly my main main pregnancy symptom has been fatigue with both pregnancies. Literally the only thing that helps is conking out that early. Very boring for my other half (well the world cup is on so he’s probably enjoying the unlimited football time a bit) but makes such a huge difference to how I am in the day. Good luck!

  31. I”ve been following your blog since before you had kiddos. It’s been a joy to follow you and your family as you grow and go through life’s journey. I was super excited to find out you were having #3 b/c I’m expecting my 1st! Due late January, You’ve been a source of inspiration for faith, family and raising little ones. Congrats to you!

  32. Bea

    I’m going to read again this post when I’m going to be pregnant!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  33. Allison

    Aww so sweet. Part of me can’t wait to be pregnant, but then the other part of me is like OH NO! It’s fun seeing other people and getting advice on my future pregnancies.
    Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

    Allison over Allison’s Eye

  34. Maura

    There’s a candy in a little tin called Ice Chips ginger candy and it was a lifesaver for me. That and milkshakes always helped!

  35. Katriel

    When I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to keep it a secret at first but ended up being too excited and told people really fast. I totally agree with the loose fitting clothing and the pillow thing. I’m at the end of my second trimester now and I build myself a pillow nest everynight-if I don’t have my nest, I will wake up with SOMETHING hurting.

  36. Jessica

    So so happy for you, love seeing your little family expand! My first baby girl is almost ten weeks old, and I am already thinking about when I want to have the next one! Love to you all.

  37. Alexis

    You are looking abdolutely gorgeous as always and I can’t wait to watch your belly grow and grow and grow! While I am only 16, I have been keeping up with your blogs since the beggining and I can say that they sure make me look forward to motherhood! Obviously don’t have any tips on your pregnancy, but keep up all of your hard work. You’ve done such a wonderful job raising Eleanor and Samson.. baby #3 is so lucky to become a part of your cute little family! Keep it up Naomi! (:

  38. Anna

    I have a 5 mo old baby girl and my first trimester was not fun — nausea (although no vomiting) and fatigue were pretty intense. The only thing that helped was eating continuously throughout the day, and crackers didn’t do much to quell my hunger. I ended up eating LOTS of bagels — a bagel for breakfast, 1/2 bagel for a morning snack, took a bagel to bed to eat at 3 am… crazy. And I’d eat a huge lunch — a super burrito or something like that — after all that bagel eating all morning! It was hilarious. Surprise, surprise… I put on 10 lbs in my first trimester! So, not exactly a recommendation, except to say that I believe in doing what your body needs in order to feel ok.

    I used a body oil (Clarins) mixed with my regular moisturizer (Lubriderm) and I haven’t had any stretch marks. I usually like plain, unscented moisturizers for my body but this oil has a nice scent and feel to it.

  39. Megan

    I am due in December as well yay!!!!! Before being pregnant I practiced a lot of yoga – but since have been too tired (as you mentioned). Then last week I forced myself to do some exercise 5 days and felt soooo much better! I forgot how much extra energy it gives you!

  40. Alexia

    Great tips! Here are mine (I have two babies): get an amazing prenatal massage therapist on your speed dial. Get thee to a chiropractor who is certified in mammas and babies. And you know what made me stop throwing up? Cutting meat and limiting dairy for the first trimester! And ginger, ginger Ginger worked for me too!!!
    Congrats again!

  41. Emily

    In a world where there are a lot of women of our faith doing confusing things, I am so inspired by you. Keep being awesome Naomi, your kids are beautiful and you’re so so so great. You seem like you were born to be pregnant and have babies, so I’m not sure I can give advice other than be kind to yourself! Get a sitter and take a nap or just go the local bookstore and read an entire magazine. (Right here I’ll put in a plug for my own magazine, Hearth. Look us up!)
    Congrats from this girl in Idaho!

  42. Hanna

    Remember morning sickness is (in most cases) derived from low blood sugar, instaed of sugary snacks start piling in the protein! 80 grams a day!

  43. Meghan

    Prenatal yoga!! Lots of poses for relieving and preventing tension and aches… Warm baths with lemon oil (burts bees)… Keep moving, I swear walking helped to keep swelling down, plus it just felt gooood. A supportive team- your body was made for this, believe in yourself and your babe and others will follow suit to create a positive atmosphere. What a gift we have as women. I would do this over and over again. Congrats Naomi! What a sweet mama you are!

  44. Katie

    Ha! Samson looks like such a little dude with his suspenders and truck. My boyfriend has started wearing suspenders and I think it’s the cutest thing ever. Love your little bump!

  45. Can’t wait to see number three! Your family is so adorable!

  46. Can’t wait to see number three! Your family is so adorable!

  47. kassie

    Maybe your iron is low. Floradix is a food based iron supplement. Also, make sure you’re taking a whole food vitamin versus a synthetic one. Your body is much more able to absorb the whole foods and you might feel better. I actually ditched the vitamins because I felt I was eating a really good diet and they made me feel so yucky!

  48. katrina

    My babies are 3 years, 19 months and 3 months old, and the old ” sleep when the baby sleeps” has rung true for me. I put my older two boys on the same afternoon nap schedule when they were very little, and now I am getting my little baby girl to nap when they do. If your kiddos don’t nap,i guess quiet time can buy you a bit of shut eye during the day. Do NOT feel guilty about not being able to do everything if you need to sleep!!! This will be just a tiny phase in the bigger picture :). Xox!

  49. Kristin

    First trimester exhaustion is no joke! I’m in my third trimester now with my first baby. During my first trimester I put sleep above all else since I was also waking up for anywhere between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours every night. For me, that meant going to bed at 9pm and waking up at 6am. Even though I never really got 9 hours of sleep, getting between 7-8 hours every night helped me not to feel like a zombie during the day.

  50. huge congrats!! excited to see your family grow :) i have a 3 year old daughter and 2 month old son. doterra peppermint oil and doterra digestzen essential oils did wonders for nausea. i used the oils (almost the whole doterra line) during my entire pregnancy and they were hugely beneficial. i highly recommend them. also, eating small amounts of protein every 2 hours was really helpful for nausea. i read the book pregnancy, birth and babies by stephanie fritz and followed most of the suggestions. one suggestion i took was to eliminate sugar (and white foods) in the last trimester to reduce blood loss during labor and reduce labor time. i think it worked for me. my son was born at home, naturally in less than two hours from my first contraction. as for more energy, i took floradex iron supplement. it made a big difference. best wishes and hope you get to feeling pregnancy bliss soon. xoxo

    p.s.–if you do use doterra peppermint (or blends with peppermint in them….don’t use it while nursing or in your third trimester. it can reduce milk supply.

  51. Megan

    I’ve always been amazed at how you’ve handled pregnancy so well. You look so beautiful and have a perfect little bump. I was not one of the fortunate ones with my pregnancy. I was sick up to three times a day the entire nine months and felt so exhausted every single day. I made a cross country move when I was 6 months pregnant and I remember walking around IKEA with my husband feeling so exhausted I wanted to collapse in the middle of the store! Ginger was not helpful either. I don’t miss being pregnant but I love my baby so, so much. He’s been the easiest baby to take care of. Hopefully your fatigue eases up soon, Naomi. Get some sleep this weekend!


  52. Anne

    totally agree with all your tips! your bump is looking oh so cute!

  53. jess

    Yes to all the things you mentioned. I’d add to also moisturize your hips. I lotioned my belly but got stretch marks on my hips. Nausea wrist bands for morning sickness. Eat lots of protein when you can stomach it (yogurt counts). And pray. As someone who has seen too much of the ugly side of pregnancy, the first trimester is terrifying. But there really isn’t anything YOU can do, so place that burden on someone else and just pray your guts out and try to enjoy it. Congratulations on#3!!

  54. Holly

    I had major fatigue with my second one. I wasn’t super sick, but I was so exhausted all the time I could hardly function. My midwife gave me some B12 injections and that really helped me. So maybe try that out?

  55. Amanda

    Ginger chewing gum for anti-motion sickness helped me out! Also, instead of shea butter, I used cocoa butter. At room temp its solid, but toss the container in some hot water in the sink while you’re in the shower, and it’s melted just enough to rub all over the belly. Plus, it makes you smell like chocolate!! btw, I love your acarvas sandals. I have not seen them with matching rubber soles like that! Makes me want them in all the colors! One last thing, have you nursed in any of your Sonnet James dresses. not this one, but the other ones. When you pull the neckline down, does it keep its shape?

  56. Alexandra

    I have always enjoyed reading your posts! I have no personal experience to share… yet. But I did learn some things in nursing school during my OB rotation I thought I would share.

    Have you tried Preggie Pops or Queasy Pops? Mint (and ginger as you have found out) are great for nausea, and these mint/ginger lollies are another way to help minimize that discomfort. The fatigue you are experiencing could be a type of anemia that presents during pregnancy (pseudoanemia of pregnancy). Some other ladies commented about vitamins, especially iron and those should help!

    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely life and family, I am so excited to see your family continue to grow!

  57. Ann

    I have stretch marks. Belly, boobs – I love my stretch marks. They’re my physical reminders of the human beings I love so much.

  58. erin

    Motion sickness bracelets are amazing for the nausea they work with pressure points and can be worn all the time, saved my life!

  59. Sarah

    These are great tips. I’ll probably be one of the unlucky ones who is sick all the time, which is bad for me as I’m a bit of an emetophobe. Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy, you look lovely in the striped dress and yellow accessories :).

    Sarah xo | Polka Dot Lemon

  60. Kristin

    I have the worst nausea/vomiting first tri, and still occasionally throughout pregnancy. Most helpful medication this pregnancy has been Diclegis. Very safe for baby. It contains Vit. B12 and an anti-histamine. Takes a few days to kick in, but I haven’t needed Zofran through my 2nd and now 3rd trimesters, it’s been so effective. Hope that helps somebody!

  61. Valentine

    Congrats on #3! I love how you’re talking about pregnancy and about kids. Besides, the two of yours are the cutest.
    Valentine, xo.

  62. Lexie

    I’m so excited for y’all to have a third little one. I constantly change my mind about whether we should have just one more baby or not, and promote our family of four to one of five. Good luck with the fatigue! If you’re tempted to try iron, as some other people have commented, be aware that it can cause constipation. My doctor recommended a liquid supplement called Floradix to me because it tends to be a bit more easy to process. I can’t wait to follow along as you grow yet another beautiful baby!

  63. Caitlin

    I have one baby (4 months now :) ), and my first trimester with her was horrible! I have a milk sensitivity on top of that and it was not a pretty picture. My midwives were angels though and had lots of good advice. the one thing that i think was most life changing for me was taking hydrochloric acid with meals for indigestion/heartburn. And also just eating enough protein and calories and drinking TONS of water. But there is a big misconception that we need an acid suppressor (for most women). Often the problem is that we don’t have enough acid so our tummies just let the food sit there without being broken down by normal stomach acid. So pickles/lemonade, anything acidic is actually okay! I still take it with meals if I feel the bubbly indigestion coming on. Congrats on baby #3 :D

  64. HP

    @LN Thank-you for adding this. So true. You shouldn’t feel like you got them because you didn’t lotion enough or with the ‘right product’. Be proud, let your body change, stretch marks are something to be proud of not ashamed. Motherhood is beautiful and so are our bodies :)

  65. Congrats Taza! I can’t imagine how tiring it is with two little ones already, OMG…
    Great tips!

  66. naomi! looks like we are due around the same time! it’s my first, and you are so right…all the crazy body changes are quite the adventure :) totes agree with all your tips! congrats on #3! xo, grace

  67. CONGRATULATIONS!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I have been a big fan of your blog, your beautiful words, your incredibly photography and loved the glimpse into your world since the days of your Bulldog. What a WONDERFUL family you are!
    Sending lots of love all the way from Sunny South Africa,

  68. Paige

    These tips are spot on! I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to not sleep with a pillow between my legs anymore!


  69. Alexandra

    My third

  70. Alexandra

    Sorry about theimcomplete comment!

    My third pregnancy was the same. I was very sleepy and tired, plus add all you have to do with the little, I have two girls before the third. I am no fun when this mama is sleepy or tired. I chew gum and had lollipops all the time for the bad taste in my mouth. Wishing you a best and full of energy rest of the pregnancy!

  71. oh how you glow! sending blessings and health for your following trimester!

  72. Mags

    hi, Congrats lady. so what are the best vitamins you found? please share.

  73. Susannah

    I’m pregnant for the first time and also due in December. I was fortunate not to be too sick for too long, but I found that keeping some honey on my desk at work and eating a spoonful when I felt nauseated helped tremendously. Way more than anything else I tried.

  74. Jemima

    Wowzaz. So happy for you guys for your little number three!

    I am setting myself a mental reminder to come back to this post for any future pregnancies. There are some really great, practical tips in here. I’ve always wondered about the ginger thing and whether it ACTUALLY works, looks like it does!

    All the best to you in this wonderful time and I hope the second trimester is smooooth!!!

    xx jemima

  75. deedee

    I am thrilled that you are adding another little one to the tribe ( just please don’t feed them Cheerios) Sorry, couldn’t resist. Here’s my top 3 for getting through pregnancy:
    ginger everything for morning sickness
    raw carrot for acid reflux
    contention tights or socks ( here in France every maman I know wore them the last trimester)
    Bonne continuation!

  76. Ady

    Awww this is so cute, love these photos!

  77. I absolutely love your dress, it works so well with the yellow shoes! So true about looking after your skin whilst pregnant. émoi émoi has a great range of organic maternity beauty products, including some amazing stretch mark removal creams.

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