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pippit-blog-postafter almost two years in the making, josh and i are SO excited to finally share with you something we have been working on long and hard with our friend, joy cho. it’s a new app, and it’s called Pippit!

we started this conversation years ago… what we liked and didn’t like about social media, how we were often turning to our mobile devices throughout the day instead of our computers for updates on everything… from ordering groceries and shopping on our phones to even updating and reading blogs!  joy and i also began to notice how many of our blog readers were now keeping up with our blogs on their mobile devices over their computers. all of it was and still is fascinating to us. so we put our heads together and tried to think of what was missing from our experiences with social media, and how we could make it better.

with the idea of social media complementing blog content, we wanted to create an app that allows you to share your photos, your videos and your blog posts all within one platform. so if you have a blog or website, you can add your rss feed and those who follow you will automatically be updated when each of your latest posts are published.  if you don’t have a blog, but like to read a few, then you can follow your favorite blogs within Pippit.  pippitblog1

another fun feature of Pippit is the chance it gives you to add several dots to photos and videos, allowing people the chance to go directly to the moment being shared with them. dots can be filled with helpful info or any hyperlink of your choice, so you can find the exact shirt someone is wearing, or recipe someone just made, or how to find the museum they’re visiting.

we’ve also created ways to not only “like” a photo or video or blog post, but you can also “want” it or find it “useful.” this way, if you are scrolling through your feed and you see a recipe or DIY you might want to try at some point, you can click “useful” and it will be stored in your “opinions” page for future reference.  you might see a cute pair of shoes on a friend’s feed and not have the time to click over and shop them right then, but you could click “want” and have that information stored in your opinions page for a future rainy day when you feel like shopping.  i really love this feature because i feel like i’m always taking screenshots of things in my social media feeds so i can reference them later, but then i forget about them because they are so unorganized in my phone’s photo album. and i can’t ever seem to find the one i’m looking for! so having a place to store information you find helpful or important for later, was a really big feature for me! i’m so excited about it.  pippitblog2

there are other great features too, like conversation threads so you can reply directly to a comment and have conversations with others in your feed without anything getting lost.  there’s also an analytics page (so you can see where you’re sending traffic via your links, etc) and a way to “amplify pips” so if you’re following a lot of people, the “pips” or content from those that you interact with most on Pippit (say, your family and close friends) will appear larger in your feed if you choose.

you can see how Pippit works in realtime in this little video we made last month in LA:

i hope you’ll check it out! it’s available now in the app store through your mobile phone! (you can find me there as @TAZA and josh as well as @TIESANDFRIES.) the app is a paid app ($1.99 with the choice to resubscribe each year) but Pippit won’t ever have ads in it or other things interrupt your feed.  we really want this space to be your space, so you can use it and enjoy it how you wish.

also, we’d really love to hear your experience and feedback with the app as you try it out. our end goal is to make a really solid mobile platform that is beneficial and easy to use for everyone so we can all get the most out of our social media experiences. we are always looking for ways to improve Pippit with each future release, so please let us know what you think! and, with all things tech-y, we’re still trying to iron out a few kinks this week, so if you have any issues when using the app, please do let us know as soon as you can at [email protected] so we can fix them straight away.

we’re so excited that pippit is here! hope you all enjoy it too!

  1. meredith

    Can you please tell me where you got your name rings? I love them!

  2. Hi there! Great app! I’ve sent you an email with a few issues I’ve been having.

    I did forget… what is the proposed fee for next year? Is it $2 again?



  3. No need to answer my question. I scrolled way up and noted it’s 1.99 next year too. Yay! :)

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  7. Where are your wire name rings from?! BEAUTIFUL!!

  8. oh whoops, got it!!! thank you haha

  9. Sandra bøgh zerahn

    That sounds amazing , just downloaded it!