seven years of marriage!

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this old polaroid of josh and me was taken in central park about a week before our wedding. i look at it today and all i see are two babies who haven’t a clue what is in store. ;)  we still might be clueless when it comes to a lot of things, but i’m just glad to have the chance to go through life with my best friend by my side. what a wonderful seven years of marriage it has been. i love you so much, josh davis. happy anniversary!

  1. Cristina (Lisbon, Portugal)

    Happy anniversary for both and congratulations on the baby! Wish you the best!

  2. amanda

    so sweet- happy anniversary! ours 9 year is in about a week- i was just thinking how clueless we were back then! ah, young love. what an adventure.

  3. sylvia

    Happy anniversary you guys! this photo is so cute and you have accomplished so much since :) two cute babies and a 3rd one on the way!! yay!!

    xo Sylvia

  4. Eli

    We count the years we’ve been together with our spouses but it is so refreshing to look back at who we’ve been and how it all started. And then we carry on counting because we want the dream to go on. Happy anniversary to you! :) xxx

  5. Elise

    Congratulations! You’re a wonderful couple!

  6. Laura

    What a beautiful photo! You both look so different; you have so many lovely freckles now, and Josh have a huge beard! But you look lovely both now and seven years ago. And also – congrats on your coming baby! I’m so excited for you. Would you like to share some thoughts about going from 2 kids to 3 some time? I grew up with a brother and sister, and I can see both positive and negative things about being three siblings – of course all the positive things way up the negative ones!

    Laura //

  7. mindy

    happy anniversary!!

  8. Madison

    You look like Mandy Moore in this picture! Happy Anniversary to you two!

  9. adorable. happy anniversary!

  10. Morgan

    Happy Anny!

  11. Anna Blanc

    So Ive never been much of a blogger/blog reader. But I stumbled upon your blog a little while ago and have been basically stalking it for the past few months. Im sure you have people write to you all the time so this is probably nothing special but I cant stand to not say anything aanymore. You have such a beautiful family and such a beautiful relationship with your husband, that I hope to someday be half as happy as you are. Your kids are so lucky to have such an incredible mother, and the way you talk about your love for them is just inspiring.

    For just about my whole life Ive wanted to live in New York, and reading your blog makes me believe that it is more than possible to raise a family in such a wonderful city. Im only a junior in college but I hope to someday have a life and family like yours. Taza, you and your family are always in my prayers and im so happy for you with a the third baby on the way. Im the middle of three children, and I’d like to think that I turned out okay .God would never give you more than you can handle!

    Have a more than wonderful day!

  12. Freya

    My own wedding is coming up and if we end up half as happy as you two seem to be I’ll count myself lucky. Marriage is such a gamble but you guys seem to have won hands down.

  13. You look so much like Mandy Moore here, it’s not funny! Congrats, guys!

  14. happy anniversary!! :) wow 7 years – that’s so awesome.

    my husband and i just celebrated 3 yesterday. we were definitely babies when we got married and people still call us babies. but i agree 100% that it’s so nice to have your best friend go through life with you.. figuring everything out together. happy happy day, you two! excited for y’all.

  15. Ana

    Happy anniversary!!

  16. Carli

    Congratulations!!! <3

  17. bri

    7 years!? wow. we’re coming up on three here and it feels like forever (in the best possible way). happy anniversary to you two lovelies!

  18. lourdes

    happy aniversario Taza god bless you every day!!

  19. caitlin

    Happy Anniversary! You look just like Mandy Moore in this photo!

  20. Taylor

    You both look so very young! A very happy anniversary!!!


  21. Hilary

    Happy Anniversary! I’m just wondering if you’re ever going to address the fact that Josh is no longer working?

  22. Allison

    Happy Anniversary!! Have beautiful day celebrating!

    xoxo Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  23. Happy Anniversary to you guys! Such an adorable couple.


  24. marie

    Happy anniversary to the both of you! My hubby and I celebrated our 10 years this year, and it’s really wonderful to be married to your best friend and side kick in life. ;) Anw Enjoy your special day!!

  25. Sinead

    You have so much to celebrate this month! Happy anniversary :-)

  26. Sharee

    Naomi! My husband & I just celebrated our 10th a few days ago & my 30th bday is tomorrow. :) I’m a June girl like you. My hubby & I had two girls close in age & a baby boy when your Samson was born. Our 4th is due in December, too. :)

    I’ve been thinking about your post from yesterday. We were living in a little apartment in Argentina when our 3rd was born, & even though it had it’s challenges, I wouldn’t trade it for anything! “Keep calm & get creative” became my motto which I know you won’t have a problem with! We did so many fun things in that little apartment of ours (although getting out once a day was a must – and still is)! I enjoy following your journey & wish you a Happy bday/anniversary month. It only gets better – crazier, but better!

  27. tRiSh

    Happy 7th anniversary, you two lovebirds!

  28. Awww so cute. Happy marriversay you guys! This was around the time I first discovered your blog!

  29. Kari

    Happy Anniversary! We are celebrating our 7th on the 23rd of this month. :)

  30. Kellie

    Happy anniversary!! And congrats again on the newest soon to be addition to your family!!

  31. Erma

    Did anyone else comment about how you look like Mandy Moore in this photo!? Probably.

    Happy Anniversary!

  32. nanette

    congrats! we will be celebrating our 6th this august!

  33. Nadine

    Happy anniversary, marriage is such a beautiful thing and I love to see strong unities. Congratulations to you both on your expanding family, what a beautiful gift for your family at Christmas :)

  34. Rosely

    Congrats on your anniversary. Life is sweeter when you share it with the people you love.

  35. Elizabeth

    I read the comments just to see if anybody else thought you looked like Mandy Moore. Apparently I’m not crazy, at least not this time!

  36. Janis

    So sweet! Many more!! :)

  37. I have never commented but LOVE reading your blog and just want to thank you so much for your example and love for each other and your kids and the city. AND for silently showing a wonderful example of your testimony. I recently stopped following another NYC blogger who has chosen a different path, which is fine, but it just makes me appreciate you and your goodness, smile and love for life and the blessings you receive when you are faithful. Thank you!

  38. Renee

    Congrats!! So much to celebrate lately! What a blessing!

  39. Alexandra

    Happy anniversary!!! God bless your marriage and family!

  40. Sierra

    Congratulations! It’s amazing how time flies.

  41. Bea

    Happy seventh anniversary, Naomi!!!
    I really would love to have a marriage like yours!!

  42. Anna

    Happy anniversary!! you both are an inspiration for so many people… i hope you had a good time celebrating!

  43. Melanie

    Happy anniversary guys :) Wish you lots of happiness for the rest of your lives !

    Taza, you look so different in this picture but you are still so beautiful :)

    Melanie xx

  44. kristen

    you both look so different! what a sweet couple you are – wishing you both a very happy anniversary!

  45. 7 years?! that’s amazing!

    what temple were you guys married in?

    my husband & i look like babies too. because we are! haha.

  46. Mimsie

    It’s fun to experiment, but I think your hair color and eyebrow shape looked nicer in the 7-years-ago picture. Happy anniversary!

  47. chelsea

    Happy seven years!!

  48. Kelleyn

    Happy Anniversary!

  49. Ashlee

    Happy Anniversary! My hubby and I will be hitting the 7 year mark this year as well

  50. Happy Anniversary!

  51. Erin Adnan

    hello!! all the way from Malaysia :) Just wanna let u know I have been following your blog since your URL was rockstar diaries and from the day you and josh got married and eleanor was borned and samson too!!

    You look just like eleanor in this photo! keep rocking guys! ♥

  52. happy anniversary!!!

    xoxo, kerri

  53. Amanda H.

    don’t you just love looking back at these old photos? at the time i felt so grown up and mature. i knew it all. humph. yeah. right. :)

    happy anniversary!!