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upon a moment of mama-desperation where i let the kids each choose a pez candy dispenser at the store under the condition they stay in their stroller seats and obey mama (lol), eleanor picked out the sponge bob square pants pez dispenser.  she has no idea who sponge bob is and referred to him as “such a silly little piece of cheese!” all weekend we have been cracking up when she pulls out her “talking cheese” toy to play with.

after giving me the biggest kiss and hug last sunday morning, “happy father’s day, mama!”

as i was trying to cut off the tag on a piece of her clothing, she said, “mama, you can’t cut off the tag! it’s a story.”

eleanor and samson were hiding under the kitchen table when i heard eleanor tell samson, “no no, this is not africa! this is a barn!”

“i’m a doctor, and he’s an assistant (pointing over to samson), and you can be a bigger doctor.”

“mama, after i get big and marry in the temple can i shave my legs like you?”

“why?” (her new question after anything we say over and over, which i absolutely love, and other times i want to love but you know….)

“we did lots of things and we did nothing.”

eleanor: “mama, close your eyes.” me: “why?” eleanor: “i have to get something out of your eyelash.” me: “oh thank you…. what was it?” eleanor: “it was just a pretend something. and it wasn’t real!”

during lunch at the table one afternoon, “mama, can we talk about don?” me: “don? don who??” eleanor: “granddad!”

i say this too much, but three year olds, man.  this is where it’s at. more eleanorisms here. 

  1. Bea

    Happy father’s day, mama!
    this is one of the best day for starting a week!!

  2. TILLY

    Oh how she cracks me up! I totally agree with you, this 3 year old stage is the best! Now time to get your pregnant belly to bed. Why are you still up at this hour in NY? Hope you’re enjoying these first days of summer. Love from Tilly, all the way in Australia :) xx

  3. Queenie

    “such a silly little piece of cheese!”

    “mama, you can’t cut off the tag! it’s a story.”

    “mama, after i get big and marry in the temple can i shave my legs like you?”

    These were my personal favourites! I totally agree with you; 3-5 year olds come up with the best quotes ;)


  4. marie

    Haha cute girl! Wait till she grows older… Her conversations will get even more hilarious. My son is 6 and he says the funniest things! I can’t wait for him to talk to his baby brother soon. ;)


  5. small smart young lady. you have to have a lot of fun with her :)

  6. Laura

    I just love these! She’s so adorable :-D

  7. Jessica

    She is too much! I can’t wait to hear what Samson comes up with after learning from her!

  8. alma

    HAHAHA! She’s too cute! “…Can I shave my legs” still cracks me up!!

  9. Court

    I don’t think i’ll ever be able to see a sponge bob square pants without thinking about Eleanor calling him a silly piece of talking cheese. So cute. And also, he does look like cheese now that she mentions it!

    Have a good week!

  10. So cute as always!

  11. Livi

    Eleanor is too cute! Seriously, she cracks me up!

  12. Nathalie

    Sooooo cute! ♥

  13. Taylor

    Too funny! These Eleanorisms crack me up! The other day, my five-year-old sister said to me, “when I grow up I want to be a veterinarian….just kidding! I want to be an apple!” I just about died! It doesn’t end with these little ones.


  14. Caitlin

    HAHAA! This is one of the best Eleanorisms yet!!

  15. Janis

    Eleanor is very funny and cute! :)

  16. I look forward to these posts so much, she is so cute! I love that she thinks Spongebob is cheese, too adorable.

  17. Pilar

    so good. i can’t wait until my little guy is able to talk. he’s 15 months now, and 3 years old seems to far away.

    ps. i think it was here that you suggested the “baby signing time” dvds, and i tell you what — he loves them! he communicates pretty well with the signs that he’s learned. it’s so much fun watching him learn to ask for things and communicate before he’s verbal. and i’ve got you to thank for making me aware of the dvds. they’re great!

  18. Lyndsay

    I’m cracking up over the “silly little piece of cheese”! She seriously could not be any cuter!

  19. Rhonda

    “we did lots of things and we did nothing.”

    E, you understand how my life is! haha

  20. Iriska

    aaah, Eleanorisms is my favourite thing here! :) Little E. rocks!
    oh, and the ‘why?’ phase- yep, I think all kids go through that, it’s both endearing and annoying somehow.

  21. Maggie

    LOL at the shaving the legs one! When I was little, probably E’s age, I asked my mom if I could use “timptoms” like her when I grew up. Tampons. Hahahaha! Kids are the best.

  22. Heather

    The girl has got her priorities straight. Temple marriage and shaved legs. What a doll, and so funny!

  23. Carly

    “Such a silly little piece of cheese!” hahaha

  24. OMG she is too cute – I love reading these posts! I hope my lil girl (due in August) is cute & funny like Eleanor :)

  25. Allison

    Reading these makes me excited to be a mom some day :) Thanks for sharing fun moments with your family.

    xoxo Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  26. Gia

    Too cute!
    Maybe we’ll have some Samsonisms sometime in the future, too?

  27. Vanessa

    Aw, these posts are always the BEST! :)

  28. ahh! love these. so much. every time!

  29. Jasmine

    “We did lots of things and we did nothing.” Sweet poetry, E. stay smart and sensitive.

  30. Elle (Eleanor)

    Hi, I love reading these eleanorism’s. I myself am a Eleanor and I believe I have been much the same with the things I said as a child and growing up. Its just such a joy to reach, Thank you so much for sharing them with us and what a treasure they are to keep and look back over with Eleanor when she’s older and laugh about :)
    God Bless

    Elle xx

  31. Randi

    Oh man, she’s adorable. Kids have such great imaginations. I love the things they come up with.
    “we did lots of things and we did nothing.” sounds like dialogue from a french new wave film. LOVE it!
    Xo, Randi

  32. Jade

    OH, MY. Just too good! Thank you for taking the time to share these with us. So much joy and laughter and goodness here. And just plain magic. Just an awesome highlight in the day of anyone reading this :) What a beautiful little girl and a brilliant little mind!

  33. Amanda H.