bubble machine, pillow talk, and potty talk.

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we finally got the bubble maker out that eleanor gave samson for his birthday a few weeks ago. we didn’t open it on his birthday because he opened a train and some new brio train pieces and was so preoccupied and happy with them, we figured we’d save the bubble maker for another day and not overwhelm him.  we made bubbles inside and outside, all day long on saturday, and both eleanor and samson were in bubble heaven! i love how excited little ones can get over something like bubbles. their enthusiasm for many things in life often feels contagious and before we know it, both josh and i are getting into the excitement and popping bubbles left and right too.

the other night as eleanor climbed into bed she said, “mama! i forgot to go potty!” but she had just gone potty about ten minutes earlier so i wasn’t so sure. still, you don’t ever doubt a toddler who tells you they need to potty, so we got out of bed and raced to the bathroom. i sat on the edge of the bathtub with her as she started to say, “so, mama… how was your day?” before i knew it, we’d been chatting for over 5 minutes in the bathroom as she sat there on the big toilet and she still had not gone potty. it kind of killed me to tell her, “eleanor, if you don’t have to go potty, we have to go back to bed now…” because i realized in that moment that she is just like her mama.  the moment my head hits the pillow i just wanna talk. i live for pillow talk. my poor husband goes through it night after night with me, where i just want to talk about the day, and talk about tomorrow, and life in general, the good and bad parts of it and what should we eat tomorrow and what do you think about this or the kids did this today and it was so cute….   eleanor has started to want to chat at the end of the day too, and as her seasoned-pillow-chatting-mother, i must say i am proud. it’s kind of the cutest.

the last few days have been a little bit on the harder side for me. not for any big reason, sometimes i just let silly things get to me even though i know i shouldn’t.  i usually take great pride in how i’ve learned over the years to let stuff roll of my back and move on because who has the time for that stuff? but the last few days my energy has been a bit lower.  and life is far less fun when you’re in the slumps about silly stuff. it’s crazy how that sort of energy can sprout like a weed and really consume you too. so i’m making a big effort today to kick it. to be kind to myself and carry on. and let it go.  we’ll see, but just thought i’d share it here. sometimes it’s easier for me to really do it if i verbally say so.  you know, so hold me to it. ;)

happy tuesday!

  1. Andrea

    Adorable! I am a pillow talker too, well actually mainly an all around talker :). Hope you feel better. When I am feeling down I usually give myself a sad song’s worth of time to cry a bit, then after I have let it out for a minute I start to feel better. Feeling bad is just human.

  2. I love that she knows how to get you alone just to chat :) I’m 26 and my mom knows she can call me at 5:30pm on the dot any day and I’ll be driving home from work and have time to chat (hands-free, of course).

  3. Sharee

    I know! I always need to talk at night, too. I agree with Andrea – sometimes a good cry is all we need to pick up the pieces and keep going. I’ve been a little down about living so far away from my own mama, but when my kiddos & I get worn out from each other, yet we only HAVE each other, it seems like that’s when the best memories are made. I always get a boost when I see the fun things you do with your babes, & it helps me try harder. :)

  4. Lucy

    I love pillow talk!!!
    You and I are so alike it’s crazy!

    My poor husband goes through it too, I do just love talking at that time, and talking about all the things you said! Things just pop into my mind too!

    I love that E is now going through that too! She is just the cutest!!

    I’ll hold you to it ;)
    Life sucks sometimes. It’s hard because we can’t hold onto everything, we have to let things go, but it is really hard.
    I’m thankful for my boy to make me smile when those times come around.
    I hope you are feeling much better soon!

    X x x

  5. The last few days have been that way for me too. Maybe it’s just this week. You guys have gloomy, rainy days this week too? DC is gloooomy. The photo of the kids and bubbles made me smile though! It’s okay to have some bad days, but let’s get back to the good now :)

  6. Lyndsay

    Your family is the cutest! That story about Eleanor is so sweet. I hope you’re feeling better and more positive soon!

  7. Tammy

    Naomi, I love the bubble machine. You guys are seriously awesome parents. We weren’t allowed to blow bubbles in the house haha!

    Everyone has their low points…sometimes it’s just to remind you to trust in the Lord. Not to try to take it all on yourself. You have an understanding attitude, so don’t fear everything will fall right into place if you let it.

    Happy Tuesday.


  8. Avery

    If you’re feeling in the slumps, I hope it boosts your mood to know that I love your blog. :) And, I mean, you have a bubble machine! So there’s that!

  9. Court

    I’m the same exact way…and my husband is the opposite. The second we lay down in bed, I start talking and before I know it, i’m talking to just my pillow ;)

    Sending lots of happy thoughts and virtual hugs your way today, I hope you can feel them :)

  10. i love when you share insight like this…I think we can all feel this way, and get caught up in it (sometimes I let my ‘pity parties’ go on a bit too long)…but what’s important is CHOOSING to be happy. And to just let it go. Hope today is just what you need!

    xx allie

  11. Joann

    Hello, I enjoy reading all of your article. I like to write a little comment to support

  12. Lisa

    Thanks for sharing the good and the bad. I hope this wonderful tuesday is the day things start brightening up for you!

  13. alma

    Dear mama, you seem to be doing a heck of a job raising your beautiful little babies and appreciating life with all it’s ups and downs. Sometimes we just have to roll with the punches and do our best and as soon as you know it the light at the end of the tunnel will appear again!

  14. Taylor

    I’m the same way when it comes to bedtime! It always seems like it’s the only time I’m even able to talk to my man and so while he’s on his phone surfing the web, I’m chatting about what happened at work and how I wanna make French toast in the morning. haha!
    I hope you have a better day today and are able to let the little things go! You are wonderful and amazing!


  15. Allison

    Good idea on the bubble machine! I hope your day today is better. You touch so many lives including your children and you are amazing for that.
    Happy Tuesday!

    xoxo Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  16. Gah, your kids are the cutest. I love talking at night too. I got all these thoughts in my head then that I just want to share. So yeah, I get you Miss E !

  17. Faith

    So, so true Naomi. It’s amazing how silly, little things can really get to us and how negative energy sprouts and just keeps growing.
    Thanks for the reminder to stay positive! I hope you start feeling better soon :)


  18. micaela

    cheers to you, naomi ((and all the pillow talk that comes with it)). hope this change of season brings you more smiles + darling memories. xx,m


  19. Reelika

    Oh, bubble machine! I am quite sure it is the most amazing thing for little ones! And you did right – putting thoughts and problems into words is the best cure for sadness and disturbance.

    Take care!

  20. Melissa

    My husband also gets to experience my pillow talk, after-work talk, before-work talk, and all parts of my day where i just want to talk and share and connect :)

    thanks for always sharing both your highs and lows with us. and like you said, those lows may come for no “good” reason but we all have them. and sometimes you need those moments to yourself, and sometimes you have to talk through the pain with others. just know that we’re all here for you when you need to share! hope you’re feeling better <3

  21. hanna

    A bubble maker is such an adorable present –Hanna Lei

  22. Staying positive is so hard when you feel those repetitive thoughts. I know you will be super happy in a few more second because you are so optimistic and bubbly but its so nice to see any slightly less than perfect part of you so I know there are teensy bits of darkness in everyone.and that is ok :)

  23. Paulina

    Hello! That’s the first time I’m leaving a comment over here, but I sure am a big fan of yours and read your blog every day! I actually wrote a little post lately about who inspires me ( yes, there’s simething about you guys!) and I thought you should take a look at it, especially if you’re feeling down lately. I thought it would cheer you up :)

    Greetings from Delaware!


    Here’s the link:


  24. lucinda

    it’s so true! a child’s enthusiasm is contageous. that’s been one of my favorite things about becoming a new mama – seeing the world through the eyes of my little one. it’s like my sense have been heightened with sweeter smells, brighter sights, softer touches… thrive off THAT energy and shake off whatever it is that has gotten you down.
    best, lucinda

  25. Janis

    Ah! My toddler has started doing the same thing with the potty: saying that she has to potty, but she really doesn’t. It gets a little inconvenient when we are out and about, but better safe than sorry! :)

  26. Zainab

    Thank you so much for sharing your day! It must be so awesome having kids and realising little things that you share! Eleanor sounds beautiful and you sound ever so blessed! It’s easy enough to feel like little problems are unsolvable and that your day will be ruined if you can’t solve it but it’s odd thinking that a week in time and you’d probably have forgotten all about it! Take Care! :D x

  27. some days i’m a pillow chatter. i understand! sounds like a good little talk you and your little girl had. i’m sorry you’ve had a rough few days & hope things have gotten better! i’ve been on that kick this year, trying to be kind to myself and have fewer meltdowns… and i don’t even have children! i have to tell myself to take it a day at a time. because i overwhelm myself pretty quickly.

    praying for you! this week will be fantastic.
    happy tuesday!!

    ps: that bubble picture.. so cute.

  28. Diana

    This is the cutest.

  29. Sydney

    The bubbles make it look so magical in there. Awe cute little Eleanor being a little chatter box. She loves her mama that’s for sure!

  30. Ann

    Adorable! I hope our lil lady longs for pillow talk too. Cute, cute, cute memories :)

  31. amazing photo! I’m totally a pillow talker too hehehe… hope you’ll feel better soon ;)

  32. tRiSh

    E is the cutest. You must be the happiest that she takes a little part of you in her personality.
    hope things will dust off and you’ll feel ready to beat anything by the time you read this comment! :)

  33. Kate

    I need my pillow talk too! i think it has something to do with growing up sharing a room with my 5 sisters =) Us gals just need to re hash the days events. Eleanor sounds so much like my 3 year old!

  34. maggie

    It’s adorable that she is picking up your little quirks. And this photo is too cute.

  35. Jill from Lancaster, UK

    I totally know what you mean about sometimes having times when things get to you. I’m in the middle of one of those ‘spells’ at the moment too. They just creep up on you and make everything feel like a big deal. I end up feeling really cross with myself for letting things get to me. It always passes and in a way it makes me more appreciative for the things I have!

    I find crappy jokes help too!
    There was a girl who made a bike from spaghetti.
    Her mum was shocked as she drove pasta!!

    And lots of chocolate too.

    Keep up the good blogging work x

  36. Olya

    Kick the “silly stuff” and roll it off. Haters are haters. It doesn’t matter WHAT you give them , they will find a flaw because that’s whT they live for. You have great support from others ❤️❤️❤️

  37. Jessa

    For what its worth, You and your sweet family brighten my day every single day. Your posts, your instagrams and now your pips. Thank you for being you and being honest. We all feel a little blue some days. Hang in there. xo

  38. Bea

    Naomi, you can talk about everything here!!
    I had some bad days last week, and I talked about it to everyone, and the more i talked the more the problem was not more a problem!
    Plus, always think about all you have! (it functions with me!)
    I wish you a goooood week!

  39. Olga

    Keep going Naomi! A friend of mine says don’t think to much, just keep going, and it’s true. Don’t losse you time thinking to much in your “problems”, just keep going

  40. I’ll admit, I still get a bit giddy when bubbles are involved. You stay strong , beautiful. I’ve been having my fair share of difficult moments myself. Just take it a day at a time, that’s all we can do…

  41. Kristy

    Hi Naomi. I wanted you to know that I have been reading your blog for about 2 years now. I greatly enjoy your pictures and posts and admire you as a person and mother, even though I do not know you. You are inspirational to me. I also have a little boy and girl about the same age as yours. What I take away from your blog is appreciating the beauty in every experience. Sending you many blessings from Tennessee!

  42. Amy K

    Your little family warms my heart! A toddlers enthusiasm for life is incomparable. Thanks for sharing such a great moment.

    On pillow talk…I am the same way! It’s like a disease. I’ve had so many people tell me I am too quiet and then when I am meant to be I turn into a chatty Cathy. Ha! What an observation.

  43. We love bubbles!
    We recently bought a bubble maker for our daughter and realized it needed batteries that we didn’t have. Thank goodness we didn’t show it to her beforehand. Now I’ve got it stored away for a rainy day and hopefully someday soon i’ll remember to buy batteries (before that rainy day arrives!)
    I love this photo of your family. I love their little bedroom crammed with kiddie goodness! It’s so cozy!
    I know exactly what you mean when you say you’ve been feeling down about silly things. I feel the exact same way today. I’m hoping to kick it before my husband gets home from work. I hate being a gloomy version of myself.
    Hope your mood’s brightened since you wrote this post!

  44. Jemima

    PILLOW TALK IS THE GREATEST! The absolute greatest! My boyfriend has started requesting that we go to bed half an hour earlier just so that I can get some pillow talk time in. That’s totally my time to completely unload about the day and life and what we should have for breakfast on the weekend and I reminded him to pay the electricity bill or not because I couldn’t remember and etc etc etc etc! I genuinely look forward to that time every night, though I’m not sure if that feeling is shared…. I can’t help it!

    Loving the bubble machine by the way, that’s a hilarious shot. Perfect timing!

    J x

  45. Diana

    i can relate on everything you posted. i’m such a pillow talker too…lucky that husband is a good listener. but most of the time, i think he’s pretty much dozing, haha.

    also, i’ve had a similar week of getting in a silly funk. its comforting to know that other mom’s can relate. hope you are having a better week. treat yourself to friendship, ice cream, a glass of wine or bubble bath! you deserve it! -from one hard on yourself mom to another :)

  46. Megan

    Naomi, one of the things that keeps me coming back to read this blog year after year, is the high amount of energy you seem to have as you get through life on a daily basis. It’s interesting to know you have low energy days because it never seems like it. I am not a high energy person in general and it’s a daily struggle for me to fight laziness. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I am fast asleep. I have always wanted to be the opposite but having a baby drains all of my energy by the end of the day.

    How cute is that Eleanor on the potty story? Goodness!

  47. Watching little kids play with bubbles is one of the most fun things ever! My boys go absolutely nuts for them.

    Keep your head up! I went through a phase like that recently and I just tried to focus on all the beauty in my life and not sweat the little stuff.


  48. Susie

    Sometimes just saying what is bothering me takes all of the power out of it and by Gods grace it becomes less and less of a hinderance. May this be true for you too!

    Be well,


  49. Lexie

    What sweet stories you shared today. We need one of those bubble makers in our home, STAT.

    I’ve been struggling with energy lately, too, and I find that when my energy is waning, so is my patience. I went as far as to have my thyroid levels tested, but everything there was normal. Now I’m considering the possibility that I might be a bit anemic. I’m eating spinach like crazy and feeling a little bit better! Some possibilities that my naturopath discussed with me that could be causing my fatigue are thyroid issues, anemia, and vitamin D deficiency. It might be worth exploring those possibilities for you, as well.

    Take care, Naomi!

  50. jaana

    well we all have those days (and weeks) it’s human nature. i know i’ve been in a slump myself. but i’m kind of OK with it for now. just have to let myself feel it and move on when i’m good and ready. my toddler doesn’t know the difference because we still have to do all the dumb stuff like go to the park and go for walks and play with bubbles (haha) but at night i just collapse and relish in the fact that i can be alone with my thoughts. take care of yourself. its ok to have down times.

    don’t i sound like i know what i’m talking about?

  51. Heather

    Thanks for sharing the last paragraph. It’s something I sometimes face with two Littles myself (an almost 3 years old and a 9 month old) and it makes me feel better to know that I’m not the only one.

  52. Vanessa

    What a cute post! I use to be a pillow talker as well when I was little… I guess I still am at times! I use to literally talk myself to sleep haha!

  53. Anna

    i’m a pillow talker too!! it’s like, all of a sudden, i want to talk about everything! and, meanwhile, my boyfriend is making biiiig efforts to remain awake and listen to me :)
    i hope you are feeling better now but, if you’re not, it is also ok, we don’t have to be always super fine. sending you lots of love

  54. such precious moments with your little girl! i can only imagine how it feels when you recognize your traits in your kin!
    all the best in letting the silly things go.

  55. Kelly

    Little kids and bubbles are just about the cutest combination ever!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  56. Kelsey

    I think kids are the cutest when they act like little adults! You are so blessed with such little darlings.

    Having the blues or the mean reds is no fun. Reading your blog always helps me feel better, so thanks. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  57. Maelle

    Hope you will feel better soon Naomi! I’d say keep up with the pillow talks and the bubbles, it can only help! ;)

    Also, here is a little something that helped me – i’ve been feeling a little down lately as well – maybe you’ve seen it already but it can’t hurt to share: http://bit.ly/1quh9xD a little something on the concept of happiness by Joanna (a cup of Jo). :)

  58. Barbara Price

    Every time I feel I little bit low, serving somebody besides my family just does the trick. DO something selfish to somebody and share some love!!

  59. Em

    Hi Naomi,
    I felt called by your last paragraph and feel I owe you these words. Last week, after I read your beach post, I left a comment about the floaters. Looking back, I guess I should only have let it be. I mean, you are a great Mom and as a Mom I know we feel guilty over whatever there is. And the last thing I wanted was for you to feel guilty. I’m sorry if it was the case, it was not my intention. I really want to raise awareness over water security and I know now the way I tried it the other day was not at all the good way. Anyway, you are a fantastic mother and your littles are so, so lucky to have you. Again, please accept my apologies xx

  60. Anne

    Kids and bubbles, it’s the simple things in life that are so great! I’m a total pillow talker too… oops!

  61. Roberta

    just pop to say that better days are coming, with such an incredible family I know you have two millions reasons to forget the bad things and focus on the good ones!

    kisses from brazil!


  62. Arianna

    That picture is magical! And pillow talk, so sweet! Your littles are so lucky to have you as their mama.

  63. Kim

    Sounds like my life exactly with twin 3 year olds. Never a dull moment my friend!

  64. marie

    Hope you’re feeling better now! It can be quite tiring being around young children all the time, maybe you can enroll them in a weekly enrichment class? It’ll give you some time off for yourself and honestly, sometimes we mothers really do need some alone time for our own sanity. :) Anw have a good week!


  65. carly B

    Mercury is in retrograde– keep that in mind!

  66. bri

    i’ve been feeling the same kind of energy sucking-mood crushing vibe this week and (even though i know others go through it) its nice to hear someone else experiences it too. can feel a bit crazy there! thank you for sharing. :)

    ps-that E is too cute!

  67. Crosby Easterling

    I love reading your blog. Being able to relate to others really helps me get out of those slumps. Thank you for sharing your reality and true moments. I get you lady!

  68. Bonnie

    Congratulations Taza! So happy for you and your family! I can’t wait for you to start blogging about your new bundle of joy in December!

  69. Harriet

    CONGRATULATIONS! I’ve followed your blog since Eleanor was a small baby and I could not be happier for you. My sister just sent me a message to tell me! And I have to admit a small tear trickled down my cheek. We are so happy for you and your hubby, and your small family! :)

  70. Sweet picture! I hope you are feeling better about things now. Those down in the dumps days are hard. I find that all you can do is treat yourself to things that make you feel good (like a hot cup of tea!) and wait for a new and brighter day. :)


  71. Gosh this TOTALLY hits home!! I am SUCH a pillow talker and my boyfriend is the complete opposite. He also endures my pillow talking night after night haha! Your Christmas baby video was super adorable by the way!