a glorious summer begins…

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june has always been one of my most favorite months (it’s mah birthday month, so you know, naturally.) it’s 30 days of warm weather (without the humidity creeping in just yet) and everyone seems to be spending their free time outdoors. the days are longer and the nights are shorter and you don’t even mind because it’s summer and there are ice cream cones to be eaten and watermelons to slice and maybe it’s just me but i love the smell of sunscreen. our june is off to a wonderful start, summer in general around here is looking pretty darn awesome.  we’ll be in the city for most of it and after the winter we had here, i’m just glad the sun rays have come to clean up that polar vortex mess and reignite our love with this beautiful city.

summer10summer21 ^^^could not pass up these cute matching swimsuits (they are covered in popsicle prints!) when i saw them. plus they were on sale so i was like, i must. (from polarn o pyret.)^^^summer5

^^^all day every day.^^^


^^^these two and the time they spend together reading and learning makes me happy. ^^^


^^^part of me feels like it’s too soon to take samson to see a movie (and why are movies in theaters SO LOUD?!), but on a particularly rainy day where we felt stuck inside and restless with one another and this mama didn’t have energy to do much else besides sit or sleep, i just said, let’s do it.  we found ourselves at rio 2, with the theatre all to ourselves! samson ended up falling asleep and napping on me during most of it, but eleanor really enjoyed it. i did too, actually. ^^^


^^^we love heading to the central park zoo during the sea lions’ lunch time! they put on the most darling little show while they eat and it doesn’t ever get old. ^^^


^^^the start of many family bike rides once again around manhattan!^^^


^^^on samson’s birthday, we rented a 15 seater passenger van with friends and all the littles and took off to connecticut to a friend’s family pool. look at those cute little two and three year old faces! and all those puddle jumpers!^^^

summer8 summer9

^^^we sang happy birthday after lunch with mini cupcakes for the birthday boy!^^^


^^^and again at home that evening with papa. HERE is a sweet little video josh caught of samson blowing out his candles. i can’t believe he is TWO!!!^^^


^^^top of the rooftop met!^^^


^^^finally got over to sprinkles ice cream which just opened about a month ago on the east side! rocky road ice cream between two dark chocolate cupcake tops? YES PLEASE.^^^

summer15 summer16

^^^duck duck goose in the park with friends!^^^


^^^crepe date with this cute face!^^^


^^^already your biggest fan, summer. you’re off to the most wonderful start!^^^

  1. Kat

    since when did eleanor become a teenager?!
    such beautiful babes they are.
    and that green dress is spectacular, naomi!

  2. Sinead

    Those happy little faces are just the cutest!Also that ice-cream/cupcake sandwich looks incredible and I need to try it asap :-D

  3. bri

    oh gosh june looks like it’s treating you so well! we’re having fun over here too! i can’t wait till my littlest is big enough to go on family bike rides!

  4. Irina

    So much cuteness in one post! Thanks for sharing :) I’m looking forward to summer here as well, especially because last summer passed by in the blink of an eye since I had just moved to NYC. Rooftop at the Met is on my summer bucket list!

    PS – your green dress is stunning! May I ask where I can hunt it down?

  5. The theater all to yourself?? Oh that’s good!

  6. Emily

    Your blog always brings me so much happiness! I can’t wait for summer, even though I’ll be working 6 days a week for the majority of the summer it’ll still be nice – just hoping for nice weather but everyone knows what English weather is like!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  7. Natali

    La Crepe is my favourite place to get a pancake from when in NYC.
    These watermelons… Uh, I’ve been on a HUGE watermelon kick for past couple of weeks!
    Bunch of beautiful photos, you’re such a lucky and blessed woman :)


  8. Carmen

    So many lovely photos. The Popsicle swimsuits & your green dress are adorable.:] // itsCarmen.com ☼

  9. cintya

    Although I’m not a huge fan of Summer, I must say your pictures really show me how much fun Summer can be in the city.

  10. Amen! June is also my birthday month and I love to fill it with fun adventures! Take advantage of the sunshine!

  11. hanna

    These pictures are all so cute. –Hanna Lei

  12. I love all these pictures, makes me super excited for summer and my visit to NYC in September!

  13. Brooke

    Oh good GRACIOUS those littles!! They are adorable. I daresay, summer is the land of cute pictures for the kiddos! Happy summering to you!

  14. Vanessa

    Adorable post! You always seem to find so many things to do!

  15. i feel like i just really, really want you to adopt me because HELLO YOUR FAMILY IS ADORABLE.

  16. Allison

    June is my birthday month too!! I have been meaning to get over to Sprinkles ice cream, I’m obsessed with their cupcakes. We love movies and museums during the summer. When I was young I used to go to zoo when I was young, still love it. Have a beautiful weekend!! xoxo

    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  17. Siobhan

    Seriously you guys make super adorable kiddos!!

    And this really makes me want to take my kiddo to NY. Yay Summer! And happy birthday month :-)

  18. Livi

    That dress is so pretty!

  19. Marie

    Samson and Eleanor are so close and always look so happy together! So sweet and adorable. Just wondering, do they ever quarrel or fight, and how do you deal with that? Any tips for mamas with children of close ages? :)


  20. Taylor

    I love summertime! I’m so excited for sunshine and laying by the pool and a new bathing suit just because it’s sunny. AND ICE CREAM. But, let’s be honest, that’s every season that I want that.


  21. Hannah

    I miss living in Maine and waiting and waiting for the day the ice cream shops opened back up for the summer. Down here in Florida everything is open all year and it makes it seem less special. But we’ll be taking the kids to Maine on vacation here very soon and believe you me we’ll be hitting up all of our favorite ice cream spots and drive ins!

  22. Randi Zimman

    Your blog always makes me so excited about becoming a mother! Thank you for your constant inspiration!
    Xo, Randi

  23. Rachel

    These are the sweetest photos! Love the matching swimsuits!


  24. Sonya

    How adorable! June is my birthday month as well! June babies are the best haha.

    xx Sonya
    http://foreverornot.blogspot.com – blog about a Russian girl living in Oregon, USA with a passion for photography, traveling and exploring.

  25. Erin

    They have the most perfect little haircuts!

  26. Ady

    Each photo makes me happier and happier!

  27. Alexandra

    Viva la crepe is the best!!! We’re super excited to spend most of our summer in the city with our little one too this year

  28. maggie

    Those matching swimsuits are adorable!

  29. Bea

    Ok I think that you couldn’t have a better start of June!!!
    And I think you are giving to your children a loot of your time, they couldn’t ask for more!!
    Have a gooood weekend Davis’ family!

  30. OKAY… can we all just stop and talk about THAT GREEN DRESS on the bike?!?! naomi, you are ridiculously cute and too picturesque riding that bike in that dress with that boy on the back!!!!!!

    GOODNESS!!! I know I couldn’t afford it, but I do wonder where it’s from…

  31. Melissa

    I literally hope my kids are half as cute as your little ones.

  32. Mariska

    Yes that needed the extra exclamation points also.. hihi

  33. jemima

    Argh… That last shot on the swings? Sensational. Looks like you guys have really been living it up and there is so much left of summer to enjoy!!! That little vid of s looking bashful as Happy Birthday is sung to him is so sweet… I am also loving E’s smiles of late. Classic!



  34. i love this post so much. it oozes happiness. way to go for not taking summer for granted!

  35. Megan

    I love Eleanor’s hair in the swing photo!

  36. You have a beautiful family!

  37. Abi

    Yay happy Summer! Must be so nice having Josh around. :) those cakes for Samson’s birthday look yum!

  38. amy

    i agree, this summer is taking off like a rocket & i love it. could be cuz i felt like a grizzly bear more-so than ever this year with our “THE SHINING” winter.

    & yes, movie theaters are ridiculously loud, i bring tissue for my ears like a little old lady.


  39. Your husband has grown a truly glorious beard. And as a blog follower, when you catch photos of Samson just looking so proud of whatever is happening around him, it always makes me chuckle!

  40. LeeLee

    So sweet! Happy summer to you and your adorable family. :)

  41. Alisha

    Aw I cannot wait to see the adventures you and your little team get up to this Summer! I’ll be reading with interest while shivering down here in the NZ winter!

  42. Kat

    Need to know where to get that green dress plz!

  43. Summer

    I forever love samson shots! my faves here are the first one holding his ice cream bowl . and when his big sis is holding him on the slide and she’s grabbing his belly skin. cuteness!!

  44. alma

    The sweetest little family you are!

  45. alma

    Sweetest little family you are!

  46. I used to have a pair of yellow flats like the ones you have in the bike photo. I’ve been searching longingly for another one after I wore them so much I had to throw them away. Hopefully you got those somewhat recently. Where did you get those yellow flats!?


    • TAZA

      They are shoes by Melissa! They are actually bright orange!

  47. Sharee

    I can’t get over that pool picture & how amazing that backyard is. Breath-taking. And that picture of you on the bike made me smile – so awesome.

  48. you might just have the most adorable kiddies ever, such cute pictures! looks like a great start of the summer :)
    xo, cheyenne

  49. Anne

    Oh Naomi what brand is your wonderful green dress? Crossing my fingers I can get somewhere in Europe. Or that I at least can order it to Europe from the US (if a US brand).

    You look stunning!

    Kind Regards,
    Anne, Denmark

    • TAZA

      Thank you! It’s by Lauren Moffatt.

  50. bridget

    this reminds me – i need watermelon. also, i love that last picture of eleanor! she looks like such a lady in it!

  51. Janis

    Yes! Summer is finally here! Love the photo of the kids, and Eleanor is the only girl. So cute!! :)

  52. i can NOT believe how adorable your kids are!!!

    they are seriously the cutest i’ve seen

  53. Kate

    I think those mini cupcakes are the same ones my ny-based maid of honor sent to my bridal shower in Kansas!! They were delicious!

  54. Joann

    Oh how I loooove summer! And summer in the city looks fun. Enjoy!


  55. jacquie

    thank you so much for your joy. it reminds me how much there is to explore with my little one in the city. i remember a post last year about your favorite splash pads/playgrounds/ summer kid venues (i think) but i can’t seem to find it. Can you link to this post again? or post an updated list? (pretty please)

  56. Kelly

    It really does look like your summer is off to a wonderful start and I love the sea lions at the zoo!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  57. Lexie

    Hi Taza! I absolutely love your blog, it’s so warm and homey and cute :) I have two questions though, and if you answered them, I’d highly appreciate it. Firstly, do you use VSCO Cam as your pics filter? Because those pics are so adorable :3 And second: did a crew from SayMedia designed your website or you did it or someone else? I’m thinking about starting my own blog, that’s why I’m asking. :)

    All the best,

  58. So much fun and so much good dessert! Drooling thinking about crepes right now…*sigh*
    And I had no idea rio2 was out! I really loved Rio which I saw last week, and now I’m ready for the sequel. :D

  59. Brigid

    I love all your pictures, thanks for sharing, some lovely ideas of things to do with the littles here. I can’t wait to take my daughter to the cinema sometime soon now!


  60. Andrea

    so adorable! Those are some darling kiddos you have there! Just precious. I love Eleanor’s outfit with the natural colored coveralls!

  61. I can’t even handle Samson’s video! happy day, little one! everything looks incredibly fun!! happy summer! :)

  62. oops. at the end of the video comment, i meant to put it’s too darn cute!!! ;)

  63. Great photos, as usual!! Love the matching swimsuits! Looks like you guys are really making the most of the beautiful weather. Inspiring!

    Buffalo Britty

  64. amanda

    wait, WHAT?? ice cream sandwich between sprinkles cupcake tops?? how is this even real?? need it… also, is that the theater on the uws with the bed-like seats? i’ve heard about this theater! i need to experience it myself.

  65. Your summer already looks perfect. What more could you possibly add?

  66. Nadia

    Lovely pictures! Where is Eleanor’s grey jumper from?

  67. joanna

    THOSE BATHING SUITS. Also the all around cuteness factor is off the charts.

  68. Ragna




  69. lindsay

    Could you share where that movie theatre is? Looks like a good first experience for my kiddo!

    • TAZA

      It’s on 84th and broadway!

  70. svenda

    hi there i am just wondering if these red saltwater sandals you are wearing at the photo are the same you wore some years ago? or if they are new ones. i really like the look but never bought them so far because i am unsure if they are stable to survive more than one summer as it is often the case that sandals are not. best wishes from germany!

    • TAZA

      Same ones! Have had them for like six or seven years now this pair. Still going strong!

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  72. Tori

    Your children are so beautiful & happy! their little smiles spread that happiness! thank you for sharing such adorableness!