a few snippets from june…

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june flew by and i cannot believe it! below are a few pictures from a few of our most favorite moments this past month…


^^^the night before my birthday, my girlfriends took me out for dinner to milon on the lower east side. if you’re looking for a spot to celebrate an upcoming birthday, this is the place! it was so much fun! the ceiling is covered in layers upon layers of christmas lights so it’s already a very festive setting. and they turn on a disco ball and the loudest and happiest indian birthday song when it’s time to sing! it was a wonderful night with great friends.^^^


^^^we celebrated the morning of my birthday with cupcakes for breakfast!^^^


^^^we kept my birthday pretty low key this year. it was a pretty great day, minus that moment where neither of my children wanted to listen to me and were running down the street while i was trying to get them into the stroller, plus that other moment where samson decided to pour his smoothie all over the lobby of our apartment building and i wasn’t fast enough at stopping him so i maybe started to cry because i was so frustrated.   anyway, all i wanted for my birthday was a huge plate of king crab legs to eat in peace once the kiddos went to bed. so that is exactly what josh and i did! it was delicious. ^^^


^^^eleanor graduated from playschool this month, too! “playschool” was a small class that met each tuesday for a little lesson throughout the year, plus a field trip together on thursdays, with a few other kids and moms from my church group. most of us mothers took turns planning and hosting the lessons during the year, with songs and stories and crafts. but it was really more of a fun morning together playing with little friends.  eleanor loved it.^^^


^^^because the strawberries at the farmers market are as close as we’ll come to picking our own this year. wish there was a berry farm closer to the city we could visit. our last trip to pick berries is still one of my favorite memories with eleanor. ^^^



^^^we spent another day at the beach with friends. summer, you’re so wonderful.^^^


^^^josh and i celebrated 7 years of marriage in june, too! we spent the morning of our anniversary at the temple where we were married. i always enjoy going to the temple even though we don’t seem to get there enough these days. our morning there felt extra special since we did some sealings in the room where we were sealed.  a lot of our wedding day feels like a blur to me now, but my experience in the sealing room 7 years ago i will never forget. it is so clear and vivid for me, it’s one of my dearest memories. so it just felt really good to be back inside there, with josh, reliving it a little bit. we also had lunch at isabella’s, which is where we had lunch on our wedding day 7 years ago with our parents after our temple sealing. while we ate, we reminisced about everything we remembered from our wedding day 7 years ago…. it was hysterical some of the things josh remembers verses what i remember. it was a good day. i really love anniversaries. ^^^

jun02 june02

^^^summer of the sandal tan line, you are here!^^^


^^^we don’t have gym memberships, but this is basically the same thing, right?^^^


^^^josh and i went to a yankees game with friends! my very first! i haven’t a clue what went down on the field but i felt super supportive and festive because i wore a baseball tee and also bought a yankees hat and i’m even dying to go back because DIPPIN DOTS! hello!^^^


^^^and not just any sort of dippin dots, those were cookie dough dippin dots!^^^


^^^my boys cooking up some dinner in the kitchen together! if anyone is ever in the kitchen, you can bet samson will wander in and say, “i help?” followed by “up! up!” because he likes to sit on the counter and help in any way we let him.  as you can see on the photo on the right, my kids are so incredibly helpful, they painted an entire wall in the apartment for us… with those tiny paint brushes, too! (i kid, i kid!) but eleanor did pick out that paint color at the store which was helpful (it wasn’t mama or papa’s first choice, but she was very excited about it and the color started to grow on us while we looked at paint swatches.) ^^^


^^^we went out to governors island for the jazz age lawn party with friends who were visiting new york. and here are the men throwing their babies. because this is apparently what all men do, which still doesn’t give me any ease as the mother of tossed babies.^^^


^^^josh says i can’t really claim any pregnancy food cravings because he thinks i get cravings all the time, even when i’m not pregnant. (it’s true. i obsess over and crave one food until i’m sick of it…) but if i were to categorize my cravings so far with this tiny bebe, i’d say he or she is very into their greens.  which makes me think “boy”, as i craved all the healthy stuff when i carried samson as well. but then again who knows.  nothing else about this pregnancy and my one with samson so far have been similar.^^^


^^^josh and i went out to brooklyn for some mexican food with friends and also caught a show at bam. one of my favorites, cedar lake contemporary ballet. it was beautiful. they don’t ever disappoint.^^^june007

^^^my darling friend nicole is about to have a baby any day now! here’s half the table of dear friends at her baby brunch at the boathouse in central park (that was fun! i’d still never been to the boathouse before!) ^^^


^^^on our walk home from the boathouse, we ran into some of the men and babies crossing the street. josh snapped this photo of us all while they crossed.  it was a happy reunion to run into their faces on the street.^^^

^^^and last but not least, we close out our june pictures with this awesome one from today…. when eleanor comissioned samson to give her some new summer bangs, with those blue kiddie scissors that somehow can cut hair but can’t seem to cut paper. i’m just glad they got that out of their systems because all kids do this once, right? but not twice…. right? right?!^^^

  1. Paola

    Oh man what an eventful month! Again, congratulations on your pregnancy you look amazing :)!!!

  2. Sana

    What a beautiful month :)

  3. ashley

    i dont know.. i cut my own bangs again once i was about 8 or 9– so maybe just one more run with the scisscors, haha

    i guess thats what happens when you mother is a hairdresser


  4. dip-n-dots at baseball games summarize my baseball game experience growing up! so perfect. amen. thanks for sharing! it’s so lovely to read such beautiful snippets! :)

  5. Erin

    All looks so fun lovely!
    The part about the blue wall especially… not sure if you’ve read it, but going with E’s choice of color really reminds me of the sweet story that goes behind the pink house in The Secret Life of Bees (http://www.karenika.com/book/secret_bees.html).

  6. Toddlers in little wetsuits are so adorable! Where are yours from? I have an old one that I found at a thrift sale that I would love to upgrade one of these summers!

  7. hanna

    Looks like a fun month. –Hanna Lei

  8. I once cut my own bangs with fodder scissors…. 3 months ago. ;(

    Our June was amazing! My blog really expanded with the project I did to promote loving and involved fathers. It was so fulfilling to spread that message.

    Now I am working on the idea that women and dream big and accomplish major changes in the world.


    xoxo from san francisco


    ps so glad your pregnancy looks to be going well! Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!

  9. whoops.. toddler scissors!

  10. Bea

    You really had a great June, dear Naomi!!!
    You look wonderful in every photo!
    Your babies are wonderful and are growing in a happy and funny way!
    Hope your July looks great too!

  11. Hillary

    I think you’re right..they only cut their own bangs once.

  12. marie

    Haha! Can’t wait to see E’s new summer bangs! I can’t wait for my sons to do silly funny things together too.. Our babyboy #2 will be due anytime soon (maybe even tonight!) and looking at your blog always makes me feel excited to be a mum to little siblings! :)


  13. Gita Anindita

    You have such a beautiful family, Naomi! I hope to have one too very soon. Say hi to Eleanor, Samson, and little baby from sunny Indonesia! It’s bright and warm here everyday :) Cheers to a wonderful summer ahead!

  14. You’re so right – June HAS gone by so fast! Posts like these are so fun to read – it looks like you’ve definitely had a great month :)
    1 – Cupcakes for breakfast…oh my gosh yes.
    2 – Fresh strawberries = meganoms. Especially when you pick them yourself!
    3- I love the bowtie your husband is wearing – his choice or yours?
    4- your boys are going to be rockstar chefs. Way to start early!
    ~ Samantha

  15. mina

    I did a similar thing with my hair when I was around 3 … I overheard my mum telling her friend I needed a haircut so went upstairs to my parents room and grabbed a pair of scissors I found in a drawer and hacked away at my pigtails … I think the look of horror on my mum’s face when she saw me standing there with all my ringlets on the floor was enough to deter me from trying anything like that again … once she’d gotten over the shock it wasn’t too bad … the hairdresser fixed it right up …

  16. marlena

    Lovely pics!!!! Summer always goes by so fast :( it’s already july! Hope it will last forever :)

  17. Reelika

    What an amazing month you had! I wish we had a sunny weather here in Estonia, too. I like rainy days but that means no picnics whatsoever..

    I can’t wait to see Eleanor’s new haircut :D Lovely kids!

    Take care!

  18. didn’t June just FLY by?? Loved reading about your anniversary and seeing little Samson’s tan lines that match my Talia’s. Toddler feet + summer = true love forever.

  19. What a great month! It is always fun to watch back and see how much we have accomplish within only one month… I love the hair picture! :-)


  20. It looks like you’ve had a wonderful month!

  21. Katie

    Well, let’s just say that the “hair cutting” – phase of the daughter of my cousin lasted several years. And being the eldest of six children, there were a lot of volunteers (or not-so much volunteers) to have their hair cut… ;-)

  22. oh my, that last picture! kiddies :D
    xo, cheyenne

  23. Bâlâ

    I really enjoyed reading this, so funny yet cute :)

  24. Nora

    Loved this post, looking inside your everyday life. a late happy birthday, and congratualtion on your pregnancy. And don’t worry, haircuts will come again, and again :-)

  25. Kelly

    I basically never comment, but I just wanted to use this opportunity to tell you, how much I enjoyed this post. It was the first in a while with some actual content and it had the vibe of your old post, which I really enjoyed. It would be lovely to read more of those post, in which you seem to invest some time and thought and it will probably make a lot of readers happy!

  26. Oh that must have been an amazing month! My boy is the same age as samson. It’s the cutest! <3

  27. Krystine

    Looks like an awesome June!
    Where did you get the little swim suits that E & S are wearing at the beach?

  28. Catherine

    My 3 year old daughter ventured into the hair styling business herself last month. Thing is she already had bangs. She cut good chunk (almost to scalp) so there really was no fixing it until just recently. It was quite the interesting look…lol. Ive had dreams where she had done it again while she was suppose to be sleeping in her room. Thank heavens that’s never been the case!! Just filing under the joys of motherhood. :)

  29. Sinead

    Summer is amazing, isn’t it?! I adore Samson’s hair, it’s such a lovely cut and colour :-)

  30. Paige

    Haha, My brother totally cut my hair when I was little. Luckily it was a once time deal, so you might be safe!


  31. Melissa

    I’ve heard about the place with all of the Christmas lights, i definitely need to try it! Looks awesome

    looks like a happy birthday, a happy pregnancy, and a happy June! Love your little family <3

  32. Anne

    As soon as I saw the last picture, I went up to scan the others to see if there was one of Eleanor’s new do. Hopefully it turned out fixable :) And Congrats on the new addition!

  33. i adore your monthly wrap ups. i remember my parents reaction when i cut my own bangs! it’s become a moment of history that my dad always talks about. :)

  34. nanette

    what a wonderful month!and oh gosh all babies get a hold of scissors! :)

  35. alma

    What a wonderful month :) The blue wall is growing on me as well, she did good! Can’t wait to see E’s bangs.

  36. lucinda

    looks like summer is off to a great start – hope your july is just as fabulous!

  37. it looks like you all had a great month! I’m sure Eleanor is still just as cute as ever even with her new bangs :)

  38. vicky

    looks like you all had a fun, eventful June :)
    great pictures!!

  39. McCall Linares

    My Libby got her hair cut when she was 2 by a neighbor who was 4 with KID SCISSORS! It was a hack job! Then a year later, when it had finally grown even again….she gave herself another hack. :(

  40. thanks for sharing these snippets! summer in the city looks like a lot of fun, and happy belated birthday!

  41. I loved every bit of this post, but especially that last pic! So funny. I am sure she won’t want her bangs by cut by Sampson again, but in all honesty she will look cute no matter what!




  42. Taylor

    What a wonderful month for your little family!!! Also, I’m dying to see Eleanor’s new haircut.


  43. Faith

    Looks like you had a fantastic June! So many fun things to celebrate :)

    Also, dying at the last photo! I’m sure E’s bangs will turn out to be adorable after a little shaping up ;)

  44. Brittany

    Had no idea you were LDS! I’m not, but I have friends and family that are. Very cool!

  45. Katie cheesman

    I love all of these updates! Also, I really appreciate how open you are about your religion. Makes us look like normal human beings ;) so thank you. I absolutely adore you and your beautiful family.

  46. Randi

    Looks like June was lovely and packed with so much celebrating!!!! I love Samson’s suspenders! It’s never a dull moment with littles running around. Hope July brings you just as much fun and love!
    Xo, Randi

  47. Allison

    June looked like it was packed full of fun adventures for you guys. Thanks for sharing.

    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  48. Kristi

    Can anybody tell him how Naomi formats her photos so that they’re all the same width, but varying lengths? I love how clean it looks on the page! I can see that when she posts two verticals, they’re really ONE photo, but is there a way for me to get this clean look without the hassle of using Photobucket, etc?

    Naturally, feel free to chime in, Naomi ;) Thanks!

  49. ezrazoe

    is that the great indian joint in the East Village (Lower East Side is technic’ly under houston or delancy I believe..) — love that place! I think it’s been around since the 80s.

    and EEK to throwing babies! My hub does it all the time and the Wall Street Journal interviewed he and I about rough housing… apparently it’s good for the kiddos (but bad for mamma’s heart rate?)

  50. Margaret

    Reading your blog brightens my day. I absolutely love it. When I read that you were pregnant I was thrilled! Then I stopped to think—I don’t even know these people…they don’t even know me… But through your blog, I feel like I do. Congratulations.

  51. Janis

    Sounds like an awesome month! Very eventful! :)

  52. Leslie

    Yes! I love this post. Real feelings. Accompanied by cute pictures! And a fun glimpse into NYC life!

  53. Ana

    I’m glad you had a good time at the baseball game! I honestly didn’t understand much in the beginning, but now I love it :) My husband and I have this silly goal of visiting all the ballparks in the US. The Yankees one is right on the top of the list! And how cute is that picture of S and E at the beach? So adorable! Happy late anniversary and birthday :)

  54. brooke

    hey naomi, just read through your post and wanted to say thanks for staying true! weird comment, but i mean it. reading about your temple attendance/seeing you in modest clothes all the time is a huge inspiration to me and i’m sure to others. xo

  55. Just love your cute little baby bump. Seeing your kids at the beach makes me so excited to have my own beach baby here (in hopefully a week!).


  56. love the flying babies photos..looks like you had an awesome month! can’t believe it’s july already!

  57. Jean

    that blue wall is awesome! my boyfriend had it in his old bedroom. it made me smile. :)

    also, i was one to cut me bangs, too. i looked hideous, but kind of cool. if that makes any sense.

    your make me want to cut bangs, again, but i dread how long it takes to re-grow my hair.

    what a beautiful month for you guys!

  58. Esther

    Love this. Can’t wait to see Eleanor’s new ‘do!

    Also, when I was pregnant with my girl, I started out by craving suuuper healthy stuff like kale and salad and lots of greens. Then that moved over to make way for fruit and pastries. So you never know! So exciting.

  59. Maria Cristina

    I cut my own hair one day as a small child. As soon as I realized what I’d done, I put the scissors in my little brother’s hands and encouraged him to cut his own hair in a failed bid to share what I assumed would be finite parental blame.

    It still didn’t stop me from cutting my bangs off at the root a couple years later (that’s how you get rid of them, right?).


  60. Cathy

    First of all, happy birthday and happy anniversary!This is the first time I have commented on your blog, but I have enjoyed reading it for about a year. I want to thank you for always being honest. I have two little ones at home, now 4 and 3, and they are not always angels. There are times that I have cried too, so thank you for sharing this with us. It is easy to show the bright, smiling faces and edit things to look perfect, but thank you for not doing that. Please keep telling it how it is!!!

  61. Kristen

    Naomi where did you get those adorable nude-colored heels?? They are the perfect versatile walking heel!!

  62. Looks like such a fun June!!! Seriously, Both those kiddos of yours have contagious smiles and eyes that light up.

  63. Natalie (@fashionatalie)

    That first photo though = young JFK. For serious realz.