things i found on my iPhone at the end of the day…

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before bed last night i was going through my camera roll on my iPhone and found a whole batch of new and very exciting photos from photographer samson from earlier in the day. several are of only his chin, half have a chubby red and pink finger covering most of the frame, and many are of just the ceiling, but then there were a few that i thought, “oh wow!”

this one up top of his feet and eleanor’s feet on the sofa is probably only something i find totally and completely endearing as i am their mama, but i had to share nonetheless. kids and their tiny chubby feet and toes! i don’t know, but i’d frame this.

and before i go, i gotta share these “selfies.” i’m not exactly sure if eleanor took them or if samson took them, but one or the other is responsible.  and all i know is, at ten something last night before i crawled into bed, seeing these faces on my camera roll on my iPhone made me laugh out loud, and feel pretty darn lucky.  my days often feel twice as long when i’m with them, and there are so many moments where i’m maxed out and begging for it to be bedtime already, but those moments never last very long, and these cute cheesy faces bring me more joy than they will ever know.


hey kids, you’re more than welcome to leave more surprise selfies on my iPhone each day. thanks for being awesome. your mama loves you so. xoxo

  1. magali

    Oh my god, this is so funny! love these pix!

  2. They are too adorable! I love the first photo…little chubby toes are just too cute! Xo You’re a lucky mama.

  3. María

    Love that Eleanor’s selfie has “be yourself” in the background :) Very fitting.

  4. Liz

    Love! I cherish the few selfies my girls have managed to take. They crack me up and fill my heart at the same time. <3

  5. Lauren

    Aw how sweet. Starting the selfies young!

  6. These are amazing :) What a fun “gift’ to find on your phone! Such cuties

  7. OMG! So, Naomi, I never comment on your blog because usually I come for the little narrative and happy photos and am content with just leaving after that because I’m in such a good mood post-lovetaza time… but this really made me SO happy. I sound like a complete creep, but even though I’ve never met them I have so much love for them. They’re the greatest, please keep sharing these :) xx

  8. these are hilarious. its so funny to watch young kids with iPhones – they’re so smart and intuitive. I remember when I was 15 and my dad finally gave me a cell phone – a huge brick of a flip phone. hilarious.

    xx allie

  9. So absolutely adorable. Lol. They’re awesome. I totally know what you mean about the day feeling twice as long as normal and being maxed out, bu these little moments definitely make it all worthwhile. :)

  10. Amy K

    It’s super great that you’re letting your kids experiment with your phone camera! You should show them (on your screen or print them) what they’ve created because otherwise it’s just a little blip to them. I love their photos – and their chubby toes! :)

  11. Taza, you should totally do a post on swim suits/ summer essentials. I always LOVE your swim wear!!!

  12. they are the cutest, i swear!

  13. So adorable!

  14. I have a little photographer on my hands too and i’m always surprised by the things she captures with her iPad or camera. Kids see things other people don’t which make them great photographers.


  15. Bea

    Such a sweet surprise!!

  16. These little feet are poetry

  17. Shannon

    oh I love it! It’s the little things like that that keep you going, right?

    And it’s actually pretty impressive that they understand the concept of a picture at that age. This next generation, they’re going to be curing cancer and all sorts of problems and taking vacations on the moon.

  18. Connie

    Ha ha, these are so cute. I’m a mama who loves to take photos, too, so of course my little girl will do anything to have a turn to be the photographer…it’s really neat to let them start this creative process so early in life.

  19. Awww hahaha, good job, Samson!! Oh my goodness, I’m just the biggest fan of chubby baby/toddler feet. Gahh, I could bite them all day (which I do with my babes).
    -scary mom :P

  20. Jean

    So adorable!!! Wait until they get into making tutorials (videos).

  21. athewa

    I don’t know if it’s just me but on that last picture I think samson has the same smile and he makes sort of the same expression as your husband when he laughs. :)

  22. That is so cute! The same thing happend to me, I found selfies of my goddaughter on my phone once. Such a lovely surprise!
    Your kids are wonderful,

  23. I’ve discovered your blog lately and OMG – I love it! You are such a joyfull family and I smile when I see your kids, truly sweet :)
    Hi from Poland! :)

  24. Oh boy, you must have a god iPhone case! Because I wouldn’t be brave enough to leave my iPhone unattended with two little ones around the house! But, I’m glad you did! These photos are too sweet. The feet one definitely deserves a frame!


  25. Taylor

    How stinkin’ adorable! I love these pictures & I especially love seeing kids take photos and what they come up with.


  26. Paige

    These pictures are too cute! I’m constantly finding baby selfies on my phone, it’s so cute!


  27. Very cute! My boys do this all the time too and it’s always fun to review their photo shoots :-)

  28. Marie

    Haha I love to see selfies taken by my son too! Sometimes it’ll only be the top view of his nose or mouth but those are the funniest photos :D

    Our travelling adventures:

  29. killing us with cuteness, as per usual.

  30. They’re surprisingly good at selfies! I wonder if that word will even exist when they’re old enough to actually intentionally take them.

    I know the feeling of begging it to be bedtime already! But you’re right, it never lasts very long — not with faces (and toes!) like those!

    Maria xx

  31. Vanessa

    How stinking adorable are they!!!