taza’s new york city guide: upper west side + morningside heights

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NYC-GUIDEhello! i’ve been compiling some of my favorite things to do and eat in new york city by neighborhood and would love to begin with my personal favorite, the upper west side. although i might be partial since this is the neighborhood where i went to college, met and married my husband and now live with my little ones.  ;)

we made a small video with jenner brown highlighting a few of our favorite spots, but more are listed below. (music in the video is by natalie prass, hold me close.)

new york city is such a fascinating and incredible place to live.  i feel very lucky to experience it each day (or most days, if i’m being honest.)  there is always a new restaurant or exhibit opening, and it really truly never sleeps (we ordered in sushi the other night at 1AM and i was reminded as we were looking at the options of what was nearby and still open, that we are in the heart of it. thank goodness too, because we couldn’t shake the sushi craving and who know what we would have done!)
as a new york city dweller and blogger, a question i receive most often is usually based around advice as to where to eat or what to do while visiting manhattan.  while i might not know everyone’s preferences or interests, i hope this little guide can help in some way while you plan your next trip to the city!
so here we go!

things to eat on the upper west side:

the smith (get the hot potato chips with bleu cheese fondu!)
1900 broadway (at the corner of 63rd) 212-496-5700
…and don’t forget to use the photobooth in the basement :)
the hummus place
305 amsterdam ave (bwtn 74th and 75th) 212-799-3335

sarabeths (a favorite brunch spot)
423 amsterdam ave (btwn 80th and 81st) 212-496-6280

luke’s lobster
426 amsterdam ave (btwn 80th and 81st) 212-877-8800

jacob’s pickles
509 amsterdam ave 212-470-5566

red farm
2170 broadway (btwn 76th and 77th) 212-724-9700

patsy’s pizza
61 west 74th street 212-579-3000

levain bakery (the dark chocolate chocolate chip cookie is out of this world!)
167 west 74th street 212-874-6080

zabar’s grocery (great to walk around, or grab things to-go and picnic in central park or riverside park close by)
2245 broadway (btwn 80th and 81st) 212-787-2000

shake shack (right behind the museum of natural history, fun to pair together)
336 columbus ave (corner of west 77th st) 646-747-8770

things to do on the upper west side:
american museum of natural history
central park west and 79th street 212-769-5100

the children’s museum (it might just be me, but i feel like this one is a bit of a germ fest since it’s so touch and feel with kids. i pretty much bathe mine in hand sanitizer prior to leaving)
212 west 83rd street 212-721-1223

new york city ballet at lincoln center
david h koch theatre 20 lincoln center plaza 212-496-0600

the metropolitan opera at lincoln center
the juilliard school (some of the best music, dance and drama to be seen in the city and often for free. check their online events for upcoming shows and tickets)
60 lincoln center plaza 212-799-5000

and a few things to do in morningside heights (just north of UWS):
bankstreet bookstore (such a fun little bookstore)
2879 broadway (corner of 112th street) 212-678-1654

st. john the divine cathedral
1047 amsterdam ave 212-316-7540

columbia university (definitely worth walking around the historic campus. so beautiful)
116th street and broadway 212-854-1754

smoke jazz club
2751 broadway (btwn 105th and 106th street) 212-864-6662

and a few things to eat in morningside heights:
absolute bagels (our personal favorite nyc spot for bagels)
2788 broadway (bwten 107th and 108th st) 212-932-2052

community food & juice 
2893 broadway (btwn 112th and 113th st) 212-665-2800

tom’s restaurant (well known from seinfield)
2880 broadway (btwn 112th and 113th st) 212-864-6137

silvermoon bakery
2740 broadway (btwn 105th and 106th st) 212-866-4717

hungarian pastry shop (josh and i used to live here when we were newly married and lived in harlem. it’s one of our favorite city spots.)
1030 amsterdam av (btwn 110th and 111th st) 212-866-4230

and according to josh’s guide, la taqueria y fonda la mexicana (but be prepared to smell like their grill upon leaving)
968 amsterdam (btwn 107th and 108th) 212-531-0383
if i left off any of your own personal upper west side favorites, let me know! i know this doesn’t have every spot or restaurant worth visiting listed, but hopefully it will help get you started.  more nyc neighborhood guides coming your way soon!
  1. Irena

    Thank you so much for this video!
    My dream is to visit NYC one day. And then i will visit some of this places.
    And i will say thank you for your blog! I love to read it.
    Best wishes to you and your Family from Hamburg(Germany)

  2. when we came last year for easter we realy enjoyed Nice Matin…in the upper west side(our hotel was located in this area)

  3. Thank you for the tips. We always look for special places when we are in NYC to avoid the real touristy places that everyone visits. These tips are real gems!

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  5. Katrina

    I’m so glad you’re doing this series; it couldn’t come at a better time! My husband and I are visiting New York for the first time at the end of June and I’m excited to have a local’s perspective. I’m a ballet dancer and ballet teacher, plus a serious foodie so I’m confident I will like your recommendations :)

  6. This is BRILLIANTLY DONE!!! I wish you could hear my whistles and claps…

  7. What a lovely video, something you can all look back on together when your kiddies are older :). Watching it makes me want to live in NY so badly!

    she goes wear | Lifestyle


  8. Oh my gosh, this is making me want to go to NYC – SO bad!! Look at all those lovely treats! And of course, you guys are all so adorable!! xoxo

  9. recommendation: grab a sweet or savory crêpe from Vive la Crêpe (189 Columbus Ave, between 68th and 69th) and head over to the park for a walk.

    love these recommendations! my husband and i recently moved to the uws and we’re always looking for good recommendations. thx!

  10. maryam

    Loved the post! :) Carmine’s family restaurant on broadway between 91st and 92nd is great! especially famous for their family portions ! :) (THEYRE HUGE. i had enough leftovers to feed 3 homeless persons! which was definitely great feeling.)

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  12. Erica

    I am visiting New York and have used several of your recommendations already. Thanks so much for putting the city guides together!