mother’s day.

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i tried to sit down all last week to write a little something about mother’s day which was yesterday, but that never happened.  better late than never, right?

to me, it’s important to write something down on this topic because with each passing day that i am a mother, my love for these little kiddos of mine grows more and more and more.  and my respect for mothers everywhere deepens.  no two children are the same, and what works for one child might not work for another, even within the same family unit.  and i’m in awe as i watch my own mother and mother-in-law work their mothering magic every day, with unconditional love and support to each of their children, as different as we all may be. i’m in awe as girlfriends mother one way, and don’t judge you for mothering another.  and as women everywhere, whether they have children of their own or not, step in to help give a hand and raise this next generation right along side you.  we are all in this together and i’m just incredibly thankful to be a part of it. it takes a village, or a crazy big city, quite frankly.  or in this day and age of the internet, it even takes friends you’ve never met in person who live on the opposite side of the world, yet inspire and encourage you from afar each day.  so i’m honored to celebrate this holiday, and women everywhere, as they do such good around the clock for the little ones in their lives.

i’m humbled to have the chance to help nurture and teach my little ones every day. this chapter of my life is something i prayed so hard for, sometimes i can’t believe i’m in the midst of it, living out this biggest dream of mine, to be a mother. i know we’re just in the starting stages of all this, and that there will be big bumps and trials ahead. i know there is much growing still to do and i will unfortunately make many mistakes along the way.  i know there will be struggles and disappointments and life will happen and someday i’ll have to watch my children go out into the world crossing my fingers i did my best and prepared them well enough to make choices or decisions for themselves.  i know some of it will be hard to witness, they’ll go through heartache and their own struggles and i’ll just want to hug them close and tell them it’s ok. that’s got to be the hardest part of all of it, when they are no longer under your constant care and you just have to step back at some point and let them make their own way…. you’re still there but you can’t keep them safe from the bully on the playground forever, or make sure they get to bed well fed and bathed each night with a million hugs and kisses. but i hope as they go through life, with everything life throws at them, that they will know how much their mother loves them. i hope they will always feel it. and be confident in who they are, and why they are here. i hope they will remember they are a daughter and son of God, and feel his love as well. i hope they will be kind people, loving people, wanting to help and do good in this world.  i hope they will remain the best of friends and stay close to each other throughout all their years.

i love being a mother.  there are constant learning curves and ups and downs, the most joyous moments and then some that aren’t so great. there are moments in the days where i wanna just go hide in my closet with a bowl of ice cream and sit in complete silence for a few hours away from them, but those moments never last long.   i am a better person when i’m with my children.  that’s the honest truth. and i’m so thankful for that.

happy mother’s day!

…and a few photos from yesterday….


^^^i slept in yesterday and eleanor came in to wake me up exclaiming, “mama! we made you eagles!” i said, “eagles? what are those?” she replied, “you know, those tiny balls with nutella inside?” “you made me ebelskivers?!” “yeah! that’s it! eagles!” she said again.  it was the sweetest.  and they were delicious.  (thank you, josh!)^^^


^^^after a morning to remember at the apartment (samson raised his record of mess making to 3 huge messes in a 3 minute span– it’s like i’m distracted cleaning up his last mess while he empties all the snacks i packed for church behind my back and then moves onto spilling a full glass of water on his sunday clothes as i’m grabbing the broom to clean up pretzel crumbs. it was kind of incredible he could pull that off but also frustrating that he just doesn’t grasp what mother’s day means quite yet. ) anyway, we were maybe late but we finally made it out the door and to church, and then to  central park afterwards for a picnic with friends.  everyone was out in the park, it was a beautiful day. we stayed for a few hours and enjoyed the company and weather.^^^^


^^^dirty little boy feet. i cannot wait for the next few months ahead when we live outside everywhere and really experience new york city and all its glory! when people take off for the entire summer i always scratch my head as to why! we put up with those awful new york city winters to experience these gorgeous new york city summers! i can’t wait.^^^


^^^and these two clowns together. i love watching them interact. they have such a sweet daddy-daughter bond that makes my heart so happy.^^^

blogmamaday3blogmamaday ^^^really, i couldn’t ask for more. i love them so.   hope you had a beautiful day with your loved ones. happy mother’s day!^^^

  1. Sara H

    I absolutely love your dress and E’s dress. Gorgeous.

    Happy Mother’s Day <3


  2. Sydney

    Ahhhh E’s outfit, oh my gosh cutest little thing ever. Looks like a little Mod model. Happy Mother’s Day to you, looks like you had a lovely one!

    xoxo Sydney

  3. sounds like a wonderful day [despite those messes ;) ] beautiful, as always naomi!

  4. Tammy

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

    What a beautiful post :) And what a beautiful day you had.

    The park looks so beautiful in the Spring. Just lovely.

    Your writing is so heartfelt and inspiring.

    Have a lovely week ahead.


  5. Lauren

    Um, HELLO to Eleanor’s outfit. I’d like one in my size please. She is killing it. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Naomi. How wonderful that you are living the life you always wanted. Everyone deserves that – no matter what.

  6. Ariel

    You have such a beautiful family. I’m not a mama yet but I adore your blog and pray that I will feel that happiness I see in all of your faces here in your posts. (That picture with E and Josh by the way? Priceless.)

  7. Brooke

    This is so sweet and rings so true! I’m about to become a mommy in a little over a month and I can’t wait for the blessings and trials that come with it. It’s all so wort it! Beautiful post and beautiful family :)

  8. Lorelei

    Your little family is absolutely adorable :) very sweet Mother’s Day post!

  9. Janis

    Looks like an awesome day. Love the photos and I will have to try out those eagles! They look delicious! :)

  10. Livi

    Happy Mother’s Day! They are the cutest littles!!

  11. Anna S.

    Wow Naomi,
    Thank you for all these beautiful words.
    Can I ask a question: Where is E’s wonderful outfit from?
    Thank you so much, Anna

    • TAZA

      it’s the brand Lium, i found it on Gilt maybe a year ago!

  12. Melissa

    LOVED reading this post – it is posts and pictures like these that make me more and more excited to start a family and become a mother. When I first started following your blog last year, I enjoyed going back into your archives and seeing where you and Josh started out as newlyweds (which I am now) and following your journey to where you are today. You seem like such a good mama (and Josh a great dad!) and your children always have this happy glow in their eyes! It may not always be easy and there will always be bumps and hardships along the way, but it’s all part of the ride and you all seem to be having so much fun with it. Happy Mother’s Day!

    PS. you should frame that last picture of you three, so cute ;)


  13. Jesse

    mothers day is so special♥

  14. Natali

    Being mom for me is the biggest blessing in my life and the most beautiful present I could ever receive! Happy Mother’s Day to you, you have such a beautiful family!

  15. Abby

    Looks like a wonderful Mother’s Day! Your musings on motherhood are inspiring and warm and make me excited for the time when I can care for kids of my own (instead of just teaching other people’s kids). Also, Eleanor looks like she’s straight out of the sixties…adorable.

  16. Laura

    How funny to see that you had æbleskiver yesterday! I’m pretty sure they’re totally Danish, and here in Denmark we only eat them at Christmas, but oh boy, I could eat ten of them right now!

  17. Kate

    So glad you had such a wonderful day. And I agree, New York summers are amazing! By the way, Eleanor’s outfit is so incredibly cute!

  18. Ally

    Naomi! You made my cry reading this post, it was so touching to hear about all of your hopes for your children. This is my second mother’s day and I echo so many of your hopes and fears. Life is just exciting and so good….most of the time ;)

  19. Emily

    Happy Mother’s Day Naomi! I love reading about you and your littles! Hope you all have a great week!

  20. hanna

    Happy Mother’s Day! I love this post. –Hanna Lei

  21. Rose J.

    Enjoy the time with your little ones because it’s true that those big bumps, and trials will come before we know it! My oldest just finished her first year of college out west, and I’m here on the east raising three more with my youngest being four! Time sure does fly by so fast, and continue to enjoy and celebrate each day, each occasion with fun, and lots of love with your sweet kids!


  22. Allison

    It looks like you had a beautiful day! Happy Mother’s Day to you. I will get to NY sson! :)

  23. Allison

    It looks like you had a beautiful day! Your family is as always adorable. Hopefully I will get to NY soon!

  24. Taylor

    These words are truly beautiful and they make it hard for me to wait for the wonderful experience of motherhood. Gorgeous photos, as always! So glad you had a great mother’s day! Also, where did you get that ADORABLE outfit for Eleanor?! I cannot get over how stinkin’ cute it is!


  25. hanalei

    Ha I didn’t even recognize that husband of yours with a beard! Also, love the dress.

  26. jacob

    happy mother’s day, taza. looks to have been a lovely, lovely day.

  27. Marie

    it’s true that we mothers cannot protect and be our kids constantly when they’re older… I also hope tt my kids will be well-prepared for whatever comes their way. Oh and my son loves to create a mess at home too. Hahaha. Oh well… Anyways, Cheers to motherhood and all mothers to be!:)

    Our travelling adventures:

  28. Bea

    I’m in love with Eleanor shoes! Where are they from??

  29. lucinda

    beautiful words from a beautiful mama!

    the significance of this special day didn’t fully hit me until this year as i got to celebrate it for the first time as a mother. it really is such a short time we have with our children. like you said, these early years are to nurture and guide. after that, we trust and support them wholly. it’s a challenging task, motherhood, but i can’t think of one more rewarding!

    happy mother’s day!

  30. Anya

    this is such a beautiful post! ah my heart is about to burst!! thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you x342758602109602846703498670 times for being such a great example of a genuine, real, honest, positive and loving woman and mother. You inspire me every day. Thank you.

  31. wow! literaly everyone was out at the park! gorgeous photos! nice words ;)

  32. R

    You are a beautiful and hard-working mother! You are such an inspiration to me!

    Take care!

  33. I love this post so much! Being a mom is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life and I am also in awe of other moms out there and so appreciative of my own incredible mother. Best, Melissa

  34. Caty

    Most adorable outfits ever! And you can see the happiness shining from their little faces! Happy Mother’s Day. :)

  35. that last picture is just too sweet :)
    xo, cheyenne

  36. This is so incredibly sweet. Such a beautiful family in an equally beautiful city.

    Samantha Xx

  37. bridget

    that last pic is a framer.

    and love your words on motherhood. happy mother’s day to a good one!

  38. Tina

    Ahhhh your daughter’s outfit is amazing! Happy Mother’s Day!

  39. Kelly

    Aww, they are getting so big!

  40. Luisa

    Lovely to have a mother like you! Well said and gorgeous little family!

  41. I feel like you need to be appreciated for not selling out and swearing in your posts and wearing revealing clothing. You stay true to you, and what you believe in , and I appreciate that.

  42. Camilla

    Love that they made “æbleskiver” for you – I must said that I never tried them with nutella, but have tons of them at christmastime, which is the most commen time of year to eat “æbleskiver” in Denmark.

  43. Sinead

    Eleanor’s dress is adorable! Such a lovely post :-)

  44. Billie

    Your posts always break my heart in the best way.
    My one life dream is also to be a mother, and although it’s still off in the future, you make the dream so vivid and true for me, and I adore that you acknowledge it as such a simple and beautiful dream.

    If you’re anything like my mother (and I can see that you are), your littles will always feel loved.
    A year and a half ago, at 18 years old my Mama let go of me as I moved from Los Angeles to Australia. My life here has had plenty of ups and downs, but I’ve never felt any less loved by my mother and father. And I always know they’re a phone call (or 12hr plane ride) away. I’ve learned so much, putting to use the best skills they taught, and growing on my own. It’s hard to be far away, but it makes you more grateful for absolutely everything, and I think there’s something very beautiful in that.

    I know Eleanor and Samson (and whatever babes are to come!) will be well-equipped to grow and travel and share love in this world, and I know they will do so with flying colors.

    Being a woman, being a mother- it’s one of the best jobs in the world- and gosh it suits you so well.

    Thank you for sharing your stories, your love, and your life with us readers.
    Best wishes always,

  45. CONNY


  46. Jenna

    This is such a sweet and heartfelt post. Thanks so much for sharing. Raising the next generation really is the most important job and makes me so excited to one day be a mamma myself ;)

    xo, Jenna

  47. Kelly

    So sweet! You are blessed!!

  48. Andrea

    OMG. Eleanor’s dress could not be cuter! I am loving your bangs too! Thank you so much for sharing! What a fun & lovely blog!

  49. Ady

    Those treats look amazing! Maybe you could post the recipe sometime?

  50. What a beautiful way to spend the day! I spent Mother’s Day with my girls, my ex, and my mother in law. Still family!

  51. Florencia

    I love your blog and have been a reader for 2.5+ years now. Your words, pictures and bright colors have always had the ability to brighten up dull days for me. Thank you.

    On an unrelated note…and at the risk of being one of those annoying people *sighs* …I am obsessed with the shoes you are wearing in your blog cover photo (the one where you are all crossing a street) Please tell me where you found them?

    Wish you, as always, all the best and happiest.

    • TAZA

      Thank you so much, florencia! don’t worry, i am obsessed with those shoes too (they are surprisingly comfortable.) they are shoes by melissa and from the fall line last year. thanks for reading!

  52. Ceniza

    Hi Naomi, I really love your words from the last paragraph “i love being a mother…”, I hope you don’t mind if I recite/ quote your words in my blog :)

    Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your life, you have no idea how you and your family make other moms (family) touched and inspired..!

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  54. Christine

    Thank you for a super lovely post :-) you describe just how I feel about motherhood. it s an amazing rollercoaster ride, and I am so happy that I am in the middle of this crazy funny loving chaos – I have two girls 2 1/2, and 8 months and live in Norway :-) have a wonderful NYC spring and summer Naomi <3

  55. E’s dress! Ohhhhhhhhh I LOVE IT SO MUCH! She looks darling. It looks like an amazing mother’s day was had by all in your family -what a treat to be able to spread the joy around in the way that you did.

    Also, Sampson’s dirty feet, cute. Epitome of boy, right? Can’t wait to have my own kids some day and forge memories just like these.

    Happy (belated) Mother’s Day!

  56. absolutely, amen sister!

  57. Amanda

    Yum! How do you make those eagles?! We would love the recipe if possible :)