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61 2 3 4 5 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 158 a few from a quick trip to LA a few weeks back, and a few from around the city from my phone and josh’s. the best was opening my lipstick one day to find a surprise cheerio thanks to mister samson. cracked us up all day long.  also love seeing eleanor inside that bubble in central park. she talked about it for hours afterwards. thankful tiny phones these days have cameras on them (i remember being so confused when they talked of adding that. why would you ever need a camera with your phone?) but now i’m glad. so glad. it’s nice to be able to capture quick shots of life during your day, and on something as handy and easily accessible as your phone.  do any of us even use it as a phone anymore? ;)

  1. Sydney

    Love the NARS lipstick with the cheerio plastered to it! HAHAHA so funny. You’ve got the most precious little munchkins!

  2. Iva

    your instagrams are the cutest!!

  3. Lsuren

    I know, I’m so thankful for the ability to capture day to day moments on my phone.

  4. i love these! so fun! your pictures are always fun. i have to admit, i can’t wait to really understand mamahood like you do. you’re doing such a great job. and no — no one really uses their phone for calling anymore. not really ;)

    glad to see smiles and not frowns from meltdowns (my niece is having those lately). happy fam ;)

  5. Aimee

    Hi Taza – Would you mind writing about your storage system for your photos? I usually use my iphone for pictures because the images are smaller and easier to send/share. I have a nice Canon but hardly ever use it because it’s big, and the image files are big and take up space. The difference in images for enlarging and printing is significant though. What is your system for saving your photos? Thanks so much in advance!

    • TAZA

      i don’t have any photos on any of our computers, i always upload them directly to my hard drive which has much more storage and space so my computers don’t get bogged down. it’s pretty easy to plug in my hard drive and find a photo if i need it. i have them organized in folders in aperture on there. i’d like to get better at organizing my iPhone photos on my hard drive though. i usually just dump them all into the same folder so it’s difficult to go through them. hope that helps!

  6. amanda

    ohhhhh those lettuce wraps look so yummy.

  7. Jennifer

    My favorites are E’s smile while eating waffles and S’s arms stretched out in joy with you holding them both! You have two of the most happy and beautiful kids I have ever seen.
    All the best,
    Ps hope to one day run into you at sweetgreen. My new obsession thanks to you guys haha :)

  8. jaclyn

    so adorable :) your family is so adorable!!
    what kind of scooter is sampson using? i really want to get one for my 2 year old!! thanks

  9. Lauren

    Hi Naomi, love you blog and have for a long time – but these “Life Lately According to my iPhone” posts are frustrating because most of us follow you on Instagram and have seen all of these photos already. We would love to hear what you were doing in Los Angeles and all the things you have coming up. Clearly big things are brewing!

  10. Jemima

    How fun is that photo of S with his arms out, head back, smile on his face. Looks like a whole lot of joy. Also, cheerio in Lipstick, laughed my head off. How is that even possible?! How did he get it in there? How did it get it in there without getting lipstick everywhere?! The wonders of a toddler.

    xx jemima

  11. It is pretty amazing having a camera accessible at all times. I almost have to try to not document things and rather just enjoy them for myself.

    Any who your photos are lovely and the bubble pic is too cute!



  12. That cheerio on the lipstick is probably my favorite photo!! Too funny. Always love your snapshots. E is getting so big!

  13. Melissa

    Love all of these pics, all so colorful and happy!

    And I would be just as fascinated as E about the bubble :)


  14. Teresa

    I love these! my favorite has to be the cheerios in the lipstick!

  15. Marion

    SO lovely as always ! I love your universe.

  16. Mathilde

    Where could I find your overalls on the fourth picture? :)

  17. Adria

    I’ve had that happen, but a teensy lego, not a cheerio!! BTW, who’s taking the photos of you on your iPhone? I’ve never made an appearance in my iPhone photos and I need tips :-).

  18. Rachel

    Awe – these are super cute photos! Love the scooters the kiddos have!


  19. Chelsea

    Hi, love your blog, but have a quick question, that I would love your opinion on. I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now, just to have a place to work on photography and have a diaryish place about our time. I have four littles and I guess I’m just nervous having them out there. Do you ever worry about your kids being on the blog? Have you ever had any issues? Do you have any advice for protecting them? Would really appreciate some input. Thanks so much!

  20. Allison

    You were in LA? It would have been so cool to meet you! I love your photos! They are always so uplifting. Thanks for sharing,

    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  21. lipstick cheerio is killing me!

  22. Hanna

    I have to agree, finding a Cheerio from Samson in ur lipstick is the sweetest & funniest! Love how colorful & delightful these moments were taken :)

  23. Taylor

    I love that picture of the cheerio in your lipstick! Seriously too funny!!


  24. R

    Lovely photos! I love colorful walls, they make such pretty backgrounds.

    Take care!

  25. Oh! Just so fun, bright and full of life! I love all of these photographs :)

  26. Rebecca

    your life is so colorful!

  27. Bea

    Hi Naomi!
    You’re soooo right!!
    Now I’m not able to think of a phone without a camera!
    I like the one where you and E are eating an ice-cream!
    Have a nice weekend!

  28. I always enjoy looking at your photos, beautiful family life captured x

  29. Emma

    Your family is so lovely, and your shoes picture 3 too, where does she comes from ? Thanks taza !

  30. hanna

    I love these kind of blog posts. –Hanna Lei

  31. Love your photos of your young ones and your blog I’ve been following for years. I saw your nail photo here with your girlfriends and thought you love Jamberry Nails!!! They have cute ones for you sweet girl.

  32. Audrey

    OH MY GOODNESS! How cute are your little ones?!

  33. Carley

    Hey Taza, I know you don’t want to do clothes posts; but would you mind sharing where you purchased the blue striped dress from, the one you are standing on the steps. Its sooooo cute! xx

  34. Megan

    your kiddos are the cutest ever! :)

  35. Lisa

    Hi Naomi,
    Did I miss a post on what Josh is doing these days? He seems to have week days off of work now! Just curious what the next new adventure for your family is.

  36. Abigail Thompson

    Your new(ish) bangs are soooo fabulous! Utterly inspired.

  37. Bethany

    Mmm..Mamoun’s!!! I grew up near New Haven, CT and that location of Mamoun’s was a staple in my life. I miss that place. :)

  38. kristen

    where o where is your cute neon headband from?

  39. Sarah

    Where is your jacket from in the fifth instagram down on the right side? I love it! You always look so adorable!

  40. Jessie

    What brand scooter do your kids use? I’m on the market for one for my little guy!

  41. Anthea

    Love this post! I have my own “Life Lately” series starting up on my blog, as well. Feel free to check it out. Also, it looks like our lives are running in parallel–I was at Sweetgreen, in Central Park, and at Pinkberry in the very same week as you. Looks like us Upper West Siders think alike! Beautiful photographs, as always.

  42. tina lovely

    love looking at your photos and seeing the happenings around town. would you mind telling me where you got that amazing jacket that is on the fifth row of pictures. its beautiful!