happy 2nd birthday, samson!

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happy second birthday to my handsome baby boy, samson rex! the last two years with you have been a dream. i love your curious and adventurous personality, your infectious smile, your insistent determination and spirited love for life. i want to bottle you up and keep you two right here and now at this age forever. you are just so much fun. you are hard to stay mad at (even when you intentionally knock over full glasses of water like it’s your job) and it’s impossible to not just pull you close and cover you in kisses 5 billions times each day.  i am so so thankful for you, and for the joy you bring not only into your mama’s life, but your papa’s and your sister’s as well.  we hope you never forget what love we all feel for you. and we hope you always live your life with that contagious energy you seem to never run out of from dawn until bedtime every day.  samson, i love you so much it hurts. thank you for loving me back. happy birthday, my handsome little man.

i love you so, mama

  1. Happy Birthday Samson! You are one lucky kiddo and you bring a smile to everyone’s face!!

  2. Daliana

    Feliz Cumpleaños Niño Hermoso!!! God bless you always!

  3. Marissa

    Happy Birthday Samson!

  4. Summer

    those are some adorable photos, he is a handsome little man!

  5. Billie

    Happy Birthday sweet Samson! What an incredible two year old. Enjoy him so much. It’s such a beautiful age.

    Hats off to you Mama, he’s a great little boy

  6. nanette

    so sweet he is! happy birthday samson!

  7. Amy K

    Thank you so much for sharing him with us Naomi, he is a dear little guy.

    Happy Birthday Samson!

  8. Grace

    He is so cute, Happy Birthday to him :)

  9. lucinda

    what a great montage! such big smiles in every picture – you can tell he’s a happy and well-loved little boy. happy birthday samson, have a great weekend with lots of celebrating!

  10. Happy birthday to your beautiful boy, Samson! He is absolutely precious!

  11. Dana

    Happy Birthday Samson!!!


  12. Happy Birthday, Samson! Be Two, Be Fabulous!

    -Chanelle :: thekimchronicles.com

  13. Happy birthday Samson! Can’t believe he is two years old already! I remember when you were barely pregnant wih him on the blog, love to see you growing up!



  14. Congratulations to your beautiful boy! :-D

  15. Allison

    Happy Birthday Samson! The big 2! He’s adorable, I hope you have a wonderful celebration and weekend!

    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  16. Ana Cristina

    happy bday, big boy!!! hugs and kisses from spain!!

  17. Shayna

    Yay! Happy birthday little man! So sweet!

  18. happy birthday, Samson!! :)

    just from pictures i feel your post to be true. he is indeed a special human being!

  19. candace

    aw, happy birthday samson.
    He has grown up so fast! I remember when he was just born ^.^

  20. Cait

    Happy Birthday Samson! You are blessed to have such a loving family.

    [His baby pictures remind me so much of my 3 month old son Gavriel!]

  21. Faye

    Wishing little Samson a magical birthday. Hope you have a lovely time celebrating

    Faye | freckles-and-all.com

  22. hanna

    Happy Birthday to your Son!

  23. alexa


  24. alma

    sweetest little boy! it’s your birthday mama as well, celebrate!

  25. Megan

    Dear Samson,

    Happy Birthday and a big congratulations on turning two! I love seeing your happy, smiling face on your family’s blog. Have a great birthday, little man!

  26. Bea

    Tantisssimi auguri Samson!!!
    2 is a good age!

  27. Happy birthday to Samson! And oh my, do I love his name! Very cute little fella too!

  28. Melissa

    Happy birthday Samson!! May 30 is a great day for a birthday, it’s my birthday today as well ;)

    Best of wishes to you and your family today, he looks like such a sweet and happy little man!


  29. marlena

    Happy Birthday, Samson :) Big hugs from Poland! 2 is the best :)

  30. feliz cumple Samson! que vengan muchos mas ;)

  31. Taylor

    Happiest birthday to your little man! He is one little cutie!


  32. Lyndsay

    Happy Birthday to little Samson! This collage is too cute for words!

  33. Sarah

    Feels like only yesterday you announced Samson’s birth on your blog. Happy 2nd birthday little Samson!

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  34. Robyn

    Samson is such a handsome little boy! Happy Birthday to him! My little man just turned 2 too, such a bittersweet thing for me. I’m proud of him every day but certainly miss the tiny baby I had. He brings me joy every single day, I don’t think there’s even one day I haven’t laughed since he was born. It seems like your little man is just the same! What a happy looking boy. Hope he had a lovely day.

    Robyn, Mike and Elliot x

  35. Ariel

    Samson every picture your mama posts of you shares joy all around the world with her readers because your smile is infectious and it’s hard not to smile too when we see you! You and your sister are loved by so many! I hope you have a very happy birthday little one! XO

  36. Taryn

    Happy Birthday Samson!! I can only pray that one day I will be blessed with a little boy with such a cute little face! I can not get over his smile:)

  37. Anne

    so sweet! love looking back at all these photos of him! happy birthday to samson!

  38. MK

    Happy Birthday Sweet Sampson!! It has been such a pleasure watching you grow up! You’re smile is contagious and never fails to make my day. I am a big sister to a little brother and we get the biggest kick out of you and E! I KNOW she loves you so much and YOU will always be the biggest gift to her :)

  39. YKZ

    Happy, happy birthday, little Samson! :)

  40. Mariska

    Happy birthday big boy!
    To the proud mama: This is a lovely post. You are a wonderful person, keep up the great parenting. No doubt your kids wil rule the world some day.
    I wish you and your family a very fun day!!


    P.S. All those photo’s are so cute.

  41. Emilia

    Aww, adorable photos, two years wow!

    Happy birthday to Samson! :)

  42. Happy Birthday, Samson! That picture of him with the lion hat is one of the greatest pictures of all time! Such spirit and energy! I hope you all have a lovely time celebrating : )

  43. Naomi! Your family is so sweet…Happy Birthday to Samson!

  44. Noa

    What a beautiful message! It’s touching to read how much happiness and wonder he brings to you and your family’s life, he seems like a truly awesome kiddo! Happy Birthday to Sampson!


  45. Jemima

    2 already! Oh my goodness. Wishing your little man a very happy birthday! How nice for it to fall on a weekend so that you can all enjoy the time together. Have a great day!


  46. happy birthday, handsome boy!

  47. Melly

    Happy Birthday, Samson!!

  48. Melly


  49. Agnieszka

    Wszystkiego najlepszego!!!

  50. So precious, Happy Birthday Samson!

  51. AleX

    Happy b-day samson!
    Can’t believe time goes by so quickly! You’re pregnant with him when I first read your blog. You have a lovely family and we enjoy reading you every week very much
    Lots of love from Argentina!

  52. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, how adorable? Happy Birthday Samson!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  53. Julie

    He is the cutest!!!! Happy Birthday Samson!!


  54. that smile. what a bundle of joy he is! happy birthday sweet little guy!

  55. Sinead

    Such a little cutie! Happy birthday Samson :-)

  56. Janis

    Such a cutie!! 2 will be a lot of fun!! :)

  57. Justina

    Samson! You’re a big boy now! I wish You’re dreams come true!
    You’ve got the most inspiring mother on the whole world. Well done :))

  58. Maria

    What an adorable collage! You must be so happy that you’ve captured all of these beautiful moments.

    Happy Birthday, Samson! And congratulations on Pippit, Josh and Naomi! I think it might really catch on as the concept is something that’s definitely been missing from mobile social media apps.

    Maria xx

  59. Tina

    Aww happy birthday to him! Too cute!

  60. Mara

    ♥ to the most beautiful boy ever :)

  61. My baby Sage has the same birthday but she is not 13. Time Flies!