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as samson runs by me i hear eleanor from the other room call out, “come back! come back! i still need to test your reflexes! grab him, mama!”

josh: “eleanor, do you want some whole milk?” eleanor: “that’s not whole milk! that’s cows milk!”

“just take him away! take him away!” – eleanor, several times a day referring to her little brother, samson. (he tends to get into her things and personal space….a lot.)

after she leans  her head down and smells the floor of the nyc subway elevator, “yep. it smells like pee pee in here.”

me: “eleanor, what’s your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world?”  eleanor, without skipping a beat: “conducting music!” (of course it is!)

me: “who is teaching you to be so smart?”  eleanor: “papa.”

eleanor to me: “so after you got married you got primaried and then you had a baby in your tummy?” i think she meant the word pregnant. :)

more eleanorisms here.

  1. Ele(anor)

    She is just gorgeous! I still have my own eleanorisms and I’m 29! x

  2. McKayla

    These are some of my favorite blog posts of yours…

  3. -what!? Momma doesn’t get credit for making Eleanor smart? Too funny!
    -Eleanor and Samson seem to get along well together, but funny to hear how she needs her space from brother now and then.

    Love this series…listening to kids from their ideas is seriously the best. I guess that’s why I love my job as a teacher!



  4. Lydia

    Haha, “yep it smells like Pee Pee” <3 adoreable

    – L

  5. She’s too cute for her own good. These have become my favorite posts!

  6. Jo Farmer

    “Who is teaching you to be so smart?”

    I don’t think the smile will leave my face today. What is it about the papas getting all the credit? ;)

    Love these Eleanorisms.


  7. zoe

    She is seriously the cutest. I love reading the eleanorisms! My favorite is sniffing the subway floor…a true NYC girl I think :) xx

    The What’s In Between


    OMG!!! She’s getting prettier and prettier every day. Motherhood is a blessing and seeing you enjoy your journey and your blessing is encouraging to me. I have a long list of the crazy things my little girl says. It cracks me up and brings me to tears all at the same time!

  9. Justine

    Too cute! Can I ask what she is using to color? Thanks! I can’t wait for my daughter’s “Natalie’isms'”!

  10. Cintya

    She is the funniest kid! There’s never an “Eleanorisms” post that is not funny.

  11. annie

    Please keep these up! Laughed out loud at the subway elevator comment.
    Happy almost-weekend! xo

  12. Louise

    She is hilarious

  13. carley

    How cute is she! great post kids say the funniest things

  14. Livi

    What a cutie!!

  15. I have to agree – the elevator comment made me laugh out loud! Yes, Eleanor, it does.

    Have you heard of choir!choir!choir! in Toronto? They’re a bunch of strangers and friends who get together and…well, sing! They’ve got some classics and newer songs, and I’m not sure what you like, but it might be something worth checking out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0Jf5Axx7YY

  16. oh my goodness, that pee pee comment kills me. haha i can just imagine her little crinkled nose as she said this.

    xo Denise

  17. Ashlee

    Kids say the darndest things! This is my favorite thing to do- write down all the funny little sayings my 2 year old says. I sure get a kick out of your two:)

    Ashlee @

  18. Emily


  19. Lauren

    Oh I just adore these posts!!! I always look forward to them and love reading those sweet eleanorisms!!

  20. Ali

    Why haven’t you posted anything about red balloons for Ryan? I am surprised and a little disappointed.

  21. nanette

    lol it smells like pee pee! that’s hilarious and so accurate.

  22. Freya

    Oh my goodness it’s spooky how she sounds like such an adult! But not just an adult, a very commanding and self assured adult! She’s going to be something amazing when she grows up, you can just tell. I bet she surprises you ever day :)

  23. Anna

    she’s so sweet and funny! i love these posts!!

  24. These just make me smile every single time. Can’t get enough. You’re one lucky mama!

  25. Faye

    She is just gorgeous! I love following your beautiful family.


  26. Jemima

    Hahaha! The subway elevator quote killed me! Too funny.

    I love these Eleanorisms posts…. Definitely my favourites!


  27. Maisie

    She is just beyond adorable!

  28. Lucy

    These are SO sweet!! We’re coming to NYC soon, and I’ll definitely be avoiding subway floors at all costs. What a cutie.

    Lucy xoxo

  29. These are some of my favorite posts from bloggers — so funny and cute! I have two girls and one little boy and I have two series — “That’s What She Said” and “Cool Story, Bro” — to document all their ‘kids say the darndest things’ moments. I think years from now we’ll all very much appreciate keeping track of these things! :)

  30. Taylor

    haha!!! I literally laughed out loud when I read that elevator comment! Too funny!


  31. These always make my day, so cute.

  32. oh my word she is so fantastic. “grab him, mama’ (!!!) ;)

  33. I always love when you post Eleanorisms. She’s a hoot :)

  34. Grace

    She’s hilarious, so cute!! :)

  35. adorable. my oldest used to play in the bathtub so her brother could destroy whatever it was she was doing… :)

  36. Sydney

    Hahaha she is so funny and sweet! Love these precious posts!

  37. Janis

    Hahahha! These are funny, especially the subway one and the pregnant one. LOL :)

  38. Mo

    Love these Eleanorisms.

  39. Vanessa

    I just love these posts! She’s too cute!